Another Gwen
Roleplaying Log: Another Gwen
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A chance meeting brings a lot of awkwardness and unexpected emotions.

Other Characters Referenced: Batwoman, Red Robin, Carolus Sinclair, Doctor Strange
IC Date: September 21, 2019
IC Location: Gotham City
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Posted On: 21 Sep 2019 22:48
Rating & Warnings: G
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Sooo… This is an interesting change of pace. Quake had been spending the last couple of months running around in various places of Metropolis, all 'The City Of Tomorrow' and such. Taking a detour down into Gotham is more than an eye-opener, it's something akin to a healthy dose of culture shock. After being in the bright, shiny, well lit city it's like stepping into a sewer by comparison. It's dark, the architecture is aged, it doesn't smell all that great…

Her rusted powder blue 80's GMC panel van fits right in! Because it -absolutely did not- fit in around Metropolis.

Unlike her new home or her previous home in New York City, she doesn't trust the food sold on the streets around here so she brought a little something for lunch. The van is parked in a nice secure location while she takes to foot, gauntlet-covered arms hidden beneath biker jacket sleeves so only the dull polymer and metal shell covering the backs of each fingerless glove are left visible. A courier bag is slung over a shoulder and a smartphone is never far from her hand.

She's on the hunt for something around this place.


Gotham is great, except when it's not. The same can be said of practically every place in existance, and certainly every city, but Gotham is the one that really weighs down the scale.

It is regularly 'not'. But, some people don't have the scratch to not buy street food or be discerning with their palattes. As Daisy rounds the corner of her secure drop (see: Abandoned lot? Alleyway? Alleyway that empties into abandoned lot? The choices are endless!) she walks past the historic(ally gothic Gotham PD building), rounds the corner to find a food truck, and…

In white and black and fuchsia and a splash of neon turquoise, is 'Spider-Woman', with her mask half up to uncover her mouth, buying a hot dog from the food truck with dobule relish and extra everything.

Nearby, hanging suspended from one of the arched streetlights pouring out a halo of yellow in the dark streets with a light pendulum swing, is a webbed-up drifter or mugger of some sort with a note that, quite specifically, enumerates the alleged crimes he caused.

"No, I'm not a clown." Gwen repeats to the hot-dog vendor. "I don't know why everyone in this city asks that first, but really, I'm not."

Exchanging a few beat-up bills for her Extra Everythingdog, she begins chowing down, glancing back down the street, clearly seeing Daisy, and then her gaze-pan continuing on without even pausing on the operative.


Okay, so Gotham holds more than some culture-shock today. It also provides something of a flashback to Daisy upon seeing what looks like a VERY FAMILIAR Spider hanging around. But in Gotham, of all places? Is THIS what happened to Gwen? Had Daisy pushed her so far as to—

The look passes right over her and continues on. Daisy stops short and just stares with mouth slightly agape, feeling as though she had just been slapped across the face in that one instant. It's a physical effort to close her mouth, shake her head, and put herself back into motion. Now with a brand new cause.

One which brings her up to that arched streetlight, looking up to the Spider with arms swept out to either side in a 'what gives?' expression. "Can we talk?" she pointedly asks, seeming a bit personally offended by something.

Maybe that's her boyfriend strung up in webbing..? Who knows.


You know, it's a really bad look to coldly pass over someone you know. It's probably one of the ugliest moves you can do.

But Gwen just doesn't know Daisy Johnson. Well… Gwendolyne Stacy doesn't.

Catching the reaction with a quarter of a hot-dog jammed comedically into her face, relish and onion smushing out to either side of the questionable tube of meat, Spider-Gwen halts in her gaze-pan.

The large, expressive eyes of her suit squint, confused, at the reaction. She does not, however, stop eating until actually addressed, grabbing her change without looking. "Oh… Uh, sure? Yeah-" omf nof nof "-we can talk. Are you sure you don't want one of those Bat-People though? This city is laid out really badly, and Mapquest sucks—"

An odd change in her voice. "—aaaround here."

Still largely at ease, she steps a pace and a half away from the foodcart, fully facing Daisy. "Oh, that was a mugger. Know 'em? The webs will dissolve in a few hours. This city is wild - I can't even go two blocks without finding a violent crime. No wonder the PD here are overworked."

Gwen remains entirely conversational, her stance casual — but in her head, there's a very wobbly exclamation point jamming her in the eye. Like she SHOULD know this person, that it's BAD she doesn't, but for the life of her, she doesn't know. "Something… wrong?"


Something feels really..REALLY off here…

The confusion. The surprisingly vibrant energy. The Spider not being familiar with the area is nothing Daisy isn't expecting, but that she's so ..disconnected? That she's acting like she has -no idea- who the hackerette is.

It's making Quake a little bit peeved. Like..just a little.

When Gwen comes down to ground level Daisy is quick to reach out for the other woman's bicep to walk them both further away from the hanging mugger. Even then her voice comes out as an angry but muted hiss once she finds her words.

"-Is something wrong- what are you even doing out here? Thethe change in costume and the acting all confused andwhy didn't you even look at me, Gwen? Look—I get it, things kinda fell apart and maybe they just weren't meant to be but are you seriously going to act like I don't even exist?? After everything we've been through you'd just completely write me off?"

Definitely not about the mugger, then.

Alsooo… If Gwen is really perceptive she might notice some very faint tremors in the sidewalk underfoot. A subtle shivering of the glass fixtures within the gothic style street lights. A tiny rattle of a nearby store window.


There are times where Gwen has 'ridden' her Spider-sense, where things happened so fast that her conscious mind took a backseat and her intuition did all the driving. Where to throw a punch, how to spin a kick, the force needed to lay someone out without snapping off their jaw or shattering their ribs.

But that was all fight. That was all 'Spider-Woman', leaping into danger and gunfights.

Here, it was different. Her spider-sense was conversating with her, as her bicep was grabbed by a 'stranger' from a different dimension. There's a space betweem heartbeats where Gwen goes tense right before Daisy gets a hold of her, where Instinct kicks in and all at once, her stance shifts, her leading foot takes a half-step forward, her endangered side fades back, and the hotdog loses a few inches in the air, unsupported in free-fall as her free hand snakes out to pluck Daisy's from the air.

And like a tension spring, or a rubber band, it all snaps, and with an audible crinkle of hotdog wrapping paper, Gwen grabs the falling dog before it's had any chance to tumble. Daisy makes her connection, as the lack of understanding - the concern in her white panel 'eyes' grows by degrees. Gwen's voice catches in her throat, as her spider-sense screams at her: Don't make it worse. Danger lies not in being dragged by Daisy, but by fighting her. The vibrations, the tremors, the dangerDangerDANGER grows by the moment, in bright colors rattling through the sky, in waves of crashing potentia.

And so Spider-Woman is dragged off.

"H-hey, I think you've got the wrong idea. You definitely exist, but I don't think—"

Gwen tugs at her siezed bicep by working her shoulder. "If you'll just let me get my phone…"

"I really need you to— please, just— I *just got here*. Not in town…"

A helpless shrug. "Here."


Daisy happens to have a peculiar level of proficiency when it comes to physically catching a Spider, although Gwen's immediate retreat isn't quite planned for. Fortunately she also doesn't need that hold upon Gwen's arm for very long. Just long enough to pull the other lady somewhere a -little- more quiet before she unloads both proverbial barrels on the Spider.

Along those few steps there is some very notable resistance being felt from the costumed vigilante, something which confuses Daisy all the more yet which translates further into irritation which, in turn, feeds into her own metahuman power. It's kind of a vicious cycle.

"The wrong idea? Seriously—the Wrong Idea?" she immediately counters with an angry showing of hands. Also, why is Gwen's phone so important? Whatever, if she wants to get at her phone then she can. Quake won't stop her from doing that much.

"Yah—not in town. You must have been around here..what, a month? Right around the time things started really falling apart? I thought you'd be better about all of this rather than running off to the one major city I -don't- have any reason to be around," she almost growls with one hand sweeping outward to 'the city' and unexpectedly popping one of the street light bulbs half a block down.

Or maybe she had meant to do that? The result of such a cause and effect doesn't seem to slow her down in the slightest.

"And after -all of the trouble- I went through to get you outfitted with LexCorp you're right back to your old self like none of it ever happened? Did you even mean -any- of what you had said when we were together?"


Gwen is worn down overall, and having a few hours of stolen sleep doesn't help her with this meeting - this clash - with another self. It hurts, in a whole kaleidoscope of ways.

It hurts in a way Spider-Woman - or 'Ghost Spider' - can't just punch her way out of. She could certainly pull a Classic Gwen Stacy and leap out the nearest window or thwip away down the closest alleyway, but…

"Can't run away from all my problems, I guess…" Comes Gwen's voice, quiet, defeated.

"Yes!" Gwen replies, exasperated, at 'the wrong idea'. Pleadingly, her voice continues. "I have… and this may be hard — no idea who you are. Except this really annoying premonition that I should: or I *do*. I can't shake it, and it's never led me wrong when it's on. The—"

Daisy blows out a streetlight, and Spider-Woman out-and-out flinches away from the sound like she was expecting to be hit. "I'm trying to tell you, look—" Gwen tries again.

With her arm freed, Spider-Gwen reaches for her phone — well, two phones — and with a few swipes, pulls up an article in the Gotham News about a 'strange distortion in the sky over the Narrows' with a grainy picture of a bubbly, rainbow portal and a single contrail of blue light from it.

It's dated two days ago.

"The last thing that happened to me was having the crud kicked out of me by the Kingpin, Matt Murdock, and his ninja army, and getting tossed off a bridge in New York. I landed in a fire escape — in Gotham."

"I don't have a clue what LexCorp is. I *don't* know who you are, and that's not your fault, that's…"

"… Mine. I don't think I'm your Spider."


Just in case life isn't confusing or complicated enough around here… Sometimes one also runs into multi-dimensional anomalies which may or may not include variations of previously existing people who may or may not have had existing relationships with those native to the resulting dimension in which said events are currently occurring.

To say there will be some misunderstandings is a gross understatement.

'No idea who you are.'

The distortion in the sky.

Not her Spider.

The expression which eventually comes to those black raccoon-masked eyes might be analogous with how someone might look after realizing they had just totaled their best friend's brand new Corvette. She just STARES at the screen on OtherGwen's phone and all of those subtle vibrations cease to be. Gwen might even feel the sudden gravitational pull of Daisy attempting to draw in upon herself until she might blink completely out of existence, albeit completely metaphorical rather than actual. She's just super embarrassed!

"Oooh my god."

Half-gloved hands come together, closing over her own mouth as those wide eyes dart from the screen back to Gwen's mask.

How did -her- Gwen get here?

As it turns out, a lot like how THIS Gwen got here.

"I don't even—" Know how this happened? Know how she made such a terrible mistake? Know what happened to the previous Gwen Stacy? Or maybe know that she about leveled half of a Gotham City block because she was ticked off over a complete misunderstanding.

Hands fall away but don't stray far, still held up as if to show that she's unarmed. Which is a total lie, she's still very much armed.

"How didhow is this evenand you don't know about -any- of this? Oh my god," is repeated. She glances to one side with a deep breath and an "Oooh-kay" before her arms hang back to her sides. "-Wow.- Um. So ..welcome to Gotham City..!" she lamely switches with one of the world's most awkward looking smiles ever. At least nothing explodes when she motions outward this time.


Gwen is hungry - starving, really. Her cooling hotdog is the first food she's gotten all day, and she steals glances at it furtively. But there's something more important here than feeding her face with questionable meat and slightly runny yellow mustard.

Someone - the woman in front of her - needs Help. And Gwen has a weakness for feeding her heart before her face.

As Daisy draws inward, Gwen holds the phone as long as she needs, slipping it into a hidden pocket when the reaction hits full swing. The fake smile. The shock.

"It's alright. I'm sorry I—" It wasn't her. It hurts her to say, but taking the fall is something spiders do. They get back up. "I'm pretty sure it wasn't the ninjas. But people where I'm from didn't really like me. Didn't want the Spider-Woman around. Things got worse even when I tried to make them better. Then I land here, and… There's so many more heroes. Villains too, but people need help, here. People need capes and masks just as badly as they need the police. There's… registration, and SHIELD being weird, and fighting on the streets, and… You. There's so many things that should be going right, and aren't."

"Maybe they need a ghost like me. I don't know."

Gwen gingerly, slowly, places a hand on Daisy's shoulder. "Maybe your spider is still out there. Maybe I'm just filling in for her. Are you…"

"Are you going to be okay?"


Their positions have effectively reversed. Where Gwen had a lot to take in at the start of this encounter, now it's Quake's turn. Though the glances passed toward the hot dog don't go completely unnoticed. Daisy's gotten a lot better about reading other people, whether through subtle cues or not so subtle ones.

Ninjas? ..Nevermind. Minor detail with everything else left up in the air. One question does get repeated before long. "Am -I- going to be okay?"

This is so weird. TOO weird. It's a different Gwen and yet so many of their mannerisms are exactly the same. It's -almost- too much for Daisy but at the very least it seems that she owes Ghost Spider a proper explanation.

"Okay, so..I kinda..broke up with the last G a couple weeks ago. I'll be fine. But. I feel like maybe we through this a bit..?" she motions back and forth with her hands before ending with a slightly scrunched up face.

"Probably somewhere better than this..where there's food. I, uh..I don't really know this part of town very well, but if you'd like to…" she awkwardly hooks both thumbs around her shoulder. "I've got a van, and..oh my god this sounds -so bad- but I figured you'd rather not sit in a diner where there's other people who might overhear what we're talking about, and..stop talking, Quake," she sort of mutters with a sigh.

"I don't know what to do here."


The incredulity at Gwen's 'are you going to be ok' doesn't register. Even through her costume, there's a present worry, a tightness of the eyes, a sureness of her hand on Daisy's shoulder. That, in this precise moment, the Ghost Spider is just Gwen with her costume on, hoping that Daisy is alright.

"You broke up with… Oh. Ohh."

There's a palpable relief there, the kind that only comes when you're expecting and braced for something far worse than Relationship Drama. "Well, it's a known fact that I'm the worst." She agrees easily, fast humor at her own expense a refuge.

"You want me… To follow you to a panel van." The fuchsia-rimmed costume eyes narrow dangerously. Questioningly. Direly.

"Yeah, that's not the weirdest thing that someone's asked me. Is your hero name Quake because you do the… vibration thing? That's wild. You don't have to stop talking, though."

Gwen raises her now alley-temperature hotdog. "Otherwise you're just gonna hear me going to town on this dog, and nobody wants to smell relish-and-onion-breath. You're a hero, right? Help people?"

Gwen's hand falls, and she takes a disarming bite of hotdog as she strides for Daisy's shady van. "Well, Quake, I'm lost and need some help, so can you… Y'know…?"

Her flashed smile is tempered humorously by a bit of ketchup at the corner of her mouth.


Before it was just weird. Now it's going to be weird AND awkward!

As Gwen repeats the words and starts looking suspicious Daisy's shoulders sort of hang in defeat. Then comes the sheepish smile. "Listen..I value my privacy as well. And as the last one of you found out all you have to do is what you did to that guy hanging from a pole and I'm pretty harmless. So unless you have a better option..? This is what I've got to work with."

There's another second of hesitation when asked about her -hero- name. "Yah…" she replies at length. "It's because of the vibration thing. I actually got that name from the other version of you." A soft smile here. "! Believe me, I -totally- get what it's like not having a home in the city."

Is she a hero? That's entirely debatable. "In a roundabout way," she suggests while trying to completely dodge the subject.

Whatever Daisy's original intention for being in this part of the city is indefinitely put on hold while leading the way back to the parked vehicle. It isn't too far away. It's also parked in a very secluded area, adding to the suspicious nature of the offer.

When Gwen mentions needing some help Quake reaches for the van keys in one hand while holding the other up in a somewhat sharp motion. "Can I help you get settled? Maybe. Can I offer you a place to crash? No. I just—I can't go through this a second time. Hopefully you understand. This is -so much- like how I had met the other Spider and it wasn't all that long ago."

Inside of the van it almost looks like a conspiracy theorist's mobile lab. There's a map pinned to one side with colored thumbtacks, strings, writing, Post-It's, the whole works. It's a map of Metropolis but that might not be immediately apparent. There's also a healthy amount of computer equipment, some really bleeding edge hardware at that. She must have spent a whole lot more on the gear than the vehicle it had been crammed inside of.

The bottle of water and bag of beef jerky that she pulls out and offers to Gwen are much more readily identifiable.

With those items handed off she tosses her bag into the back and slides the door shut before leaning against the side of the light blue rustbucket with arms folded. "So. What else can I do for you, Second G?"


"Now I don't believe that for a second." Gwen laughs. "That dude was trying to snatch a purse with a gun. You popped a streetlamp with your mind and a gesture. Harmless?"

Ghost Spider takes a few moments to finish her hotdog, wiping her mouth with the back of her wrist and smearing yellow and red on her white costume glove. "I'm sure you'd give me a run for it, minimum. Call it my self preservation hotline."

It's comfortable for her to fall into familiars with this woman she's never met. She doesn't have to explain so much.

"Mood." She notes, to the 'roundabout way'. Spider-Woman was never precisely liked by her old Earth. Climbing into the van, Gwen immediately and gingerly checks both feet to make sure she's not stepping on any cables or kicking over anything sensitive before very carefully arranging herself among the obviously expensive setup, accepting bottle and bag with a thankful nod and smile. "I've got some leads on a place to crash. Met Red Robin and this… weird moth guy? They sent me after Stephen Strange," she ticks off names on her fingers. "the Titans in Gotham, and Xavier's Institute in New York." With a practiced rotating flick of her thumb, she uncaps the bottle of water, taking to it like a fish with heavy gulps.

"So what's your take on that? Red Robin and the weird guy - Carolus - said that SHIELD was sketchy around here. Really, just give me the low down on Who's Who and I'll see if there's some place I can crash at without…"

Gwen trails off, her head hung. "Well, ruining your life — again. Really, a backpack and a phone charger would be nice, all my go-bag stuff is webbed to the top of a roof a dimension away. You've already not run screaming into the street with my identity, which I appreciate, but I think that one's moot."


She could explain how her powers work, buuut maybe it's for the best if she doesn't get into that. The first Spider Gwen had found a way to keep Daisy's then out of control powers from bringing down buildings and causing a lot of harm. Fortunately, she's not that person anymore. History won't have to repeat itself.

There had been some holding of breath if Gwen would actually follow her inside of the van. Gwen has no reason to instinctively have any trust in Daisy like Daisy does her. As Gwen talks about potential leads she's quick to reach for a tablet and start tapping away at the screen. 'Red Robin' leaves her trying to recall if the name is familiar. A wierd moth guy, 'Carolus?' has her frowning. Strange's name is better recognized. Titans. And most definitely Xavier's. That brings her attention back up to the masked vigilante. "Yah? I know where Xavier's is. Bit of a hike, but doable."

SHIELD. The first time it came up in their conversation Quake had managed a flawless poker-face. Now that she isn't all emotionally distraught hearing the Division being brought up a second time has her expression tightening around the edges. It's a tricky subject, to be sure. There's PLENTY she could say about the group in question, too. And yet… There's a chance that the Ghost Spider's senses might start tingling again because Daisy serves a straight-up lie:

"I don't know a whole lot about those guys."

Fortunately there's an easy deflection on hand. "But there's good people up at Xavier's. If things played out differently I might have ended up with them."

A pack and a charger, now they're on the same wavelength! The tablet is set aside and off Daisy goes. Both of those items she happens to have in a healthy quantity, it doesn't take long to scare up one of each.

"Hey. Seriously. You aren't 'ruining my life.' We didn't end on bad terms, things just..didn't hold together. It's not like I hate you for being here or being a near copy of someone I knew. Everything's a little extra crazy lately but I don't want to boot you out there on your own."

Next her own phone is brought up and in a manner of seconds there's a text message being sent to Gwen's. It's probably best not to ask how she got the other girl's number.

"We can still keep in touch. Just..try to keep it on the down-low for now?"


The only history that appears to be repeating itself is their relationship history. But as a student of that history, Daisy navigates it with aplomb. Also, Gwen is low-key mortified that the fourth person she's directly interacted with is her dimensional ex.

There's that.

"I looked it up. Titans Tower, too, actually poked around there a bit but nobody was home. If they're good people, then I'll probably go there. Just take a bus or something."

A soft, helpless little snort escapes Gwen's nose. "Can't swing through open plains, even if I wanted to. I can scrape bus fare up, though. Probably."

SHIELD comes and goes, and beyond a faint twitch - one that Daisy was probably one of the few people who could catch it - comes and goes, but Gwen doesn't pursue the topic. SHIELD - an Alphabet Agency with nearly unlimited jurisdiction, multiple superheroes, and a vested interested in keeping things top secret - having secrets is no surprise. It confirms more than it leaves unanswered.

Graciously accepting the new backpack and phone charge with both hands and pulling the bag open to empty her pockets - a few crinkled bills, an extra phone (the screen flashes to life with activity going on, but the battery is a tiny sliver of red), and a few bits and bobs - plus the jerky into it. "Man this is such a big help. Can't exactly walk into Sears looking like this, you know." She jokes lightly. "Helping me out with the problems I can't swing a fist at or swing away from is a big load off, is all I'm saying."

Her phone - in her hands - goes off. A text message? She checks it, but confusion colors her eyes. "Is this… you? How'd you get this number? This is Carolus' phone. Mine doesn't work in this dimension for some reason - no service. You're…"

Gwen's expression lights up as she sits up, glancing about the van anew. "Wow you're good. Are you a…"

Her voice hushes as she leans forward. "A *spy*? Wow! I knew a spy, that's totally rad."


At the part of not being able to swing through open plains, Daisy suggests "As far as metahumans go this city is ..okay, if you aren't too 'out there' with them. All of New York is a no-fly zone, they've got DPS agents and Sentinels all over the place. If you want somewhere where you can be free to get around via your preferred methods then Metropolis is where to go. Just keep in mind that around there you may run into the Super-Crew and they aren't known for their human interaction skills. They're also at power levels which are -totally- off the charts so expect to feel like a little fish out there."

It's really kind of sad, in a way. Being yanked out of the very dimension where a person was born and raised, where everything is familiar and known, and being dropped into a parallel universe with nothing but the clothes on your back. Daisy's seen it twice now, and the coincidental bit is that it's effectively the same person. Which means…

A little more digging provides a second bag. Just a plastic shopping bag, but one full of clothes. "I, um..I never got around to dropping these off. Figure they'll fit, since you're like the same person and all."

Wait. It ISN'T her phone? Sigh, "Well why didn't you say so?" A spare phone charger naturally happens to have a spare phone to go with said charger. Gwen can have a phone of her very own.

And then things get dicey again. A spy? Daisy. A spy. "No—no! It isn't like that at all!"

It totally is.

"Geez. I'm just a hacker, okay? For the longest time I survived by taking money out of ATM's, picking out a phone signal is simple stuff. It's easier than getting into the item servers of MMORPG's these days."


"Wait. Wait run that one back."

Gwen's mortifaction goes from 'embarrased, as a person' to 'utterly floored, as a superhero'. "New York's… a no-swing zone? That's… That's—!"

Gwen's mouth works but her brain pops and fizzes. "What am I even… supposed to do? Just bail on… everything? Just…"

The very air changes around her, a tightness in her throat. The wave that crashes into her isn't a kaleidoscope of danger signs and fuzzy lightning bolts, but pain and homesickness and— a thousand other things.

It had been so easy to fall into treating Daisy like an estranged friend, but Gwen had already quietly given up on half of her life when she first googled herself on Carolus' phone. Now…

Quietly - smaller and with a grief-saturated husk - Gwen restrains the waterworks behind her rolled-up mask. "I'll figure it out, yeah."

A bag of 'her' old clothes. Picking through it with a heartless finger-whisk to check it's all stuff 'she' would wear, she stuffs it into the backpack on top of her pocket-junk.

"Being Spider-Woman is all I've *got* here. I can't be… me-me."

"She's dead."
"And I can't prove who I am, because I don't have anything to show for it."

Her shoulders sink as she retreats into a little hunched-over ball in the back of Daisy's van. "I can't even use that name. There's not one, there's two spider-women here. Other-me, and the one with the red costume. I'm running out of 'me'."

With an intake of breath, a steadying exhalation through her nose, and a guilty look up at Daisy. "You don't need this. Sorry. I've… Webs, I've got some thinking to do. Maybe I'll go take Red Robin and Batwoman up on their offer. I'm feeling a little 'at risk'."

Then the question comes. "How'd things get so bad, here?"


Quake had no idea what kind of nerve she'd be striking by sharing the piece of information about New York. That cat's not going back into the bag, that's for sure. For a time she falls silent as Gwen tries to process all of this news, uncertain on how to respond or if she should respond at all. Living here day to day gets complicated enough but she never considered how hard it might be for someone brand new to it all.

"Okay, just..hang on."

A lone finger is held upright as Daisy flicks out her phone and makes a call. While it tries to connect she's watching Gwen. When it fails to connect she dips her head and releases a long breath.

"Yah," she mutters while bobbing the phone between her fingers before errantly flicking it aside. "I haven't been able to reach 'my' Gwen for a while now. Haven't seen her, haven't heard from her. Like she vanished. All I can assume is that she managed to find a way home. She never stopped wanting to. After we drifted I don't think she had any reason left to stay, so… I have a feeling that you aren't going to be competing with anyone else for your identity."

"Also, I —" Daisy pauses to catch the corner of a lip between her teeth. "I gave Gwen an official record. Since..she didn't exist before popping into our world she really had -nothing.- So I helped take care of it. I could probably make some adjustments to those files if there's any need to."

Gosh, it's easy to forget how much history they had shared together until she's looking back upon it all… The hackerette pauses and sniffs a little, rubbing an 'itch' on her face with the back of a sleeve.

Hang on. Red Robin and Batwoman on their offer? "Offer—what offer?"

How did it get so bad? "Politics," is the only answer she can come up with. "The DPS are why I had to abandon my apartment in New York. It's been super crazy this last year."


Gwen - Ghost Spider - takes a moment to hook a finger over the ruffled-up lip of her mask, pulling it down. Being half-in-half-out was making it (everything, really) worse.

Ghost-Spider just sits there breathing for a few moments, and manages to swallow down her erupting emotions. Daisy checks a phone before tossing it aside. It's a quiet, somber moment for both of them.

Another offer of help, this one of a record, and Ghost-Spider raises her hand. "It's alright. I appreciate it, and I may take you up on it if I wanna disappear into DC or Rhode Island. But right now, I've got a clean break. For all the good and the bad, I *am* a ghost. And if you're a… 'hacker', I wouldn't want to put you in danger. And… I wouldn't want to put the 'other me' in danger either. You helped her, and I don't want to take advantage of you because I'm 'just like this other girl'. Even if she is another 'me'."

"This is really hard to keep straight, by the way." Ghost-Spider snorts, rallying behind hero humour.

"Red Robin said that his team, the Titans, helps out people like me. I said that, right?"


"Oh, like that," Daisy thinks aloud while feeling perhaps a little foolish. There's been a lot to keep track of today, a couple details are sure to slip through the cracks.

"I don't know the Titans but if they say they'll help out then I wouldn't have any reason to doubt them. The same goes for Xavier's. And..I'm not going to tell you not to go to New York City -at all- but definitely avoid the section known as 'Mutant Town' if you're there. And really, do be careful. They're real serious about their whole 'Registration' deal. It's not good if they catch you without an ID."

With all of that done, food, clothes, supplies, information… Daisy can't really spare the cash right now or there would have been some of that, too. "I can only do so much but I'll be around if something comes up, okay? You've got my number."


Ghost-Spider nods. "Yeah. Even if it's a trap or a weird cult or whatever, trying to make friends and find a place to crash is my goal right now. And you've helped me out more than plenty."

Sliding on the backpack after zippering it up, Gwen pockets 'her' new phone from the hackerette, before placing a hand against the panel door of Daisy's van.

"Same here. If you need help, just ring me up. I may not crash in Gotham, but… I have a strict no-sleeping-in-garbage policy I try to stick to. And I'm…"

Gwen slides open the panel with just her fingertips. "Really sticky, you know?"

"See you around." Ghost Spider offers in passing as she gingerly slides around the mess of cables and gear in the van, aims her wrist up, and fires out a web-line with a soft 'fwp!'.

"Sorry it didn't work out with other-me." Gwen adds, quietly, before she leaps off, swinging into the Gotham skyline.

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