Since their first public appearance in 2006, the X-Men mostly fought from the shadows to protect both mutants and non-mutants from threats both criminal and structural. Their willingness to oppose government-backed violence earned them a far more controversial reputation than typical metahuman teams. Their increasing visibility crossed a line during their assistance with the Chitauri invasion, making them public enough that they could not avoid recent metahuman registration laws through secrecy.

The Xavier Institute is restructuring to fight their battles in the public realm. Much of the faculty and students, including all students younger than 18, have been moved to a new San Francisco campus, with more locations being planned to offer additional escape routes from registration and to expand the Institute's mission. X-Men activity has been moved to a repurposed Sentinel base in the Adirondacks, while the Westchester mansion prepares to offer college courses and continuing education for people willing to fight registration in-state. Prodigal teams like Excalibur are strengthening old ties to offer their support.

What it means to be a mutant and an X-Men is changing, and the Xavier Institute must evolve or become extinct.


The X-Men were begun in 2006 as a hopeful first step towards the realization of Charles Xavier's dream of mutant-human coexistence. At the time the team was small — a handful of young adults who were also enrolled at his Xavier Institute for Higher Learning — but over the years the team has grown into a formidable and well-trained force.

Over the past twelve years they have dedicated themselves primarily towards the peaceable advancement of mutant rights. In keeping with their creed of coexistence and integration, they have done so by working within the system rather than against it, whenever possible, and by presenting a strong image that mutants are just like humans and not an Other to be feared.

This has often put them at cross purposes with the Brotherhood, though their mission as a team is the protection of all — human and mutant — which means they have also been front and center at many other crises which have threatened the world regardless of their particular bearing on mutant issues.

The 2015 Chitauri Invasion event was one such event, though it cost them their leader. Professor X went missing in the fray, and is feared dead as he has yet to be found by any means, including Cerebro. The X-Men have carried on in his absence, however; they have been taught well, and the Metahuman Registration and Public Safety Act is grim proof that Xavier's dream is as of yet unrealized.

Team Timeline

  • 2006 - Formation of team with Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Angel, Beast, Iceman.
  • 2008 - Dazzler first joins the X-Men.
  • 2010 - Kitty Pryde joins the X-Men. Danielle Moonstar joins Xavier Institute.
  • 2011 - Death of Jean Grey. Angel and Dazzler leave the team temporarily. Havok joins the X-Men.
  • 2012 - Douglas Ramsey is killed when he tackles a teammate out of the way, taking a bullet meant for them.
  • 2014 - Kitty Pryde temporarily leaves the team.
  • 2015 - Danielle Moonstar leaves to pursue a career in SHIELD.
  • 2016 - Formation of Excalibur. Angel and Kitty return to the team. Havok temporarily leaves the team.
  • 2019 - Havok rejoins the X-Men.


How to Join

Talk to Warren, Jean, or Dani on-game!

Additional Information


  • In answer to a common question that comes up: the Xavier Institute is known as a private school for mutants, and the X-Men are known as an independent mutant team. This came out during the Chitauri Invasion. The full extent of the connection between the two is not public knowledge, though anyone looking closely enough might be able to extrapolate a pretty good guess.


  • Shi'ar Technology: Thanks to an early encounter with the Shi'ar and the reverse-engineering capabilities of Beast and other technological savants, the X-Men boast a higher level of technology than one might at first expect. The most notable technologies which the X-Men make use of are holographic, force-field, and cloaking technologies, which factor into these team resources:
    • The Danger Room, the training facilities for the team,
    • An advanced medical and research facility, capable of treating and studying the wide range of injuries and 'unusual nonsense' the team encounters,
    • Personal emitters, which some team members occasionally use to hide their mutations at need,
    • The X-Jet, the primary mode of transportation for the X-Men on-mission: an SR-71 Blackbird modified with increased speed, weapons, cloaking, and VTOL capabilities.
  • Warren Worthington: Longtime team member Warren Worthington keeps a tight grip on his family's wealth, in part so he can quietly fund X-Men activities and the Xavier Institute in general, as well as provide additional resources:
    • The Aerie: An expansive mountain home perched on a cliffside in the Adirondacks. Team members are allowed to crash as long as they clean up after themselves, and maybe let Warren know if they're going to go around using it as an X-Men secret base in addition to the regular X-Men secret base.


  • Brotherhood: The X-Men and Brotherhood have clashed many times over the past twelve years. On very rare occasions, they have even cooperated against an even greater threat. Many of the older members know one another by name, and there is sometimes crossover between the ranks as people waver ideologically over the years.

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The X-Men
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