Humanity's Last Stand


Humanity's Last Stand is a "pro-human" organization centered around the creation of fear directed towards mutantkind. They operate chiefly behind the false "Mutant Liberation Front," composed both of human members posing as mutants and mutants who have been coerced to comply. Behind the veil of the MLF, HLS stages mock displays of mutant militancy and powers run amok, in order to sow fear among the average human community.

HLS is also known to support — whether with funding or manpower — any organization that capitalizes on the fear of mutancy and mutantkind, e.g. by the selling of X-Gene testing kits.



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Humanity's Last Stand
IC Details
Leader(s): Simon Trask
Faction Type: Villain
Scope: National
Status: Active
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Coded Faction: No
Open: No
Wiki Tag: hls
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