A Discussion of Paragons
Roleplaying Log: A Discussion of Paragons
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Captain America and Superman discuss registration. Dead Girl also makes an appearance!

Other Characters Referenced: Iron Man
IC Date: September 21, 2019
IC Location: Metropolis - New Troy - City Center
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* * *

Dead Girl arrives from Union Station.

* * *

Metropolis. The City of Tomorrow. Supposedly, anyway.

This city is much like New York in many ways. It has its heroes, it has its villains, it has those who dare to walk between those lines, and it even has the high-traffic, the rude people, the nice people, the usual people that come and go going along with their business.

But, Metropolis has something that no city has: The Man of Steel himself: Superman.

The heroic paragon that seems to inspire the city wherever he flies is currently on a leisurely flight around the city, a smile on his face, his brilliant red cape flowing gloriously behind him. He eventually hears a cry of a mother, right in front of the Hall of Justice. She calls out for her son, who seems to have been distracted playing with his airplane toy and was in danger of being hit by a car!

In a blue and red blur, the boy is gone from the street and the car passes by. It hit nothing. Next to the mother is Kal-El, holding her son in his hand. He and the plane were both alright. "Be careful where you play, okay young man?"

This kid looked like his head was about to explode from the fanboying that was about to occur. "Thank you Superman!" the boy runs to his mother. "He talked to me mom! I met Superman!" Superman seems to smile as the mother thanks him as well and proceeds to hold her son and go about their business. The day is saved! But, people try and crowd Superman at the city center just a tad, not too many people, just four or five passerbys, and he seems to be looking around in case anyone else specifically needs his attention or, more importantly, help.

* * *

When you considered a crime deterrent for an entire city, it seems the work is never done. In Superman's quest for finding danger, it isn't what he sees that will likely get his attention, but what he hears.

The blast of a shotgun.

The keen hearing of Superman will likely be able to discern that it echoes in such a way that it seems to be coming from a parking garage.

If Superman responds, he will likely hear another blast on the way a couple of seconds later, but it pairs with another sound, one that he likely has not heard before. It is sound of metallic resonance, but one that has likely never been heard before.

The path toward the weapon takes whoever that follows it down to the bottom of a building and down a couple of levels of shockingly well-lit parking garage (which almost never happens in Gotham). When followed to Sublevel 3, there is the source, a man in a business suit being slammed again the wall.

The well-styled black hair of the man drapes about well-chiseled features of the previously conscious weapon wielder, the shotgun clattering to the ground.

Peering out from one of the few cars on this level is another man in a suit, looking up to see that the battle is done. He has only one thing to remark:

"Well done, Captain."

And there Captain America stands, in the middle of three downed men. One doesn't have a weapon in hand, but will definitely have one on his person. The second has a handgun, but clearly never had a chance to get off a shot. Meanwhile, the third, who attacked with a shotgun, lays propped against the wall. The shield, the source of the odd metallic sound, still carries the scuffs of paint from the blast, but otherwise seems unharmed, a solid slug at Cap's feet as if discarded trash.

* * *

Dead Girl, however, is here for her own reasons. Metropolis may be a beautiful city, one of light and hope, but all places harbor secret darkness. There are still ghosts that point towards those who abused them in life.

They lead the Dead Girl to their abusers. To those who neglected them. And- it just so happens- that today that hunt leads Dead Girl to the very same parking garage that Captain America is doing his business. "Oh Wow!" Dead Girl says as she steps out from the shadows- through a wall. "Look at that, I think Captain America beat us to it!"

She's speaking to someone, it seems- eyes flitting over to empty space. Red, glowing eyes. A face that is blue, pale- there's no question about it, Dead Girl is, in fact, very much so a walking corpse. "So, which guy is it?" she wonders, pointing to the three thugs, "That dude? You sure? I mean, we have to be on our best behavior with the Captain here."

* * *

"You rock Superman!" "We love you, Superman!"

People start calling out to Kal and he just lifts his hands. "Please, its my pleasure." But then he hears it. The 'BANG!' The firing of a shotgun, the impact of a struggle, the sound of the bullets each pinging off of the strange metal that Clark hasn't heard before. The sounds of increased heart-rates. Suddenly, Superman takes to the skies and follows the sounds, using his X-Ray vision to discover that it seems there are four people in total in what looks like the sublevel of a garage.

But, these few people may be surprised to find the Boy Scout had arrived.

His feet land hard on the ground as he had dove down the narrow hole that people have to go around to get to the upper levels, but nonetheless, Kal stands up straight and he sees him.

The Man of Yesterday, perhaps. Captain America himself.

Kal looks around when it seems as though the battle is already over and he smiles at Captain America. "Captain." Kal knows enough of Rogers and seen him speak a few times to know who he is, but Superman offers Steve a hand to shake. "Good work."

But then there's Dead Girl and Superman tilts his head at her. He….doesn't hear a heartbeat, yet she's alive. Nonetheless, he smiles at her. "Hello there."

* * *

There is a pause as Rogers looks up at the source of sudden movement. The shield is lifted slightly as if preparing to defend. But as soon as the Man of Krypton is revealed, the icon of a nation is lowered.

"Superman," Cap replies, taking the offered hand with a red glove. "Sorry, I couldn't let you know I was in town prior, but I was hoping this was just going to be something without viloence."

As Rogers speaks, the meek man that was behind the car is moving toward one of the fallen men on the ground, rifling through his stuff. A phone is soon retrieved, and quietly the man begins to fiddle with the back of it, seemingly intent on disassembling it. The work stops as he points toward where Kent shifts his gaze.

Steve is the last to notice the most recent arrival, offering a simple nod, but nothing else for the time being. It seems he's content to let Superman take point. It is his city, so perhaps it's someone he already knows.

* * *

"Oh! And a Superman- Yes, best behavior." Dead Girl says to whatever companion it is she's speaking to- something that isn't there. At least, not for anyone who can't see the dead.

"Right! Dead Girl, pleased to meet you both- but if you'll excuse me, I have some work to do." She says as she walks over to the unconscious man. She pokes him with her foot. "Dude, he's out. I'm not sure how we're going to do this with him being passed out." Dead Girl kneels and starts to give the man a few taps to the face, "Hey, douchebag! Wake up. Time to get up, chickens are coming home to roost!"

* * *

Giving Steve's hand a firm shake, but definitely not firm by Kal's standards so as not to break the Captain's hand, Kal smiles at him. "I understand, Captain. Sometimes things are unavoidable. In case nobody's done it yet…welcome to Metropolis. Sorry your welcome party was a little hostile."

He looks to the unconscious men on the floor.

But his attention falls upon Dead Girl, who seems to great him. "Nice to meet you too." he gestures to himself. "Superman." She already knew that but…you know, there's this whole politeness thing that Kal decides to live by. But when she is slapping a man in the face to try and get him to wake up, Superman seems to..look a confused. "Dead Girl, she's unconscious. Could you stop slapping him please?"

Then back to Steve then, before back to Dead Girl. "After all, I think they've been through enough thanks to the Captain here." But he looks at the fellow who was rummaging for cell phones and things like that. "Who are you?"

* * *

As Dead Girl attempts to cause the unconscious man to regain his senses, Steve glances over toward the Man of Steel, who seems just as in the dark about this living dead girl. "Dead Girl," Cap repeats, as if trying to wrap his brain around the name. "It's good to meet you. I don't mind a hero's help, but just know these three are in SHIELD custody."

The man that was taking the phone apart glances up as Cap outs him, his beady green eyes moving toward Superman. Under the powerful hero's gaze, he slowly pulls out the SHIELD badge, displaying it. "I'm with him."

Steve soon explains. "There was a meta that a telepath, abusing stolen the information for profit on Wall Street. SHIELD was able to get the telepath, but these are the people that were part of the crooked biz of inside trading."

The SHIELD agent shakes his head, not appreciating the sharing of intel. He continues to work on attempting to remove parts of the phone memory even as Superman and Dead Girl watch on, planning to get around software security by going straight for the source.

* * *

"Yeah, right, he needs to wake up and pay for crimes, Mr. Superman." Dead Girl says, "I've got a job to do- you guys guard the living, I avenge the dead. That's how it goes." she offers the quick and dirty reason why she's here. "This particular guy put his grandmother in a shady home after getting her power of attorney and stealing all her money. Abuse and neglect. Very serious charges." she says, "So, now he gets to pay for his crimes. You know, a little bit of haunting- maybe I bring his Grandmother across the shroud between worlds.. or maybe I just show him something most mortals can't handle. A little taste of death." She pauses.

"I don't mean kill him, by the way. It's a bit more esoteric than that." She offers as she gives the guy another slap, "Hey, Franco, Gramma Sophie has a messsaaage for yooooou~" She gives him a good shake. "Dangit, you're too good at knocking people out." Dead Girl grumps, looking back to Steve.

"Maaaan. That means I'm going to have to sneak into ANOTHER prison and terrify this guy THERE instead." Dead Girl frowns as she stands- the man coming with her before she drops him. Thump. "Yup. You're an expert knocker-outter, that's for sure."

* * *

Kal looks at Cap, then to the shield agent who definitely tries to not mess with Metropolis's greatest defender by showing validation of who he is. Kal zooms in on the badge. Yeah, okay, its legit. But then he smiles. "Noted." Then back to Steve.

"A telepath manipulating Wall Street? Well, I can see why they tried to run to Metropolis, but it wasn't exactly the smartest move." When Dead Girl tells him that they need to pay for their crimes, Superman looks at her. "Dead Girl, they already will pay for their crimes, thats why we have the current system in place. If they've done something horrible, then they will be punished to the full extent of the law, not to mention SHIELD is already on this case…and they tend to be pretty good about the job."

He then turns to look at Steve. "Isn't that right, Captain?"

* * *

"Avenge the dead?" the SHIELD agent offers to Captain America, offering a simple look as if saying 'This is your job, deal with this'.

But Captain America doesn't say anything. Because Superman offers the words instead. There is a blink of surprise, but then a smile. It's rare to find someone on a similar wavelength as Cap on matters like this. "That's right."

A glance is given toward Dead Girl. "Though, if the grandmother can offer some sort of evidence, perhaps we could open a case to look into the matter. After all, while the dead don't need to make a case, in the U.S. of A. we do."

The SHIELD agent sighs, muttering under his breath, "As if hearing Cap make the speeches was bad enough without getting it in stereo."

Etiher not hearing or acknowledging the agent's commentary, Rogers looks over toward Superman. "But it's good to finally meet the savior of Metropolis. To be able to protect an entire city by yourself is a momentous feat, much less doing it with almost all the public's support."

* * *

"You don't seem to understand, Mister." Dead Girl says over to Superman. "This isn't about the laws of the living. This is about letting some poor woman move onto whatever reward or punishment she's deserving. It can't happen without this dude getting his comeuppances. Going to prison isn't going to cut it." She goes onto explain, eyes turning to Superman- those eyes. Glowing red like the balefires of the underworld- lighting the way towards something distant and foreign to the living.

She is not alive- not by any sense. Every part of her is truly dead. No blood. No movement beyond that which she creates herself- in her stillness she is literally a standing corpse. "He is deserving of more than federal prison. He, by both action and inaction due to greed, murdered a woman. Unjustly she died due to his machinations- and worse yet, it was his very own Grandmother."

"I'm not talking about insider trading, Superman. I don't really care about money- it's not like I need it anymore." She notes, "Don't you wonder what happens to the souls you can't save?" she asks of the two- "The good men and women who linger on past death- who can't pass on? Wouldn't you help them pass if you knew about them?" Dead Girl pauses. Quiet. Looking at Steve. "The woman is dead, Captain. How is she going to offer you any evidence?" she wonders next, looking to her left.

"I know, right? What are you going to do- they're alive. They can't understand what it's like. They're not equipped to do so." Dead Girl says with a sigh. "Look. I can wait- I have forever." she offers to both Eagle Scouts. "But he's going to get what he deserves."

* * *

Captain America and Superman do seem to be very much so on the same wavelength of thought, but Supes does hear the grumblings of the agent. "Heard that." Superman said, mainly just to mess with the agent who seemed to be rude enough to grumble.

Super hearing. But, thankfully, Superman seems to turn his attention back to Steve as he praises him. "Thank you, Captain. Its a pleasure to meet you as well. I only do what I can, Captain. And…as much as I am grateful for a world that accepted me and a city that thanks me, even I am not without enemies. But if I can help save even one person, then it is very much worth it." Superman says with a friendly smile to Steve before he looks at Dead Girl.

"Then, young miss, I believe thats why they call it Hell." Superman says with a smile towards the ghostly inclined young woman. He doesn't appear intimidated, he's faced much worse than a deathly adjudicator. "But with respect, you operate in the land of the living. He will get whats coming to him and she must either accept her circumstance and give up her hatred, or wait until he passes on. If he is given the death sentence, then all the power to you. But I advise that you follow the law for this matter. If you have forever, then I'm certain you can wait until his sentence." Superman tells her in a straightforward manner.

Freaking boy scout.

* * *

"Hey, I don't know what sort of information this woman in need of avenging might have. I don't talk to the dead," Cap begins with a shrug. He would say more but again, Superman takes up the slack. Man, maybe with Superman around he could teach ethics to Tony. …Likely not, but it gives Rogers a glimmer of hope.

The SHIELD agent gives a dismissive snort to Superman, clearly not pleased. Still, he pockets the data and stands up, moving to get back to his car. "I've got to get this to HQ, see if there are any other people making a run for it. The clean up crew will be here in ten."

Steve gives a nod back toward the agent before looking back toward Superman as he speaks of acceptance and the power of making a difference. For once in his life, Cap is the one that doesn't have much to say. "Well said," he is all he can manage for the time being.

* * *

Dead Girl frowns at Superman, "And where was that justice when I was murdered?" she asks him, her voice deathly cold. "I had to get my own. And now, I advocate for the Dead." Even the air around her seems to get colder. The shadows lengthening as her anger brings with it necromantic energies. The flickering of the ghosts that seem to follow her at all times- each showing the signs of their deaths. Some are gristly- nightmarish- others are sad and tragic. For a moment, all the living can see into the lands of the Dead. See, for that scant second exactly what Dead Girl sees all the time.

And then it passes as Dead Girl takes a slow breath, composing herself. The world returns to its proper temperature. The ghosts of victims gone, returned back to where they belong.

"He'll get his reward sooner than you think." Dead Girl says, "Just not today." And then? She disappears into the floor- floating through it as if it just didn't exist. Straight down and away.

* * *

Superman looks at Steve for a moment when he makes a quip about not speaking to the dead. It was a good argument, really, and one that Superman doesn't seem to testify. But perhaps its through his paragon of virtue kind of speech that Superman shows everyone in the room that he's not just someone the media constantly hypes up. He's the real deal.

When complimented about his words by Steve, Superman smiles at him. "Thanks. Just gotta speak what you believe in."

He pats Steve on the back, -gently-, and then he looks at Dead Girl. "We all make our mistakes, miss. I'm sorry for that." This is where that 'you can't save everyone' comes into its own play. But its very clear that she's in no mood to talk when she does her whole ghost thing, floating through the ground.

"Well…I suppose that is the end of that." He exhales deeply. That was a tough one. But, all's well that ends well. He turns his head to Steve. "I did intend to speak with you sometime, Captain. I only wish the circumstances were better. Do you have any other matters to attend to here in Metropolis or are we free to have such a conversation?" He gives a nod to the rude shield agent.

* * *

For now, Steve doesn't have much to say toward Dead Girl. It isn't because he doesn't have volumes of speeches and arguments to pull from. Instead, it's the knowledge that words only have power if they are given thought. That in mind, Steve knows if there is a time and place to speak to the troubled murdered heroine, it is likely not tonight.

With Dead Girl having vanished and the field agent pulling out in the car he previously hid behind, Steve merely pulls out zip ties from a pouch to begin to secure the criminals until the processing team from SHIELD arrives.

"I suppose now is as good as ever unless you wanted it to be a public event," Steve replies with a faint smirk. Once he moves to finish the last of the trio, he begins the work of patting them down any possible weapons or additional information. "What was it that you wanted to talk about?"

* * *

With Dead Girl gone, Kal turns to look at Steve, though he does chuckle when Cap seems to joke about making it a public event. "I would rather have a conversation that didn't include the almost nonsensical….uhm, how do people call it these days? 'rage screaming'? of the more radical members of our great nations two respective major political sides." Of course, he references Republicans and Democrats, and the unagreeable differences between.

But that is for another time. Kal is a horrible politician but a surprisingly good diplomat.

he looks to see when the field agent begins his leave. "We can always take this outside as well. But unfortunately, I don't have a car." Of course, he means to fly Captain America out of there, should he wish. "But…I meant to speak with you about an..unsettling issue I've found. Registration."

Oh god.

"I know you have spoken your piece on it but.." Superman seems to take a few steps. "I feel as if I can't stand idle on the subject for much longer, and I would much appreciate your thoughts."

* * *

There is only the faintest reaction from Captain America, even when noted with Superman's heightened senses; there is the softest exhale, a slight nod, the steady but regulated increase of blood as the heart works itself up ever so slightly.

"Well, tell me what you think of it and I'll offer my personal thoughts on it. Of course, as I said, I haven't taken my official stand on it. Not yet. Maybe not ever, if given the chance," Steve admits, deciding that for whatever reason, he finds it best to remove the cowl, letting it hang behind him.

* * *

Perhaps Steve removed his cowl so that they could speak man to man. Face to face. Not as alien and human, but as men. Kal seems to appreciate this gesture, and he places his hands in front of him respectfully towards the man who…honestly, was one of the influences to him to want to become not a 'powerful being, but a good man'.

"Thank you, Captain." Kal seems to take a breath. "I took a neutral stance on the issue. I didn't want to appeal to the people and stand against the government…or stand with the government and appeal against the people, but..I am finding that, with all pieces starting to fit into the grand puzzle of this issue, that I can't stand by. I believe I am opposing the very idea of the registration act. I understand why many may believe it is needed. People arise with new abilities seemingly every single day. The uncertainty, the fear strikes us. But at the same time…these are people. Regular people. Everyday people. The harmful effects are proving to be worse than the benefits with each passing day. The people grow angry. Restless."

"Not to mention for theh eroes that defend us. We are asking them to give up their identities. We endanger them further by revealing them to their enemies. It is dangerous." Of course, this seems to only be the start of his argument but its very clear that Kal is conflicted and rightly so.

* * *

There is a slow tilt of the head. Rogers takes in the information for half the speech. His eyes are soft and kind, the small frown present, but not out of displeasure, but thinking about the issue and the powerful emotions that it is bringing up in Superman.

With the dispatched criminals still about him, Steve takes the firearms they wield as Superman continues, ensuring that they can't be used against anyone present should they be taken. Not that the Man of Steel has much to be worried about with conventional firepower. Once the shotgun is placed by the handguns and knives, Cap turns to face the beacon of Metropolis' hope with some simple request.
"Go on."

* * *

He is both faster than and stronger than a bullet, so while its true it wouldn't harm him, the worry still remains that it could hurt someone else. But, Kal bows his head in appreciation and respect at Steve's request to continue speaking.

"If we continue to go on with the Act…we are essentially discriminating against people who have abilities and people who do not. Not only does it force us to question who we can trust, who is dangerous and who is not, it also forces us to redefine our definition of 'human'." Superman takes a small breath. "Consider, how the people the public are calling mutants are treated. It is with fear. Prejudice. Even seething hatred and an increasing amount of hate crimes. Even though the act would allow registered superhumans to get jobs, what jobs would they be allowed to have? Would they be picked over a human who the public defines as 'regular'?" Superman ponders this for a moment.

"Its too uncertain. Too…made with the thoughts spurred on by fear."

* * *

"The Act was created out of fear," Steve concedes effortlessly before he speaks on his own. "A lot of things done in America are out of fear. While there should never a place for bigotry within America, many of our freedoms were based out of a fear of tyranny, so checks and balances were intentionally put in place. Then later on, some of the states decided to defend horrid aspects of their state rights, causing us to fight with one another. In fear of another war, laws were changed so it wouldn't happen again. In the wake of tragedies, including Pearl Harbor, which led to the horrid interment camps as well as wartime acts that let us win D-Day."

The man speaks of history in the unique perspective of being part of it, but it's clear from his tone just because WWI and WWII has some that were considered the 'Greatest Generation' doesn't mean that he finds his era free from fault.

"The question is if the fear is justified. While the mutant issue is of great concern and perhaps one of the most unique civil rights battles in human history, it doesn't mean we get to ignore the true question. Do superheroes deserve to live under the same rules and expectations as everyone else? You and I, believe so and do so without the law's assistance," Steve states, clearly thinking highly of Superman, placing him on the same level of morality.

"But you look at Gotham. The corruption, the violence, the amount of heroes dispensing their own sorts of justice? It makes you wonder if regulating heroes would help with that. If mutants were assisted when discovered by Registration instead of discriminated, would it still be considered evil? Would it make a difference if the Registration was only to ensure they didn't hurt anyone on purpose or accidently with their abilities, including themselves?"

The fact that Steve seems to so easily empathize with Superman's points while effortlessly giving his own counterpoints only seems to illustrate his own mired considerations on the issue.

Despite his words, Steve places his hand on Superman's shoulder. He gives a squeeze, perhaps with some of that heightened strength. It's still likely just to be on par with a 'pat on the back'. "If you want to make your stand, do so. Let it be your convictions that carry you, but never let them lessen your integrity. Take wisdom from those you trust, but don't comprise because someone tells you it's 'for the best'. It's why this city trusts you implicitly. Don't betrayal their hopes."

There is the short pause before Steve gives a line he must give a million times. Yet this time, like all others, he means it with all of his heart.

"I believe in you."

That said, Rogers takes a step back as the sirens begin to blare in Superman's ears, the sign that SHIELD and local law are moving in.

* * *

Superman seems to -listen- to Captain America while they trade off who does the speeches. Its quite true. The revolutionary war was begun out of hatred for a government too harsh on a population just trying to live, but also out of fear that they would be placed under a thumb again. They made a Declaration and changed the course of world history. A cry, a shot, a statement heard around the world.

Is the fear truly justified? Would it make matters better or would it make matters worse if you took a place like Gotham and compared it to Metropolis. Two very different methods of crime at two very different rates. But how would a law affect them both equally?

Would the government even be -willing- to give people assistance instead of prejudice? People fear what they do not understand. The very idea that anyone. Your neighbor, your mother, your son, your daughter, your friend, your enemy..could just begin to exhibit signs of superhuman abilities, its nerve-wracking. Nobody wants to be mugged by a guy with super strength or speed, nor can the cops contend with someone who is bulletproof.

But there is one factor that seems to be above all of this: If this law continues to fall into the path of success, we will lose our right to choose. We will instead be given an ultimatum: Follow or suffer.

Of course, these are thoughts that Kal doesn't vocalize, but rather, he listens instead to the powerful words of God's Righteous Man. The grip on his shoulder is not denied, but rather welcomed. He restates that Kal is the hope of a city. But then, perhaps the hardest hitting sentence to Kal is made when Steve declares his belief in Superman.

From someone that Kal admired as a child well into adulthood, and still admires to this day, that means a lot and its visible in his eyes as they seem to steel with renewed determination.

"Thank you for your words, Captain. I will do my best." He offers Steve one more handshake, then he hears it. The sirens. The blaring noise welcome as he looks on the criminals on the ground. "Police and shield responders are inbound."

* * *

"If you want, call me Steve," Cap replies as he returns the handshake. It's clear that Rogers seems to offer Superman a lot of trust, but the meeting merely galvanized what he had picked in researching the Man from Krypton.

"Good luck and glad we got the chance to talk."

That said, the First Avenger merely takes a step back to let Clark make his retreat. After all, while Captain America has completed his duty for the night, in the next few hours a lot more people might need the aid from the one and only Superman.

* * *

Kal nods lightly to Steve before he gestures to himself. "Kal." Superman had no problem revealing his 'true' name to Steve. Man to man. "Likewise, Steve. Likewise." He then jerks his head to the side like he heard something. A cry for help most likely.

"If you'll excuse me, however." Kal gives a bow of his head before he suddenly crouches lightly and launches upwards with a -fwoosh- of wind to follow him. Some dust even rose up from the takeoff.

But as he flies, the cops actually arrive along with a few SHIELD transports to help Steve take care of the unwanted guests.

No doubt though, this would not be the last time Superman and Captain America would meet….

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