Guardians of the Galaxy


It is likely difficult to believe that such beings could have forestalled planetary destruction of any sort. Yet perhaps it is because of this that they are largely underestimated.

By abilities alone the group can prove to be quite formidable, and very destructive. They walk the fine line of morality and accepted law, unafraid to get their hands dirty and more often than not 'in it' for themselves.

The Guardians are more than just a team. They're family, and have come to accept each other for what they are. There may be arguments, swearing and ribbing, and to be sure this group is not for the faint of heart.

Still, beneath the rough and obnoxious exteriors there lies a heart of gold.

Just slightly tarnished.

the flark is this it reads like a damn brochure

rocket! dude! you're makin' us look all unprofessional! No one is gonna hire us!

wait- this is to get people to hire us?! I thought this was to attract some poor saps for their m— ohhhh


Unbeknownst to much of the known galaxy, let alone Terra (Earth) where most of the original members now plague they should be payin us to stay for the good work we do, the ragtag group unofficially known as the Guardians of the Galaxy actually have been responsible for protecting it from a potential threat.

While their deed has only truly been witnessed firsthand by the inhabitants of the planet of Xandar and exploited through the defeat of the Kree and their supreme Accuser, Ronan, echoes of their renown remain largely through rumor in the far reaches of space. Records can also be confirmed (if perhaps begrudgingly) by the Nova Corps. I am Groot


starmunch.gif Peter Quill (Star-Lord) » Leader and Pelvic Sorcerer. Amazing Leader and Roguish Ex-Space Pirate I am Grooot
medium.jpg Rocket Raccoon » Demolitions Expert and leader and trash panda
groot_01.jpg Groot » I am Groot. even in print I somehow get the feeling your being rude you're where he learned that language I am Groot
Atli_Wodendottir_(Earth-14412)_from_Mighty_Thor_At_the_Gates_of_Valhalla_Vol_1_1_001.jpg Atli Wodendottir » Asgardian Strategist is that seriously what we're going with no more butter statues for the record the butter statue worked! i have the best plans okay yeah to be fair it did work
Kitty.jpg Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat) » Moral Guide and Common Sense Expert fine we'll go with that …alright no I'm good with this one
medium.jpg Gamora » Kill-All-The-Things Specialist and I do mean all the things
lorna.jpg Lorna Dane (Polaris) » Magno-chick it's the tail. Chicks dig the tail

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I'm not messin youre messin

also newbs pay a monthly fee

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The Guardians of the Galaxy
Twelve percent of a plan, one hundred percent of the time.
"Twelve percent of a plan, one hundred percent of the time."
IC Details
Leader(s): Peter Quill
Faction Type: Other
Scope: Galactic
Headquarters: The Milano
Established: 2014
Status: Active
Sub-Factions: None
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OOC Contact: Atli
Coded Faction: Yes
Open: No
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