The Titans (also referred to at various times as the 'New Titans,' or the 'Teen Titans' given the general youth of its membership) are a team of younger heroes that has taken different forms over the years. The most recent incarnation of the team, founded in mid-2017, was brought together under the leadership of the Gotham vigilante known as Red Robin.

The focus of the current Titans is the protection and training of younger and often 'at-risk' heroes and other metahumans - individuals who might otherwise fall through the cracks because they don't fit in anywhere else. With the Titans, they can learn to control and refine their talents and abilities, learn to work as part of a team, learn to use their gifts to help others. With the Titans, they can find safety and even a kind of family: Even those who graduate from the team, whatever they go on to do, never really stop being Titans.

However, the Titans are fully a heroic team in their own right. With contacts in the NYPD, the United States armed forces and S.T.A.R. Labs, this group of outsiders and former sidekicks are ready and eager to do more than stay in the shadow of the Justice League or the Avengers.

Currently, the Titans are an unregistered team and are formally against New York's metahuman registration laws: As a popular group of heroes who have been instrumental in saving New York City at least twice, this makes the Titans a polarising subject in the ongoing debate over the existing and potential future legislation. Officially, they can't legally operate in New York anymore… Unofficially, they continue to anyway - albeit with more secrecy than they needed to before - thanks to sympathetic elements among the city's civilian and law enforcement population.


The original Titans were formed in 2009 when a group of young heroes and sidekicks joined forces as an impromptu team, while more experienced heroes were unavailable. Though it took some time before the Titans crystallised into a formal superheroic group, their assistance to the city wouldn't go unrecognised: Recognising the cachet of having a locally-based group of heroes, the City of New York collaborated with S.T.A.R. Labs in the creation of a man-made island in the East River towards Brooklyn, and building on that island a base for the team, the iconic Titans Tower that's been part of the Manhattan skyline ever since.

In the almost ten years since then, the membership of the Titans has waxed and waned through the course of various adventures, the team at times almost completely unrecognizable as the classic Titans. Eventually Titans Tower was left empty and unused for a time, until the team was reactivated in 2017 by Red Robin with a new roster that combined the youthful energy that characterized the team with the experience of previous members.

The new Titans participated in a number of incidents since their reactivation, and several members played roles in rescue and investigation during and after the Hell's Kitchen bombings. During the demon invasion of New York in late 2018, the Titans were one of the primary groups pushing back against the invaders, once again playing a prominent role in protecting the city and its people… Just in time for New York's metahuman registration laws to pass, forcing the Titans to pick a side.

Naturally, as the young so often do, the Titans rebelled.



How to Join

The current incarnation of the Titans lacks much in the way of convoluted bylaws and regulations. Recruitment is largely handled by Red Robin directly, and the rules around Titans Tower mostly boil down to keeping their communal space livable, and respecting each other's privacy.

The general principles the Titans should follow, though, are:

  • No use of lethal force. The Titans exist to protect people and save lives, not to kill.
  • Cooperate with conventional authorities whenever possible. The Titans are an independent team, with no official connections to the Justice League, SHIELD or DEO, but they can only freely operate with the goodwill of other agencies. This hasn't changed even with the Titans being a formally anti-registration team: Unnecessarily antagonising law enforcement will just make their lives more difficult, and cost them potential allies.
  • Use your skills and abilities to make the world a better place. Titans should provide aid in accidents and disaster situations, not just ones with an obvious villain to defeat. This includes providing a good example to other young people with exceptional abilities.

Additional Information

RP Logs & Cutscenes

February 16, 2020. Distractions

The Titans discuss murder and mayhem, while Bart tries to avoid any uncomfortable questions.

January 05, 2020. Model Citizen

In the aftermath of one of Zatanna's training sessions with Red Robin, Starfire offers her own assistance, and brings up something that's been on her mind for a while.

Titans News & Rumors

The Titans
Titans Together!
"Titans Together!"
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Leader(s): Red Robin
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Scope: Global
Headquarters: New York City
Established: 2009 (reactivated in 2017)
Status: Active
Sub-Factions: None
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