Baby Steps
Roleplaying Log: Baby Steps
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Superman & Lex Luthor. No Versus.

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IC Date: September 21, 2019
IC Location: Metropolis
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There was always something about Metropolis that seemed to warrant a feeling of safety when compared to its neighboring cities of New York and Gotham. Perhaps it is because Metropolis has its own Savior. Its own legend.


He flies through the skies currently over Metropolis as he had always done and the news would report that the Man of Steel most recently stopped a bank robbery, even making perhaps a very strong statement by forcing the crooks to surrender rather than let the situation escalate to further violence. Once again the media hails Superman as a faultless hero.

But perhaps others now that even Kal-El makes mistakes. He even has friends that he sometimes lets down. Namely one that he hasn't visited in some time: Lex Luthor.

Well, if Lex needs him, Lex probably knows all he needs to do is either say 'help' or call for Kal with one of his inventions on a frequency that only Kal can hear.

* * *

Both Hope & Mercy have been told to blend. Which is hard for Amazonian bodyguards to do but they try. For Lex Luthor has decided to go for a stroll through the park with one of his friends. The one that he has called for with the non-emergency frequency that is specifically tuned and designed for only Superman to hear. After all, he can't have all the Kryptonians showing up to this meeting of the minds.

Decked out in yet another of his expensive suits, Lex Luthor doesn't deem it necessary to wait before he starts his stroll through the park. His pace as calm and casual as a man that has chosen to come down from his protective tower to mingle with the people that he deems are in need of his guidance and protection. He is, after all, the true savior of Metropolis.

Most recently, his charitable donations have opened ten new schools in varying districts across the city to provide top notch education on all pre-collegiate levels in an effort to prepare the future of the world to be the leaders that he knows they can be.

It may not be as cool as stopping a bank robbery but there's a chance that it might be nearly as important. Arguably, moreso.

* * *

Superman hears the call on the frequency, though its not an emergency. Perhaps Superman makes one more stop on the way…

Just kidding.

Lex Luthor is a friend, so Superman makes some time for him. Even if he ensures that the city won't fall into chaos if he does so. There has been many a time where Clark Kent has sat down to eat some food but couldn't, because a giant robot was attacking the city. Just another day in the life of Superman.

He descends like a being from the heavens, his cape flowing gloriously behind him, the shield on his chest heralding his identity and arrival.

He lands softly, a few feet away from Lex. "Lex, good to see you. I'm sorry its been so long but…well, the never-ending battle." Of course, Kal references his duties as Superman and its apparent never-ending nature.

* * *

"A battle I know all too well, Superman."

Lex is perhaps one of the only people in the park that doesn't gasp in awe at Superman's arrival. In fact, he almost doesn't look at all. He knows Superman. He expects Superman. He's always prepared for the arrival of Superman. Tis just the way someone that's destined to protect Metropolis must be.

"I hope I'm not pulling you away from any pressing concerns. I thought it would be nice to catch up… without the threat of total destruction hanging over our heads."

Lex takes that opportunity to actually cast a glance at the sky to make sure he didn't just jinx them or anything. Though, the chances of even fate or karma attempting such while Superman is nearby are quite slim.

* * *

Superman offers a hand to Lex for a handshake, but whether he accepts it or not won't insult Superman. He's known Lex Luthor for a few years now and seems to be a trusted friend. But he looks to the sky then when Lex does, perhaps also hoping not to Jynx us all by checking to see if impending world annihilation is indeed approaching.

Thankfully, Fate seems to respect Superman for the moment.

Then back to Lex. "Thankfully, my friend, nothing else deems fit to call me away. I'm more than happy to converse with you." He gestures to the park path, and begins the stride with hopefully Lex walking beside him. He takes it slow so both of them can relax.

No doubt many people are practically clearing the way or outright following them from a distance at their passing. These guys are the most important people in the city!

"Would you like to begin then, or shall I?"

* * *

Lex Luthor definitely lets the handshake happen. It's a definite photo-op for those that are nearby and wanting to catch pictures of the two most influential and powerful people in Metropolis. One thing Lex doesn't do, though, is test the Superman's strength. He shakes with just enough of a firm grip to prove that he trusts Superman to not crush his hand.

And that he treats Superman just as he would any other man.

"Well, I was wondering how things are going with you. If you're finding everything you need in Metropolis? If there is ever anything you need, you know that I and everything that I have are at your disposal." Lex offers a grin with a stride that keeps up with Superman easily.

* * *

Good to know that Lex doesn't have such a high opinion of himself that he's not trying to 'out-man' Superman. Superman himself knows his strength and knows even better how to manage it, so to Lex it would be perhaps equally firm in a professional way, but to Superman this was even still extremely gentle.

With that out of hte way, Superman walks at a nice pace. He looks…relaxed. Even if people are waving at him, some of the waves he happily seems to return, but its clear he's just being friendly and not trying to 'soak in the limelight'. He's just not that kind of person and he's more than happy to leave that to people like Lex and Tony Stark.

"I've been well, Lex. I've been able to handle the stuff thrown my way, but don't worry, I'll let you know when that assistance will definitely be needed. After all, not even I can do everything alone." Kal smirks lightly at Lex. "But how about you? I know the political arena has been quite…in upheaval lately."

* * *

"It's a madhouse out there. I'm doing what I can to keep Metropolis out of the line of fire. You have enough on your plate without having to worry about political ramifications and such. It's not an easy task, mind you, but I think I'm up to it."

Lex offers perhaps a few more waves than Superman does because he can't exactly stop himself from basking in the glow of attention. Even some of the waves that aren't particularly meant for him get a response of at least a nod.

"Have you given any more thought to licensing and merchandising?" Lex may be showing his hand a bit here but he can't help it. "LexCorp would love to be the official sponsor of Superman. I already have a plethora of ideas that we could capitalize on."

Lex's tone is one that is just as playful as it is serious about this. Business is in his blood!

* * *

"No kidding Lex, no kidding. Has any side of the debate made any ground?" Aside of course, from the pre-assumed notion that the Registration seems to be intending to pass. But its true. Superman would much rather be able to keep being Superman without being tied to one government. Superman just wants to help, and if the Registration passes, the American government will likely try to stop him if he tries to stop a danger in, say, Genosha or Russia.


Kal doesn't mind when Lex seems to just glow in the attention of the media and those around them. Honestly, he knows Lex was just born for the spotlight. Just a kid from Kansas (cough) and a kid from right here in Metropolis. Two people on the opposite sides of the coin in terms of origin.

But then Lex asks him about merchandise and licensing, which makes Superman laugh just a little bit. "If you see fit to sponsor me, well, I think that'd be swell Lex. Though my mission has nothing to do with money, you realize." Kal teases his billionaire friend.

* * *

"You let me worry about all this Registration stuff. Don't you worry, Superman. I intend to make sure that Metropolis comes out all the better, no matter what the state of the political climate ends up being. It's complicated but, well, I'm Lex Luthor."

Lex's smug tone suggests that he's got a few tricks up his sleeve for dealing with these political shenanigans. He's not about to let Metropolis fall victim to mere governmental regulations.

"Yes, I know. But you have to think about all the people in this city, in this world, that look up to you. They are going to want to support you and everything that you stand for. They are going to want to follow in your footsteps. You give people hope. You might as well help them dress the part, as well."

Lex waves a dismissive hand. "I'll compile a list of some of my designs and let you take a look. We'll see if we can't capture the essence of Superman and make Metropolis the City of Steel."

* * *

Kal seems to be in approval of Lex's words about the registration. "I'll leave that in your capable hands then, Lex. If you need me to talk or anything, I'll be there for you. But trust me, thats definitely your field of expertise. You know how to talk to people Lex. You're a natural leader, plus…they'll believe you."

Because Lex is their textbook definition of 'human' even if he's smarter than every single man and woman in there, and not because they're all over 40.

As for the cash, Kal just chuckles a little bit. "Well, when you put it that way Lex…" a deep breath. "Okay. I'll be waiting on that." He sighs.

Then he looks at Lex again curiously. "So, have you met a lucky lady yet?" Yes, he's gonna be a bit of a bro here.

* * *

"I'm married to the future of mankind and Metropolis. No time for love, as they say."

Lex is not about to speak on his non-existent personal life! Besides, the media probably has spies planted in this park to try and get some information on that exact thing. He doesn't want to have to buy all of the tabloids in town. Monopolization is only fun when Disney does it.

Maybe he should buy Disney to show them how it feels.

"I would ask the same of you but something tells me you may be in the same boat. You have an entire world to keep an eye on. I can't imagine how hard it is for you on the personal time front."

* * *

Kal chuckles a little bit. "You mean to say no girl has ever gotten your attention Lex? But you're such a charmer!" Kal says with a bit of laughter touching his face. But its true, the media would have an absolute hayday with Lex if it was discovered he had a lover or something. Like one of those supermodel scandals that happen to football players all the time.

Could Lex buy Disney? They own like 40 percent of the media.

But at the returned question, Superman shrugs a little bit. "I basically don't have a personal life, Luthor. Too busy. Though I have to admit…it'd be nice to relax for awhile." Yes, Kal keeps his secret idetntity safe from even Lex Luthor, who would probably never believe Kal even if he DID tell Lex his secret.

Better that way. Even the man who has everything needs time alone.

* * *

"None that I'm willing to talk about, at least."

Lex even says this with a smile to show that he's not taking this conversation too serious. Bros before Heroes or something like that. He'll have to come up with a better rhyming scheme later.

"I prefer to use my charms to save the world." Honesty.

"Maybe once mankind learns how to protect itself, you can get the relaxation you deserve. If it were up to me, you wouldn't have to do anything but punch a meteor or three." Lex doesn't want his friend spending his entire life just saving others. It isn't fair. "We appreciate your sacrifice, Superman. We really do."

* * *

Kal chuckles. "I understand. Its difficult to have someone in our lines of work…but I imagine its pretty swell to have someone." Kal knows that the heart wants what the heart wants. But he shakes his head a little bit.

"I prefer to use my words to save the world too. But sometimes, it won't stop the bullet." Kal says to Lex for a moment, but he sounds…sad to say that. Like he wishes the world could just be at peace.

"Thank you Lex. Really, its my honor. Until there comes a day where justice is truly for all, I won't stop fighting the good fight. Besides, I like being someone people can count on." He puts a hand on Lex's shoulder.

"Thank you Lex for being my friend. You made the world a lot less lonely for me. If you need me, you know I'll be there."

* * *

"I could say the same thing about you. I dare say, there would be no Lex Luthor without Superman."

Lex's grin fades from his face as he can see (somehow) around Superman at the pair of his bodyguards that have come to fetch him. There's a reluctant sigh that follows.

"Speaking of which, I suppose this is where I must take my leave. LexCorp isn't going to run itself. I mean, it could but that wouldn't be as much fun." Lex reaches for the opposite shoulder of his Kryptonian friend. "Maybe one day I'll invent something that can give you a day or two off. I'll see what I can whip up in the meanwhile."

* * *

Kal chuckles. "Means a lot to me, Lex." Of course, if there's any narrative undertone in Lex's words, Kal is too trusting to nitpick at it until he finds the answer. But Superman sees Lex's guards and it appears as though Lex has to get back to work. He pauses in his step though and he looks at Luthor.

"Looks like it, Lex. We all have our responsibilities, after all. World needs to keep spinning somehow, right?" Of course, he knows that includes centripical force and gravity and other laws of science and nature that actually causes the world to spin, but figure of speech!

"I would appreciate a day off Lex, but don't prioritize it, okay? I know you have plenty of other projects." He releases Lex's shoulder after their display of brotherhood that no doubt the media is going to have a hayday about, Superman turns his head towards a specific direction. Plane falling out of the sky.

"Seems it's my time as well. Take care of yourself, my friend." Superman takes a few steps back from Lex so there's no blowback from the wind, before he gives a nod and a friendly smile to arguably one of his best friends before he takes off into the sky in a dead flight. He was on a mission too!

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