Game Announcements

The staff at Common Descent MUSH makes every effort to keep players up to date with the latest news about the game. Below, please find the latest public game announcements.

Do you have a moment to help?
CDMUSH is soliciting positive player reviews for our new MudConnector listing. Help us bring in new players!
Posted on 02 Jun 2019 17:00 by Ursa.

IMPORTANT: Activity Purge Warning
Common Descent MUSH will have its first quarterly activity check in the first week of April. PLEASE READ.
Posted on 15 Mar 2019 16:57 by Ursa.

Fully Open for Business!
As of January 2, Common Descent MUSH is open to the public.
Posted on 05 Jan 2019 14:40 by Ursa.

Alt Requirements & +Request
As we tee up for our January 2nd open, staff asks that players be in activity compliance with existing alts before requesting new ones and not submit +reserves to request held characters yet.
Posted on 24 Dec 2018 17:53 by Ursa.

Honoring the Holidays
Staff will be observing the winter holiday season from 12/22 - 12/27, and responses may be delayed.
Posted on 24 Dec 2018 17:12 by Ursa.

Full Launch on January 2nd!
Advertisements will be made available for sharing, activity requirements will be enforced, and new game plots will be unveiled!
Posted on 17 Dec 2018 18:42 by Ursa.

Beta Starts November 17th!
Common Descent MUSH enters into an open beta period.
Posted on 27 Nov 2018 02:56 by Altair.

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