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Now with Pepper Potts at the helm, the company continues to push forwards the cutting edge of technology. Though Stark himself only occasionally consults with the company their aggressive acquisition of new talent has kept them pushing the boundaries of the possible. They have several rivals in their field of course, but SI is very willing to work with those that most would see as competitors. For the most part they still don't focus on military or destructive technology, and their specialty is clean energy systems that they are continually pushing the limits of. Still it is a very sprawling company and one that isn't quite as cutthroat as others. Which can hurt them at times but for the most part benefits the company. They have recently opened large scholarship programs in order to draw in more talent and have made their Anti-Registration stance very open in both policy and donation.

That last part might be why they also have recently began to run a privatized security force, most of which hire ex SHIELD agents.


Started in 1940 by genius Howard Stark, Stark Industries was one of the global leaders in military technology for years. One of the first companies that supported the tech side of SHIELD, Stark Industries was seen all over the world supporting the technology of war. The brainchild of Howard Stark this was not surprising, as the man had seen just what Hydra had done to the world in World War II. Its weapon division was one of the greatest in the world, supported by dozens of different governments. Howard continued to helm the company until his death in 1991, when Obidiah Stane took over. Soon he was replaced though by Tony Stark which is when the military branch of the company took off. However Stark himself fell victim to his own inventions when he found out just who Stark Industries was selling too. He shut down the military branch of the company, retooling and rearranging the entire company in a new direction. This new direction he pushed more beneficial technologies and built the company to one of the five largest tech companies in the world.

Due to a disagreement over his place in the issue of Mutant Registration in the State of New York though he voluntary gave his controlling shares in the company to his young ward Bart Allen. This left the company with Pepper Potts as its CEO. Which to be fair is likely for the best.


{$page} Pepper Potts, CEO
A formidable woman, best known for the power to actually deal with Tony Stark on a regular basis.
{$page} Bartholomew "Bart" Allen II, Owner
The Mysterious Young Ward of Tony Stark, also the owner of controlling interest in the company.

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Stark Industries
I came to realize that I have more to offer this world than just making things that blow up. - Tony Stark
"I came to realize that I have more to offer this world than just making things that blow up. - Tony Stark"
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Leader(s): pepper-potts
Faction Type: Corporate
Scope: Global
Headquarters: NYC
Established: 1940
Status: Active
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Coded Faction: Yes
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