Originally founded by financial genius Lionel Luthor and formerly named LuthorCorp, this multi-billion dollar corporation has been taken over by the prodigal son and heir to the legacy: Lex Luthor. Given new life and rebranded as LexCorp, it has become a worldwide powerhouse of industry and poses a significant threat to other leading conglomerates around the globe, while also serving as the true backbone of the City of Tomorrow: Metropolis.

LexCorp is a true worldwide titan as it serves all facets of industry and only continues to grow. Providing well over two-thirds of the population of Metropolis with jobs, LexCorp has the foundation and the leadership to truly guide the world into a bright, new future.


LexCorp hasn't always been the impenetrable global powerhouse that it is now. As with all great things, even LexCorp has a past.


"We Make Things Grow."

When the young financial genius that is Lionel Luthor lost both of his mother and his father were killed in a tenement fire, he funneled his grief into using the insurance money to create the beginning of a legacy. He bought a small fertilizer plant and focused the budding company in the field of manufacturing pesticides, fertilizer and other agriculture needs. Through a number of different patents and effective product sales, Lionel Luthor's exploration into the world of business was an incredible success. So much so that in 1974, LuthorCorp was born.

Within the span of a few years, and under Lionel Luthor's grand supervision, LuthorCorp grew. Broadening its horizons into various other fields of industry, LuthorCorp soon became a household name. Branching out only helped the business to boom and soon LuthorCorp had cemented itself into the foundation of America's City of Tomorrow, Metropolis.


"Building A Better Tomorrow, Today."

Early 2000, when an accident at one of the LuthorCorp sites made it impossible for Lionel Luthor to continue running the company, Lionel's prodigal son stepped in to keep the family business afloat. In a battle of wits against the LuthorCorp Board of Directors, Lex Luthor was given an opportunity to prove himself to be the one true successor to Lionel in a task set in motion by Lionel's lawyers as a test of Lex's mettle.

While LuthorCorp had branched out into many areas, there was one that Lionel never had the opportunity to explore: aerospace. LuthorCorp's recent acquisitions of Inter-Continental Airlines and Atlantic Coast Air Systems were turned over to Lex with instructions for him to turn them into viable LuthorCorp subsidiaries. He was given a time limit of six months. Instead, Lex took both of these acquisitions, repurposed them into his own aeronautics firm called LexAir… in three months. The overnight success allowed him to reposition himself as the CEO and Chairman of LuthorCorp.

The next day he fired the entire Board of Directors and rebranded the company in his own image: LexCorp.

Since then, LexCorp has expanded brilliantly and shown limitless exponential growth potential as it became the primary foundation of Metropolis and reached farther than Lionel Luthor's imagination could've ever hoped.


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Character Title Reputation
Lex Luthor CEO. President. A prodigal son that has inherited his father's ruthless business mind and molded it with his own philanthropic ideals and brilliance in order to guide the world to a new age.
Lena Luthor CFO. Vice President. A prodigal daughter that works alongside the prodigal son to ensure that LexCorp thrives as much as it provides.
Hope Taya Bodyguard. One of Lex Luthor's most trusted confidants and protectors. Rumor has it that she's an Amazon, as well.
Mercy Graves Bodyguard. One of Lex Luthor's most trusted confidants and protectors. Rumor has it that she's an Amazon, as well.
ARIA Robot. Assistant. What started out as a creation of Lex Luthor has blossomed into a fully capable AI assistant that is sure to reframe the way the world works.
Mona Assistant. One of Lex Luthor's many assistants, Mona's duties often include media, public appearances and dealings with the press.
Otis Berg Lackey. A man whose loyalty knows very few limitations, Otis lives to serve Lex Luthor in whatever capacity Lex sees fit.
Eve Teschmacher Intern. Loyalist. A young woman that has been loyal to Lex Luthor since… forever. She works at LexCorp as an Intern.
Kitty Kowalski Nurse. Loyalist. One of Lex's personal nurses, she keeps him alive and well. Her loyalty to Lex Luthor is uncanny and perhaps related to the check he paid for her medical school with.
Sebastien Mallory Junior Executive. Recipient of 2018's "Lexcutive Decision" Fellowship. A young "Lex Luthor" in training."

How to Join

LexCorp is an international conglomerate with subsidiaries as far as the imagination can reach and beyond. Almost the entire population of Metropolis works for LexCorp in some capacity. That makes it really easy to find a way into the exciting world of corporate RP and shenanigans.

LexCorp offers opportunities for growth and potential, social interactions, being a lackey or employee and much more. Everything from super science and technology to fast food work is available. There may even be opportunities to work up close and personal with Lex Luthor himself.

Contact Lex Luthor to discuss being a part of the greatest corporate conglomerate in the world. You won't live to regret it.

Additional Information

Corporate Directory

A - M

N - Z

Product Directory

Product Name Product Type Product Description Product Availability Product Price Range
Smart Spex Smart Glasses LexCorp's branded smart glasses feature state of the art and top of the line Holo-Utility Display technology. Designed for both productivity and style, Smart Spex provides the wearer with real-time and remote access to a variety of the user's other gadgets. With a vast array of features and options available, which could affect the price of your pair of Smart Spex, there really is no better way to live hands-free. On Market $500 - $1500 (Glasses)
$50 (Monthly Service)

Service Directory

Service Offered Service Type Service Description Service Availability Service Fees
LexCare Healthcare LexCare is a privatized health insurance, medical benefits and healthcare triple threat and more. Currently offered to residents of Metropolis (due to some issues with Federal regulations) and employees of LexCorp, LexCare's membership plan pays anywhere from 75% (out of Network) to 90% (within Network) of all services needed.

LexCare provides a wide variety of different services beneath the "healthcare" umbrella. Contact your local LexCare representative to see if LexCare is right for you.
Available $100 per month

Percentage based discounts available for Low-Income Individuals / Families

Free for children under 18.
LNN Media Outlet Luthor News Network, more commonly known as LNN, is a media venture that provides 24/7 news coverage on a global scale. With its fair and unbiased viewpoint, LNN can often be considered one of the most reliable news sources available. LNN also provides consistent updates and information about LexCorp and their dealings as a whole.

LNN is available on all major television providers as well as on the internet. There's a world of information out there and LNN wants to bring it to your fingertips.
Available Free
LXM Radio Satellite Radio LXM Satellite Radio is a subscription service that allows you the freedom to listen to whatever you want. With a dedicated satellite, the LXM Satellite Radio programming is available for your automobiles, smart and mobile devices. Choose from over 400 channels of customizable content ranging from music, news, comedy, sports and entertainment. Available $45 per month

Free for LexCorp employees.

RP Logs & Cutscenes

LexCorp News & Rumors

Building A Better Tomorrow, Today.
"Building A Better Tomorrow, Today."
IC Details
Leader(s): Lex Luthor
Faction Type: Corporate
Scope: Global
Headquarters: Metropolis
Established: 1974 (as LuthorCorp)
2000 (as LexCorp)
Status: Active
Sub-Factions: None
OOC Details
OOC Contact: Lex Luthor
Coded Faction: No
Open: Yes
Wiki Tag: lexcorp
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