Stark Unlimited


A new company in the already overly saturated market of Metropolis, Stark Unlimited has had to fight for its place in the city. Delayed due to regulations, the main building for the company isn't officially open yet. However that doesn't mean its irrepressible owner has stopped doing things. For the most part though Stark Unlimited has focused on what comes to its owners mind, it has come up with an eclectic series of technologies that reflect the odd yet brilliant mind of its owner. Its also been putting out feelers, hiring both Ex SHIELD agents and others and in general offering the metahuman members of Stark Industries a place to go and continue their work as the company is very firmly pro metas.


Stark Unlimited is a company without a history. Created only a few years ago in what amounted to a fit of pique from a man that is prone to snap judgement, Stark Unlimited doesn't have much of a history yet. Which is why for the most part they look to the future.


{$page} Tony Stark
The Boss.
{$page} Emma Frost
They have an arrangement, its business. Totally.
{$page} Bucky Barnes
The Bullets.
{$page} Jane Foster
The Bird. Also portal wizard.

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Stark Unlimited
Changing the World, one suit at a time.
"Changing the World, one suit at a time. "
IC Details
Leader(s): iron-man
Faction Type: Heroic
Scope: Global
Headquarters: Metropolis
Established: 2017
Status: Active
OOC Details
OOC Contact: Tony Stark
Coded Faction: Yes
Open: Yes
Wiki Tag: stark-unlimited
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