Draw Two Reverse
Roleplaying Log: Draw Two Reverse
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SHIELD is on the scene for a metahuman trafficking takedown. Unfortunately Captain America didn't get that memo.

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IC Date: August 24, 2019
IC Location: Markovia
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Markovia. A Cargo Airport.

Sometimes, to uncover and stop corruption in the American Government, one has to travel aboard. Finding and stopping threats of an alarming nature is the duty of SHIELD and it is a worldwide organization. This mission, however, is one that requires some delicacy and some diplomacy as well as fire power. A small team of Agents have been dispatched to observe and then arrest a DEO Agent by the name of Albert Murray who has been accused of metahuman trafficking. He has promised metahuman individuals papers to the US and then, instead, he sells them to foreign governments as 'the new breed of weapons.' He is very precise with his targets, ensuring they are metahumans with dangerous abilities but are scared and new enough in their powers that the general DEO and SHIELD containers and methods to hold dangerous metahumans will hold.

A few Agents are on the roof of the building, camouflaged, ready to jump into action. Others are in disguise as workers to observe the deal, ready to quickly intervene. Agent Carter is one of those in disguise, dressed as a mechanic who is fueling up the plane that is supposed to take this metahuman to the US. Close by, Albert Murray stands, going over 'paperwork' and 'shipping' with his target.

"Yes, you will have to remain in the container for the trip, as otherwise they will be able to register you Metahuman signature. Once you are on the ground, we will open the container and I will hand you your papers. They are all perfectly legal. Now, do you have the money?"

There are those that are skilled in spycraft. Oddly enough, Steve Rogers is not one of them. He is smart, resourceful, and able to work well with others, but lying, laying low, and letting evil things happen for months or years is just not his thing. So the question is simple, why is Steve Rogers here?


"This is my son," the well-to-do woman states, handing Captain America a photo. People pass by, the pair having a serious conversation amidst a joyful circus-themed fundraiser to raise awareness of single parents trying to raise families.

Beneath the cowl of America's Hero, the blue eyes narrow. "You're saying that you gave a report to SHIELD and nothing happened."

A nod is given.

"Write the name of your son down on the back of this picture, I'll see what I can do."

"God bless you, Captain," she states as the name is written down.

A small frown forms. "Don't thank me just yet," Steve requests as he pauses a beat to look at the picture. "But I'll do what I can."


When Steve realized that SHIELD had not done anything yet with this case (mostly because he wasn't cleared to view the mission), he thought it was up to him. Peggy was out and unreachable, but taking out a common thug and saving some lives? Piece of cake, right?

It will likely be the people doing recon on the roof that will see it first. A simple sight that would normally bring hope, but just might bring some cursing. More so if Murray catches on to the familiar face before SHIELD does.

It's Captain America. Calmly, in the distance, emptying trash in a janitorial cart, the Man Out of Time (disguised with a brown beard and dyed hair) is calmly on a bee-line of 'mundane work' that is taking him closer and closer to scene of the crime in progress. His plan is simple: Get in close with his cheap beard and janitoral jumpsuit, just start punching.


It works surprisingly more often than Cap would enjoy admitting.

Peggy's own brunette hair - usually neatly coiffed - is pulled back into a utilitarian ponytail. There are grease smudges on her face and she does look like she knows what she's doing. She's currently wearing coveralls and keeping close enough in range that she's able to record everything Murray is saying to be used later in a case against him. Once they have those papers and are able to get the boy to safety, then they can close the noose.

In her earpiece, another agent on one of the rooftops, "Agent Carter, we have a boogey, some janitor. He keeps getting closer to the drop off. I thought we had the site locked down."

Frowning, she shifts herself moving to unhook the fueling hose and then to pick up her toolbox. It, of course, has a gun hidden inside, because what use is spywork if she couldn't have a toolbox with a gun compartment? "We did. Keep an eye him. I don't want the target to get spooked. Ready an ICER should he look like he'll b e trouble. We shouldn't move till the hand off is made and the boy is in the container."

Meanwhile, Murray does not seem to notice the mechanic, nor the janitor just yet. The young man in front of them looks worried, eyes darting this way and that. From his jacket, he pulls out a thick envelope and hands it over. "Here, it's all here. Please, you have to help me. I'm not safe here any more. America is where you are allowed to be free…I have to be free."

Murray opens the envelope and does a quick flip through of the money before pocketing it. "Don't worry, son, you'll be free. Now, let's get you aboard."

The janitor looks around, his gaze taking in any possible threats. It's unlikely that a man like Murray has 'inside' men to ensure his safety, but Cap's been wrong before. The cart continues to move down. Rogers takes what he learned from those like Agent Carter or Black Widow: Look like you belong, look like you don't care. The headphone cord dangle from Steve's ear as he moves into a projected line toward another trash can, one that is past the two talking. One that will get him within ten or so feet. That is unless he's seen by someone else first. As he moves, he reaches into the cart, adjusting a certain item so that it's slightly at the top. After all, while Peggy has her go to weapon ready to go, Steve is doing his part to ensure that likewise, he's ready to react in a moment's notice.

Get one field operation under your belt and suddenly you're qualified to go on any mission with a valid opening. Agent Ulysses Arngrim isn't sure if it's really that and not that they probably lost quite a number of more qualified agents back when the Trike had collapsed, but he's never in a position to say no for experience or where his particular skill set might come in handy.

At least this time there are people more suited to covert ops and getting physical if needs be. Even though Ulysses had a weapon on him, he preferred to keep out of direct anything, which was why he was tucked in the back of a parked non-descript van with his usual spread of gadgetry and portable monitoring equipment set up all about him. The laptop screen reflects off his glasses- new ones to replace the ones he'd lost from a Quake encounter the other day, one hand tapping at the keyboard, the other resting over the headphones that are snug over his ears.

"Of course something unexpected has to happen," he mutters to himself as he listens to the rest of the chatter from the team outside, even as he pulls up eyes on the 'janitor'.

As the janitor keeps approaching, Peggy is quick to note him. Despite the dyed hair, she has an idea of his physique and who this may be as he comes closer. Her eyes flick from him back to the deal at hand. "Arngrim, make sure you're recording this," she tells the agent as the deal looks to conclude.

Reluctantly, the young boy starts to move toward the back of the plane where the containment cube has been set up. The door is open, revealing the circular cubes that denote a SHIELD containment room. He must have gotten one from within SHIELD. Either he stole it or he has a contact within the organization. The thought makes Peggy frown.

Right at the doorway, though, Murray freezes as if hearing something. He freezes for a moment, tensing. And then he shoves the boy into the box before pulling out a gun. "I'm not going down for this!" From another the back opening of the plane, a high powered rifle breaks the silence, aiming for the roof and then those on the ground.

Muttering a curse under her breath, Agent Carter orders into the coms. "We're blown, make sure that plane doesn't take off, I'm going after the kid. Get Murray alive."

Pulling her gun from the toolbox, she starts to sprint toward Murray and containment cube.


U! S! A!

As the man pulls out the gun, Rogers is reaching for his trademark shield, which is good because the gun volleys soon find themselves creating that unique ring that comes when the star and stripes are brought to bear. Reflexively pulling up his beloved weapon of choice to defend himself, Steve waits for the volley before lopping the disc right for the rifle in question. Hit or miss, it will bounce back toward him.

As soon as Steve catches it, unaware that Arngrim might be recording Cap in his not-so-greatest, he turns to the mechanic as she joins him on his advance toward the Murray. "Agent Carter, it's me, Captain America," he offers in a slightly deeper voice, as if trying to be 'more professional' than usual. Clearly being slightly surprised has Rogers slightly flapped, but at least his eyes are soon focused forward as the mission comes first. However, the professional 'game face' is marred by the fact that his attempt to grab and pull off his beard; a third of the beard comes off, another third stays on, while the final third remains stuck firmly to his non-shield hand.

Steve Rogers: Best Secret Agent Ever.

"That's what I'm here for," Ulysses replies, checking his various feeds out of habit just to confirm it himself. "Well, part of why I'm here, I guess. -wait is that what I think it is?" The latter is in response to the containments of what can be seen. He'd sure like to know where that came from.

His eyes flick to another window and view where Murray hesitates, mouth forming a silent 'uh-oh'. The agent holds his breath, but his silent hope for things to continue without incident abruptly shatter as gunfire erupts. It makes Ulysses cringe within the confines of the van, and he begins to pack away the non-essential equipment while he keeps things recording.

A hole punches through the van near the ceiling, making him freeze all at once as his eyes track up towards the light that streams through it. He looks back at the computer screen, catching that unmistakable shield that comes into play. "Wait, I didn't- did I miss a memo? Cap was on board this whole time?" he stammers as he watches Captain America move in. His head tilts. "…and is that a fake beard?"

…right, got other things to monitor. Ulysses grabs a controller and flips a switch as he commandeers one of his stationed drones that had been recording things from a different angle. He brings it in to circle the plane's front. Someone's on plane duty, right? ..right?

Peggy is quick toward the gangway of the plane. A look is given toward Steve when he easily catches up. "I don't remember inviting you along to this mission, Captain." There's too much going on right now for her to yell properly, but there is certainly a ton there. The shield in question bounces and there's a satisfying grunt of pain and then a thud before the rifle silences for now. What they now have to deal with is Murray.

Seeing the tide turn against him, he quickly dives into the box and grabs the boy inside. Pulling him out, he keeps the gun against his head. "Stay back, stay back, I'll shoot him. Don't think I won't shoot him."

The boy struggles, yelling. "What is going on! Why are you doing this!"

"It's going to be fine," Agent Carter assures the kid, keeping the gun trained on Murray. "Murray, put the gun down, there's no need to turn this into a shoot out. We can do this peacefully."

Glancing at the drone, she gives a tilt of her head toward Murray, hoping to give some sort of a message to Arngrim.

There is an awkward pause as Captain America realizes that Peggy is not thrilled with his heroic arrival for once. Oh dear. But he doesn't have time to really rest on the fact, sliding to a stop once the situation turns to hostage taking. Whelp, guess Carter might not going to be interested in going WILD in Uno with Steve anytime soon. If only there was a way to REVERSE the situation.

As Steve notices the tone in Peggy's voice, the hint of calm confidence, it's clear she has a plan and as usual, Rogers is a good team player. He holds up his shield to reveal his palm, so the man doesn't think Cap isn't doing anything shady behind the metallic menace. It also leaves Cap open for a shot right to the mid-section, but that might be part of Steve's plan as well.

"She's right. The situation might not be good, but it can always go worse… But it can always get better, if you are willing to work with people." His eyes attempt to lock onto Murray's, hoping the attention focus will distract a little more.

What is that supposed to mean????

Agent Arngrim tilts his own head as he catches Peggy's movement. Is he supposed to do something? It makes it difficult when there's a plane between him and those within. But with Albert Murray getting all hostile and the poor kid threatened, there's really no time to question.

Also, Captain America's there. Aside from a high ranking agent. No pressure, Ulysses.

"Aaaaaaahhh," he allows for himself a brief moment of panic once he's sure he's not transmitting, looking about frantically as he mentally considers the options available with his drones. All of which don't really provide anything of use. He was supposed to just be recon!

He tosses the controller aside and then makes a move for the rear door of the van, nearly falling over as his headphones yank him back. More fumbling. A quick peek outside before he scrambles out and around to the driver's seat. He settles in, turns the keys, shifts the parking brake and then guns the vehicle right for the plane before rational thought can catch up with him.

Action drivers do this all the time. You just have to bail out in time. -okay maybe that time was about two seconds ago ohno don't die!! He hopes the screaming is just internally as he hurls himself bodily out of the speeding van.

Agent Carter did in fact have a plan. Or at least the beginnings of one. Her plan was to have Ulysses to crash the drone into the back of Murray's head to distract and then they could save the kid. What she was not expecting was for Ulysses to instead crash the surveillance van into the plane itself. With a sharp groan of impact and the shriek of protesting metal as it bends, one of the propellers bends impossibly backward as the van scrapes up the underbelly of the plane and hits into the wheels, bending those, too. Also, making what is essentially a wedge between the plane and the runway, so it will be impossible to take off.

She did say for someone to make sure the plane didn't take off, didn't she?

The sudden and intense amount of sound completely startles Murray, who looks. The gun shifts, thankfully and when he pulls the trigger out of total surprise the bullet misses his hostage. But the gunshot is right next to his ears. With a cry of pain, he starts to go limp, a bit of blood starting to trickle out of his left ear.

"Cap, get the kid," Peggy orders as she quickly shoots at Murray.

This is not an ICER, no. This is a small caliber gun that wings Murray right in the arm holding the gun.

Below them, the earth starts to steam.

While the 'order' from Peggy is not a comment thing, the momentary lapse in focus is not enough to cause the superhero to make a fatal mistake. As the bullets fly, Steve moves to pull the kid away from the would-be kidnapper. He wraps the shield arm around the metahuman swiftly, hoping to ensure the boy's safety with the use of the indestructible shield.

It is only in that second after he tries to save the kid that the floor is displaying some concerning properties. "Get back!" he warns the woman behind him. He's not sure exactly what will happen, but he prepare to take the brunt of what ever happens to protect his charge.

Meanwhile, there's a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent that's faceplanted on the ground.

He'd successfully flung himself clear of the vehicle before it had hit the plane, but that's about all the style points he might be receiving anything for given his bellyflop of a landing. The horrible sounds coming from the plane as the van collides has Ulysses throwing his arms over his head before he dares peek over at what's happened. And then he just sort of stares at everything that had happened, releasing an uncertain laugh.

Oh thank goodness it didn't explode!

…but then something's going on with the ground that has the hacker shove himself hastily back onto his feet. "Uuuh…what's happening now..?" he starts to ask, before realizing that his comm stuff is in the van. That's under the plane.

Looking around like he's a bit lost, he turns to run over to the van so he can grab all the stuff from the back before anything explodes.

Murray falls to the ground bleeding, the plane is grounded, the child is saved. That should be it, right?

The plane groans again, parts of it still settling after the van attack. Ulysses is able to get into the back of the van with little problem, though a lot of the equipment inside has been scattered due to the impact. There will certainly have to be some repairs later.

As for Peggy, she steps forward, kicking the gun away from Murray and kneeling down to start to stop the blood loss from her own shot as Cap grabs the kid and pulls him away from danger.

As he does so, though, his charge does not go quietly. Scared, unsure of what is going on and now partially deaf, he yells out, "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!"

Below Captain America, the ground starts to fissure, heat steaming upward. The crack spreads out toward the van and the plane, near Ulysses.

Getting back is a good idea. Pulling Murray along with her, she attempts to pull Murray away from what is going on.

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