The Brotherhood is an underground fighting force first drawn together by Magneto over a decade ago, which revolves around the core belief that mutantkind is the next step in evolution. Its primary purposes are to prove this belief, and to redress the wrongs done to mutants wherever and whenever they may arise: often preemptively, and almost always violently. To be part of the Brotherhood is to be part of a militant guerilla force dedicated to the protection of mutantkind, and the proactive pursuit of its enemies.

Obviously, the faction is vehemently and violently against registration, and no one who even considers it will be suffered in the ranks.


Begun in 2006 by Magneto around a small seed group which included his own twin children, the Brotherhood has since grown into a household name for the idea of "mutant terrorism." Beginning with an attack on a missile base in 2006, the Brotherhood has engaged in extremely public acts of terrorism for the past twelve years, up to and including violent raids on the facilities of anti-mutant research facilities, and an attempt on the life of Senator Robert Kelly.

Their past actions have caused the media to paint the Brotherhood as dangerous "super-terrorists," and most people share this view. Some, however, view them as underdogs with an understandable anger, and many mutants — who feel powerless and subjugated in a world that is against them — view them as outright heroes.

Ever since the Chitauri Invasion event in 2015, Magneto has been missing. This struck a considerable blow against the organization, which has historically been managed by the Master of Magnetism with a heavy and controlling hand. His twin children have kept the organization together by seizing the helm, though there was an undeniable initial slowdown in the activities of the organization through 2016 and 2017.

Come 2018, however, the Brotherhood started to become active again, culminating in a public attempt on Iron Man's life for being the first superhero to publicly register under the New York registration act, and a violent attack on SHIELD which took down the Triskelion.


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  • X-Men: The Brotherhood and X-Men have clashed many times over the past twelve years. On very rare occasions, they have even cooperated against an even greater threat. Many of the older members know one another by name, and there is sometimes crossover between the ranks as people waver ideologically over the years.

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The Brotherhood of Mutants
Scars are far more vivid reminders than memories.
"Scars are far more vivid reminders than memories."
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Leader(s): Quicksilver Scarlet Witch
Faction Type: Villain
Scope: National
Headquarters: New York City
Established: 2006
Status: Active
Sub-Factions: None
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Coded Faction: No
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