The Purifiers



In 2010, in response to rising concerns about metahuman and mutant populations, New York passed an experimental first-round legislation giving prisons the option to test dangerous prisoners for the mutant gene.

A man called the Reverend William Stryker, emboldened by the legislation, formed the Purifiers in this same year to commit religiously-motivated hate crimes against mutants. A former military man, Stryker was able to outfit his Purifiers into a formidable paramilitary group, and would clash numerous times over the course of the year with anyone who tried to stop him and his Purifiers from assaulting any mutants they could find.

Ultimately, Stryker met his downfall after an elaborate plan to kidnap and brainwash Professor Xavier into hooking up to a machine that would kill all living mutants. He was opposed by the joint efforts of the X-Men and Brotherhood, though in the end the last blow was struck by one of his own, who shot the Reverend after he attempted to point-blank shoot Kitty Pryde in the face.

The Reverend Stryker is currently incarcerated for his crimes. The Purifiers have been making a recent comeback even without him, however, led by other fanatics who have been emboldened by the 2019 Mutant Registration Act.


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The Purifiers
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Leader(s): ??
Faction Type: Villain
Scope: National
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Established: 2010
Status: Active
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