Bootleg ICERs Delivered
Roleplaying Log: Bootleg ICERs Delivered
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Owen Mercer delivers on his promise to make Domino some non-lethal weaponry.

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IC Date: September 19, 2019
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In a rather nice New York City apartment Danielle Moonstar's cellphone buzzes to life with a message. A text message.

The owner of that phone doesn't repond at first. Instead she just continues to lay sprawled on the couch, her eyes shut. She's not necessarily asleep, but she's not entirely awake either. She's at that in-between stage that comes from drinking far too close to her limit, but not quite getting to the point of no return yet.

Still, when her phone buzzes that secondary alert that she still has an unread text message, the Cheyenne finally moves. A hand slaps out for her phone and misses, it takes at least two more times before it connects and when her eyes finally focus upon the words the woman can't help the burble of almost-hysterical laughter that bubbles in her chest.

"Of course they're completed. *Of course* they are."

It takes a minute for her to pull together a real response, but when she does a text message is sent to Domino -

** The new gear is ready. You're driving. Come pick me up. **


For the majority of the car ride Moonstar didn't talk. There was very little engagement from her, probably because she sure as shit was sobering up. It's only now as the two approach Owen's secretly funded lab (funded by Warren) that Dani strings more than two words together. "Next time you have the bright idea to play target don't. That's not how a team *works*."

And then to make sure her statement has all the weight in the world behind it, Dani proceeds to reach for the handle of the door. She intended to open the door and stomp away in all her righteous glory, but her coordination isn't necessarily all there yet and so, all Dani does is jiggle the handle for a handful of embarrassing seconds. It's enough to cause her to drop several choice swear words before the door finally pops open.

Dignity thy name is not Dani, but the Cheyenne slides out of the car with her chin high. Cause that's all she has right now.

Neena might be feeling a tinge sentimental tonight. Months ago Warren had given her a car. A really -really- freaking nice bright red Ferrari convertible. His picture on her phone is of him laying out across the hood in all of his winged glory. She hadn't driven it much because of her knack for being particularly hard on vehicles. Now that Warren's in the hospital with rotting wings..she decided to dust off his gift.

And of COURSE Dani would stumble into the passenger seat looking perfectly trashed. "Dani I swear to god if you throw up in here you'll be getting a personal introduction."

The silence isn't unwelcomed. It is a REALLY nice car and the mercenary is enjoying blipping through the revs while darting down the darkened streets. It isn't until they're rolling to a stop that Dani makes an attack of opportunity..and completely fails the tactical retreat.

Domino turns in her seat, one hand draped across the wheel as she just watches the Cheyenne fumble with the door. No words are necessary, though by the time Moonstar stumbles out of the car Neena mutters "Jeezus, Dani."

Then Whitey's also out of the car, pushing the door closed while calling back "And the plan worked perfectly. You realize that's how I work, right? Woulda done the same thing without you two being ready to stir some beef."

This is gonna be an interesting night, isn't it.

The secret lab is just a warehouse really in one of the industrial sections of town. The lights of the warehouse are mostly off, except in the back corner that has a walled off 'office' area that's been converted into a lab of sorts. But this conversion being done by Owen it mostly consists of a fridge full of beer, a kegerator, a few work tables absolutely covered in various bits of technology and a wall full of posters of Trish Walker (some Trish Talk, mostly from her aborted pop career).

The man of the hour is currently bent over a table with a cigarette dangling ash over the piece he's working on. He has a large old school magnifying glass helping him to see whatever wiring it is that he's currently working on. There are no buzzing drones or automated holograms for exploding diagrams or modeling things. Instead there's a cardboard cutout of Trish, which is not at all helpful to the work except in the moral support way.

Owen is dressed for serious work in a pair of torn jeans and a grubby tank top with a bathrobe overtop. He looks more than a little crazy, but really probably nothing too shocking to anyone who knows him.

The visitors are greeted with little red dots on their foreheads, tracking them in a menacing way and causing CardboardTrish to say, "You got company tiger." Yes, she's his security system. A very, very low budget one. Owen looks up from his work and presses a button which launches the deterrent system. Foam boomerangs launch at Dani and Domino. No Owen doesn't bother to check who's here, and it's not like this is the actually deadly anti-company measures.

"Worked perfectly?" Dani says, her voice rising an octave, "Really? That's how that works? IS that so? Because *everything* always fucking works out correctly in the end?"

Now her words drop to a hiss, "And no one *ever* gets hurt, right?"

This is definitely a red alert moment, the kind that rarely happens with Dani, but this is not normal Dani. This is not the regally composed, hair in perfect order, clothes never messy or wrinkled Dani. This is we're going down Dani. We are going down into hell.

But, thank GOD for Owen Mercer. He for sure saves Domino from Moonstar's ire.

It comes in the form of those foam boomerangs, and while a flash of movement catches the Agent of SHIELD's attention, her reflexes are just too slow right now. She has enough time to turn in the general direction of those boomerangs, but not enough time to dodge. As such, one of the boomerangs solidly hits Dani with a hollow-ish sounding *KERPLUNK*.

Dani stands there dumb-founded for a second, then her expression shifts. "That's it. I'm killing him."

The Cheyenne stomps right on over to whatever door is nearest and pounds a fist upon it, "MERCER OPEN UP."

'And no one ever gets hurt, right?'

Domino's arms sweep out to the sides for a moment. "There are no free lunches, Dani! We can't all live in a happy protected bubble and never have to deal with any bullshit ever again. Take a giant step back from martyrdom here and remember that we're -all still alive- and the -demon bear is dead.- Sometimes that's all you can hope for! -Cripes- you're an ornery drunk."

This is not the first time Domino's been marked by a laser sight. "Shhhit!"

This -is- the first time she's had a foam boomerang fired upon her. It moves slow enough that she can deflect it with a frantic motion of her hands, more from impulse than 'I totally saw that coming.' What's left is a confused stare being leveled down at the soft edged toy. "Am I -actually seeing- what I think I am seeing…"

It's a sense of humor, right? This 'Owen' guy's big on the jokes?

'That's it. I'm killing him.'

"So it's your turn to play target?" the albino inquires while hooking a thumb toward the door, deliberately tossing Dani's own words right back at her.

With the resulting hammering upon the door and the yelling from Dani Neena takes a step back and watches with eyes sliiightly wider than usual. "Well damn girl, look at you." There's a silver lining in everything! Moonstar may be impulsive and running without the language filter but Dom's really kinda diggin' some of it now.

One of the foam boomerangs is picked up off of the ground and held up toward what she believes to be a camera. "Let us in or the NERF gets it!"

There is a loud buzzing sound but the door doesn't budge. Instead a section of wall folds in to admit the two women. They enter at the dark end of the warehouse and have quite a walk down to the lit end where Owen works. He waits until they are closeby to stand and throw out his arms in greeting, as if expecting a hug not that he moves in for it. He does have some survival instincts.

He holds up a finger before asking, "Can I get anyone a drink? Beer? Whiskey? Frozen Margarita?" Yes. His lab has a margarita machine. That Warren paid for. It may have been build under the freezing technology he needed.

He pours himself another glass of whiskey before saying, "So! A couple boring icers." He points to the guns on the table. "Yay?" Before his face gets a little more mischevious and he adds, "But wait, there's more!" It's around this point that he notices that Dani is not her normal stick straight, everything in it's place self. He pauses to look at her and then back to Domino, his mouth opens as if to ask something before turning back to Dani, "Are you hammered right now Moonstar?!" He sounds far, far too excited about that prospect as you might expect.

Martyr? Martyr!?

There are so many things that can and should be said to that, but thankfully Owen's impending doom has her quite preoccupied.

When the wall folds inward to allow the two to enter, Moonstar can't stop from muttering all the way through the warehouse, but by the time they find Owen the majority of her ire has cooled.

At least, enough so that when Moonstar lays eyes upon Owen there's only the typical level of irritation found there.

One supposes Moonstar could ignore her responsibility of introducing the two, but some of that anger of hers has burned through the alcoholic haze that surrounded her brain. Enough so that Moonstar pivots slightly on heel and motions to Domino, "Domino. Owen." Then back to Owen, "Owen. Domino. "

There her duty is done and his question about drinks is initially ignored. In fact, when he brings out the couple boring 'icers' there's barely even a rise from the woman. She just folds her arms across her chest and tries her best to look attentive. She tries real hard, but it's pretty clear her attention is only half here. Up until Owen asks that last question of his, that brings Moonstar's gaze back to the man, "What?"

"No. No, I'm not."

Yes. Yes, she is.

Then realizing her doom is already upon her. "Beer. Give me a beer."

Wait, the wall pretending to be an expensive accordion rather than the door opening..? Y'know. Like doors are known to do? Doors are really good at opening. Domino once again looks utterly flummoxed by this before shrugging slightly and proceeding inside. Whaaaatever.

What's awaiting them at the far end of the hallway is a sight and smell that would wake up just about anyone, and it does seem to have that effect on Moonstar in short order. Is that a buzzed chain-smoker in a bathrobe? Because it sure looks like one! Dom's hung around enough places full of smoke but she still coughs just a little.

Right up until drinks are offered.

Is it sanitary? Does it matter? Strong enough booze'll kill anything left behind.

"Plus one on that whiskey call my man," she calls out with an upward held hand.

Heh. 'Boring ICERs.' Neena rolls her eyes slightly. "I knooow, but there's been a lot of pressure on me to start 'playing nice' and to 'stop blowing everyones' heads off,'" she drawls.

Is Dani hammered? Yeah. Yeah she is. Part of Neena sorely wants to jump in and harass the ever-loving HELL out of the poor Cheyenne for it, too. Buuut, considering what she's had to go through lately..the albino relents. Dani can put out her own fires.

While that's gearing up to happen (by way of Dani asking for a beer) the pale lady steps closer and reaches for one of the pistols on the table, automatically checking to see if it's cleared then making a point to clear it if it isn't. A few spins around the finger, a few racks of the slide and pulls of the trigger, pretty typical gunbunny stuff. Know your gear. And if it happens to be particularly shoddy gear then it'll get left on the table when she leaves but THAT won't be the case, will it…

Because doors being doors is boring and Owen has NO idea what to do with actually having resources like Warren's money at his disposal. Behind the actual door is some sort of chamber, it's hard to tell from the outside but apparently the door is not the right way to enter.

Owen grabs a beer for Dani and gives her a look that clearly states he doesn't believe her though he nods and intones, "Ohhkay." to her response about not being drunk. Neena gets a glass of whiskey poured from a pile of assorted glasses. It might be clean. She's probably lucky enough to get a clean one.

The gear is surprisingly good, and well balanced. The major modification to the icer design is that it accepts a wider cartridge. Owen explains, "So yes, it can fire the standard knock out ammo. Boo." He looks at Domino and pulls a face to show his distaste. "BUT. It can also fire this neurolytical paralyzing agent based on the venom of some rat.." Okay he almost knew what he was talking about for a second, but not really. "I'm like eighty percent sure the results are non-deadly and reversible. I only tried on myself once and I'm good." He adds softly to the side, "mostly."

"So wait, why is Dani drinking heavily without me? Does this mean we can hit up a strip club?" Owen is trying and failing to hide his excitement. They've talked about Dani's inability to cut loose before and Owen, oblivious to any emotional pain at the root of it, is far too excited at the prospect. He gives a tiny gasp, "We should go to Atlantic City!" Because Owen doesn't do downward spirals by half.

Thank god, beer.

Dani drinks half of it in a few quick gulps and by the time she's done, Domino and Owen are focused back upon the weaponry.

This gives Moonstar the opportunity to fade into the background again.

She doesn't even seem to hear when Owen talks about the paralyzation toxin he's whipped up for the gun either. Which is bad (for her), but good (for him), since she had such a beef with it when he first brought it up.

Instead, Dani just steadily drinks the rest of that beer. Up until she hears her name again, that brings her attention back over to Owen and Domino.

"What?" She asks, a frown beginning to form, "No. No we are not going to Atlantic City."

So, she's definitely sober enough to realize what a terrible (good!) idea that is.



"We are not doing that."

Clearly she needs more alcohol.

It's a glass, it's full of whiskey, and there isn't anything either dead or alive floating upon the surface. Domino helps herself. She's expecting it to be the cheap stuff, though considering Owen's budget and complete inability to govern such finances she might get doubly lucky and have a real gem in her hand.

Other than the gem that is the icer which had been totally ripped off from SHIELD tech -and then upgraded.- Talk about all of this fun stuff, firing a bigger bullet and having alternative munitions on hand, it has her eyes positively gleaming. "You pulled it off? Owen, you slick sonuvabitch."

BETTER than SHIELD tech. Did Owen actually manage to beat the Division at their own game?

Also, did he actually -shoot himself- to test out the dose?

Neena's in her happy place. Drinks and shiny new toys. Dani's on her own, not that Dom would have tried to interfere where the Cheyenne's personal life is concerned. This may as well be karma in action!

With Owen's growing anticipation of taking the lady out to a strip club there's a black-lined smirk coming in response amidst the various metallic clicks and clacks. Dom goes so far as to start field-stripping one of the pistols right there at the table.

Considering what Owen has to work with and his own personal condition, "This is pretty damn impressive." Work of this quality she would have expected to come out of a much nicer ..erm.. 'facility' from someone who was a lot better groomed. Owen's somehow beaten the odds. Enough cash and the ability to fabricate his own margaritas on-site and miracles really do happen.

"Don't forget to live a little when you're not too busy brooding," she tells Dani.

"So the fire bullets were a mistake. I'll admit it." Owen looks over his shoulder at a totally crispy mannequin. "I thought it'd be fun to have them burst into flames and scare the shit out of people. Turns out I couldn't get any reliable extinquishing mechanism and it would most melt people's faces off. Which, is apparently not okay." Owen shrugs as if this is some sort of strange requirement he doesn't grasp. Then again it's similar tech to the flaming boomerangs he throws around.

He adds, "BUT. The actual Icey Icers? Those are gold." He picks up an ICER and selects a cartridge from the table at seeming random and clicks it in. He fires at the mannequin, the same burnt crispy one and in nearly an instant after impact thanks to some 'borrowed' tech, the whole thing is engulfed in ice. "I mean technically headshots would still be lethal but you might be able to break it in time.. maybe." Again, not the point as far as Owen is concerned.

Pointing to Domino he says to Dani, "See?! Someone appreciates my genius, just imagine if I got my sonic version working that made people just absolutely shit themselves. It would have been glorious and really disgusting." He adds softly to Domino, "That was a mistake to test that one." Nuero toxin? Yes. Bowel inducer? No. Okay. Good talk.

"You're right" Owen nods solemnly as he hands Dani another beer that she's not quite ready for. "We should just hit a bar." In a whisper to Domino he adds, "first"

Owen's seemingly unending chatter is almost comforting to Dani on some level.

Which is scary.

But there's a familiarity to all those words of his. Even the more disturbing ones.

The fact that he gives her another beer is also quite familiar. A known and expected thing. It's what causes her to absent-mindedly take that proffered beer, even if she's not quite ready for the second one.

Only, before she can roll into a more happy or mellow drunk, those last words of Domino's are heard.

Live a little.

When you're not busy brooding.

That brings a slow head turn over to Domino and Danielle Moonstar just stares at the other woman for a silent moment.

There aren't any shouted words, or hissed words, or even overtly dramatic words now. No, all Dani says in the most soberest of voices is, "Yes, just like Warren is right now, right."

She flicks a look over at Owen, then back to Domino, "Finish up here." And with her two bottles of beer in hand she turns away from the pair, "I'll find my own way home."

And she starts to walk away, that second bottle of beer lifted to her lips for a very long drink.

Flaming bullets? Incendiary payloads?? "Hey, let's not be too hasty in ruling out that option," Domino cautions while looking at a very nicely scorched target. Not that she has any grand ideas of setting -people- on fire, that's ..a little excessive. Usually. Sometimes. But in her line of chaos she doesn't only shoot at soft targets. Just think of how easily she could ignite the fuel tanks on cars, for instance! Much to the rest of the team's chagrin, the more turmoil at play the better she operates.

Then Owen takes a shot at another mannequin and it actually..turns into ice. Like. Completely. Neena sloooowly turns to stare at Owen with wide, dead-set eyes. "You DO realize that 'ICER' is an acronym…"


Although this does give Dom an idea. She selects one of the ice-shots from where Owen had gotten his from and loads it up with a *Chak!* Her target isn't a mannequin. It's a box of beer cans. With another *Bang!* the entire box is surrounded in ice and she's got a wicked grin about her. "That'll come in handy next Summer."

As Owen talks about the sonic rounds and the testing results she airily replies "Tooo much information" while taking a closer look at one of the other rounds. Those paralytic ones he keeps talking about. At least she's -pretty sure- that's what it is. Either way it's next to be fed into the magazine while she's hooking eyebrows upward as Owen adds the one word of whisper her way.

This is fun. Cutting loose, rampant teasing and bullshittery, guns and booze. It's almost like being back out in the field. Though poor Moonie's looking about ready to blow a gasket. Too much fun for her while she's all dark and moody, perhaps.

Alright, definitely not registering as 'fun' on the Moonscale. First the seething response, then Dani's turning to leave. Is it wrong that for one flicker of an instant Domino gets the absolutely absured idea of hitting the Cheyenne with the paralytic round..?

It never happens. The gun stays in her hand..but it never happens. A muttered curse comes out before she moves away from the table on an intercept course with Danielle. Coming to stand in front of her. Hands ready to brace against shoulders. Still with an ICER in hand.

"Hey. Hey. Look. I'm doing what I can with a limited skill set. Not trying to make matters worse. I'll back off."

(Please don't make me apologize.)

Owen glances at Moonstar and nods his head towards a drawer by Neena's hip when she says not to be hasty about the incendiary bullets. Just because they didn't fit the bill doesn't mean he didn't at least make some! The reality is that almost all of this is just modifications to things he had already integrated into boomerangs over the years. He's done this and frankly an impact based delivery system on a bullet even one that has to travel at that speed is in many ways easier than the delivery on a boomerang.

At Dani getting offended by something, something that Owen doesn't really understand, he looks between the two. As Dani walks off and Domino loads up the neuro-agent he nods and mouths, *Do it*. But of course, no one listens to Owen Mercer (nor should they!)

"So wait, where are we drinking? I missed this." Because it's best to pretend like they already decided and he's slipping off his bathrobe to try and find something approaching a real shirt.

"OH! And don't take the yellow cartridges those ones just explode on firing and shock the crap out of you. Three out of ten, don't recommend."

It's really good that neither Domino or Owen followed those initial impulses of theirs. It likely would have been bad, well, after Moonstar woke up of course.

Thankfully that's all null and void and all the two have to worry about now is severe looks from Dani. So basically back to normal Dani!

This is good, right?

Sure is.

When Domino makes to intercept Dani the Cheyenne doesn't stop her, though Moonstar stops before Domino can put her hands upon her shoulders. Then it becomes something of a stare off on Moonstar's part.

She listens to what Domino has to say and the flat look that's given in return to those words is probably enough of a warning that her next words aren't likely going to be much better.

"It's fine."

It's not.

"Finish up here. I'll find my own way home." She reiterates to the mercenary, then adds, "I'd suggest taking Owen out for a drink. You two have a lot in common. I'm sure you'll both have a good time."

And with Owen's name said the black-haired woman half turns to look back at the man, even as he asks what they're going to be drinking. "Thanks, for coming through on this project."

With that thanks given Moonstar once again turns away and steps around Domino to continue on her way.

She needs something stronger than beer.

Ah, bullseye on the incendiary rounds! Those will be coming home with Neena tonight.

When Owen mouths 'do it' there is that quarter second of hesitation from the albino. Would it keep Dani from storming off? Yes. Would it make the situation any better? -Fuck no.- If the immediate gains were mission critical then she would have taken the shot. This visit..isn't a mission. There is a potential for causing irreparable harm and darnitall if she doesn't rather enjoy having Moonstar as a friend.

Yeah… The thought came to her mind. Danielle isn't just a contact or an associate or a teammate or an ally. She's a -friend.- And Neena's being kind of a crap friend back to her tonight. It just took her longer than most people would need to realize it.

A little too long, perhaps. The encounter is kept free of physical contact. No further effort is made to keep Dani from walking out. Instead Neena lets her hands fall to her sides with a little sigh. She'll try this again later. For now there's still at least one more piece of business to tend to.

Business which happens to involve Owen. Lucky him!

"So I was about to ask you a question… Oh—right," she thinks aloud with a duck of her head and an upward motion of the chambered ICER.

Owen may well still be looking for a shirt when the albino sweeps the sights onto his form and pulls the trigger, sending a paralytic round rocketing across the room to meet its maker.

ANd down goes Owen.

No blood.

Not even an entry wound.

"Huh. I guess they work," she concludes with a bob of her head.

He's left there on the floor while she finishes her drink and rounds up all of the goods.

"Thanks for the drink."

Owen's fast enough that when he hears the trigger he still has time to react, in this case turning to see that she's firing at him. And then watching it hit his chest and trying to blur to burn off the active agent. But all that happens is that he gets to say at high speed, "Rly?" before slumping to the ground.

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