Gun Bust
Roleplaying Log: Gun Bust
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Sloane and Dani help Domino continue her search for what happened to the Hermit.

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IC Date: September 18, 2019
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Some time had passed since the investigation into the strange death of another mutant known as 'Hermit.' Since then there hadn't been any additional news shared by Domino, one could be forgiven for believing that the matter had either been laid to rest or that it had gone completely cold. But..nothing is ever so easy.

This radio silence is broken by another update from the pale lady. "Ready to make a move on this, meet at 23:00. Be ready for a fight." The address provided is some scuzzy run-down joint in Gotham City. At least she left everyone enough time to get themselves in order and make the trip out that way.

The building in question is an empty warehouse where one black and white gal stands beside an all black sports bike with the lights left on. Already it's looking plenty shady but that's perfectly appropriate for someone like her.

"Ladies," she'll call out in greeting. "Thanks for showing. I figured we could use a little downtime with all that's been going on, so here's my contribution."

"I've been informed that my guy will be in the area tonight." Nevermind the dried blood still caking her knuckles. Information never comes free. "He's an arms dealer, never travels alone. We'll be breaking up one of his sales so expect him to have a lot of muscle spread out in addition to another party of entirely questionable motives."

"What I need from you two is to be my ghosts. Whittle down his numbers quick and quiet so you can back me when the time's right. We want the dealer alive. Anyone else can be dealt with via your preferred methods so long as they're subtle. Sound good?"

Moonstar she knows can be quick and stealthy. Sloane is a bit of a wildcard but she's had SHIELD training, right? She should be a master at this kind of op! All that Domino needs is for these two to play ball.

Maybe one of these days she'll learn how to do a proper mission briefing.

That message from Domino was almost missed by Moonstar. There have been some … other things on her mind, so much so that the buzz of her cellphone was almost missed.

Thankfully, the Agent of SHIELD eventually got around to checking her message and when she saw Domino's request for aid and the coordinates provided, the Cheyenne growled some choice words beneath her breath.

Then she suited up.

Now she waits at the specified spot her arms folded across her chest. She's dressed in her working clothes (black, black and black), and comes armed with ICER and a more mundane handgun.

When Domino arrives upon scene Moonstar turns her attention over to the other woman. She listens to Neena's plan and at the end of it, Dani asks flatly, "How many of his thugs do you expect to encounter?"

"And do we know the buyer and what they're bringing?"

For her part, Sloane L. Albright looks somewhat nervous.

A wildcard, maybe, some SHIELD training… well, yes, at least a little bit. But the second Domino refers to this as 'downtime,' her shoulders rise as she draws in an unusually deep breath and sighs, shrugging and attempting to defuse her own tension. "For sure. But I have to admit, this is like, only the fifth or sixth nicest place I've ever thought I'd be for getting mugged in a back alley and shot."

Things are tense; while she hasn't been entirely in the loop with Dani, she knows about Other Things happening in their backyard, leading to a small frown from the ginger. Admittedly, she's right — business first.

Her jacket is rugged dark blue denim, the sleeves loose enough to bend and breathe, wearing a mock turtleneck and jeans, her belt fitted with a literal holster for a pair of small canteens on her left hip. Though her jeans cover her ankles and bunch a bit at the tops of her feet, her boots look like rugged combat variety, the kind that have been well-used and not polished as to not create glare or shine.

"And, any metas in his crew we should be aware of?"

Is that an ICER? Because that really kinda looks like an ICER. Moonstar shows up all properly kitted out and all Domino can do is shift both hands onto her hips and give the Cheyenne a 'really?' look. How long ago did the mercenary task these two with getting her some of that lovely non-lethal SHIELD tech, now?

"Probably around six. Maybe eight," comes her reply on a thug estimate. As for the buyer, "Little Jacob. He's bringing guns, no doubt. shocking as this is going to sound..that's not what we're after. He's a half-rate weapons peddler. I'm less interested in his wares and more interested in what he knows from the streets. It's a five hundred twenty-seven thousand to one chance that he's supplying the tech that fragged Hermit, but I'll bet you a Benny that he's heard a little something about it. We're here to pick his brain."

And maybe also take some of his merchandise, because why the hell not.

Sloane looking nervous is..noted. Neena's starting to wonder if maybe the 'Spyfish' isn't -quite- as experienced as the albino had been led to believe. At first all she can offer by way of reassurance is a dark looking grin and "You're not gonna get mugged tonight."

Shot, -maybe.- But definitely not mugged.

Any metas on his crew? "Probably not. The old guard he used to run with had a habit of killing metas rather than employing them."

Any further thoughts are held back as a vehicle approaches from not too far away, the headlights lazily sweeping across the building and shining through a few of the grimy windows.

The motorcycle's light is neatly flicked off as she adds "Oh, and he miiight take all of this a bit personally, so do be on your guard. Two buildings down, his people are already dug in. Let's keep it tidy."

And off she starts walking. Without any weapons in hand nor any effort being made to hide herself. Bwuh..?

Moonstar sweeps a look over to Sloane and there's the briefest of nods in greeting from the Cheyenne, and then her gaze pivots away from Sloane. There isn't a lot of meeting eyes from Dani right now.

Then comes the numbers from Domino.


One supposes it could be worse, but it's still not the greatest of odds.

Thankfully it seems there won't be any metahumans to deal with. The scales, in Dani's mind, evens out just a touch more.

The approach of the car brings Moonstar's head up and her attention shifts again towards the sound and lights of the car. It's only as Domino offers her last bit of advice and then proceeds to move that Moonstar's expression tightens. The Cheyenne shoots a look at Sloane and then steps after Domino, "You are *not* just walking in the front door." This is not a question here on Moonstar's part, but some may perceive it as such.

Sloane's eyes linger for a moment more on Dani — she may not be willing to meet eyes, but it doesn't stop the young X-Agent from expressing concern inside her own gaze. Still — business.

No metas; eight men. Between the three of them, that should be fairly easy to manage, she surmises.

Walking astride Moonstar, Sloane's brow creases somewhere between question and worry, glancing between the two women. "Yeah, I mean on one hand they would never expect it, but on the other hand it's the front door and I'm only so much bullet resistant? Unless you have some kind of crazy plan, or —"

The idea of this being the crazy plan sinks in about half a second later.

At the word of warning (or is that a demand to cease and desist?) from Dani, Domino grins and calls over her shoulder "Well -I- am. I have backup." To this she hooks thumbs back over each shoulder to point at both Dani and Sloane. "Try not to leave me hanging, ladies. I'm gonna need you real soon."

Not that she's walking -too- quickly. There's an attempt being made to at least give the two 'ghosts' a chance to move in and have at the opposition. But..yeah, she's planning to walk right on into the middle of it all. It's no one's fault but her own if she gets shot.

Hopefully Sloane and Dani don't follow in her footsteps. That would just screw up everything she has so carefully planned out! (Yeah, right.) Though her bold and daring entry right through the main gates will also provide the other two X-Women a distraction. If those 'six or maybe eight' thugs are keeping their sights on the pale lady then they won't notice what's likely coming up behind them.

The target building is barely any better off than the one they had first met up inside. It's filthy but some of the old machinery is left behind. Some kind of cannery, from the looks of it. Giant rusting hulks make for good cover, both for 'Little Jacob's' men and for anyone else sneaking up on them.

Out in the open is a plain looking van and a pair of dark SUV's already arranged and waiting. The buyer turns out to be some ratty punk looking lady with two strong-arms of her own. They're real big on the piercings and tattoos. Total class acts.

As for Jacob, the man's about as dark as they come with dredlocks and a clear accent.

"Eeey, Amie, heard you was back in town."

"S'up, Jay," Amie calls out with an uptick of her head. "Y'got it?"

"Of course I got—" Jacob's expression goes from 'salesman smile' to 'WTF' as he looks past the punk gal to see the approaching visitor. "What be thees shit then? YOU do not LEARN, white woman!"

Jacob snaps a hand up into the air. Who knows how many of his thugs will be around to bring up their guns…

The expression on Dani's face when Domino so cheekily reponds -

Well, let's just say there's going to be a conversation after this whole thing goes down. Probably an angry one.

"Well." Dani says darkly, in a tone that could possibly be described as seething, "I guess that's *that*." She pulls her gaze off of Domino's retreating back and turns it over to Sloane, "Take anyone out in one strike. We don't need them popping up again because we didn't hit hard enough. Let's get in place before she gets shot."

And while Dani moves to find another way in, she does pause again to say, "Be careful."

Then the Cheyenne trots away, her expression stony as she moves quickly and quietly inside.

For herself she slides inside via a battered looking window, her footsteps quiet and soft. The rusted hulks of machinery are definitely used as cover as the black-haired woman ghosts closer to the meeting place. Her movements only ceases when she has a good view of Jacob, Amie, the cars and the would-be 'bodyguards'.

It's the thugs that she keeps her eyes upon and as soon as their hands move to those guns, well, Moonstar wastes no more time. Instead of ICER or handgun, or even hunting knife Dani just goes for the quickest kill she possibly can; psychic powers.

For all those thugs that fall in her line of sight she reaches for their deepest darkest fears, then she yanks on them hard. To pull all those scary thoughts to the forefront of their brains until all of that fear just shuts them down.

Domino's cavalier attitude leaves Sloane to stare somewhat awkwardly — she had been there in the Danger Room with the woman once, though she didn't get to see Neena fight. And her background suggests that she knows how to handle herself, but …

Sloane looks at Dani this time, left somewhat torn between worry for Moonstar and worry for the safety of their mission. Drawing in a breath, she nods, then moves in the opposite direction. She stays low, for the most part, shifting and scooting around the area to get in position.

She deals with some with her psychic abilities, and Sloane moves in with the physical. The Inhuman is a bit stronger than she appears; genetics and strength and sheer exercise tipping the scales in her favor as one thug suddenly finds his arm seized and twisted, his knee stomped in sideways. The other within arm's reach goes for a pistol, but she's on him in a heartbeat, keeping his gun hand pushed down against the weapon and driving her knee into his groin before a hard chop across the throat.

For good measure, a spin back the other way to toe-kick her first opponent in the face, to send him back down to the ground.

Two more come scurrying out from behind machinery. Sloane wastes no time, thrusting her arms out…

… and then with a blast of water out of nowhere with the approximate force of a firehose, there's a loud pair of metallic WHUD noises before they drop to the ground.

Sloane does, however, her level best to stay at least partially in the shadows while Domino advances— she may have near-full body coverage the way she's dressed, but nobody's going to forget seeing the face of a girl with pointed ears and covered in swaths of scale.

"Learnin' is for suckahs," she says, her voice suddenly a little deeper … and entrenched in what is quite possibly one of the thickest Boston accents in history.

Neena sheepishly smiles and waves at the arms dealer. "Well hey there, Little Jacob! Fancy bumping into you again."

To this remark Jacob looks properly triggered, drawing his own sidearm to level it at the mercenary. His gun is also -freaking polished gold.- "For de last time Stop Calling Me That Name!"

Neena..leans forward and starts -laughing.-

Amie frowns so hard it's a miracle her brow rings aren't popping out of her forehead and making a run for it. "I'm sorry..did she just call you 'Little Jacob?' Who is this bitch?"

"She is soon to be a dead woman!"

Domino comes back with "Aw, does this mean I'm no longer on the menu? That's gonna hurt my feelings."

Amie again, "Menu? What menu?"

Not-Jacob, "I will still cut you into pieces!"

"Guess the menu's still on," Dom deadpans with a sneer.

A flick of the garishly gold pistol has the arms dealer calling out "Get her already!"

Except..that none of his men are left to close in. The thugs that Dani reaches out to never see it coming, partly because they CAN'T. The psychic assault comes at them without any warning and just as little remorse, resulting in half of them outright collapsing with their weapons clattering to the floor. Done and gone in an instant.

Neena had No Idea Dani could do something like that…

Sloane proves that she is indeed really freaking capable and drops the first two in a flurry of attacks so quickly executed that they can barely cry out or sound any hint of alarm. That part is handled courtesy of the twin jets of water that erupt out of nowhere seconds later, scrubbing a good amount of grime off of the building's interior while taking the last two of the guards out of the picture.

Thank you, X-Ladies. Impeccable timing.

With the sound of water dripping off of walls and old machinery Dom holds her hands outward slightly, still empty. "Amie, is it? I need to borrow this piece of garbage for a minute."

Stepping closer 'Jay' levels his gun at her sternum and when she's just about ready to walk right into it…


The gun is out of his hand as soon as the misfire sounds. Twisted, pulled, rechambered, suddenly held at the albino's side as the dud round bounces and rolls across the floor. Dominance asserted.

"Hermit. He was taken out by some scary powerful shit. Who has it and where did they get it."

"If you theenk I am telling you anytheeng—"

The first proper gunshot explodes between the two, skipping a round between his feet.

"HERMIT. Scary powerful shit. Who—"

I do not know!" Jay blurts out. "I hear rumors about shadow speerits, they come to deal with people in the night! They say when your 'Dea Pea Ess' wants to wash hands of problem they soon disappear, swept away like -insect.-" The last word is emphasized as he positively glares at Neena. Apparently these two have some questionable history together.

Dani stays focused on taking out as many as she can with their terrible and terrifying fears and only when the majority has been wiped out, does Dani finally flick her gaze toward the other side of the room.

She checks in on Sloane first - which finds the Inhuman properly handling her thugs with fists, kicks and water and then her gaze finds its way to Domino as well.

In the shadows as Dani is no one can see her flinch at the sound of that trigger being depressed. Expecting a bullet to be fired, Dani steps out of the shadows her handgun now in hand and raised, but THANKFULLY Little Jacob's gun misfires. That's the only thing that stops Moonstar from firing upon the man.

It's the only thing that really saves him.

Now she just waits, a silent shadow ready to shoot someone should they step out of line.

The gun is pulled on Domino, and —

Just as she's about to step out from the shadows, the gun misfires, and Neena has the tables turned inside the blink of an eye, including the warning shot leaving the pock mark in the floor.

Trying to not telegraph too much from her position, Sloane shifts her posture, hands falling at rest on her hips. Her stance is even, ready — even if she shows some level of confidence and ability to relax, a trained eye would see she's ready to go at a moment's notice.

"Try again, kid. DPS ain't that fackin' stupid. They wouldn't just ace metas."

During all of this Amie is muttering an "Oooh-kaaay…" while quietly stepping back toward their car with a motion for her muscle to do the same. Whatever's going on around here? They want NO part of it.

Finally it seems like there are some answers to be had. Jacob's starting to give the other X-Women some proper acknowledgement after they swept his entire crew aside like it was no big deal. One good part about the arms dealer, he seems to know when he's completely freaking screwed.

"'Shadow spirts," Domino repeats. "You really expect me to believe that bull?"

The dealer hooks a brow and dips his head in Sloane's direction. "Beleeve whatever you may, woman. They will come for you."

"And who sends them? Brooklish has the right idea, the DPS aren't that stupid. And where are they getting their gear?"

Jacob falls silent as his face starts to break out in a broad grin. "Stupid mutants. Look no further than yourself for de answer."

"Mercenaries," is the drawn conclusion. "The DPS hands their problems off to paid actors and the problem disappears. Now you're going to do a little something for me, Jabari. You hear anything about this crew, what they're packing or where they're getting it from? You're going to reach out to me, and god help you if there's a fucking machete at the end of it. Remember what happens when someone pulls that kind of stunt."

Jabari just keeps sneering. "Keep doing what you doing, beetch. They find you. They find you all, you and your friends."

Well practiced motions soon have the golden pistol completely cleared of any ammunition. Then she turns it grip-first and holds it back to the arms dealer. "This is the second time I've let you keep this blinged out dumpster fire. There won't be a third. Come after us and the deal's off. Tell anyone we had this conversation and you'll never see us coming. And for fuck's sake get yourself some proper men."

Dani's covering Jabari with a sidearm. Sloane's a boss, she doesn't need a sidearm. So long as it seems unlikely that she'll get shot in the back it's time to get out of here.

Dani listens to everything Jabari and Domino speak upon and all of it is saved for later.

Later like when she's at SHIELD HQ and can try to inquire about some of the things brought up.

But later isn't now, right now the trio have to disenage and leave in relative safety and Moonstar is definitely going to ensure that happens. She angles herself so that when Domion and Sloane begin to move, so too does she, though Jabari is always in her sights and her gun stays locked upon the man's position. It's only when or if they make it outside safely that Moonstar states, "I would be interested to learn if DPS is using mutants in some capacity. If so there's definitely going to be a problem for some people."

Paid mercenaries …? That's more troubling as a concept; the idea that DPS is hiring out to do their dirty work. Cards played right, it could allow them to create plausable deniability. Her eyes flit to Dani to look for words, or thoughts, or even some eye contact to consider the possibility.

They'll find them. Shifting her hands into her jacket pockets, Sloane moves to leave following Domino, though she stays mostly in the shadows for as long as possible. Dani's also on her way out and covering their exit, but before she's out the door, her expression flattens and eyes close. Is it…? Do they — yes. She can feel it.

"And fix yer fackin' sprinklers," she cryptically adds before stepping out the door.

Once they're outside, however, the dragon-fish-spy huffs a hard breath and then flits her gaze between both. Her voice is back to what it normally is — to what Neena and Dani were introduced to, and have known her to sound like. "If they are, it's gonna make things complicated. You've got better ties to SHIELD than me these days, maybe you could leverage some intel…?"

Turning back around, Sloane extends her arm and snaps her fingers: A loud metallic *PANG* sounds from inside, and then the building's sprinkler system goes off in cascade.

"That'll keep 'em busy for a bit, too. Let's get outta here."

Back outside and back together as a trio there are still plenty of questions left without answers. Some of them closer to home than others.

"You are just full of surprises," Neena eyes Sloane both from the insta-shift of accent and the hydrokinesis which threatens to scrub every last bit of crud out of the old cannery. Arms dealers included.

Dani gets a hand roughly clasped to the back of her shoulder once. "Thanks for the assistance, ladies. We're good here."

Already she's formulating a new plan of attack given these slivers of intel. If Sloane or Dani had any issues with how tonight had been handled then they will definitely take issue with where her mind's at now.

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