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Ryan Rivers wants to help track down the criminal known as Zeph, and the mysterious figure who helped Zeph escape. Jessica Jones isn't too sure about accepting his help.

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IC Date: September 25, 2019
IC Location: Alias Investigations, Hell's Kitchen, New York
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Posted On: 25 Sep 2019 23:29
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Alias Investigations smells heavily of lavendar cleaner today.

When Ryan arrives, he'll find one Jessica Jones working a mop, scrubbing the floors of her office until they gleam. All clutter has been put away, and if a certain orange couch is still freaking hideous, it no longer looks like a place where someone's disreputable uncle might flop.

Not that it's likely that Ryan has seen it before.

She's dressed in jeans and a grey tank top. Bare feet. She either isn't expecting any paying clients or gives zero fucks. The latter is as likely as the former: she's pretty confident she's the right person for anyone to hire, and if they take a pass over bare feet that's their problem, not hers.

* * *

As Ryan enters into the building where Alias Investigations is located, he decided to throw up his hood and scarf to hide his face since Jessica has not seen his face before. As he approaches her office he gets hit with the heavy smell of cleaning materials and notices Jessica cleaning up the office.

Ryan pauses for a moment before stepping any further wondering if he should come back later and let her finish up before interrupting, after all it is considered a bit rude to drop in on someone cleaning and not on there best. But after taking a moment to think he decides to continue

a very Southern, polite but serious voice comes from the front entrance of the office "If it is too much of an inconvenience, I can come back later Ms. Jones" Ryan says as he stands at the door way to the office.

* * *

"No, come on in," Jessica says. She dumps dirty mop water out the office window and sets the bucket in the corner. She props the mop in the same corner, and studies Ryan with slightly narrowed eyes, an appraising gaze.

Finally, she sits down crosslegged right on top of her desk, where there is exactly nothing, not so much as a laptop or a file. But there is a big file cabinet; these sorts of things must happen at some point and in some way.

"So," she says, after her appraisal is complete. "What do you call yourself, then?"

* * *

Ryan takes a few steps in and takes in his surrounding, looking for ways to get out quickly if things went south and possible places weapons might be hidden. though Ryan is not expecting anything bad per say, he is a very cautious person and knows very little about Jessica say that she is a detective and has incredible strength. @r @r "ah forgive me i did not introduce myself properly when last we saw each other." Ryan takes a moment quickly thinking to himself if he should give her his real name or an alias until he feels he can trust her,though he knows that if things are going to well he will have be somewhat forthcoming about himself.

"my name is Ryan though my acquaintances call me Counter"

* * *

Ryan will find precious little anywhere. Hidden weapons? Maybe the lamp. There's the Grumpy Cat plushie. For Jess, maybe the cabinet, couch, or mini fridge.

Ways out? Front door, or behind her, the two windows, which would probably be more trouble than it's worth.

That said, the woman looks disinclined to make any sudden moves. "Counter," she muses. "Alright. Well, since you're hiding your face, go with that. Word to the wise, man, the tiny clues you give away are the ones that are going to sink you. Most people don't blow their identity all in one fell swoop unless they're really dumb or really unlucky. They blow it after leaving five or ten breadcrumbs for someone else to piece together."

She pulls a pack of cigarettes out of her pocket and taps them against her open hand.

"What's your schtick? What do you do?"

* * *

Ryan a little surprised by her quick ans straight to the point attitude. "straight to the point i see Ms. Jones. but first permit me to ask a question if i may?

* * *

"Sure," Jessica says. She tilts her head as if unsure what the point of not getting to the point would be, so to speak.

But that question is left unspoken. Instead, she pulls out a Marlboro Red, digs in her top drawer for an ash tray, lights the thing, and sucks in a deep inhale of tobacco.

"Ask as many as you want. I got nothing to hide."

* * *

Thank you Ms. Jones. first what is your opinions on mutants?

* * *

Jessica gives Ryan a weird look. "Well, kid, I can lift a car, leap twelve stories, and I ain't too worried about lung cancer because I heal almost anything in less than a week. What the Hell do you think I think about mutants?"

* * *

Ryan is watching Jessica reactions very carefully trying to get a understanding of her by reading her physical reactions.

"In truth Ms. Jones i don't know. I ask because i don't know very much about you and much like yourself i assume, i don't like making myself vulnerable to someone until i feel i can trust them."

Ryan pauses for a moment to take a deep breath and considering his options. "I ask because i am a mutant and i wanted to know if this was going to be a problem"

* * *

"You," Jessica says, pointing at him with her cigarette, "didn't do your homework. Look, I'm not famous or anything but there are things you could have found out about me online that would have told you something. Maybe not for sure. The reputation's mixed. But you came in here with no knowledge of who I am and what I'm about hoping you could defend yourself. You didn't even know what I can do. Jesus, you're wet behind the ears."

Jessica…is very what you see is what you get. If she sounds exasperated right now, it's because she is. And she does. She also sounds worried, now about what she perceives to be a rookie who has come into her office wanting to help with a thing.

"I just told you I'm a mutant too didn't I?"

She sounds incredulous now. "Christ."

It's also possible she doesn't understand the different distinctions really. Between mutant and someone who just got her powers with icky chemicals or inhumans or nuhumans or all that rot. She has powers, therefore mutant.

* * *

Ryan a bit surprised by her response. "My apologies Ms. Jones, my understanding of a mutant is someone who got there powers from there genetics evolving and there powers activating and not just anyone with powers, i should have been more clear on that"

"if you don't mind me asking how did you get your abilities? if you like i will tell you how mine where" Ryan pauses his words for a moment trying to think of the word to best describe this."activated"

* * *

Jessica shrugs and says, "Well, okay, and I should care about how someone got their powers why? Look, I'm not a bigot. Anyway, I got my powers when a bunch of chemicals got thrown into my lap in a car crash. The car then went up in a giant fireball, baking me and it. A subset of a subset of a subset of the population had the right genetics not to be killed by said chemical."

She shrugs her shoulder. "Mutant? Not mutant? Again…who cares? As the Reg law makes it clear, all of us are in it together. And as just…basic freaking humanity makes clear…all the good people and striving-to-be-good people are also in it together. And I'm more interested in what you can do than what your origin story is. I'm trying to decide if you're going to get yourself killed if I let you help with this…at all. Honestly, I was inclined to handle it myself before and now I am way more inclined. I can handle myself. I'm not sure you can, and I'm not having what could happen to you on my conscience."

* * *

"I see" Ryan now seeing what Jessica is after and now understands her a bit, or at least he thinks so.

"i assure you Ms. Jones i can handle my self in a fight and" Ryan pauses his words for a moment and realizes he is not getting anywhere with his words, takes a moment to decide if he should trust someone again.

"My apologies Ms. Jones i have learned from my past that you must be careful with who you choose to trust" Ryan begins to take off his scarf from his face and remove his hood revealing a young man face with green eye's and black well kept hair. "My name is Ryan Rivers and my powers consist of some telekinesis and telepathic abilities, though i am still learning to use my powers fully, i am able to detect the use of telepathic abilities, and track people with there mental signature to a point. I also have a mental alarm system that alerts me to when someone is trying to do me or others harm. and even without my powers i have been trained in multiple martial arts since childhood and with knifes and fire arms as well. i assure you Ms. Jones you don't need to worry about me getting killed"

* * *

She stiffens a little when he says he's a telepath.

With all his skill at reading people, it's immediately obvious. Her face goes perfectly neutral, her fingers tighten a little on that cigarette; she shifts her pose carefully on the desk, casually, but like she is readying herself for flight or fight from her own office.

"I wasn't worried about you getting killed," is what she says out loud. "Or, at least not only getting killed. Zeph controls minds. Mind control isn't something to laugh in the face of."

He doesn't have to guess what the narrowed eyes mean. Not one bit. Because she just speaks her mind.

"Do you feel it is ever acceptable to use your powers to control or influence someone else's thoughts?"

* * *

Ryan seeing Jessica physical reactions to his statement how ready she is to strike or flee. Normally Ryan's first reactions would be for him to ready himself for a potential fight, but that is not what he wants, he is not hear to make a enemy, but a ally if possible. but after hearing her last question Ryan has to think for a moment, for in truth these are things he has not ever considered before, for the longest time its been do what it takes to survive even kill if necessary, but to take control of someones mind, had never crossed his mind before.

"Ryan slowly but casually walks over to one of the windows and look out at the people walking in the street. "I guess what you mean by influence and control. If we are going to be completely honest with each other Ms. Jones I'v never really though much about it."

Ryan takes a moment to think before he answers further. "For taking control of someones mind…No I don't think it is to take control of someones mind and force them to do things against there will like that. I know that i would hate it if that where done to me"

* * *

Jessica studies him like a woman trying to decide whether or not to believe him. There's a full minute of it. He looks out the window. She smokes.

But at last, she gives a nod.


There's an unspoken keep it that way, and she lets the subject drop. More or less. Her mouth twists in a bit of distaste as she says, "Did you get a feel for Zeph's mind or whatever? Are you going to be able to track her across the city that way?"

Her stance on telepaths has softened indeed over the years, for a question like this to come out of her mouth.

She stubs out the cigarette and crosses to the mini fridge. She opens it and takes out a tupperware, as if this tupperware serves as a sort of a reminder. She throws about six empanadas on a plate and shoves it all in the microwave. The savory smells start filling the room as she pops open a Red Bull.

* * *

"If I can get close enough yes i got enough of a mental signature from her when we fought her last time, but as i said before i am still learning how to use my powers and i can only track out to a couple of miles"

Ryan pauses for a moment thinking back to the fight and remembering the other mental power he picked up during the fight. "tThough I'm more worried about the other telepathy that was with her when she escaped"

* * *

"There were two telepaths?"

Jessica frowns at that one. That she hadn't realized. She takes the empanadas out of the microwave and puts them on the desk. "Try one," she suggests, gruff as she plucks one up herself. "They're good. Come from some past clients of mine."

She chews on hers with great determination, then rolls her wrist around in a manner that suggests Ryan should keep talking.

* * *

Ryan gives a nod of thanks to Jessica for the food offer and grabs one fro himself. "while we where fighting i noticed a cop was trying to drag her to safety, i had thought he was just the cop trying to take her into custody or make sure she did not die. however i noticed that the cop covered Zeph body from the concrete debris you kicked to her and then shortly after i detected a telepathic power but did not see anything happen, which i will admit through me off for a moment, but i did pick up where it was going to and where it was coming from and it was the cop"

Ryan had not thought about how the attack had not effected Jessica and that got him curious. "I am sorry i did not intervene in stopping the cop from attacking you was not sure exactly what the attack was and could not act without possibly making it worse without knowing what was exactly happening. Though am curious how did you defend yourself from her attack?" Ryan takes a bite of the empanada after asking the question and a look on his face forms of dang hot dang this is good.

* * *

Jessica takes out a pad of paper and starts writing all these details down, narrowing her eyes. "Someone might have caught it on camera," she decides. "Probably a good spot to pick up the trail anyway. I thought she slipped off by screwing with that cop's head."

But Ryan is asking about her defenses. Jessica taps the eraser against her notepad a few times before responding. At last she half-shakes her head, as if coming to a decision.

"Years ago I asked a friend of mine to set some psychic defenses for me against just about anything and everything that might get into my head. He came through. He was one of the best, and the way he got my noggin set up has been air-tight. Anything tries to get in there with any kind of power, they get pain in proportion to the amount of effort they're putting into it, and I get a warning someone's trying to screw with it. If whoever's making the attempt doesn't stop right away, keeps pushing? It'll move from friendly warning pain to the nose-bleed inducing kind. And if they're still feeling real determined, well, that defense isn't afraid to put someone down for good if they're going to keep trying their little invasion. I'm told someone real determined could try to remove it, but that's what my guy described as 'the nuclear option.' I don't think it will end well for them. Maybe not for me either, but if this thing kills me making sure nobody gets into my mind? That would be what I'd call a bargain."

* * *

Ryan continues chewing on his bite of his empanada for a moment taking in what Jessica said about her defenses and noting to himself what her defenses can do…. And also the fact that she would be safe from any psychic attacks and does not have to worry about protecting her mind.

Ryan swallows the food he was chewing "hm a bargain indeed if I go down you go down with me deal. If you don't mind me asking is there a way to distinguish from an attack from an ally trying to talk to you telepathically or is it all same for everyone? I ask because I just want to know if I needed to talk to you telepathically for a reason"

* * *

Jessica stiffens at the idea. And her voice comes out with a hard edge.

"No. There's no need to distinguish, because I don't want anyone in there. Nobody. You could be my best friend of 30 years, my true soulmate, the person I trusted above all other people, and I still wouldn't want you there. My thoughts are private. They're mine. If I want you to know my thoughts, they'll come out of my mouth. If you wanna talk to me at a distance? Get a bluetooth. Hook it up to your phone. Or headphones, if you're on a budget. Real handy stuff."

Her eyes narrow, and her head tilts to one side.

"Look. I get there are some situations where telepathy can be helpful and heroic. I'm not a fucking idiot. But morally? Ethically? You should consider using it for one purpose and one purpose only: keeping people out of other people's heads while staying the fuck out of them yourself. Today it's, oh I'm just making sure that guy over there isn't a threat. Oh, I'm just planting this little thought that will force him to take a piss so I can get into the base of Captain Evil Scheme. Oh, I'll just order him to drop the gun. Tomorrow it's…well, actually I'm having trouble seeing why I shouldn't dig through every memory that guy has to get the piece of information I desperately need. Hey, I could avoid storming that base by just forcing himself to let everyone go and then shoot himself. And from there? It's one short step to monster."

* * *

Ryan figured his question might hit a nerve but he felt it better to ask now then have a problem later. Better to get as much information as possible before acting has always been his way of doing things.

Ryan raises his hand into an I mean no harm pose. "My apologies I did not mean to upset you, Ms. Jones. I just wanted to know where you stand with this for future events and know I know." Ryan keeps his hand up while watching Jessica physical reactions and waits to see if his apology helps deescalate the tension.

* * *

Jessica stares at him for a moment. Then she lets out a low grunt. There's just no other way to describe the grouchy sound that comes out of her mouth. But she's apparently mollified, because she pops the last of the empanada into her mouth.

And then she just changes the subject.

"Alright, here's how it's going to go down. I'm going to go see about the footage. You're going to go where I can't. There's a whole meta fight club underground circuit. It's a good place to pick up all kinds of info. Maybe you'll even luck out and feel one of our two bad actors hanging around the place. You pick up a lead, you call me. And note I don't expect you to have it done by Tuesday. As thin is our trail is? We'll be lucky if anything shakes out at all. Stuff like this can take months, not days, which means if you gotta err on the side of going slow, safe, and doing it right, you do that over doing anything impulsive. If you spook them, if they figure out someone's still seriously looking for them who has a chance of actually doing it? They'll really bolt, and we'll blow our shot to see them brought to justice."

* * *

Ryan lowers his hands seeing that things seem to be a bit better between them. Ryan thinking to himself, well I'm glad things seem to be better for now. I think I should stop any more questions about this subject. Though I get the feeling that this is going to be a continual problem for us.

As Jessica mentions the underground fight club a look of bad concern falls on Ryan's face for a moment but he quickly tries to shake it away before Jessica notices. "agreed Ms. Jones, as a matter of fact, I have a couple of contacts in the underground fight ring that I could ask about the two of them"

Ryan takas I big bite of the empanada and quickly chews and swallows it before its properly chewed up. "I know this is going to take time and that our chances are slim with how things are Ms. Jones, however, I am not one to act impulsively on matters, I always prefer getting as much information as I can and take my time before I take any action to ensure the highest chances of success.

Ryan pulls out a piece of paper and pen from his pocket and writes down his cell number and his address to the X-Manson and then hold out the piece of paper to Jessica. "My cell number for you to contact me and my address just in case you can't reach me by phone"

* * *

Jessica lifts her eyebrows, and the address (even if it is not strictly marked as Xavier's Anything for Anything) actually lifts her eyebrows and softens her some. Quite a bit, in fact.

"Huh. You're with the X-Men. In that case, I'm sorry I gave you a hard time."

She pulls out her phone, programs the whole thing in there, and then crosses to her file cabinet. She pulls it open. It looks neat and orderly, with an internal case naming and numbering system that looks consistent, typed out and easy to read. But the file he gets put in is "contacts." If something happens to her phone, she will have paper copies ready to go so she can replace them with ease.

* * *

Ryan a little shock to see that just the fact that he is with the X-Men seems to have softened her mood quite a lot, though he keeps his composure to hide from her. Ryan is still getting used to the whole I'm part a group now and not just a lone wolf.

"No apologies necessary Ms. Jones, you knew little about who I am and if I was in your shoes I would have acted the same. Though I will admit if I knew mentioning I am with the x-men earlier on would have helped smooth introductions I defiantly would have mentioned it much sooner"

Ryan finishes the last bite of his empanada and nods his head to Jessica "Thank you for empanada it was quite delicious. I'll be sure to contact you when I find anything."

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