Breaking But Not Entering
Roleplaying Log: Breaking But Not Entering
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Where Ghost Spider tries to get in to Titans Tower, and Starfire gives her the glass half full speech.

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IC Date: September 22, 2019
IC Location: Titans Tower, East Bay
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Titans Tower, out in the East Bay, is nigh unmissable. It's like a giant Tetris piece dropped right into the middle of an island on the East Bay.

It's also secured by a bunch of dudes in suits and government actors prowling around, probably to trap any returning Titans. Or, there would be, were the tower not long abandoned. Now there's only a few dudes in suits, who pulled short straw duty to stick around.

Nobody would go back to the obvious trap.


Gwen Stacy in plain clothes for the first time in over 48 hours, 'borrowed' from an alternate self's ex-roommate, browses her new phone. "Okay, uh, Google."

Her phone beeps. "Where are the Titans?"


Ghost Spider, back in costume, stands atop a New York skyscraper, bouncing from one foot to the other and psyching herself up. "Just got to stick the landing. It'll be fine! I've done this before! This time, no garbage. No garbage. Alright." With a mighty leap, and a spreading of the web-glider-wings under her arms, Ghost Spider begins the perilous paraglide over to the giant tetris-block tower. She thanks her lucky stars that her mask is windshear resistant, or otherwise this would be dumb AND potentially lethal. Now it's just potentially lethal! Woo.


Gwen finishes decking out or webbing up the goons on the island, stealing a keycard with a soft "Borrowing this!" and moves for the tower entrance. She swipes it at the door. NNnnnnothing. A 'bzzt', in fact.

"Alright, keypad, let's dance."

With an ear to the doorframe, Ghost Spider begins… typing into the keypad.


Ghost Spider has the door's keypad panel off. "I've watched tapes on how to hotwire a door, how bad can it be?"


Gwen sits cross-legged in front of the door, with not one, not two, but at least three silent alarms and a 'loud' alarm going off, and every method she's tried locked out. "Do I just punch the door? I bet a super-team's door is totally good against spider-strength. But maybe it isn't? Did they cut costs? This is a pickle, and I'm not looking forward to going back without any new leads."


The idea of using the abandonned T-Tower as a trap does seem a bit far-fetched. The Titans departed with no shortage of foreknowledged, not in any kind of rush or scramble that would cause them to leave anything of true value behind. And even if by chance anyone *did* forget their toothbrush, well, it's been the better part of a year. Surely, new toothcare products have been purchased, and the things left behind consigned to memory… if they were not mostly memories to begin with.

And yet somehow, the obvious trap seems to catch something.

Well, here it is perhaps useful making the distinction of who is really setting the bait and doing the snooping. The government may assign its very definitely not the best agents to continue to secure what was once the equivalent of a superpowered college dorm. Probably not even the government is stupid enough to expect they're going to do much more than stand around wasting tax dollars. But the Titans have their tradition of being led by the young child sol- er, proteges of the world's most paranoid superhero, so they've turned things around a little. Thus the Tower continues to serve a purpose, helping the Titans snoop on the very people who might snoop after them.

So when the alarm sounds, a nearby member of the team is immediately notified. As it happens, Starfire is not far off, enjoying a soaring trip over the river and perhaps some nostalgic feelings with the tower visible off in the very distance.


'Off in the distance' is relative when you are used to flying in space. The redheaded alien arrives fairly soon after the first of the alarms, hovering at some distance above the island. She does not share the Bat-family paranoia (even if she's flirted with being a Bat-Inlaw), and a lone figure arguing with a door to an empty building does not fill her with the deepest of worries, so much as a touch of curiousity.


"I would not advise punching it," she suggests, in a voice that is actually more helpful-sounding than taunting. "It was designed with some of our strongest founding members providing the relevant specifications. It is not invulnerable, but you might injure yourself if you are not very, very strong." And because the Bat-family sorts aren't here to defend their honor, she adds: "And I will add that it had a most generous source of funding."

With the last of the words, she has descended close enough to the ground for the conversation to be somewhat more personal, although the remaining distance still provides her just a touch of that 'aloof alien menace.' Except her smile is not very menacing. "Why are you trying to get inside? I take it you are not working with the usual security? The last is accompanied with an equally curious glance toward the webbed up suits.


Ghost Spider had had a very intimate relationship with the door in her long minutes of trying to break in FOR ENTIRELY GOOD REASONS.

"I feel like we've established a working relationship, you and I." Gwen announces conversationally to the door.

The alarm continues to go off inside.

"So, if you're voice activated, uh… Open Saltine? No? Ooookay."

From 'behind', a helpful voice advises. "Yeah, I thought that'd be bad. Got a feee—-oh."

Turning slowly, Gwen raises her hands as she does, as if she's spinning sheepishly for a police officer, before she spots the floating redhead. "Hey, uh… You. Aren't you-?" Gwen begins, snapping her finger and half-pointing with her upraised arms. "Uhhh… I'm going to grab my phone, okay?"

Slowly, as if Starfire is issuing her a ticket at a traffic stop, Gwen gets out her phone and checks her history. "Oh webs I'm not prounouncing that. Uh, Starfire? I wanted to go inside to talk, but the door's locked. As… you know."

Hanging her head quickly, her expressively large masked lens-eyes droop. "I'm being so lame right now." Her chin snaps back up. "No, I'm, Ghost Spider. Red Robin said some stuff about the Titans, SHIELD, some weird situation going on, and I wanted to see for myself what was up. Hearing that New York was a 'no fly zone' was a bit of a shock to me."


Still observing, it is hard to entirely grasp the thought process or intent behind Starfire's 'blank', pupiless and faintly glowing green eyes, which (flying and occasionally on-fire hair aside) are really the most visibly alien thing about her appearance. Yet that espressively wide-eyed expression seems far from hostile. Perhaps it helps that Gwen is giving off quite a different general vibe than your average supervillain. Kori might not be the mind-reading sort of alien, but she's a good judge of character!

So, when Gwen wants her phone? "Of course." She does not fear such a device. Nor even the chance of ending up with another picture in the news, even if this is a frequent problem. Instead, she simply smiles a little wider at the identification when it is finally made. "Yes that is correct."

"Ghost Spider? It is a pleasure to meet you. Are you…" And she glances over at one of the webbed-up dudes again. "Do all the warriors of this world have clans of this sort? How curious." Bats! Kryptonians! Flashes! Spiders! Oh my! "If you have been speaking with Red Robin, then you must be a friend. But you are correct that this area is… well, that is a complicated matter. But there is no one in the Tower, which is why your… various efforts have not yielded any answer. It was your intent to meet with the Titans?"


Some say the eyes are portals to the soul. Ghost Spider's eyes are hidden behind highly expressive white lenses!

Starfire's eyes make Gwen, internally (but thankfully not externally too badly - mostly a shocked squint and a quarter-step back) go: 'woah! an alien!'.

Gwen's body language isn't precisely 'super villain', though she doesn't spend much time rubbing her hands together and scheming either. When Starfire largely seems indifferent, or at least curious and nonhostile, to her presence on Titan grounds, Gwen lowers her other hand. "Clans? What? No, no. Where I'm from…" Which is also New York. "… I'm the one and only 'Spider-Woman'. Around these parts, I felt like a different name would be a 'fresh start'."

As for the Titans, Ghost Spider nods enthusiastically, thumbing back at the VEXACIOUS DOOR. "I was given some tips on people I should check out, or, well, avoid. Xavier's Institute and the Titans good, SHIELD bad. Wanted to see for myself."


"Well, it is true that I do not know any other Spider-Women. Though there is a Bat-Woman, and a Super…girl? Who of course is a woman. And maybe there is a Superwoman also? Sometimes it is very confusing." And only one of the abovementioned is even from another dimension! "But there is a Spider-man! He is quite amusing. I thought perhaps you two were kin, or at least comrades."

Perhaps another level of trust is confirmed by Starfire finally returning to Earth in full, her feet touching upon the terra firma of the little island, not far beyond the portal that has stymied the team's would-be visitor. She peers slightly at it. "I know the entry code, but I believe you have damaged the lock. I could knock it down…" Which, combined with her prior warning may constitute a certain statement of ALIEN MIGHT. "But… I do not think you would find much of interest inside. When the government passed the registration laws, we abandonned this location, as well as surrendering the public status we once enjoyed here, as defenders of this city. Of course, we still carry out that function, but it is no longer practical for our headquarters to be visible."

"Red Robin did not mention this? If he wished for you to meet with the team, this would not be a logical place to do so." Alien or not, certain basic logical principles are universal. Good thing she's not one of the paranoid ones, or this would be a 'what are you up to, villain!?' and 'unecessary heroic punching' moment.


"You know, I get 'Batwoman'. I didn't even name myself 'Spider-Woman', it's because I'm… sticky and stuff. I think those just stick. But 'Super'? That's a heck of a name. Do they also… fly and stuff?"

One of her gloved hands goes to the back of her head and rubs against her hood. "A… friend of mine said that Metropolis wasn't doing the whole registration thing, but the heroes there were way-way out of my league. Which is weird to think, but I guess maybe there'd be nothing to do? Gotham, on the other end, has way too MUCH crime, so…"

Starfire lands, and Gwen nods along. "I'm pretty sure it'd need to be reset or something, and… Yeah. Abandoned makes sense. Waste of a building, though, isn't it?"

Every element of a wry smile, to the voice and the way the eyes buoy up a skosh, less the smile paints itself across her masked face. "No, he… Neglected to mention that the Titans are in hiding. I'm not sure he wanted me to meet the team, but we didn't really get into a huge protracted conversation. I fell out of the sky because of… rrrrreasons. Also because I think I was out cold at the time. Anyway, found myself in Gotham, with a red-cowl'ed ninja stalking over me in the fire escape."

"It's…" Sheepish, again. "A long story." Gwen finishes, her foot kicking the scrub grass idly. "So you defend the city as a team? That's… cool, yeah."
ooc It's so funny to me to temper everything Gwen's doing right now with 'good lord, she's a huge alien flying gorgeous lady with weird eyes, and I'M BEING A DORK'


"I believe all Kryptonians are able to fly, yes, just like Tamaraneans. At least under conditions in this star system. There are a number of other species with such abilities from various worlds…" Immediately, it becomes obvioust that Starfire is quite capable of talking one's ear off when it comes to what might generously be termed 'space nonsense.' The worst is no doubt how utterly mundane she can make the topic sound.

"That is a reasonable assessment of the local population centers. I have some most wonderful friends who reside in Gotham, but to me, it seems a very depressing place, even compared with some other centers of crime in the Galaxy." Quite a review! Gotham: awful on an interstellar scale! "I question why its defenders do not take stronger measures where necessary."

"Yet everywhere comes with its challenges. In New York, one must simply worry about the government alongside of the criminals." Somehow, Starfire manages to make the last sound more upbeat than it should. "It is still not a reason to leave the people undefended. So yes, that is what we do. And if you wish to help, I am sure it would be appreciated. Do not worry too much about Red Robin, he is simply… cautious by nature. I am sure some of the others would be happy to meet you."

Then, as Gwen speaks of the building, Starfire lifts a hand to touch the surface. "We are involved in some legal efforts regarding the law. So I am hopeful we will be able to return here, one day. This was my first home on this world. So in the mean time," and she turns with a playful grin, "Try not to do it too much damage, hmm?"


"So they're aliens, too? That's crazy, but I was looking up the alien attack on New York a while back, and…" Gwen sighs. "It's a lot different here than home. I'd say 'oh, I'm an alien too' but only technically. Like I said - not from around here. But the most I've heard of extraterrestrials are people taking fuzzy photos and Area 51. This place sure is a lot more interesting than home."

'Stronger Means' gets a strange, quizzical look. "Well, I'm pretty sure New York isn't a death penalty state, and neither is New Jersey, so it'd be pretty rough for people to just start killing other people. It's always the last resort."

Thinking back to the Narrows, Gwen's right arm comes up to squeeze her right bicep, her weight shifting onto one hip. "Still. Maybe they're AT last resort. Just swinging through Gotham makes me feel like the whole place's flying apart."

"My other friend mentioned Sentinels, what're those? Some sort of new police force? I didn't see anyone on my way here, but I took the bus for most of it."

Gwen's eyes track down to Starfire's legs, which just a moment earlier had been straight up floating. "I can't really swing around open interstates, and defintely can't just fly. It'd take for-ev-er to run."

'Efforts regarding the law' draws out a potentially more-than-expected cheerful nod. "Yeah… I think that's the way to go, if you've got a big team and a set-up like this. You have to work with the system to make things work. Even if it's… Nnnh, 'vigilante work', I bet here it's much more understanding of people with powers helping out."

Pause. "Right? With a building like this, and wanting to return, it's… legal here? Or, well, was?"


"I respect the legal restrictions," the alien woman notes, although here, her tone does err toward one that might have better fit the lofty, somewhat intimidating vision of a floating, powerful being judging those below with aggressive space-lasering. "I have simply witnessed a great deal of evil and suffering throughout the galaxy, and anywhere I see it continue, it both saddens and angers me. I see the frustration of close friends and loved ones who fight it, pour their lives into it, and see little good for their efforts."

But beyond this, Starfire does not debate the point. She's gotten enough lectures from two generations of Robins.

So she changes topics: "Robots. Used to, yes, I suppose you could describe it in that way. To combat unregistered metahumans. They have not turned much of their attention toward us, but I do not fear to meet and destroy them if necessary." Bonus: no one gets morally indignant if you blow up a robot!

"I am really not an expert in the legal matters. I think we have always operated on the edge of such boundaries, but the degree to which it has been tolerated has varied. But I think the legal challenge would regard the… fairness of forcing us to register?" The woman shakes her head, and again seems happy to move past the topic. "So where /are/ you from, Spider-Woman who is now Ghost Spider instead?"


Gwen senses the multiple nerves she touched on, and manages a "Sorry.", her overall posture shying back. "For my track record, I should probably not preach. Sometimes you see, you experience… awful things, and there's no way to set it fully right. There's no way to pay it off, or fix it. You're just stuck with bad and worse."

"Unregistered… Metahumans? So, like me, but not you? Or are you included for completion's sake there? I didn't know it was some sort of drone robot or not."

'Legal Matters' gets another shrug-and-slump of the shoulders, Gwen pivoting to start pacing to work off the nervous energy she's picked up. Her turquoise shoe-bottoms crunch up against the brush and the unkempt path as she goes, a soft chromp-chromp-chromp of paced steps.

"I'm surprised it's a thing. The whole point of a mask is protecting people. Living a second life, one where you can express a whole side of yourself you can't without one. Anonymity has a power too. You could be anyone, and that helps some people."


"I believe the term is fairly catch-all," Starfire suggests, with a touch of amusement in her features. "Even if it is poorly applicable to those who are not human in any part. My understanding is the law has a number of clauses, including additional laws and restrictions regarding baseline human vigilantes, and even those with access to special technology." She shakes her head. "It is more dangerous to those with abilities, however. Registration requires submission to… study or classification by the authorities. Truthfully, without this clause, I would have accepted it. I am, after all, a visitor here, and it is not unreasonable that there should be a record of my presence. Many worlds have such customs procedures." Again with the space-y big picture. "But submitting myself to whatever scientists for… simply analysis? Study? To be experimented on, or neutralizes somehow?"

Here she physically shudders, and it is the first time that more shows through the friendly exterior than a more warlike outlook. There is actually a flash of intense revulsion, even of fright.

"So I cannot conform to the law, even if this causes me some sadness, has caused my team to make itself outlaws."

At the last, she gives a bit of a helpless laugh. "I am very bad at secrets." The fact that her 'secret identity' involves magazine covers, billboards, and posters on the sides of buses sort of proves this. "I wish I could do all of this openly. To speak with Earth's people about their place in the larger universe, to help them understand the dangers they face… but also that they might have willing friends among the stars."


"Is this like how you can say 'zero grams' of something when there's really zero-point four grams of something?" Gwen asks. "Becauase that's not what zero grams really means. Yeah, sorry, I'm being a dork again. Nervous." Gwen finishes, her voice trailing off in volume as she speaks.

The idea of being pulled apart in a science experiment with dudes in labcoats and blue stretchy gloves flashes in Gwen's mind's eye, and she makes an audible 'bleck'. "Yeah, I'm not about that either. Maybe, when I first got my powers, I'd have wanted them taken away or studied, but I've seen what they do to other people."

"Seen what they did to me, too. I guess nobody's really exempt. Outlawed for trying to do the right thing, though, that's kinda rich if you ask me."

She knows it's about fear, but she can't empathize like she used to. "Anyway, you asked me where I came from. It's… well, I was getting beat up by ninjas on the Grand Washington Bridge, when this wild portal opened up behind me and I got kicked off the bridge into it. I tried to land back in New York, but… missed? And hit Gotham. Uh… A dimension over."

"Which means I'm really, really new here. Still, a secret identity like you have's even worse than mine. I don't want to tell people 'sorry, I don't exist here, I'm from another version of this planet' and you're out there from another planet trying to tell them that there's so much more out there…"

"Can't even imagine." Gwen sighs, sliding her arms crossed loosely and shaking her head, moving her weight to her other foot. "Everyone's got problems, but I can take the mask off and blend in. Sorta. Kinda."

Another sigh, this time guilty. "Not really that well. But I don't envy the path you've gotta take. So the Titans help out with that, too?"


"I am not familiar with this idiom of inaccurate measurement, although it sounds dangerous." In space, reckless rounding is a bad idea! Though she continues more seriously: "While Tamaraneans have various natural abilities that would be considered 'superhuman,' my own are far superior. This is due to the… actions of another species from my region of space, who are very fond of genetic experimentation. Suffice it to say, it is not an experience I would willingly repeat, whatever the results. And perhaps this would not be the goal of the Earth scientists, yet without some basis of trust, I am not willing to submit myself to such whims beyond my control."

Fortunately, given the gloomy tone, the dimension-hopping backstory does not cause the concern or surprise it might in many. Perhaps it only makes sense. If she is an alien, and on Earth, speaking of things on other stars, it imples science advanced to the point where something like the many-worlds hypothesis might be a little… less hypothetical? Also: "I have a few acquaintances from other dimensions, or who travel to them frequently." So there's that. "Perhaps it would be beneficial to introduce you, so you might discuss the situation and determine if it was possible to return? If that is your goal."

She knows not everyone *can* go home.

"I am not sure how your dimension might differ from this one. You are at least from another Earth, so you might have quite the advantage over me!" Here Starfire's smile brightens toward its full, megawatt capacity. "Assuming you are not from an Earth where the sky is yellow and the dogs walk the humans and other such crazy things!" … that HAS to be something she saw on TV, and not advanced Tamaranean science, right? "Do you have a place to stay? Have you met with any of the other… Spider-people?"


"Experimented on? That's…" Gwen shudders. "I guess it doesn't matter where you're from." She finishes. There's so many platitudes, so many little observations, so many witticisms that she could say, or quips she could offer. 'But it helped people!' 'Oh, I got experimented on too, sorta, by proxy', or any number of things. It all seems so… Cheap.

Insensitive. Unempathetic. Not even dorky, just empty. And to someone who had been heroing for far longer, if the internet was true.

So instead she just sorts of make weird nonverbal noises and returns to pacing, her nervous energy quickening her pace - right up until she makes a freeze-in-mid-air stride stop. "You've got friends who travel dimensions? Well, first, that's… that's great! That's *amazing*! And second…"

"Wow, I'm just strong and fast and sticky and stuff. I'm feeling cheated. Travelling dimensions sounds… Awesome."

She dials down the energy a hair as she lets her frozen foot fall back to rest. "Unless it, of course, involved awful, terrible experiments and violations of their person, then it's regrettable and I'm sorry."

"Yeah, you know the whole not-from-here-but-from-Earth thing? It's pretty hard for me, too. I have barely any idea what sort of apps to get, apparently Tony Stark is a decentish guy on this side of the dimensions, and they put *fake corn sugar* in *everything*!"

As for a place to stay, Gwen shakes her head. "My roommates are a dimension over, and I've just got a backpack of stuff webbed to a roof across the bay."

Another one of those nervous, apologetic laughs. "I couldn't wear the weight and glide over here. Ssssstill can't fly."


The question of whether or not said dimension hopping-friend got their powers from horrible experiments draws a somewhat awkward pause. "It… depends which one of them we are talking about." One, in fact, got messed with by the /same group of spacejerks/ as Kori. It's a… small universe? "However, they are both very positive people. I do not know if they can control such things to a degree where it would be possible to facilitate your return, but at least, it might be reassuring for you to speak with them?" And here, she adds more sympathetically: "I did not intend to make light of your being stranded here. But I am curious to the degree of… correspondence and variation between these worlds."

That bit about Tony is at least an interesting tidbit, though. "I do not know him well, though we met at a social function once and he seemed quite charming. I believe… he and Kid Flash are good friends, so perhaps he can also help with the dimensional quandries." Starfire is also horrible at keeping 'what identities are secret' straight. She barely manages not to out Bart… or maybe not? Tony is pretty 'out', right? WHO KNOWS.

"If you give me your device," and she indicates the phone, "I will forward your information to several people, the two Flashes I know," as opposed to the two she doesn't, "And the Spider-Man! So you may schedule a fight to the death for the title." Okaaran Warlord humor. HOPEFULLY. Kori is smiling, at least.

"But please, do not worry about your gifts. One of the greatest heroes I know has no powers at all." This does not sound like a platitude either. "If you like, and until…" Well, Starfire can't say 'until Tim stops being a jerk and offers you a room at the mall,' but she frowns as she comes up with an alternative, "…you have settled in better and made some contacts, I know somewhere that might suit you. My agency keeps a couple large apartments for models who are traveling. Usually there are a few rooms with no one in them." 'Hey, wanna crash with some supermodels?' The Titans live large, it seems!


You know what? Gwen thought she was being a dumb web-head who said awful and unnecessarily insensitive things.

Gwen was wrong, and her caution was vindicated. Take that, closet introvert moonlighting as a super-spider! Pow! Socko! Right to the self-esteem positivity!

"Sorry to hear that. And I don't think it's a coincidence, not really. I heard there was… some situations happening-" involving alternate alternate reality versions of herself also being here but having disappeared. "-that meant that 'Ghost Spider' is supposed to be here, in this world."

That's a thought. It may be the 'other her' finding a way home that balanced the scales and created the portal that dragged her here.

"To… do something, I guess. Something that I need to do. Or it's an entirely meaningless endeavor, life's a cosmic joke, yadda yadda nihilism." Gwen jokes, letteing her arms drop and rocking her head back and forth at 'yadda yadda' for emphasis. "Can't do anything about it right now either way."

Her phone comes back out, held vertically as she walks it over to Starfire. "I just got this one, so it's kind of default. And yeah, go ahead and tell Spider-Man I'm coming for his man-spider title, I'm sure we'll hit it right off."

It's light, playful sarcasm, but Gwen hopes dearly Starfire understands that. She's been using light, non-serious sarcasm too! Like fighting to the death!

Ha ha… right?

"Yeah… You know, I have the same expeirence. One of my greatest heroes doesn't have any powers at all, either. But that doesn't mean they don't help! It just means… You're responsible for them."

Gwen is offered the ability to crash with… s-supermodels?

"Okay, while I now it definitely doesn't matter, uh, are you saying they're models, who have superpowers, or are people whose superpower is being gorgeous, because I'm…"

"… Actually yeah before I say something stupid, anything is fine with a door lock and shower."
ooc 'because I'm not sure I'm normal, average girl roommate material, let alone either model-super or super-model roommate material'


"I have crossed many light years of distance, visited many worlds across many stars, and at times, looked into the pure darkness of space. And alongside my friends, I have seen into stranger worlds still. The universe is vast, unknowably so." When Starfire begins this little speech, it seems an echo of Gwen's more nihilistic offering, but she quickly takes a hard left from that formulation: "But it is anything but meaningless. Everywhere there are things of wonder and beauty, and where there is life, there is so much more. If some plan has put you here, or it is just one of countless happenings of no defined purpose, you are still here. It is better to enjoy that, and do what good you can." Here, the Tamaranean's unfailingly positive outlook is on full display, just like that smile of hers.

Taking the phone, and then her own device, which is… maybe a phone, or maybe a Titan's communicator, or maybe a Sci-Fi tricorder or something? She nonetheless makes a few beep-boops on the devices before handing Gwen's back. "Spider-Man is actually very sweet," she makes sure to point out, all joking aside, because these people *are* still strangers that Kori is essentially throwing at the other woman. "I am sure you will get along."

"Oh! The latter of the two!" Kori reassures regarding the super-est of modelfolk. "My day job is working as a model. One of my first friends here is a photographer, so she helped me get some work." Which… actually is kind of a better reason than 'because I'm a hot alien.' "So, you must be careful with not getting the webbing on things or climbing upside down or such. I know this is hard. It is difficult for me to remember not to fly." This is not joking, but her being very serious about the hardships of that superlife. "It should be fine until you can figure out what you will do here, if you will stay."


"That's definitely a glass half-full of stardust way to look at things." Gwen murmurs, voice low and appreciative of Starfire's far more bright and positive visualization powers.

This must be the superpower… of an *alien extrovert*!

Spider-Man is brought up, and Gwen seems unconvinced, her eyes weighed down at the tops like furrowed brows. "I'm sure he is. Still, would it be weird to hear there's another version of you-" she heard this earlier today "-but it's a he and everyone seems to know him? I'm getting mad imposter feelings."

As for friends and becoming famous and successful due to who she knew and gumption and talent… Gwen laughs, this one practically doubling her over as she lightly braces her elbows against her stomach with her arms crossed. "Wow! That's… actually tremendous!"

Wiping her mask with the back of her hand to clear her eyes through the suit, Gwen continues to giggle and snerk with a soft, nasally 'nnk'. "It's so… So normal for that sort of thing to be networking and not superpowers or because you're a gorgeous alien. I'm sure it helps! But sheesh, the more things change…"

"The more they stay the same. Hey, uh, I need to climb up your tower to get back to where my stuff is, uh, is that okay? I hope I've *got* a marketable skill to discover, mostly I hit stuff."

Not a lie - a drummer's joke.


"He does not necessarily need to be another version of you. Just another person who shares… something." Starfire considers this a moment, then offers what she obviously considers to be a useful fact: "The Robin you met is not the first one in /this/ dimension, let alone any others! So really, who knows how the two of you might be connected." But the alien, channeling all her powers, is sure of one thing: "You are you! Why would you need to impersonate yourself?" Probably, if she asked a Robin (pick a Robin, any Robin) they could come up with a reason for that level of subterfuge. To Starfire, however, it is pure madness!

Regarding her career, well, she is still smiling, but there is a special warmth when it comes to talking about those early connections. "Everyone I met here when I first arrived, the people who became the Titans… they were all exceedingly kind to me, and I am beyond grateful. They did not just help me battle off Gordanian slavers," see, there has to be a rule about her not going five minutes without throwing out some of that space nonsense, "but they gave me a place to feel at home, a life, a family even. I think it is true everywhere that people like that are worth more than anything." And as sappy as it is, she truly seems to value the power of friendship over the glam lifestyle it delivered her.

Fortunately, before the rainbows nearly radiating off her can cause accute sugar poisoning, Gwen mentions getting up on the roof and the alien turns her head upward. Not too shockingly, she immediately starts to hover. "Oh, yes of course. I think I will go up and take a look as well. I used to love sitting on the roof and looking out over the city. You do not need help returning?" Kori really has no idea how this gliding business works, while it looks awful far to swing. And she knows a lot of swingers (Bat people! Not THAT kind!) "It would not be difficult for me to fly you there. But if not, please just send me a message when you have gathered your things, and we can meet up at the apartment."

Allowing Gwen her privacy, Starfire lives up to her apparent nostalgia: when her new acquaintance swings off, Kori will remain there, sitting on one end of the T with her legs dangling off, staring back toward Manhattan.

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