Spiders from Heaven
Roleplaying Log: Spiders from Heaven
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A tear in space and time disgorges Gwen Stacy into a world not her own. Fortunately, she doesn't get attacked by ninjas when she lands. Unfortunately, it's still Gotham.

Other Characters Referenced: Batman, Spider-Man
IC Date: September 18, 2019
IC Location: The Narrows, Gotham City
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Posted On: 18 Sep 2019 16:58
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Gotham City. Home of some truly legendary heroes of immense abilities and tremendous prowesses.

Gotham City. Home of some truly degenerate villains and madmen the likes of which few other places in the multiverse could match.

Gotham City… It's Jersey.

Above the black-and-yellow skyline of the dark, city is color - bright color, like a fraying piece of film at the boiling point, all dots and splashes of soap-bubble and oil-spill rainbows. It's not stable, and it certainly isn't subtle. It builds, and builds, and trembles, hovering over this most austere of cityscapes dominated by tall buildings and midnight oil…

And then it promptly explodes in a cacophony of color and sound, firing a single arcing projectile towards the Narrows district of Gotham with a long blue contrail.

Now, there's probably highly complex science involved in this, and certainly those with the proper tools will spend much time analyzing it, but the simple answer is: a shape in white surrounded by blue energy careens into a tenament building, and then sticks there.

That white shape - humanoid and costumed, of all things - then tumbles, like one of those sticky-limbed toys, down the side of the tenament, before sprawling out dazed in a fire escape.

"Uuuuuuuuugh, did… Anyone get the number of that bullet train? Webs, my head…" 'Spider-Gwen' mutters, bringing a hand over her brow and letting out another groan. "Well, at least I didn't… die. Or fly into another garbage barge. I'd never live down doing it a second time."

There's rarely such a thing as a 'boring' night in Gotham.

Once you reach a certain mass of humans in one place, you're guaranteed that there's always going to be something happening somewhere… It's just that unlike similarly-sized cities like New York or Metropolis, in Gotham City it's far more likely to involve some kind of themed nightmare. Maybe it's clowns, or owls, or owls in clown makeup. But it's bound to be something.

In the distance, there's sirens - there's always sirens - and as a sweltering summer reluctantly loosens its grip on the city the nighttime air is blessedly tending more towards 'crisp' than 'muggy'. And sure, there's probably somebody out there trying to figure out how to claim the bounty on one or more of the city's quasi-mythological masked vigilantes, and maybe it's Deadshot or Kite Man or somebody, but that's not about to keep those aforementioned masked vigilantes from doing what they always do. Hence the figure in black and red, disguised with an identity-obliterating cowl, cape trailing behind him as he swings between buildings with nothing but a ten-ton test line of carbon filaments and nearly a decade of disregard for his own wellbeing to support him. The white, featureless lenses of that cowl reflect the sudden appearance of light and anti-light, glaring sourly in the nighttime sky, which of course draws Red Robin's attention, his swing ending as he alights on the corner of a building, crouched among the gargoyles that sometimes seem omnipresent in Gotham's architecture, a frown on the only visible part of his face.

"That's new," he remarks, as something gets ejected out of a hole in the sky.

Really, he doesn't sound overly shocked. But his baseline for weird stuff has crept pretty high over the years.

Rarely a thing, but Batgirl could use a boring night.

She's perched on the Cathedral that gives Cathedral Square its name, looking out at the city with a kind of lackluster focus. Her new suit — a lot more inline with the general Bat Family aesthetic — has enough to the cowl that it masks the bruises at her cheeks. Her black cape with its dark mustard lining does its characteristic rolling and rippling in the breeze that rides its way across the city. She is just about to check-in when there's that sudden explosion of light and sound.

Her head whips around toward it, and she blinks in surprise. Then, perhaps because it's been a long few weeks, she sighs out, "What now?" She taps the side of her cowl, getting onto the Bat Family channel, "Anyone else see that?"

Question asked, she launches into the air with her grappler and makes her way toward The Narrows.

The real reason that Carolus is in town at all is for some business meetings. He's hoping to start supplying some local businesses, none of which has anything to do with what he's doing out and about. Which is that he's naturally nocturnal, needed to stretch his legs, and just happened to be feeling brave and interested in seeing the sights. Or rather, the sight. There's only one sight to see in this part of town, apart from all the CRIME.

Of course, he's walking down the street sipping on a bottle of Johnnie Ryan's Cherry Soda when an unusual shift in the light catches his attention. Unusual shifts of light do that to him. He stares up at the dazzling display of nonsense colors, largely managing to ignore the sounds as he sifts through an array of inputs that he has yet to experience in all of his life because they occur only in the very specific instance of witnessing an interdimensional vortex of some kind.

His next thought is, 'Huh, a portal. I wonder what kind it is?' The type of portal is very important. Is it a portal from space aliens, a wizard portal, a time portal, a demonic portal…

The thing surrounded by blue energy draws his eye, which Carolus realizes only a moment later is a /person/ landing rather roughly on the fire escape of one of the decrepit-looking buildings not far distant.

His soda bottoms out, straw stuttering loudly as it does. Carolus pockets the empty bottle and strides purposefully towards the fire escape, only growing close enough to catch something about dying and a garbage barge.

Carolus stops at the bottom of the fire escape, squinting dubiously at the ladder's rungs. Shuddering involuntarily, he takes a step back and looks up.

"I believe," He calls up the fire escape, "that there are some who might draw the comparison between the two."

"Do you need emergency servi—" He stops himself, remembering where he is, "… Er, do you require assistance?"

The large, expressive eyes on the white-and-black (and red, and neon turquoise) 'spider' suit work open and shut rapidly, a series of rapid squints-and-blinks as the hooded-and-masked girl sits up, still clutching her forehead with a hand.

Here and there, the black on her legs and the whites and reds on her arms gives way to slices of peach or smears of blood: exactly like she had just gotten out of a fight.

Gwen's ears though, hear a familiar sound. Swinging, a tightness of material and a woosh of fabric. It's very particular.

Able to conceal her grimace at being frowned down at by a mystery man crouched like a gargoyle among… gargoyles thanks to the seamless white covering her face, Gwen has a moment to compose. To think.

A man, perched on a rooftop, with palpable danger lines radiating from his shoulders, his knees, his hands. A man that sees her with a dry, hardened gaze.

Rising up from her sprawl in the fire escape with a steadying grip on the rusting metal, Gwen manages to right herself, fixed eyes on the crouching figure of Red Robin.

A twitch of one eye — more danger, like a dagger to the back of the neck. Extremely dangerous. Staying was dangerous!

With a frantic - near-guilty - whipping of her head back and forth. The ground floor danger! and among the streets DANGER!!! everything was setting her off, but she knew more than anything that the man staring down at her was the most dangerous of all.

And the… hhhhomeless person at the base of the ladder was asking her questions.

"Do you work for the Hand?!" Gwen half-asks, half-hisses, bringing up a fist and extending her index finger to point up at the crouching gargoyle of a man.

Morearecomingmoremoremore—"Hey, uh, nope, I'm fine, definitely fine! Never been to this part of… ttttown before."

"Yeah, I see it," the Red Knight replies to Batgirl over that particular, extremely well-encrypted channel. "Like the sky developed a butt and just pooped somebody out."

Maybe he's been spending too much time around the other Titans, that's the sort of analogy you'd expect from Impulse, or indeed perhaps Spider-Man.

It's possible that he's drawing a completely baseless conclusion, assuming that it's a someone and not a something, but you know - he's an optimist.

(No he isn't.)

Those white lenses incorporate all sorts of fancy enhancements, though, to make up for the all too human senses of the person wearing the cape and cowl: An augmented reality HUD, of course, but they also have a certain amount of zoom. Enough to make out that whoever just got pooped out of the sky is in a costume, which hey he can't throw stones, and is probably a young woman. And also, she seems agitated. Which… Would probably make sense.

The fact that she sees Red Robin is impressive enough, pointing right at him as she does; a moment later he's moving, all carefully honed fluidity, off the roof he was haunting. There's a faint *paff* of compressed air as he fires the line in his grapple gun, swinging closer, but - seeing as how there's somebody else there, too, an apparent civilian at street level - he carefully avoids getting too close, alighting instead on the next rooftop over.

"Something about her costume seems… A little familiar…"

Carolus stares up, antennae creeping forward reflexively to feed him more information. With an absolutely disgusted expression on his face, he rifles around in his pockets for a set of knitted gloves and slips them on. He might be muttering 'gross' under his breath as he takes hold of the ladder and begins ascending— deliberately, at the pace of a perfectly normal human being. He draws himself up to the lowest landing and stops there, trying to shake off the nails-on-a-chalk-board feeling. It's only because the brilliant, bright figure above points into the surroundings that he has any reason to suspect anyone's up there at all.

He gives a little start as he catches a flash of red in passing. Red is usually good in this town, right? A local authority would probably be for the best, but what's he /up/ to?

"I am not familiar with, or an associate of, The Hand." He calls up, mystified, "But if I am not much mistaken you're bleeding."

Gwen yells at a dude on top of a dark roof.

The dude immediately and fluidly swings down with a… grapple gun?

"Hey!" The Spider-Woman calls, cupping hands around her mouth since she has no super-shouting powers. "I asked if you were a ninja, guy! It's been a long, long night! I could really go with not-a-Ninja after getting attacked by th—"

Who she was attacked was dies in the stream of spinning around to look at Carolus as Gloves Guy starts up the ladder. "Are you some kind of… weird vampire? All I can smell is garbage and sweat and danger, so if you can pick up blood…"

Hopping up onto the edge of the rusting railing as easily as someone would step up a single stair on a staircase as Carolus makes further ascent, Gwen drops to a deep crouch, bracing with one hand as she aims her pointing finger down now. "… This night is weird enough I'm going with vampire. Is that your vampire friend up there? In red? Real subtle."

There's a long, almost audible pause. Might be because Batgirl is swinging to a rooftop, or it might be because Tim just referred to the event in the sky as a butt and followed it up by pooping. Finally, she asks, "Volunteering at the local youth center again?" Because, you know, only kids use butts as a simile for whatever just happened.

But, alas.

Yellow boots land with a soft thump down on a low building in the Narrows, and she spots Gwen with a half-tilt of her head. Then she blinks. "Spider-Man." Helps that she hangs out with Peter quite a bit. She tilts her head a bit. "Did she just call you a vampire?" She looks at Tim from across from where she stands, and then she flashes him a sudden smile. "Batwoman's going to be angry you're stealing her look, Red."

Volunteering at the local youth center again?

"You've met my teammates," Red Robin retorts. Though it's probably about the same thing, either way.

Closer, though, it's easier to hear just what's going on down on the fire escape… And the young woman in white does look sort of like Spider-Man. There's a certain similarity of movement, too; facts getting filed away in that keen memory of his, things to be examined later when there's not an agitated and possibly dangerous metahuman to be dealt with.

"I'm definitely not a vampire," the detective says, for the Spider-Woman's benefit (and with a look at Batgirl) from his new perch. "Technically I am a ninja, though. Sorry?" he offers, careful about setting off her apparent anti-ninja prejudice. "Listen, miss. I understand you're probably confused after falling out of a hole in the sky, but we don't mean you any harm."

Well, he doesn't. And he's pretty sure Barbara doesn't (you never can tell with redheads, to be fair)…

But whoever the guy on the ground is might be another story entirely.

Oh no.

Carolus raises his hands placatingly, seating himself in a corner of the bottom landing. He does /not/ rest his back against the bars because he doesn't feel like compressing his wings harder than they already are, so it's quite an awkward position that he settles into.

"I am no Graf van Krolock. At present, I represent no one and am not affiliated with the man in red." His eyes rise to the sky, "I doubt that he's a vampire. I've never actually met one, but I suppose I wouldn't be all that surprised to do so in this place."

"It /is/ pretty smelly out here, though." He agrees, wrinkling his nose exaggeratedly.

"Impulse is adorable, and would never refer to that as a butt." Right?

The look from Red Robin settles the older Bat into a wry smile that just touches her blue eyes. Then she's slipping off the roof to drop down into a graceful squat before she straightens back up. She strides forward slowly, tilting her head a bit to regard the woman. "Red Robin is right. We don't mean you any harm." At the moment, because she is a redhead and you never can tell. She outstretches her hands with a slight shrug. "Welcome to Gotham City. Do… you often fall out of the sky like that? Took Spider-Man used to sticking the landing, but he doesn't usually fall out of the…" She will not say butt, she will not say butt, she will not say butt. "… a crack in the sky."
<Pose Tracker> Gwen Stacy has posed.

"That's exactly what a vampire would say." 'Spider-Woman' bites back, but there's a present humor in the cattiness of her response. A little bit of relaxation. "You've not called the Kingpin here, and you didn't leap down with a hi-yah, and…"

'Batwoman'. The new figure, in the yellow boots, drops another name. Another confusing name. "Wait wait wait. Ok, let's back up just a second."

Gwen holds up both her hands in that half-sarcastic, half-disarming conversational way heroes can be.

Rising up to pace along the bar with her neon turquoise shod feet, Gwen alternates between about a third of the time looking at Carolus, and two thirds of the time trying to squint at the two Batperson shaped figures above. "So, first, who the heck is Batwoman? Second, hole in the sky? That's… Actually that'd explain my throbbing head and why I'm not swimming around in the New York bay, but—"

Carolus drops a name. "Graf who? Ok, let me try this all again. I'm…"

She places her hand on her chest. "Ssssssspider—" A pained wince flashes across her overexpressive white eyes. "Nngh… You know, actually, let's tryyyyyyy…"

For the first time in a while, Gwen Stacy looks down at herself. Who is she? What is she? Is she Spider-Woman? If this was New York - HER New York, then a bunch of new heroes would immediately fall down on her and beat her near to death for the whole Lizard thing. And then the Hand would beat her the REST of the way to death.

"Llllet's go with 'Ghost Spider'. And judging by the total lack of an Oscorp Tower, an Empire State Building, or the ninjas… I'm not in New York, am I?"

Batwoman swiftly answers that. With an extra headache. "Spider-Man? Wait, like…"

Gwen lifts a leg, spins comically on a heel, and then aiming right at a wall, starts walking right up it with both hands expressively bridged across her collar. "Ttttthis? Oh webs this is not…"

Shocked, Ghost Spider looks down at Carolus, now parallel with the sidewalk below. "What YEAR is it?!"

The appearance of Batwoman at least confirms Carolus's suspicions that he's in good company. He heaves a relieved sigh, looking down towards the now-ground-level Batwoman with a smile. Friendly though it might be, he still pretty much just looks like a homeless person who wandered up a fire escape after something shiny.

"Batwoman. I hope you're having a nice night." He greets her, genially. Or was it Batgirl? Doesn't matter, he supposes. She'll correct him if it's important.

"Graf von—" Carolus begins, but stops midway through, "Nevermind, it was a stupid reference. I'll just say Dracula next time."

Deciding to allow the /actual Gotham/ residents deal with the explanation of the surrounding, Carolus slooooowly gets to his feet again and says, "It is two thousand and nineteen. Senator Robert Kelly is running in the twenty twenty election. New York just implemented a rather revolting metahuman registration act…"

"You could borrow my phone and browse around if you like." He offers, patiently.

After a moment or two he raises a hand to rub at his chin, "Though that sounds like the sort of thing a vampire would say, doesn't it…"

There's a lot to process here, that much is obvious.

"It's an alley and it was a pretty hot summer, I don't even want to imagine what might be making those smells," Red Robin says to Carolus' comment about the smelliness of the area. Really, it scarcely bears thinking about, right up until it becomes a crime scene and then someone will absolutely have to.

The mysterious young woman's behaviour, meanwhile, only further puts the vigilante in mind of the arachnid-powered Titan, now that he's thinking about it. Naturally, this leads to him considering possibilities which would otherwise be completely ridiculous like: Maybe this is an alternate-universe version of Spider-Man who is instead a Spider-Woman? Or…

"No, New York is that way," the Red Knight says, pointing roughly north. "If that's where you were aiming for you missed the target, you nearly dumped yourself in Delaware Bay."

Which would, of course, put her on the southern end of New Jersey.

Or the northeast end of Delaware, one supposes.

The demand to know what year it is adds another weird possibility: Spider-Man's time-displaced mother? Or daughter??

As an aside, why is his life so weird that he considers these sorts of things without even hesitating? Is it Batman's fault?

He looks over at Batgirl at this, before giving a light shrug of his shoulders, nearly imperceptible with the whole heavy cape situation he's got going on.

"Like he said, it's 2019. Why, what year was it when you got pulled into the board game?"

Red Robin stumbles upon the same thought at about the same time Batgirl does. She glances at Tim, and she furrows her brow slightly even if it is impossible to see with her cowl in place. "Question… do you know who Spider-Man is?" It's like a test, a test that might give some insights.

She glances slightly to Tim and Carolus as they both provide the year, but part of her suspects this has little to do with the actual year, and perhaps with the universe in question. This isn't the first alternate universe persona she's met, after all.

"What were you doing before you ended up, well, here?"

"I have a better idea than I want to." Carolus admits to Red Robin, more-or-less at ease with everything but the possibility of Ghost Spider doing something to him in a fit of paranoia.

He makes a small, acknowledging noise, "Board game. Better reference. Sorry to be rude, Robin. Red Robin? Sorry, I'm usually farther north myself."

"I'm Carolus, by the by." He's not on uniform or on duty right now, and for the most part neither is he 'showing'.

Gwen snorts, and finally, her facade cracks. "Man, everything is something a vampire would say, they'll say anything." She fangs her index fingers in front of her mouth. "To drink your delicious blood!"

Now pacing along the side of some poor sap's low-income housing, Ghost Spider considers more about her options as she is explained at. "So, to skip my whole backstory… Where I'm from, I'm basically the only 'super-hero' in New York. Sure, there's SHIELD and Captain America and stuff, but she's real busy. Anyway, this bunch of ninjas picked a fight, I was winning, and then…"

Gwen taps her temple through her hood. "Got a headache so bad the ninjas started winning real bad. Then the Kingpin kicked me off the Washington Bridge, and it got real IMAX for a bit before ending up here. If it's 2019, then-"

Reaching into a hidden pocket on her outfit, she withdraws a phone. "I'm not lost in some weird dystopian future or past. Just… different. Different and I have no service here. Gggggreat."

"So, are you with SHIELD then? They're the only big hero org I can think of."

Ghost Spider peers down the building at Carolus as he makes himself more comfortable, before dropping to street level with him and Batwoman, landing in a deep crouch and rising casually. "You sure you should be out at night, dude? This neighborhood looks way worse than Queens."

Captain America? She?

Maybe it is an everybody is the opposite gender reality.

"Red Robin," the vigilante confirms for Carolus. "Robin is somebody else." Somebody more temperamental. Somebody… Stabbier.

Fighting a bunch of ninjas is of course the most immediately relatable part of Gwen's explanation, ninja attacks being an unfortunately common professional hazard in the capes and tights game, but for better or worse the rest of it isn't that hard to follow, under the circumstances. You would think that it would be something to scoff at, the idea of somebody just falling out of their own reality into a different part of the multiverse, but no. Once one of your best friends is a time traveller from at least a thousand years in the future, you get really open-minded about that kinda stuff.

So, are you with SHIELD then?

"No," Red Robin answers. "You might want to be careful about trusting them… They're not exactly what I'd call 'heroic', around here."

Again, not an optimist, really.

Looks like Batman's paranoia/justified suspicion about intelligence organisations rubbed off on somebody.

"But you're right, this isn't a very nice neighbourhood. I wouldn't recommend just wandering around," he directs down at Carolus. "What about you, ah, 'Ghost Spider'? Not to be rude, but you look like hell." That's very rude, Tim, that's not how you talk to girls. "You're going to need something better than a fire escape to sleep off getting beat up by ninjas and crime bosses."

"Batgirl," Babs offers up when the names start going around. Though the mention fo SHIELD does earn Tim another look; she hesitates just a heartbeat before she slowly starts to nod her agreement. "Stay away from SHIELD." Taking down a dirty CIA spook has a bigger impact on paranoia than just sharing it with your mentor.

"Red, I'm going to check to make sure we don't have GCPD heading our way." She glances to him, and there's something worried in her voice. After all, GCPD is very lacking in Bat allies at the moment.

She looks back to Gwen. "Welcome to… well, this Universe, I guess." She flashes her a quick smile before she points her grappler to the roof and swings up so she can check for sirens, and flashing lights.

Carolus makes a small, indifferent noise. "Not enough sugar."

He glances between Red Robin and Batgirl when Ghost Spider remarks that she's the only hero in New York where she comes from. The look has that particular quality of, 'Ohhh boy.'

Instead of verbalizing the thought, he waves a hand dismissively at Ghost Spider's concerns, "I'm fine. Worst thing that's happened to me tonight is your color scheme." The delivery is quick, but not particularly biting. Like he's used to this sort of lightly aggressive banter.

He fishes his phone out of his pocket and offers it to Ghost Spider, pressing a finger to a pad on the back to unlock it. It's /way/ too expensive-looking for somebody who looks more broke than Gwen actually is. Apparently he's either at ease with her taking off with it, or just assumes she wouldn't.

He clears his throat, "You're injured. Would you like some bandages?"

His attention swings back towards Red Robin, "Pleased to meet you, Red Robin. I appreciate your concern about the neighborhood, but as we have in common the inclination to move /towards/ the shiny lights depositing strange things out of the sky, I think I can reasonably reassure you that I can handle myself alright. Not that I planned to stay here long."

He offers a smile and a nod towards the retreating Batgirl, and amends, "They're right, though. I'd suggest staying away from /most/ government agencies, until you have a better bearing of things."

Gwen waves off the concern about her health. "I'm fine, Red Robin, Carolus, Batwoman. Really. I'll just have to find someplace to take a nap and maybe buy a corn dog and I'll be fine. I've got my sewing kit, and I can still move around. Don't worry!"

Gwen leans over, like she's whispering to babs, a hand coming up to 'shield' her mouth… which you can't lipread because of her mask. "I don't want to sleep in garbage any more than the next girl."

Drawing back, she takes Carolus' phone, flipping it around as Red Robin direly tells her - and Batwoman corroborates - that SHIELD isn't very heroic.

"Yeah, what else is new? One minute, saving New York from nazis. The next? Bam, mutant lizard experiment in the sewers. It's always something."

Immediately she starts thumbtyping away: looking up SHIELD (and getting Carolus extra-double-triple flagged by the government), checking on the NYPD, looking up the Gotham PD, glancing over a map of Gotham, mapquesting (MAPQUESTING) directions from Gotham to New York, and, with some hesitation, lingering on returning the phone and keeping it.

"Thanks… You know, it's really nice not getting immediately jumped and having to defend myself as soon as I slow down and talk to anyone."

Looking up at Red Robin, Ghost Spider places a fist on her hip. "Look, I've kind of got a sense for these kinds of things, and you've screamed danger at me - bellowed it - since you got onto that roof. Why're you concerned about me?"

One area in which Red Robin decidedly differs from his mentor is this: Batman would, almost certainly, chide both Gwen and Carolus for getting anywhere near trouble in his city, whereas the fromer Boy Wonder is a lot more open to the potential of outside assistance. Just, you know, with certain caveats.

"If you say so," the vigilante says, when Carolus assures him that he can take care of himself. Besides, as he said he didn't intend to stick around too long. Obviously, he's not the general run of normal civilian… Which means that Red Robin starts paying more attention to him, just in case.

He doesn't even look up as Batgirl grapples away, focused instead on the two newcomers.

"There aren't a lot of metahumans in Gotham," he offers by way of explanation about his concern over Ghost Spider. "And usually those that are tend to be dangerous or outright hostile. It was pretty obvious once you started moving that you weren't a baseline human, especially since you didn't die from that fall… Also, you came out of a hole in the sky." Maybe they don't have movies where she comes from, so the idea of alien invasions is… er… Alien to her.

"Which we still don't have an explanation for. Can you blame me for being cautious?"

"Alien invasion across New York City." Carolus chimes in, adding his /only/ real war story to the pot of horrible things that happen in New York.

He spares a glance at what Gwen is actually /doing/ with his phone. The only thing that gets his attention is the thing that really shouldn't.

"Just use Ask Jeeves and Bing while you're at it, why don't you?"

Carolus seems to catch the hesitation. It's unclear if he's just some sort of pushover or actually has a reason to seriously consider allowing his phone to be stolen, but he doesn't actually say anything about it.

Inspecting Carolus more closely, Red Robin will probably immediately be able to pick up on the fact that the cloth of his hoodie sits strangely on his back, and he's definitely hiding something underneath his arms. But he doesn't really have the body language of an aggressor.

Bringing his hands together, Carolus nods at Red Robin, "If it will give you less to be worried about, I'll cleave closer to my AirBNB until it's time for me to return to New York. I don't mean to make more work for you. I'm sure…"

His gaze turns in the general direction of Arkham, "… That there's enough to go around as it is. It may be a bit cliche of me to say so, but I appreciate your endeavors."

"Wait, there's like…" Gwen starts counting on her fingers. "Captain America, those Lizards, and the Kingpin, and I'm not sure about the Kingpin. Plus me. So that's three, plus or minus a half-dozen that really should only count…"

Ghost Spider heaves a little morose sigh. "As one. Even if you say there's not that many 'metahumans' in this city, didn't two show up tonight? You and that Batwoman."

Ghost Spider looks incredulously up at Red Robin. "But… Man, you just have a whole 'danger' thing going. That's cool, that's cool. Don't let me stop you. As for the hole in the sky, I was going to hunt down a Reed Richards, maybe see if Norman Osborn here is nice. Any tips on weird universe portals that shoot out people?"

Carolus pipes up at her choice of Mapquest. "What? AskJarvis is the worst, that's Stark's search engine. Noooo thank you. No to his overpriced moustache coffee, and no to his trash search engine."

Ghost Spider's shoulders drop, her fists leaving her sides as she pinches some of the cuts on her suit idly. "But I don't really want to make enemies my first night in a strange place. Especially if I'll be stuck here for a while. I already was avoiding the—"

"—the SHIELD goons at home. So that's nothing new. 'Metahuman', huh? Better than 'crazed vigilantes'. At least you guys don't have President Howard Duck."

"He sucks for pretty much every minority, especially the very very small minority of us bitten by crazy spiders."

It's around this point that Red Robin's mouth - the only part of him really visible in his current outfit - twists up in a lopsided grin.

"I think you're going to find New York a little strange here," the vigilante says. Although that was probably a foregone conclusion, given whatever mundane differences there might be from her own world. Especially if her world has Tony Stark running a coffee empire. "Whatever it is about the place, there's a lot of people with powers. The Avengers operate out of there, and the Titans…" Although his own team has gone somewhat more underground since the registration laws went in effect: The T-shaped tower sitting on its man-made island in the East River has been empty for almost a year, now. "Not even Metropolis has so many."

They do have Superman though, and he probably counts more than once.

Besides, there's a misunderstanding to clear up.

"But no, Batgirl and I are both just normal people."

Okay that's probably not strictly true, but on the grand scale of things it's… Close enough? Certainly neither of them has the proportionate strength of a spider.

To Carolus, he gives a bit of a shrug. "We try," he says. Because of course, they do. But also of course, it's never really enough, is it?

"Listen, Ghost Spider… If we can help you, we will, okay? The Titans are a team of young heroes, if you need some kind of support, or… I dunno, you could try that wizard guy in New York. Doctor Strange?"

"The strangeness in my life has been scope-limited. Interdimensional vortices are still reasonably rare. I sort of hope they stay that way." Carolus replies to Gwen, apologetically. He draws his hands away from each other, coughing, "Also, the differences between our realities are sharp enough that I recommend thoroughly researching anyone or any structure that you wish to engage before you actually do it."

"I… think Reed Richards is passably safe, though." He doesn't sound totally certain of that.

For a long, long moment he stares at the returned cell phone. Rifling around in his VOLUMINOUS pockets, he produces a small personal battery with a cable trailing away from it.

"Ghost Spider."

He chucks both phone and battery towards her.

"You," he says, "are presently a fish out of water. I could lecture you for an hour and you still wouldn't be able to breathe. In light of that, I think your need currently exceeds mine."

"I will come and fetch it later. Or you can return it at Xavier's Institute. Look it up, it'll explain a bit of the 'why', I think." He rifles around in his opposite pocket, producing… another soda. Carolus pops it open with a thumb.

He nods towards Red Robin, "I assume you'll keep your own people appraised. Good night to you both— and for what it's worth, Red Robin, I think your trying is remarkable. Don't let it wear you down too badly, if you can help it."

Carolus waves animatedly at the both of them and meanders off, sipping at his cherry soda like he hadn't just straight up given an interdimensional traveler his cell phone or had a quick night-time chat with Batgirl and Red Robin.

'I think you're gonna find New York a little strange here' come Red Robin's words, and that actually draws out another spurt of real, stress-relieving laughter. "Best jungle gym in the world, though. This place isn't too bad, too. For Jersey." She winks - and the mask's eyes follow suit to a cartoonish degree.

"I'll keep all that in mind. And the… powers thing. Avengers, Titans, sounds stuff gets really complicated."

"The heck kinda place name is Metropolis, though? That's a term, not a place. Darn lazy cross-dimension city planners."

Ghost Spider kicks some street-detritus for show, pebbles and dust and a bit of concrete-defying dandelion scattering downrange. "Yeah, if you're normal, so am I. Sheesh. Keep your secrets, Danger Man. You're hanging on a roof,-" Gwen starts ticking off white-gloved fingers. "-wearing a hood, swinging around in a cape, fight crime, and engage in witty banter with other costumed people. Sounds like you check enough boxes to me."

She shrugs. "Even if you're not a 'metahuman'. It's about the ba— the mask."

Well, this new girl is all sorts of turned around, isn't she?

Carolus sweeps in to the rescue, and with some interest the mismatched hobo-man pulls: an entire cherry soda, a phone charger, and a spare battery out of his pockets.

"You keep soda in your pockets? Doesn't it explode on you?" Ghost Spider muses as she juggles the items in her hands, holding the phone gently. "You sure? My phone has basically my entire life on it. I can probably just get hooked up with wifi, but…"

"Xavier's Institute. Is that some sort of—"

'Halfway Home' she was about to say, but her Spider-Sense crashes into her head like waves breaking on a sea cliff. She's left holding a strange guy's phone and talking with someone who has most powers she has… on gumption and gadgets.

"Look, I'm the one that blew my landing so bad you can measure the difference in miles and states. I'll be alright."

Her posture slackens, and for the first time tonight, Gwen stops being a coiled spring ready to explode out of the scene or into someone's face. Instead, she lets out a slow breath, glances at Carolus' phone, and pockets it next to hers.

Red Robin's offer hangs in the air. "The Titans, huh? If I need a place to crash, I'll…"

She will absolutely need a place to crash. "… Yeah. I'll try that doctor, first. What's strange about him?"

The smile through her mask is palpable in it's mix of sarcasm and bright humor. "Never mind, I'll figure it out myself. Later, Red. Carolus."

Aiming her wrist up at a nearby building, there's an audible 'thwip!' of web, and with a mighty leap, she's gone into the skyline.

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