Harassment is defined as continuing to do something to another player after having been asked not to do so. This can include:

  1. Continuing to page someone after being asked to stop.
  2. Incessantly @mail-ing someone who has page-locked you.
  3. Entering a private on-grid residence uninvited.
  4. Walking ICly in on their scenes after having a request denied.
  5. Repeatedly and intentionally offending them.
  6. Violating their personal boundaries after being asked to stop.
  7. Harassment can also include things that do not apparently involve our game, including following a player to another MU* and paging or @mail-ing them there when you have been asked not to do so here, or using chat programs or e-mail.

If a player requests that you not cross certain boundaries, respect that. Failure to do so entitles that player to report the incident to staff. If investigation reveals harassment has occurred, a warning will be issued and a mark will be placed upon the all of the offending player's characters. If a player is reported again, that player will face disciplinary action and possible sitebanning.

Our players have the right to feel safe while RPing or visiting with friends, and harassment violates it. When unsure whether your actions may be seen as harassment, it is best to assume they will and stop whatever you are doing or were planning to do. If you must communicate with a player who has asked you not to do so, please contact staff so we may mediate.

If you feel you are a victim of harassment, first ask them to stop and inform them that you will pursue staff intervention if the behavior continues. If the problem persists, contact staff. One of the most useful things that you can do is to log the incident. While not necessary to effectively deal with a complaint, having a dated record of the incident can be helpful to staff and add credibility to your case.

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