IC Locations

The world can be an amazing place. A wonderful place. Or it can be absolutely terrifying.

In the very small proximity of three major cities in the north-eastern United States, there is a huge metahuman population and no small amount of trouble with vigilante heroism. Heroes and villains struggle regularly, and the rest of the population is caught in the middle.

However, it's hardly an American problem. Other places around the world have their struggles, too, sending the whole world into a struggle for control over the course of the future.

Below are prominent IC locations featured at Common Descent MUSH:

U.S. Locations

Metropolis, DE

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Gotham, NJ

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New York, NY

Learn more about New York City!

Westchester, NY

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International Locations

Wakanda, Africa

A landlocked nation located in eastern Africa, Wakanda is a nondescript country known mostly abroad by lay individuals for its exports in textiles and jewelry. Though it is one of the few countries where one can reliably source non-conflict diamonds from Africa, it more importantly has the claim of formerly being the only source of a stable version of the supermetal vibranium in the world. The country has since claimed to have lost that status to poaching, and years of being invaded by neighboring countries and external interests have rendered the otherwise idyllic territory extremely insular and oftentimes hostile towards outsiders. True to theme, Wakanda is a deeply spiritual monarchy that prizes its culture above all else; their population is separated into tribes, most of which worship the panther god, Bast.

Wakanda venerates its gods through equal parts prosperous agriculture and a fierce warrior culture, electing the strongest of their number to become the Black Panther, the champion of their country and defender of the realm. Though moderately active in politics, Wakanda is an aloof participant, often agitating the rumors surrounding the sovereignty and exactly what levels of technology their ostensibly third world economy has access to. Even the highest level state intelligence agencies active in the world don't seem to fully understand what's going on with the country. Most who go to Wakanda to spy or thieve simply do not return, leading many to feel that there is much more to Wakanda than it lets on.

Themyscira, Paradise Island

The Savage Land, Antarctica

Outer Space

Learn more about what's happening away from Earth!

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