Suicide Squad


Suicide Squad is the moniker adopted by members of Task Force X, a black ops group of supervillains coerced against their will into doing the bidding of the United States government. Amanda Waller is responsible for forming the team, choosing its members, assigning their missions, and exploding the bombs embedded in their brains should they step out of line or piss her off in any way, shape or form.

Task Force X is called upon as needed to face threats to national or global security as deemed necessary. They are not a traditional team in any sense. They often do not even have any connection with one another outside of the missions that they are called upon to complete. The reason they work together is that Amanda Waller has used some leverage to induce them onto the team and then various threats, cajoling, and manipulations to make them do her bidding.


The original Suicide Squad, formed in the 1950s, was filled with heroic men and women willing to lay down their life for the greater good. This is not that squad.

The idea for Task Force X was simple. The United States government was beginning to need to find ways to contain metahumans convicted of violent crimes. At the same time, new threats were beginning to take place across the globe that traditional methods were not able to respond to quickly and effectively. One woman had the vision to see where those two things could be used to solve each other, with the right leverage. Amanda Waller is a patriot, a leader and a stone cold b*tch who will do whatever it takes to keep this country safe from all the threats it faces.

The initial forays into using supervillains as a team to face threats happened irregularly and were not without "learning moments" as Amanda would call them. Some of the original squads suffered 100% casualty rates. Some of them were able to go rogue and escape in the process. Amanda was able to weather the fallout from any of these and continue the work, all the while bidding her time and building her case.

The 2015 Chitauri invasion gave Amanda Waller the kind of epic scale catastrophe that she needed to loose some strings and cut through some red tape. What was up to that point an experiment in using terrible people to do some good became a full time gig for her. She was granted a permanent base of operations in Belle Reve prison, where she was free to hold her recruits as she saw fit between missions when necessary. She was able to build a more stable roster of unstable nut jobs, unwilling psychopaths and cannon-fodder losers to throw at insurmountable odds. But probably the most important thing that allowed Task Force X to stabilize was the new 'introduction' phase which include implanting a bomb in the base of the skull of all new recruits. These remote activated bombs allowed Amanda unprecedented control and leverage over her team that she wielded with unpitying resolve.


Member Code Name Role
James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes Winter Soldier Responsible Adult
Owen Mercer Boomerang Unbearable
Wade Wilson Deadpool Unfathomable
Dr. Harleen Quinzel Harley Quinn Unmanageable
Leslie Willis Livewire Unpredictable

How to Join

Suicide Squad was primarily for villains who have been found guilty of major crimes and recruited onto Task Force X in exchange for sentencing leniency and limited freedom between missions to work off their debt to society. The team was open to any villain who has been captured and sent to prison. In order to join, we asked villains run at least one scene with your character committing a crime (major, minor, ridiculous, your choice) and having PC heroes attempt to foil your nefarious plans.

After the events of the plot [Nature of Walls], however, Task Force X and its operations have seemingly disbanded.

But these things never seem to stay dead when they ought to…

Additional Information

Suicide Squad is a different type of team that is not naturally compatible with this type of game, so we've made some alterations to make it more RP-able.

First and foremost members of the team are not incarcerated between missions, because that would suck. The modified concept is that Amanda Waller can snatch up a Squad member anywhere, anytime as needed for a mission. There will be scheduled events for missions open to anyone on the team to be 'forced' into IC. There is a crash-pad that members of the team can use in Gotham for RP outside of missions.

RP Logs & Cutscenes

Suicide Squad News & Rumors

Suicide Squad
Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you people?
"Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you people?"
IC Details
Leader(s): Amanda Waller
Faction Type: Government
Scope: Global
Headquarters: Louisiana
Status: Inactive
Sub-Factions: None
OOC Details
OOC Contact: Harley Quinn
Coded Faction: Yes
Open: Yes
Wiki Tag: suicide-squad
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