Faction Leader (FacHead) Guidelines

A Fachead acts as an intermediary between the faction members and game administration. They are a visible entity to help answer questions about the faction in question, as well as a point person to direct plots and RP down to the group.

A classic IC leader of a faction (for example, Scott Summers of the X-Men) need not be its OOC leader, and OOC facheads without corresponding IC authority must be sensitive of that division. Just as well, IC leaders without OOC authority need to communicate with the OOC leader.

Overall, facheading is a busy role that requires one to be proactive; however, we would like to better define the responsibilities of a Fachead to generalize expectations.

Facheads are asked to:

1) Push the group's IC agenda forward and suggest RP avenues for members. In some cases, they may even "task" members, within reason, to complete specific IC goals.
2) Respond to ongoing plots, meta- or otherwise, that are focal to the group or would offer new storylines to its members.
3) Collaborate and maintain open contact with other Facheads so that groups can interact with each other's plots, offer additional plot support for other faction when the need and desire presents itself, and integrate cross-faction RP.
4) Be available and open to reasonable suggestions by the group for RP or larger plots, and to offer advice, assistance, collaboration, or gentle guidance.
5) Be available and open to difficulties experienced by faction members when integrating into the group or finding RP.

However, there is a clear boundary when it comes to their duties:

  • Fachead duties must not be so excessive that they are denied the opportunity for social or personal RP.
  • The focus for any fachead should be the overall health of and opportunities for the team. This does not mean that they are any team member's 'One-Stop RP Shop', and should not be viewed as obligated to provide or guide your personal RP.
  • Facheads should help provide open opportunities for team members to engage in team RP, meaningful plots, and the game's metaplot when appropriate. They are not obligated to chase down players who refuse to engage with these things after given the invitation.
  • Facheads should do their best to OOCly onboard and integrate their team members, or delegate another team member to do so. They will do their best to help all group members feel welcome and heard, but their focus is—again—on the overall health of the team. It may be necessary for them to put its needs before that of a player's if the latter are excessive or unreasonable.
  • Facheads are not the defacto character to run "welcome" scenes for incoming team members. Just like in real life, sometimes schedules don't mesh! Please try to be understanding and flexible if you need to dive in with another member of the team.
  • Facheads are not staff arbitrators. Disagreements and problems will be escalated to staff if they cannot be easily resolved.

Additionally, staff has put the following limitations :

Maximum No. of OOC Faction Leaders:
Factions may have up to 2 OOC Leaders. While OOC leaders can receive help running plots for the faction from other players, or even answering questions, staff will not permit more than two.

Maximum No. of Faction OOC Leadership Roles:
Characters may be an OOC Leader for up to two factions, provided that at least one of the factions has a second OOC faction role. This is to ensure that a character being dropped doesn't leave two factions without a leader, but also to help protect our faction OOC Leaders from burnout.

Note: If you feel that your faction is suffering due to poor OOC leadership (which can include, but is not limited to, absenteeism, failure to encourage and/or facilitate RP, or unhealthy interactions with faction members) please notify staff via +request so that we can investigate the issue.

Application for New Factions

Minimum No. of PC Members Required for a New Coded IC Faction:
Neutral / Hero Groups: 5
Villain Groups: 3

Below, find the information that you should include in your +request for a new, fully coded faction.

  1. Name of Faction:
  2. Members:
  3. OOC Faction Leader(s) (Max. 2):
  4. IC Faction Leader(s)
  5. Brief Faction History
  6. Mission:
  7. Do you need a faction board?
  8. Do you need a faction channel?
  9. Do you need a faction HQ?
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