Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions that we often get at Common Descent MUSH. We hope they help you answer a lot of your own questions or troubleshoot some of the problems that you're having.

Staff is always willing to help answer questions, but please don't be offended if someone answering your question points you to or C&Ps an answer from the list below.

To help you find what you're looking for faster, we've divided the questions into categories.


1) How do I get a character?!

If you're a Guest, please page an on-duty member of staff for assistance in getting a character!

If you're an existing player, please use the +char system on the game (+help +char).

2) How do I join factions with my new character?

Check +factions to see who the OOC facheads are for your particular faction, and contact them about joining the faction.


1) I have a plot I want to run. What do I do?

Please review our Plots page for in-depth guidance, and the application that will help you pull together all of the needed details. In general, personal small-scale plots don't need approval, but plots that impact more than a handful of players, involve the death of an FC, or introduce world-changing elements will need Staff approval via the +plots system (+help +plots).


1) It this a canon game?

Common Descent MUSH is NOT what most would consider to be a canon game. We typically allow feature characters to pull from some key canonical points for history most of it involves characters unlikely to show up in the game, or one of the game's Staff NPCs. Additionally, some characters may be modified from their original canonical abilities in order to make them more balanced and/or compatible with our roleplaying environment.

However, at staff discretion, there are certain canon events which have not yet transpired in the game's timeline either to reserve them for us to use a plot and put our own spin on or do not support the game's overarching theme. If you still have questions after reading our Game Timeline file, please ask staff.


1) Is my character's profile picture broken?

If your character's profile pic shows up in the infobox on your character page, but not on RP logs, IC News posts, or plot pages, one of two things could be to blame:

  • Your image link. In the form for the profile box, make sure you only put in the image name, such as Joe.jpg. Do not include the
  • Your page name. Your page name and character tags MUST MATCH to appear correctly. At CDMUSH, we ask that characters with code names use the code name for both the page name and the wiki tag, both using a hypen rather than any spaces or underscores. You will need to rename your page accordingly if you did not do this.
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