A loose association of street-level metahumans, vigilantes, and do-gooders based in New York City.


"The Defenders" grew out of a two-year confrontation with Wilson Fisk, a secretive crime-lord responsible for producing the deadly designer drug IGH and orchestrating the mass bombings of tenements and other low-income housing in Hell's Kitchen.

The group came to prominence in the aftermath of the Hell's Kitchen bombings, often at the forefront of relief and recovery efforts. It was credited for putting the Kingpin and many of his associates behind bars in September 2018.


{$page} Daniel Rand
The Immortal Iron Fist.
{$page} Emery Papsworth
Samael, Emmett, Eamon, Angel of Death, Fairy Godfather, Battle Butler.
{$page} Kinsey Sheridan
Scientist, hacker, sometime thief.
{$page} Foggy Nelson
Partner at Nelson & Murdock.
{$page} Frank Castle
The Punisher.
{$page} Matt Murdock
Attorney by day, masked vigilante by night. Daredevil's nightly vigil over his beleaguered neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen put him on a collision course with secretive mob boss Wilson Fisk. The growing circle of friends and associates drawn into that conflict form the core of the Defenders.
{$page} Luke Cage
Powerman, Harlem's Protector.
{$page} Jessica Jones
Private investigator extraordinaire.
{$page} Owen Mercer
Captain Boomerang.

How to Join

The Defenders doesn't have a formal membership or bylaws. It's not always clear who's in or who's out, and there's no one really running the show. The best — really, the only — way to join is to get to know the people who consider themselves a part of it.

Additional Information

RP Logs & Cutscenes

February 07, 2019. A Few Favors Between Spies and Vigilantes

Daredevil sees a way for Luke to get out of his conundrum, but it involves making a big ask of Agent Carter.

March 24, 2019. A Really God Damn Bad Day

When the Trike crumbles, Dani and Luke get trapped inside. Winter Soldier, Daredevil and Jessica Jones hurry to free them before the air runs out.

Defenders News & Rumors

The Defenders
For when the Avengers are busy.
"For when the Avengers are busy."
IC Details
Leader(s): None
Faction Type: Heroic
Scope: City
Headquarters: New York City
Established: 2018
Status: Active
Sub-Factions: None
OOC Details
OOC Contact: Daredevil, Jessica Jones
Coded Faction: Yes
Open: Yes
Wiki Tag: defenders
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