Bring Backup
Roleplaying Log: Bring Backup
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Tony comes to visit Warren, but knowing Warren as he does he is savvy enough to bring some reinforcements.

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IC Date: September 18, 2019
IC Location: New York Presbyterian Hospital
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Warren wasn't really allowed visitors, the first few days he was in the hospital. Those first few days he mostly spent unconscious, under the knife, or being poked and prodded by doctors trying to figure out how to treat him around his own healing abilities… and then scrambling to try to figure out how to make up the difference once his self-healing abilities suddenly failed to work as well as they expected.

It's not until now, a little over half a week after the mission, that visitors have been allowed to start trickling in. The results have been… pretty mixed. Warren, perhaps very understandably, was extremely prone to mood swings between numb, bleak silence and an over-optimistic mania based on pure denial of reality, and which kind of Warren people got was down to a roulette spin of his temperament at the time.

Often, his temperament would even change mid-visit. Domino can certainly attest.

It's a regressive sort of state he's in. Warren's better nature — trained and cultivated in his later years as it was — has a hard time finding a foothold right now, and at the moment it's much easier to just default to what's easy: being a spoiled rich boy who has never had to put up with 'not getting exactly what he wants' in his entire life. It's hard to blame him, though, when one looks at his wings… or whatever is left of them.

They're spread out to either side of him, held in traction… a position which incidentally forces him to spend all his time sitting up in the hospital bed. They're heavily bandaged from another recent surgery, but even around the bandages it's easy to see that they're a wrecked, tattered shadow of the twenty-foot span they should be… and the faint smell of rot emanates from them despite the bindings and the antiseptics.

* * *

Tony Stark is on occasion a smart man. He has also known Warren Worthington for some time. When you combine these two things there is only one thing to do. One smart, intelligent answer to things.

Bring Backup.

…and also it might do him some good to see and/or traumatize Bart.

Raven is of course here because with the three of them around they /do/ need at least one adult that can say 'no guys it isn't a good idea to attach rockets to the hospital bed so he can get some fresh air.'

(Even though it is a fantastic idea)

So after realizing that he might have a feel or two Tony Stark /did/ bring backup. Which is why there are /three/ figures and not just one when a rap on the doorframe of the patients room comes. Well. Three and a quarter as Ace VETERAN COMBAT DRONE floats behind Tony. Battered and scarred armored carapace bobbing there while it still wears a battered dunce hat like a thing of pride.

"Hey, buddy." Comes that familiar voice as Stark slides into the frame of the door. He's got some flowers. (they may be from a different room) and a stuffed bear with a very crudely made X-man patch velcroed on it. Because THIS IS AWKWARD OK.

Freeking feels.

* * *

What else is family for but for trauma? …okay no, wait, that's probably not right. Or maybe it is in its own way kind of fitting?

The invitation to visit Warren is not a new one to Bart. To visit the other in a hospital however? That's definitely out of the ordinary and more than a little concerning. There haven't been many people that he's had to visit in hospitals in his short life, but the experiences have never been pleasant. There's always that reminder there, that even those he thinks strongest are very much mortal, fragile in ways he would have never known until he sees them laid out on a hospital bed, in worse cases, practically dead to the world.

He's been assured that at least Warren is conscious, which eases something from the young speedster but only makes him more anxious to see his other mentor of sorts. While he bears no gift baskets filled with dollar store trinkets this time, he does carry with him a medium-sized paper bag.

Bart peers into the doorway after Tony knocks and enters, hesitant for all of two seconds before he follows along. Hospitals aren't nice. They're too plain, too quiet, they smell weird and don't seem like a place for people to be. Especially people he cares about.

He tips to the side just enough to look around Tony and towards the bedridden figure. Perhaps he'd been warned ahead of time. Perhaps not. It still doesn't change things that one experiences, takes in for themselves. Amber eyes widen, looking for a moment, uncharacteristically stricken. He reminds himself to breathe, inhaling whatever medicinal scents tint the hospital room's atmosphere.


Somehow- but then this is Bart so maybe it's not much of a somehow so much as a given- he does manage to find the ability to offer a smile, faint and a far cry from the usual brilliance he blinds people (Raven) with, but no less sincere.

* * *

For the record, Raven did have to veto the idea before it got too carried away during the initial brainstorming session. (Not exactly being the Wet Blanket of the trio, but she was pretty darn close to it.)

In the background of this particular visit, she can sense the feelings of both Tony Stark and Bart Allen falling somewhere under the overlay of casual jokes and bright spots. While the latter isn't as good at covering his tracks in the emotions department, the devil-may-care attitude the former usually puts up front wavers, brave yet torn between trying to maintain the Stark facade and showing vulnerability within his present company.

That much she understands. It is hard to figure out what to say and do in this kind of situation without making it any more awkward.

But she sticks to her role, bearing the load of responsibility and emotional support the second they pass the threshold. The room is nearly empty, spic and span with its lone occupant seated in the bed — a face she recognizes, but hasn't had much of a chance to speak to as often as the other two have. But the overall atmosphere of the room itself feels off to her.

Nothing is said about the remnants of Warren's wings. Instead, she stays silent, holding onto another gift she cradles in her black-clad arms.

* * *

Backup was, in fact, a very wise choice on Tony's part. Knowing Warren as long as he has, is it a surprise that he knows how to handle Warren by now? Even Warren at his worst (and Tony has certainly seen him at his drunken worst) would have a hard time being an asshole at Bart, much less at both Bart and Raven. Though, there's always a first time for everything…

Still, things seem safe enough — for now. Warren appears quiet when the trio arrives, his gaze fixed out the window at the open sky beyond. He doesn't react at first to the fact he's no longer alone, but when Tony speaks up and he recognizes Stark's voice, he looks around. He looks exhausted, paler than usual and with a gloss of illness to his pallor rather than porcelain beauty, but he makes at least some effort to smile.

It's not very convincing.

"Who'd you steal the flowers from, Tony?" is his first question, his voice rasping with disuse, but still wry. His gaze turns to Bart and Raven. "Or did you have these two get them for you?"

Some people might be taken aback at the exchange, but between Tony and Warren it's usually a good sign if they're taking the piss out of one another.

* * *

"What me? Steal them? What kind of horrible person would do something like that?" Stark returns as he strolls into the room, looking for a place to put said flowers. "And if you find a card in them saying that they are too someone named Melnitz it totally was the florist's mistake."

Yeah at least Stark's banter button isn't broken.

There is a glance towards Bart and Raven though and a touch of a smirk before he looks back towards the bed. "I mean these two can go get flowers faster than I can so if I really want them too I'll just see if the'll sneak in after hours and leave some more." A pause. "Since someone nixed the idea of the bed rockets."

Totally not looking at Raven.

* * *

"Bed rockets would have still been kinda awesome, you gotta admit," Bart volunteers, the tension effectively broken by Tony's rejoinder more so than Warren's. He at the very least manages not to wince at the sound of the other man's voice, such a far cry from what he's used to.

Sidling around Tony as they step further into the room, Bart looks around, perhaps considering what sorts of necessary decorations must be applied to make the place less…hospitaly. He smiles a little easier, holding up the bag.

"These aren't rockets. I brought bagels. Everything bagels and one of everything from that one place-" He somehow catches himself before he rambles on, smile turning sheepish as he holds the bag up in offering again.

* * *

Hern the flipside, Raven takes that jab with ease. And much like Tony, she doesn't even lean forward to look at him. "I know you can pay for property damage, Mister Stark, but let's be realistic — I don't think the staff would have appreciated such genius behind the proposed contribution."

Yes. She too can deliver a deadpan response in the midst of a serious scenario.

At least Bart's brightness flickers, trying to make the best of the situation. As he steps forward, she also follows, approaching carefully prior to holding out her own gift. "The choices were limited," she says softly. "I didn't know what else to get."

If Warren chooses to open her gift, a small plush bird will look up at him from an interior nest of brightly colored tissue paper.

* * *

Warren tilts his head, birdlike, as Tony demurs about stealing the flowers: any mismatch in names is totally the florist's mistake. Whatever else has happened to Warren, nothing hurt his eyes, and he can clearly see the card and what's written on it even from a distance.

"There's a pretty long love letter in there, Tony," he says. He's exhausted, he's wounded, and his threadbare voice and wan demeanor are a pale weak shadow of his usual larger-than-life, magnanimous vibrancy… but something about Tony manages to turn his snark button back on at least a little bit. "I didn't know you cared so much. Though really, one set is enough. I know I flooded your room with flowers last time, but someone has to be the bigger man and break the cycle of cruelty."

A pause. "Though that leads me to my next question — how the hell did you suffer it out when it was you laid up? I'm about to go insane."

His brows lift a little at talk of bed rockets. It seems his energy only goes so far, because while before his injury Warren would have gone along with the joke, right now he doesn't look in the mood. His forced cheer flags a little — maybe thinking of happier times involving other rocket schemes — and he retreats into silence.

Not a silence he's allowed to stay in long, however. Bart and Raven approach with their own gifts, and slowly Warren takes them. There's a glance to Raven before he opens hers — some habits of courtesy are too ingrained to easily forget even now — and the contents quiet him. He regards the bird, pensive and unspeaking.

"Thank you both," he says, his voice a little strained. It's hard to tell whether it's because he's touched in a positive way, or a negative way. Either way, he's trying to hide whatever sentiments he's feeling. "Though I'll probably have to get authorization to touch the bagels. They're ruthless here. The three of you had better take a few yourselves."

* * *

"Nanite induced coma caused by overeager technomagical energy motes, I don't really recommend it. Took a couple telepaths to wake me up. One of them did nothing but tell me how stupid I was." A smirk. "Emma never does take surprises well." A longer pause. "You know she threw me out and told me she's sic her laser systems on me if I tried to visit again?"

A shrug at that.

As if he's not that worried about it.

He doesn't intrupt the gift giving, and there /might/ be a bit of a smile at the pair of Raven and Bart as they step forwards with their offerings to the wounded one.

A pause.

"But I'm pretty sure there was lots of me being annoyed having to be stuck in bed for that long and lots of arguments with doctors involved." So many. In fact they were glad to get him thrown out of the hospital by the end of things. He is the worst patient.

A beatpause.

"And for the love letter, I mean every word of it."

Cause he can't help himself.

A glance at Raven though and he smirks. "…and yes, you're right. They have no vision. I wouldn't want to be thrown out of /every/ hospital in the country." He adds as he looks around for a place to put the teddy bear.

* * *

Bart's sunshine levels start to perk back towards normal when Raven presents her own gift because it's adorable! Whether that applies to the plush itself or Raven giving said plush will be forever a mystery. Or not. It's totally both.

"Oh I remember that! You could hardly walk in the room for all the stuff that was in there," he laughs, thinking of the forest of flowers in Tony's hospital room. And the shrine. Yeah. Maybe that's why Warren's room pales in comparison. He has no giant bug people setting up altars in here for him.

As Tony explains how he managed not to go insane from being stuck in bed for so long, the speedster can only nod along. That's the only way he could be kept in bed to properly get rested up to heal completely himself, but at least it didn't take him nearly so long to recuperate.

Smiling again at Warren, he tilts his head before giving a small pout at the thought that permission might be needed to even eat any kind of food that wasn't provided by the hospital. Eyew. Fishing out a garishly colorful bagel that probably shouldn't by any right even be classified as one, he holds it out to Tony and Raven to see if either are takers.

"Well, if you want anything else and the wardens are fine with it, just let me know what you want picked up! I might even let Tony cover the bill."

* * *

The Empath grants Stark a hint of a smile in regards to the reply. It then fades back into a neutral line as he, Warren, and Bart reminisce about Tony's own hospital experience. She also remembers how crowded it was in there, flowers and gift baskets and the like, cluttering up space — that setting in memory in stark contrast with the room Warren settles in now.

She manages not to say anything in regards to Bart's hospitalization. To be fair, she helped the healing process go faster whenever she had the time to sit in with him and Nico during their recovery.

This, along with Warren's indeterminate state of being, sits with Raven, a thread where the others remain unaware of its presence. While she mulls over a straightforward ask of healing whatever else may be bothering Mister Worthington, the line about bagels catches her attention. As she glances back up, she sees the young speedster is holding out the bag toward her.

After a moment of hesitation, she picks out a plain bagel, her nose wrinkling as Bart speaks.

It's weird. Sometimes he's starting to sound just like them.

* * *

"Magic got me into this in the first place," is Warren's tired reply to Tony. "You don't have to tell me twice about it not being recommended." And… in fact, though it's probably only perceptible to Raven, there is a faint stink of magic that hangs about his tattered wings. It's extremely faint, like a fading musk… perhaps left by the fangs of the Demon Bear.

Warren either isn't aware, or is aware and doesn't care. He talks on. "Anyway, Frost says a lot of things," he handwaves, with a complete air of dismissal for whatever those things might be, or the importance of listening to them.

His expression shadows as Tony remarks on the arguments with doctors. "There've been a few of those," Warren says, "but they all learned extremely quickly never to suggest removing the wings 'for my health' again."

There's a brief moment, after Tony's joke about the love letter, where the normal Warren would have joked about whether Tony really meant every word of the letter. The ringing silence that happens instead is a startling void.

The room is, in fact, rather sparse, as Bart looks around at it. It looks like the three of them might actually be the first to bring any sort of get-well gifts, actually. It's something that strikes a bit of a sour note — why so much secrecy? Of course, the mission that got Warren injured in the first place was already a highly secretive X-Men mission, so that's one reason there's been no public awareness of Worthington's critical injuries, but… the fact that it's been nearly a week without any sort of announcement or press release is telling.

Warren doesn't look up to talking about it — his gaze keeps straying as the others talk, returning to the window and the sky — but it's not hard to guess that he's actively preventing word from getting out. Whether to protect the company, or whether because Warren is firmly in denial that anything is wrong enough to warrant a big public announcement, is up for debate.

His attention only returns to them when Bart makes that offer with such an earnest smile. It's impossible to be cruel to that smile, which is probably why Warren looks away again guiltily and says, "Well — it was good of you all to come by, but I think they're going to come sweeping out all the visitors pretty soon. Cameron said he's kicking them into trying a third round of surgery." He doesn't have the heart to hurt any of their feelings, but he's fairly sure he eventually will if they stay too long. He already did with everyone else who came by.

He does manage half a smile. "Tony's teaching you well though, Bart. You're sounding more like an exec every day. I told you you'd be a good father, Stark." From his tone, it's definitely a teasing jab.

* * *

"He's learned at least half of from his uncle," Stark drawls in responce. "Thats you. Just in case you were you know, wondering. But on that note fine, fine, we'll go and leave you to the not so tender mercies of Cameron." He's finally found a place to put the bear down, facing the bed for now. The inespertly made velcro patch looking vagely like a X-man symbol on its chest.

For someone who can weave metal like it was made of taffy, he sure can't do a damn thing with fabric.

But regardless, Stark steps towards the door. "So we'll see ya around, Uncle Warren. Don't worry, I'll be back to bother ya again." There is a glance at the wings, then a glance towards the little drone that has been sitting quietly in the corner the whole time.

Innocently. Doing /absolutely nothing/. Nothing. Nope. Defiantly not scanning the skeletal system of Warren's wings in order for Stark to try to design some madcap flight system from later.

Defintally not.

"We'll see ya around buddy." He adds, even as he, not even thinking about it, totally takes one of the bagels to start gnawing on it. Because he /always/ is hungry.

At least Bart knows they won't go to waste?

A pause. "Urgh, 'let' me cover the bill." A glance between Raven and Bart. "Cut me to the quick that does."

* * *

Well, if no one wants to ingest copious amounts of artificial food coloring… By the time Raven and Tony make their bagel selections, Bart's holding about a mouthful's worth between his fingers, marveling at the colorful swirls of the cross section. He pops it in his mouth so he can free up his hands, glancing around *whoosh* before pulling out a marker that he must have borrowed from the nearest nursing station to write on the bagel bag: Eat if you must but please don't throw away or Mister Bagel Man will be Very Sad :(

Bart's attention drifts back to Warren as he and Tony continue to speak, not that the speedster's attention has had much to be drawn to in this room, but it's painful to look at those wings, and there are times when he might wish that he didn't remember things so clearly. So he looks at Warren instead, the glances towards he window not going amiss, but perhaps only now really registering to the speedster.

He knows the feeling. Warren needed to fly like he needed to run. The realization brings with it a pang in his chest, an unfortunately familiar feeling. Something… He wants to do something. He can't fix broken wings, but maybe he can bring Warren a bit of sky.

Bart sets it down beside the X-Bear, smiling again at Warren, smirking when Tony shoots back his response. "I learned from the best." Looking over at Raven in quiet thanks for her tagging along, he then turns back to Warren again as Tony calls it for their visitation.

"I meant it about the food. Either way, I'll be back too," he promises. Even if Warren might not see him, he'll know. Because in the morning he'll wake up to a room full of sky. A paper sky of clouds and blue.

* * *

The stench of magic mingles with the chemically clean smell of the hospital room, sometimes subtle, other times distinct and just there all throughout the visit. Raven sees it, feels it, senses its familiarity, its residue from the irreparable wounds left behind.

If Warren is aware of it, his 'could care less' demeanor is very convincing. Raven isn't sure if he really is playing it off that way, but she decides not to delve into it.

It's rude to stare, she reminds herself, her nose wrinkling one last time as she casts her gaze elsewhere. The breeze that stirs and settles doesn't surprise her in the least; the ends of her hair flutter about her face as she now watches Bart set up Mister Bagel Man as sentry. She then nods, shortly shaking her head at him thereafter.

Honestly, she hopes Bart never changes.

"I can try to visit again, too," she adds, barely above a whisper, "if that's all right." She may not relate to the needs of flight or running, but she can still help Warren heal. But she knows her boundaries. Refusal and/or other plans can always come up, and she will step back.

Raven does, however, smirk lightly at Tony's closing quip. "It just proves you have a heart in there somewhere, Mister Stark."

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