Hellfire Club


The Hellfire Club is an international social club that caters to the most wealthy men and women in the world and offers the utmost in privacy for what hedonism occurs behind its doors. It is notorious for its "historical" culture. Usually, this simply means a strict black tie dress code so often abandoned in modern society.

But there are more restricted events where men wrap themselves garments more suited to the 18th century and women don't necessarily fare so well.

There are four mansions that serve as branches of the Hellfire Club, located in:

  • London
  • Paris
  • New York
  • Hong Kong


Founded in 1718 in London, the Hellfire Club offers its members an excellent place to indulge and boasts opportunities in hedonism that are not available elsewhere. In the 1780s, the newly liberated Americans brought the Club and its practices to the shores of the foundling United States and opened a branch in New York.

The general membership is content with these things and the networking opportunities that are available, and it pays ungodly dues to see that these services continue.

But these services are not always innocuous. There are members with darker intentions who usually find their needs met if they have something of worth to barter and know the right ear to bend. They throw private parties and invite their friends.

But there is a darker element still, hidden within the membership. A clandestine group - hidden from nearly all of the membership and under the international guidance of the elusive Elias Bogan - pursues mutant supremacy, combining their own personal resources with the Club's in order to further its own agenda.


{$page} Emma Frost
Legacy Member
{$page} Kate Kane
Legacy Member
{$page} Lex Luthor
Legacy Member
{$page} Sebastian Shaw
Legacy Member
{$page} Tony Stark
Legacy Member
{$page} Warren Worthington III
Legacy Member
{$page} Trish Walker

How to Join

To be eligible for admittance into the general membership, prospects typically have vast financial resources. Club dues are exorbitant and only the 1%'ers of the world—if they know about it in the first place—find it to be a worthwhile or attainable resource. In addition to this, members typically gain their membership in one of two ways:

  • A legacy membership, wherein a parent was or is a member in Good Standing.
  • An introduction from an existing member.

There are occasionally other circumstances that will potentially qualify someone for membership, but these must be cleared OOC'ly prior to addition.

General Members: The general membership is OOCly available to any character who is considered to be exorbitantly wealthy, and does not approval from faction leadership. This grants them access to the Club's member facilities, amenities, and events ONLY.

Inner Circle: For knowledge of the Inner Circle or inclusion in its ranks, players MUST earn these things through RP or prior approval by faction leadership and/or game admin.

Additional Information

Locations Held by the New York Chapter

  • The chapter headquarters off of 5th Avenue in New York City
  • The Hellfire Club mansion in upstate New York

RP Logs & Cutscenes

January 18, 2020. The Brimstone Social

Lex Luthor throws a party at the Hellfire Club of New York—home to so many movers and shakers—to lay critical groundwork for a political bid.

Hellfire Club News & Rumors

Hellfire Club
Fais ce que tu voudras. (Do as thou wilt.)
"Fais ce que tu voudras. (Do as thou wilt.)"
IC Details
Leader(s): Elias Bogan (International), Sebastian Shaw (New York Chapter)
Faction Type: Social
Scope: Global
Headquarters: London, Paris, New York City, Hong Kong
Established: 1718
Status: Active
Sub-Factions: Inner Circle
OOC Details
OOC Contact: Emma Frost
Coded Faction: Yes
Open: Yes
Wiki Tag: hfc
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