The Yami no te (“Dark Hand”) are a powerful and secretive order of ninjas led by five outcasts of K’un L’un called “The Fingers of the Hand.” The Hand’s ultimate goal is immortality for its leaders, and to eventually return to their ancient home as conquerors.

Having made a pact with a demonic entity known as “The Beast” to learn the secrets of resurrection, the Fingers have each built vast criminal empires across the continents. These cells engage in crimes from petty theft to drug trafficking, mass terrorism, and genocide in their pursuit of power, influence, and eventually a path to return to K'un L'un. However, many of the front-line warriors and criminals who have become members of The Hand know little about the order's origins or aims.

The Hand prefers to work from the shadows, pulling strings of mortal governments and businesses. Often their ninjas will work as assassins for hire.



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The Hand
IC Details
Faction Type: Criminal
Scope: Global
Headquarters: International
Established: 8,000 years ago.
Status: Active
OOC Details
OOC Contact: Lupus
Coded Faction: No
Open: No
Wiki Tag: hand
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