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Katsumi is much perkier than when she'd landed, but she runs into a shrinking violet named 'Ryan'. And then things get weird.

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IC Date: September 19, 2019
IC Location: Central Park
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Posted On: 22 Sep 2019 04:55
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Music in the background, exercise is in the air. There's an upbeat feeling, with happy dancing everywhere. People are gathered, everyone is in the area, with music and a beat, there's some kind of event.

If that read like it had a rhythm, there's a reason. Someone with a lot of cash has set up speakers, there's a VR demonstration that people can play in, and it seems that on a giant screen someone is doing Carameldansen with lightsabers. Not really, it's a game of some sort, 'Beat Saber' on the posters.

Really it's just something going on, many folks aren't involved, but the background music is invigorating and fun. A bit further away, a group of runners passes by, working out to the music.

On a less used trail, mostly because it leads uphill and away from all the fun, a smaller jogger in black stomps grumpily away from the area. Her shock-short red hair stands out, but the bare feet perhaps even more. She's found the one truly hard trail, and is currently going uphill, winding herself nicely. Clearly not happy with all the playing, for some reason.

Looks pretty fit though. Bare feet? That's odd. But the tight black skinsuit shows muscles, strong from lots of use. And a scowl.

* * *

Of coouurse there'd be insane fun things happening in Americatown, right when Katsumi can't partake in even a little bit of it. If she weren't so diligent about her training, if she weren't so dedicated to being /the/ most electrifying performer, she'd probably ditch and flounce over to the crowd. She knows what Beat Saber is. She's played it. She doesn't have it, herself, but come on. She's a gamer. After so many years of her using Streets of Rage tunes as her entrance music, how could anyone not know that? It might even be in her public bio somewhere.

No, today she has to train. Maybe do a little touristy stuff afterwards. But training first. There will be /so many eyes/ on her, so many doors potentially opened. Anything less than her peak is unacceptable! She can figure out why the normally deep green of her eyes has faded to a pale, flecked jade some other time.

As such, the spritely Japanese girl is trotting the hill in the opposite direction. In fact, she's all but the complete opposite of Rahne in every way but gender. Middling-to-long silky hair bound back in a sporty, bouncy ponytail, her wardrobe equally of the athletic variety but a bit more shameless - a hot pink racerback sportsbra paired with white yoga shorts. Why, she's even wearing shoes! White cross-trainers with pink detailing! The strain of the trail is visible on her, lips parted as she pants along, skin lightly aglisten with a sheen of sweat. She's not looking photo-ready, but that's not really why she's out here.

She's also not out here to ram into another chick who happens to be cresting the hill at this time.

Katsumi lets out an undignified squawk in surprise, quickstepping to the side to avoid the collision. What could've been a fall is reduced only to a stumble before she catches herself.

* * *

Superman heads to Uptown Manhattan.

* * *

The shorthaired redhead is small enough that it's possible to miss her, but not if the trail is too narrow to get past without a potential collision. The sudden appearance of a Japanese lady seems, somehow, to not really surprise her. Another difference between them, while Katsumi reacts with her so-cute squeakyness, the little Scot just reaches for her hand to steady her, as if she were ready for it.

"Ye dinnae have ta for me," she says, her voice soft and apologetic, if a bit difficult to translate. Because while she does speak english, it's heavily colored by Scots brogue. Her stoic and unmoving reaction is a bit screwy, but nothing to panic over. It's largely because she would have scented the upcoming hiker nearly two minutes ago, but no way for Kat to know that right now!

She clearly, clearly didn't scent the way that Kat is dressed though, as her green eyes glance over Katsumi's outfit. Hair. Body. Yikes. With a careful breath, Rahne says, "Th' trail's northbound, ma'am. Harder work if ye stick to th' uphill, too narrow fer two at some points." She acts like she works here, or is a regular. At least she didn't call Kat a prostitute, which is what she was thinking from initial impressions.

Though she does seem to be blushing. "Are ye alrigh'? Dinnae hurt y'sel?"

Translation from Rahne to English available on request.

* * *

Big, expressive almond eyes, delicate features, a distinctly girly voice - yes, 'cute' is assuredly a way many would describe Katsumi. Until she starts saying words.

"F***ing Hell!," she breathes, steady now. Her hand, though grabbed, is withdrawn to set over her chest as she leans over. She neds just a moment to will her heart back down from her throat. "Wait, what?" Her own dialect is clear, even casual, with only a lilt of accent from her Japanese heritage. One might blame overbearing socialite parents, or the international nature of her career. Either way, it comes in handy when traveling abroad. Katsumi's posture straightens, wiping her palms against her face and simultaneously pulling back the bangs in frame. The latter simply drop back into place hovering near her cheekbones. "Didn't get a /word/ of that."

Inhale. Exhale. Okay. She's good again.

Balled fists come to prop at her hips, and she offers the redhead and apologetic, toothy smile. "One more time?," she asks, colloquially requesting she repeat herself.

* * *

The redhead lowers her hands, her lips curling into what might be a smile, might be an embarrassed blush, possibly a mixture of the two. With the music drifting in the background, she balls up her right fist into her own hair, barely able to grab it.

Then, "Ah dinnae know how…" as she kind of rubs her feet together, body language clear even if her words are not. She is trying to speak a bit slower though, but the words are still pretty f***ed up. "Ye be goin' th' trail backside," she tries again, then pauses. Thinks. "Backwards? Ah think tha' be th' American ward fer et. Sorry ma'am, ah be pure Scottish."

She glances again at the goods on display, so to speak, and looks away, her pale freckled face so very expressive. Not sure where to look, so she adds in a much lower tone, "Ah might be wrong though. Probably m' fault." To which she looks down, at her feet.

Damnit, the woman even has nicer feet than me.

* * *

"McScuse me?," asks Katsumi before glancing back the way she came. Then ahead again to Rahne. "Oh s***, my bad!" Eyes are suddenly wider than usual, jaw firmed and teeth clenched in an open cringe. "Been killing stereotypes all my life, but second day in America, I'm banging up traffic!" She raises a hand again, this time to plant the heel of her palm against her eye and rub in embarrassment.

When the hand drops, the toothy smile appears again - but this time with a sheepish overtone. At that point, she finally gives the other girl a curious once-over. "You forgot shoes, hon'."

* * *

The apology makes Rahne lift her gaze from the floor. She's such an unassuming little thing, she actually blushes more at the apology than before it! "'s jus' harder uphill," she says as way of explanation, though she turns her body slightly sidewise to give room on the trail. In case Katsumi wants to keep going.

A look down at her feet though, she shrugs gently and without force, her right heel lifting to she can touch the sole with a calloused finger. "'s jus' dirt an' rocks. 've always done bare feet for hikin, 'nless it be inna city. Concrete gets too hot." That seems to make sense to her, though she looks up at Katsumi's face to see if she's embarrassing herself. Insecure to a fault, then.

"Ah be Rain," she adds. "M'name." She pronounces it oddly, like there's a rolled 'r' and possibly an extra vowel, but that's what it sounds like.

* * *

Oh dear. There's blood in the water. If Rahne has never seen nor heard of Katsumi, she'd have no way of knowing this. But Katsumi is a shark. Fangs, predatory senses, and ruthless efficience. When she finds weakness, she clamps on with multiple rows of teeth and tears into it. The look the girl gives her tingles on those senses, that unshakable natural urge to needle and taunt. It's what makes her such a nightmare. Her game isn't just physical - it's psychological. Whether or not she wants to.

But Rahne has something else going for her. She looks young. Young, /plus/ vulnerable. That's the proverbial kryptonite to Katsumi's fiendish natural ticks. Somehow dealing with 'kids' suppresses that nature. "That's, um…," Katsumi hedges, looking down at the foot again. "..that's.. a choice." Nod. She looks up to the other's face again. "And, okay, I'm not trying to be a b. But did you say Ryan? Like, embarrass me now so I don't say something stupid later, okay?"

* * *

Rahne nods at the pronounciation of her name, it being close enough that she can recognize it, even if it is completely and utterly incorrect. She'll answer to it, so she just says, "Tha's et. Ryan, wot be yer naime," she asks kind of bluntly, adding to the young persona a bit. Unintentionally, it's more a Scot thing than a kid one but it still seems to somehow work.

But she does look down at her feet again, as if not sure if she's being strange or not. Nobody else she's seen has been barefoot, but she hates breaking shoes when she shifts.

The sudden glance up as something Katsumi says registers, and Rahne looks a little astonished. "Ye be nae stupid! Dinnae say thet, ye been huir of a braw tae me an' ye shooldnae say 'at abit anyain, especially yerself." Too fast again, but Kat hit a topic that Rahne is passionate about. She loses herself a bit when that happens.

And we're back to 'wtf did she say?' status, as Rahne looks so very forthright and hopeful, that this would help. Katsumi's better than this dangit.

* * *

"Okay," Katsumi says slowly, uncertainly, with a cant of her head and uplidding of her eyes, "Ryan." No questions asked, since she's pretty sure that would be insensitive even by her standards. Everyone has to know when to say when.

She catches just the start of the tirade. The rest has Katsumi leaning back, raven black eyebrows raised, and agog. "Uh, wow, okay! Take it easy! You're going a little too fast there!" And once the tide seems stemmed, she leans in again. "Name's Oshiro Katsumi." Beat. "Or, Katsumi to you people."

* * *

The lack of comprehension is almost expected, and clearly recognized by the look on Rahne's face. She jams her hands behind her back and her heels rub together, a sigh emerging from her throat but not her lips. Closed lips, eyes drifting downward again.

"Ms Cat Soo Me," she says a moment later, respectfully. Too much so, but at least it's words that make sense. "Ah be sorry, but ye should nae speak bad abou' y'self. Ye been good tae me."

She was very careful with her words that time, she's not trying to be cute. Even if she is being so. But this time she kind of sidles past, as if not wanting to inflict her own stupidity on Katsumi any further.

She proves it with her next comment, of "Ah be sorry. Will nae ruin yer run any mair." And even with that, she waits to be told she can go. To be excused, with her fingers grabbing at the fabric of her outfit nervously.

* * *

Katsumi Oshiro lowers one eyebrow at her name is phoneticized slowly. That's fine. 'Ryan' can take all the time she needs with it. She's very aware that she's the foreigner in these lands. But what she clarifies afterwards gets a blink. And then another blink as she compounds the absurdity.

There's a sudden, bright giggle.

"Oh my god, shut up!," Katsumi counters, animated. "I'm my own person, I get to call me stupid whenever I want! It's other people who don't get to!" This is delivered with a verifiably cheshire grin. And then she's angling a hand forward, index finger extended with the intent to press the tip of the digit against Rahne's nose. "But you don't get to be so damn gloomy! Acting like I'm all offended, what's the big idea? Are you always so hard on yourself? No wonder you look like such a whipped turtle! Relax!"

* * *

It takes a moment, as Rahne's hands kind of almost-touch, almost there. She lifts them from her hips, the fabric showing good ability to handle this kind of maltreatment. Whoever she is, she's got good taste in exercise equipment. It looks like the stuff they give Olympians; breathable and tough, without restricting. Good thing she has very little to show though, with how tight it is on her.

But the girl doesn't raise her gaze, at least not all the way. The silence is enough answer: yes, she's always so hard on herself. Why wouldn't she be? It hangs in the air for a second, two, beat, beat.

Then the redhead smiles, halfway to a smile. "'m glad ye're alright, then." The rolled r in 'alright' is almost a lilt, she's very much a foreigner too. Who took the transition, not as well perhaps.

She shuts up as ordered though, backing away a step. Then she looks at the trail, the woods. And for an instant Katsumi sees something in her gaze that hasn't been there til that moment. Longing.

"Be safe?"

Odd, she sounds like she means it. Like it's not just words and for all they've just met, Kat is important to her now. Which if you knew wolves, you'd understand. Mine.

* * *

Katsumi Oshiro at first isn't sure anything she's saying is getting through. And she's very nearly at a point of furthering. One must be careful that Katsumi doesn't bully them into having a good time; she has a rather forceful personality. But when she speaks, the punkette's fists are planted once more to her hips. "Of course I am! It's like you've never heard of me or something," she chides, chin uptilting.

She'd definitely gathered that Rahne has no idea who she is. She's playing with her. Further efforts to get her to loosen up.

When her chin tucks again, she spots that look. Thing is, she's seen it before; or something like it. It causes her head to turn slightly, side-eyeing 'Ryan' suspiciously. "Buh? Be safe? From what?"

* * *

And the little redhead doesn't get the joke. She touches her heart in passing, fingers trailing up to her own shoulder where she grabs, seeming to want to hold something, to touch, as her fingers dig into her scapula, and she looks up.

To meet the wrestler's gaze, innocent and true. "Ah havenae," she says unnecessarily. "Please dinnae be mad." Also, unnecessary. She's as likely to insult Katsumi with that as she is to sprout wings and fly. Though the question, from what? That makes her look again. But her eyes turn toward the music, the people. The people.

"Naethin," she lies. A second later, unable to let it go like that, "Ah pray naethin, anyway." Then she's turning a warm, supportive smile toward Katsumi, wanting HER to be happier, to feel safe. "Ye should keep tae th' path though. Jus' en case."

Then she walks a few more steps away, uphill. Before turning away, the face hinting at something less honest, as the child begins away.

* * *

Often pragmatic to a fault, the additional not-warnings-but-kind-of-warnings leave Katsumi flabbergasted. She tries to follow Rahne's gaze to whatever it was she might have subconsciously been indicating. Video games? People? Crowds? Sure, the girl is socially awkward, she gets that. But Katsumi isn't. Unless there's something that she just doesn't know?

At a loss, she turns back to the short-haired girl and raises her arms to either side in a broad shrug. "Of what!? You can't say cryptic s*** like that and nope out!," she fusses.

* * *

Then, out of f***ing nowhere, the little girl Rahne says something so completely out of character it throws the entire conversation out the window. As she's vanishing around a corner, she calls back, "Can too, and just did!" without any further explanation.

And then she's f*cking gone, and the bare sound of feet racing away tease, taunt. And give Katsumi something to chase. If she wants a workout, after all. The kid. Is. Fast. And the barest sound of what could be, almost is, and totally was, a laugh, drifts back.

Catch me if you can. That little witch, she…absolutely played her!

Though Rahne's heart races with the truth of it all, she's still willing to play. And to give the nice lady a happy ending, no matter how real it might really be.

* * *

Katsumi Oshiro is beyond puzzled. Why would she say something so spooky to a foreigner? If Katsumi were any less physically capable, she'd have been disconcerted by it! And while Katsumi isn't egocentric to the point of suicidal, she /does/ know what she's capable of, and is rather confident in that. Still, it's such a mindbogglingly odd thing to say!

"What!," balks Katsumi. "You freaking kidding me with this!?"

Well. What the hell, she wanted a workout. A part of her suspects this is a trap. But curiosity is a strong thing. And if it came down to it, she's pretty sure she could take the smaller girl in a scrap! "This is /so/ stupid," she mutters to herself as she takes her first vaulting steps forward, and proceeds to rush off after her.

* * *

No fangirl squee'ing for Kat's fame, Rahne doesn't know her from that. She only met her today, so when Kat eventually catches her, and it is a serious chase, there's only giggling and smiling. No darkness. No fear, just a path and panting and sweat.

And eventually a girl vanishing into the woods, waving, but without any real explanations. Sometimes there are still limits. And as Kat has said, she does know when to let it go.

Especially when she has demons of her own.

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