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The Justice League's mission is to serve the people of the world as exemplars of reparative justice: focusing on restoring goodness rather than solely on punishing evil. Members of the League are usually more involved with openly supporting civilians and assisting the disadvantaged than other heroic groups, helping with building projects and crisis relief as much as fighting supervillains. The League's base, the Hall of Justice, is a community space located in Metropolis that strives to allow ordinary citizens to learn about and interact with the heroes who serve them.

Despite their stance on the role of heroes, the Justice League does maintain open and transparent ties with the governments and law enforcement agencies of the areas in which they operate. Their good-faith efforts have given them a generally positive reputation at both the local and federal levels. Most organizations that have a superhero liaison have ways of contacting the League to share information and concerns.

Being a member of the Justice League requires a commitment to sacrificing for the public good. In a world where greater powers are increasingly seeking to control metahumans, the League strives to serve as a reminder that heroes are people helping their communities.


The Justice League was formed in 2015 in the wake of the Chitauri invasion, when pressure mounted for superheroes to work with the government as military assets. Heroes who disagreed with this approach formed the League as the spiritual successor to the 1940s All-Star Squadron, which assisted in World War II as peacekeepers rather than fully militarizing.


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The Justice League
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Leader(s): Justice League Council
Faction Type: Heroic
Scope: Global
Headquarters: Metropolis
Established: 2015
Status: Active
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