Cats and Canaries
Roleplaying Log: Cats and Canaries
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Dinah Lance and Selina Kyle compare notes on the gang activity

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IC Date: December 12, 2018
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It has been a week or so since Black Canary and Catwoman last seen each other, but Selina thought tonight would be the perfect time to have a little meeting, get 'caught up' and see if there's any new information for her to gain off of the blonde. A quick text is sent to Dinah, asking her to meet her on the roof of the library, that being where Catwoman is now.

Waiting in the cold has never been something the thief has enjoyed and her paitence is wearing thin, the catsuit not really helping with keeping her warm tonight. "Why can't we meet somewhere nice and warm," she laments to herself under her breath, "like a diner or a nice cafe?" Oh well. Such is the life of someone who has to rely on wearing a costume to protect their identity.

* * *

"Hey, you're the one who picked it," comes the Canary's voice. "You wanna hit up iHop or something next time, lemme know." Boots crunch across the gravel as Dinah approaches the dark-haired thief. "We'd probably get some funny looks, though."

She's wearing jeans and a denim jacket, collar turned up. A faded black t-shirt under it reads 'Sturgis 2010', and her boots spot a thicker heel and glossier leather than her combat-ready footstompers. It's a strange contrast to the domino mask on her face, obscuring her features from view.

"I was starting to think you lost my number or something. You got something new for me?"

* * *

"Yeah, we can go to IHOP as soon as they become costume friendly." Pausing, Catwoman angles her head to the side, considering something. "Maybe they'd think we're coming in for pancakes after a costume party…" Nah, too far fetched, plus people would look at them oddly once they start talking about gang propblems and all that. Sigh. Oh well. She will be heading back home after this where hot tea and a bubble bath can be had.

Pausing, she looks at Dinah, taking her in before answering. "Nope. Was hoping you'd have something new to tell me," she confesses. "Any idea on who those guys were working for?"

* * *

The side of Dinah's mouth tugs down into a disapproving moue, and she drops her weight onto her right hip with a sigh implying some explicative. "I've got some leads, but nothing concrete," Dinah concludes, finally. "It's looking like the Innocent Devils are up to something, but they're being real cagey about it. Might be small time stuff— they don't have a track record of being big thinkers. Then again, if someone like Penguin or Riddler is using them as a front, it could be a lot bigger deal than we thought."

She gives Selina a measuring once-over. "So I'm thinking it might be time to go on the offensive. Rustle some jimmies. Kick over rocks. I might know of a hangout they're using in Gotham. If we break in, we might discover something intersting."

* * *

Catwoman shrugs. "Sorry, blondie. I would totally share with you if I had anything to tell…" When Dinah speaks she falls quiet, listening intently. By the time she's done Selina's frowning, her expression displeased. "Someone might be using them as a distraction, yeah," she agrees, her nose wrinkling as she says that. "Hopefully that isn't the case, though. I try not to interfere too much with the other big players here." Not unless it benefits her, somehow. "Lucky for you, I'm curious enough to want to find out what's going on."

Pulling out her phone, she looks at a schedule, trying to see if she has anything huge lined up that'll take her away from the city. "Lucky for you, I seem to have nothing going down for the rest of the month. When did you want to do this?"

* * *

"I'm not even gonna tease you about that," Dinah tells Selina, biting back a grin. "Though you can't set me up for those sort of one-liners and then expect me to say nothing."

Her blue eyes flicker to the city skyline, and she shivers as cold wind whips between the buildings around them. "Let's go for Saturday around 4 AM," she suggests, finally. "Bars shut down at two. That puts them back home around three, another hour of hard drinking and snorting coke and they'll be down and out for the count. Probably won't even remember to post guards. We can get in, get out, and hopefully no one's the wiser. Otherwise we might blow the op, or end up with a real fight on our hands if it turns out this is bigger than we realized. You any good in a fight?"

* * *

Takes Sel a moment to catch onto what Dinah's going on about, that pun definitely not intentional. Cue a low, quick groan when it does sink in. "If I had a nickel for every time…" Chuckling, she pushes her goggles up off of her face, exposing her cheeks to the biting chill. Brrrr. Why can't Gotham City be somewhere nice and warm, like Hawaii? Or Bali?

Dinah's suggested time gets a nod out of the brunette first, then Selina speaks, her teeth chattering some when she does. "That sounds like a good idea. We need to make sure we give ourself as much of an advantage as possible." The question about if she can fight is given something of a laugh but Sel's really too cold to do so for more than a few seconds. "I can hold my own. Can you?"

* * *

Dinah eyes Selina, then lifts a pointed brow at the woman. "All the stuff you steal, it never occurred to you to nick some warm winter clothes?" she inquires. Dinah turns on her heel, beckoning Selina with a tilt of her head. "C'mon, I left the rooftop door unlocked. Might as well get outta the wind before you get frostbite."

"And yeah, I've been in a few scrapes," Dinah adds, with a dry amusement. "I'm just making sure you're not gonna leave me in twisting in the wind if a hundred mooks come out of the woodwork and you make a fancy cat-exit out the balcony. I don't carry grappling hooks, y'know."

* * *

"I have a warmer costume," Selina says with a grunt. "It just always seems to take a while for it to dawn on me that it's time for me to pull it out of the closet." Thank God Dinah had the foresight to keep the doorway accessable. Without really meaning to be rude, she pushes pass the heroine in her hurry to get warm. Ahhh. Blessed warmth. Takes a couple minutes for the shivering to stop but it eventually does and she can once again feel her face.

"I know you don't have any reason to trust me," she points out once Dinah joins her, "but let's make one thing known. I don't just up and abandon anyone. We go in together, we go out together." Shrugging, she looks at the fingers of a glove, frowning. "You're not going to leave me hanging, right?"

* * *

"Look," Dinah exhales, facing Selina. "I know I'm technically a cape, but I try to set my sights a little higher than the law and order types. Fact is that what I do is *technically* illegal, too. So I can't be all high-and-mighty about busting you for burglarly when I'm out committing assaults regularly, no matter how much I try to argue that I've got some kinda moral high ground. Don't hurt anyone you don't have to and don't steal from the working class families, and you'll stay pretty far down my list of priorities. Frankly I need a competent partner on this more than I need to indulge some petty sense of law enforcement, so." She glances back at Selina, then shrugs, eyes flickering around before returning back to Selina's face.

"What?" she challenges, a little embarassed at having opened up so much. "Not all of us are as nutty as Batman, y'know. I just don't like seeing blue collar types getting bullied."

* * *

It is a good thing that they're having this discussion. Makes it easy for Catwoman to trust Black Canary. Relaxing, she lifts a hand, looking almost like a child asking permission to speak. "Alright. So it seems we're pretty much cut from the same bolt of cloth. Good. As for the blue collar people? I don't harass them, don't worry. I'm kind of like… Robin Hood, I suppose you can say. I only steal from those who can afford it to help those who can't help themselves." In her case, her help is given to cats instead of humans, but that shouldn't matter, right? Altrusim is altrusim. "So Saturday, 4am. You better bring the coffee." Is that a smile? Maybe!

* * *

"Robin Hood." Dinah laughs. "Okay, Miss Hood," she says, and kicks a bootheel off the wall behind her shoulders to balance on her feet again. "I'll see you Saturday morning near Canal and 55th," she tells Selina. "We'll head over to their safehouse and see if we can make something out of it."

She starts to saunter off towards the stairwell. "Oh, and if I'm bringing coffee, you bring doughnuts," she calls over her shoulder. "Can't fight crime on an empty stomach, y'know."

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