A Real Big Weed Whacker
Roleplaying Log: A Real Big Weed Whacker
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Chaos reigns when a giant plant bursts up through all 92 stories of Worthington Towers.

Other Characters Referenced: A whole lot of 'em, but who's counting?
IC Date: September 27, 2019
IC Location: Worthington Towers
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Posted On: 28 Sep 2019 04:05
Rating & Warnings: R (mostly for language)
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Ten AM, Worthington Towers. 92 stories tall, gleaming in the sun, normal day. Hardly anyone on the street, most people are at work.

10:05 AM. A giant plant burst out of the building. And giant, in this context, means a 92 story and change plant.

Nobody…really knows how this happened.

What everyone does know is as follows:

Huge ropey roots have burst out into and through the lobby and first floor offices to trail onto the streets and sidewalks. They're oozing some sort of goopy, unpleasant substance.

At the very top of the building, this giant Venus-flytrap type head that resembles nothing so much as a Super Mario evil plant head has burst out of the ceiling and is snapping at everything that gets close.

From various floors of the building…not all 92 of them, thank everything that's holy, but plenty of 'em…have burst huge, long, thick vines covered with some sort of stinger, and those are waving around in some sort of horror-show configuration. Some of them are slapping into neighboring buildings. Shattering glass, scaring people.

There are people trapped in the building with this thing, and anyone who is in the building might note there are other flytrap mouths in there trying to catch themselves some people to eat. And some of the people on the street are stuck in the goopy root structure.

The final fact is that Rogue was down the street buying a shiny new part for her project car, and upon seeing this disaster in the making called various and sundry X-Men, and possibly also some other folks, in with the following oh-so-helpful statement:

"We're gonna need ourselves a real big weed whacker, y'all."

* * *

Most of the people in the path of Vange Whedon avoided her these days, for her wrath in the wake of Warren's situation - perhaps the tamest term for what he went through - was mighty. But this morning Warren's favorite laywer she was positively delightful in her interactions with security and various persons she had to liason with, right up until she was in the records room on the 53rd floor where she was busy scanning documents with an app on her phone. Documents, she hoped, would help her figure out just what the fuck was going on around here.

She had just finished scanning the last document, thumb hovering over the 'sync with cloud' button, when a flurry of green and brown burst from the floor. Shock sends her reeling, tumbling backwards over a small pile of papers, and there she sees it. Much loved, very scuffed. Phone case half destroyed and screen sporting the tiniest crack at the corner. It spirals through the air in a majestic spin, just as a venus-fly trap seems to lean into Vange's frame of vision and snatch it - and her newly acquired information - on it's way through the ceiling.


And then a vine is around her leg and she's going for a ride through the ceiling too.

* * *

It's early enough that Moonstar should be at work, but thank god this particular morning she was off.

Now does that mean she's ready for this type of fight? Oh hell no! She's just struggling in a very un-Dani-like way to get moving for this morning. So much so that she's still dressed in pajamas (oh alright her clothes from last night) as she moves zombie-like in her NYC apartment.

Up until Rogue's call comes in.

Hearing Worthing Towers immediately brings the adrenalin on and it kicks the Cheyenne woman into gear. "Be there in five." Now the dark-haired woman pulls her boots on and grabs various things before she heads to the rooftop, where Brightwind already waits.

"Come on, boy." She greets and once in saddle Brightwind takes to the sky with a powerful wingbeats.

Arriving upon the scene Moonstar can't help but get the bird's eye view of of the whole situation and with a tired voice she says more to herself than anyone, "There are days I really hate my life."

Then over the X-Comm, "Yeah, we're going to need some heavy hitters here. This damn thing is huge. I heard Rogue, who else is here?"

* * *

Carolus Sinclair is rarely 'uniformed', but he does keep a communications badge from the team on hand. You never know when something's going to go down, or when somebody is going to call in for back-up. So when Rogue calls in, he's … not really prepared to respond, but he does it anyway.

He can smell the problem miles away. The city has a distinct enough scent, and a plant that colossal stands out like a sore thumb. So he does the logical thing: He stops by a hardware store and buys several fire axes.

« "Atlas, here." » Carolus sounds off on X-Comms, buzzing through the skies above the building not too distant from Moonstar and Brightwing at the time that he speaks. He immediately comes about and moves to take up a position near Dani when he catches sight of her.

"Doesn't feel like a coincidence, does it?" He remarks to her, off comms.

* * *

A real big weed whacker..? That's not the sort of implement which tends to fall upon the 'required hardware' list of any of the missions Domino's been on. In this one line spoken from Rogue she knows that whatever's going down is going to be something really properly -interesting.-

Once she's arriving on scene there's a bit of jaw-gaping action going on. "I shoulda brought waaaay more thermite." A situation like thisshe's not even sure What To Call Itis going to take something more than what she can bring to the party!

This may also be one of the strangest field tests for her new counterfeit ICER and all of its oddball munitions. Thanks again, Owen.

Hooking an earpiece into place, Neena comms the X-Men channel with "Who've we got on site here? Some coordination is advised. I—I've got nothing. I mean, seriously. -What is going on?!- This is exactly why we do not flush goldfish!"

* * *

Somewhere out on Long Island…

A phone rings. A very expensive phone, sitting on the hood of a very expensive car, which is parked by the side of the road near a cliff overlooking a very expensive view of Long Island Sound. It looks like a Bugatti Veyron, for anyone counting at home, which its owner picked up spur of the moment when he was having a Phase years ago. Retail therapy.

Warren Worthington III seems to go through a lot of Phases, in fact.

The phone keeps on ringing. Must be important.

Warren, drunk on the car roof, does not appear to notice. Hopefully he didn't become drunk until he stopped driving.

Meanwhile, at Worthington Tower…

"Get everyone evacuated!" Cameron Hodge is having a very bad day, even by the standards of the past few weeks. He's on the phone with emergency services, facilities, and god knows who else, and rushing down the emergency stairs. Fortunately his meeting wasn't on the ninety-second floor. "And someone figure out how the hell this happened!"

* * *

"I heard tell the giant goldfish were last year," Rogue informs the team. Which is…hardly the most salient bit of information to be had right now.

A piece of information that is salient may be: "I'm not touchin' that thing," just in case anyone had the idea of 'hey, Rogue, take off a glove and just shove it into the roots' or something like that. Probably, nobody but Rogue would have that idea, but at least she rejected it?

What she is absolutely useless for is coordination. But she draws up beside Domino and shades her eyes. "Oh man, I wouldn't wanna be whoever's way up there."

Hi Vange.

Depending on Vange's susceptibility to such things, she might find those stingers a problem. They're definitely full of some sort of paralytic agent that wouldn't be real fun to succumb to.

* * *

"Copy, Atlas." Comes Dani's rather professional response and then. "Copy, Domino. We have two in the sky and two on the ground."

When Atlas drops down beside her and Brightwind, the Cheyenne flicks a look his way. She may look a little haggard around the edges, but that doesn't stop her from giving a nod of greeting to the winged man.

Then it's back to the conundrum before the X-Men. How to kill a really large ass plant, but not take down Worthington Tower in the process. Which brings her back to a previous thought that she hadn't yet had a chance to voice out loud.

Now she does.

Over the X-Comm, she asks in a very controlled voice, "Has anyone heard from Warren? Is he inside?"

And while that worry is there, that doesn't stop her from formulating some kind of crazy plan. "Agreed, Rogue. I don't want to take the chance on terrible things happening to you should it go bad. No, let's go the old fashioned route. Blunt force trauma and fire."

"Domino, what explosives do you have on hand? Rogue, do you have anything flammable nearby? Atlas, I hope you like the idea of playing bombardier."

* * *




Vange can already feel it. Barbs digging into her lelg where she's caught, and she certainly feels the vine pulling her through several stories of building, softened by only it's own crushing strength. Everything she'd been trying to hold together by a thread is suddenly torn apart in front of her. The board is going to go fucking crazy. Warren will probably… honestly not give a fuck. At least right now. But Ali? Jesus Christ. She doesn't need anymore of this shit.

Muscles begin to go rigid. Tears squeeze free from closed eyes.

"Fuck it. Fine!"

A little earpiece snaps into her ear as she reaches down to pull her shirt open, revealing the rather unimpressive X across the very thin bodysuit she wears underneath.

"X-Men. It's Vange. I've got all the fire you need."

If not for the stuff trying to paralyze her, she might have tried to hold on, to break free, to do anything but this. But just as the vine tries to pull her through another floor of the building she grabs hold of a nearby pillar.

The plant, very suddenly, stops moving upward.

Claws dig in, and her X-Suit shrinks to just a collar mostly hidden under said scales as she shifts and lengtens against the vines reaching out to take hold of her ever-growing form.

From inside the 56th floor, there is a sound that should not exist on this world. Halfway between a lion's roar and an elephant's trumpet, it spills into the air for miles around, calling back to an age of magic far gone from this realm, but the deep part of everyone's psyche will remember it. The dragon, red and black and pumping fire through it's veins bursts from the side of the building with a terrible roar, dropping like a stone until it's great wingspan catches the wind an sends Vange arcing out over the city.

* * *

An answer rings in over the X-Comm; it sounds a lot like Alison is yelling over too-close madness, into the speaker of her phone.

«Dazzler here. Angel's not in today. Just me and Smaug.» Sorry, Vange, but the name fits. «Don't worry about me, I'm going to be helping the evacuees. If you have sight, keep anything from hitting the western stairway.»

With that, she pockets her phone, and charges a focused photon blast at an emergency door, unfortunately jammed by the creaking of the building. Lasering out the handle, Alison kicks it open

— and blasts a cauterizing line through one vine perilously weaving and reaching down towards a throng of employees, trapped in the stairwell.

Alison, still dressed in her best suit, here to catch up on the work Warren no longer commits to — because the only way she knows how to ignore her encroaching emotional breakdown is through going going going never stopping go go go — looks down a flight of stairs on Cameron Hodge.

She hasn't seen him since their confrontation in the hospital. Hers is a poker face. "C'mon, I'm getting you guys out before it starts singing."

* * *

Atlas, for his own part, looks rather tired. Mostly around the eyes, but not desperately so. The look of a student who has spent a few too many days pulling all-nighters, but is far too young to care about the ramifications just yet. A curt nod is his immediate reaction to Moonstar's greeting. He taps his comm badge, « "I was just going to hit it with an axe, so playing the part of bombardier suits me just fine. Sounds a lot safer, anyway." »

Even he has to flinch at the sudden, terrible, primordial roar that comes ripping out of the 56th floor. The moth man stares down towards the dragon as it comes barreling out of the side of the building.

« "You alright there, Vange? That was some exit." » He asks, half-impressed, half-concerned.

* * *

Neena is likewise shielding her eyes while looking up at the highrise now helping to support the world's largest flytrap. "Yeah, no shit. Twenty bucks says a news chopper's gonna get too close and wind up in the maw before this is over." They should..y'know. Probably get in there and do something to help. Pale blue eyes shift to seek out bright green eyes before she asks "Any ideas?"

Then Vange goes all DRAGON SMASH! out the side of the building and Dazzler starts photon-blasting the sap out of the towering garden

"And there's our distraction. Guess I'm on normie rescue today. Gonna go back Daz." Maybe it'll earn the albino some good karma with Alison. After what's happened this month Dom -might- just need it.

And she's running. Running and trying to remember which ICER magazine had what rounds loaded into it. A little fire..a little ice..a little paralytic compound… They all shoot the same, dammit!

"Daz, what floor are you at? I'm coming to assist—Jeezus- those are big thorns. Audrey II must have gotten into the Miracle-Gro."

* * *

"If dragon-lady's done handled fire at the top, I reckon I can handle fire at the bottom," Rogue muses. "I mean. It'll be messy and it will take a hot minute and…I probably better get all these here people pulled out of the roots first. I see about…ten? I'll need to get out of the way? But if that plan works for ya, I'm all over…it…"

Why does Rogue trail off? Because the plant starts singing.


No particular reason.


Is it…singing to Vange? Maybe it thought the dragon's moves were particularly awesome? Maybe it's sad she didn't want to live with it and be its friends forever?

Maybe this is just a flipping weird kind of a day.

Inside there is definitely chaos and people who need to be safely directed to exits. As Domino dives in there she'll get to see one of the receptionists snapped up by some tentacles and shoved into one of the big flytrap mouths.

* * *

« Good to hear from you, Dazzler. » Moonstar immediately says when the Songstress chimes in, « We'll be careful of the western stairwell. » And while more was about to be said Vange speaks up and then more importantly, she roars.

That just causes Moonstar's own levels of adrenalin to sharply rise and for Brightwind, the Asgardian winged horse, he just tosses his head back. That scream of anger and fire is a call to the warhorse. A call to battle! Glorious battle!

Because, let's face it, in his time in Asgardian and the various realms he has surely fought dragons before. Probably many dragons. They are definitely worthy opponents in his mind. It's quite sad he can't fight this one since it is a 'friendly' dragon.

« Alright, let's help pull people out and back-up Vange. We can - » Her voice trails off as the plant begins to sing. For a moment Moonstar has to wonder if she's really hearing this right, in fact she turns an incredulous look over to Atlas. Then it's back at the plant and Moonstar can't quite stop the mutter of, "Spirits.", though it doesn't stop her from pulling bow and arrow out. She's going to get close enough and just shoot at that singing head. For real.

« Rogue, definitely get the people out before we make any sort of molotov cocktails. »

* * *

It feels wrong to be flying during the day, her gaze sweeping out over the city with senses that make her human form feel like a trap. It thrills her through and through, and all the stress, of her friend's maiming, of the weight of keeping everything together with Ali and Cam and a few others, suddenly feels like fuel for the ever-burning fire she carries on fast beating wings that take her higher and higher. She certainly hears the plant emitting sound, and hears, through the earbud stuck in a tiny, itny ear, someone ask how she's doing.

Her response is to roar again as she turns hard and picks up speed, hearing right for the mouth of the great, big, fly-trap that's sprouted from the top. And just before impact, just as that gaping maw seems like it might line up for a free, if quite big meal, the fifty foot long dragon inhales sharply, and sends a practiced glob of immolation right at that stupid thing's fucking face. Or, you know, what seems like a face, just before claws and teeth and a lashing tail back impact, flailing with a furious rake as wings beat to keep her upright and in the fight.

* * *

In a certain stairwell, Cameron Hodge can be found shouting calmly over a throng of trapped employees, directing them back up out of the dead end and to follow him to another exit. There's frustration on his features, because the panicking people aren't listening to him, and they're about to get mulched by those encroaching vines if they don't

— and then light lasers over all their heads to sever the reaching plants.

Cameron looks over his shoulder and up at Alison Blaire. It is, in fact, their first face-to-face encounter since their clash in the hospital.

He doesn't seem any more pleased about it than she is. "Well then," he says. "Let's go."


Warren is awake. He still hasn't noticed his phone.

He is deep in contemplation of a certain cloud formation moving s l o w l y by overhead.

. o O ( There would have been great thermals under those… )

* * *

Atlas stares in blank disbelief as the colossal plant starts singing. He catches the look of incredulity cast his way by Moonstar and shrugs animatedly. He calls over towards her, "Ever feel like you /really/ needed to bring a giant tophat and a cane with you?"

Joking out of the way, and with all of the firebombing more-or-less relegated to people who have abilities specializing in that, Carolus decides that it's probably best if he goes and tries to make himself useful.

« "Atlas here. I'm going to start high and move lower. If anybody sees anybody trapped, or if anybody /gets/ trapped, let me know where I need to be." » He calls into the X-Comm, swooping in towards the uppermost floor that isn't 100% musical plant and scanning through the windows in search of anybody who couldn't make their way to a stairwell.

He rounds the corner of the building a little too fast, damn near running headfirst into one of the poison barb spitters, skirting 'round the edge of the barb and forcing himself to swing his axe at one of the fly traps or barrel right into it.

« "'They grow much faster than bamboo, take care of they'll come after you.' Has anybody else seen this movie? It's not just me, right?" »

He waves a spare arm in passing towards Vange, acknowledging that it was perhaps a little silly to ask her to communicate complexity in this form.

* * *

-The plant is singing.- Why is The Plant Singing? What is this, even??

On her way forward, Domino calls back to Rogue "As good a plan as any!" Though a part of her is almost ..ALMOST.. feeling bad about them trying to torch and kill a singing plant. Because really. How threatening is a singing plant? If they could control the growth of something like this it could be really popular! It sings, it dances, it eliminates unwanted flying insects!

Focus, Thurman.

Immediately upon entering the lobby someone's getting swallowed into a flytrap, prompting an immediate response in her preferred choice of action: She shoots it. Turns out she grabbed the freezy mag first, the instant that the bullet connects with the plant's lesser maw it'll try to engulf the whole bulb in ice.


Maybe the receptionist inside will luck out. Maybe the deep freeze will only affect the plant and leave its defenseless meal intact? That's a discovery which someone else will have to make because Neena has some ground to cover to catch up to Alison.

Over comms, she asks « Hey guys? Is it still considered murder if it's a plant? I meanit's singing and shit but it's still just a plant, right? We're not gonna get reprimanded for this later? Because that's what I'm going with. Aghbit of interference over here, Daz. I'm still movin' your way! »

* * *

Moonstar's arrow flies at that singing head, and then Vange finishes destroying it. The head of the plant is definitely dead, and now there's just a mess of 92nd floor and beyond tentacles that the people up top are capable of seeing. Inside, those who have begun battling tentacles find at the least that they're slow and stupid, if prolific and hungry.

Evacuees are all too happy to follow Dazzler and Cameron and frankly anyone else who looks like they might have a clue what the Hell they are doing and who might be able to help them survive this fresh Hell.

Meanwhile, Rogue says, "You got it, Dani," into the comm. There are shadows under roots, which is why root people are suddenly tugged down, only to appear on the other side of the street in a dark alley with their teeth all chattering. This happens on a one-by-one basis, so that's going to take her a moment. This trick of hers is proving useful at the moment, even if exactly none of her set of evacuees is enjoying the experience.

As Domino races up to get to Daz she might notice that there are, at various points in the stalks, a few weird pulsing purple heart things oozing some gross clear stuff.

* * *

"Something like that." Comes Dani's response to Atlas' quip about tophat and cane.

There are definitely days that she for real feels that way.

She lets loose that arrow and then leaves the rest of it to Vange, because Dani isn't going to become a cripsy critter. She and Brightwind dart towards the windows now, much like Atlas, looking for those that they can help. A few of the broken windows have people there and with quick and efficient movements the Cheyenne woman hauls them out and sets them astride Brightwind. "Hold on tight!" She shouts to the two she just pulled free and with terrified looks and nods of agreement, the workers hold on very tightly.

Brightwind tucks a wing and decends in a lazy spiral. He aims for a patch of sidewalk that isn't near the building, or have any crazy plant parts upon.

Moonstar intently watches the building and the team, but after a second something pulls at her senses. A touch of icy winter and it brings Moonstar's gaze around and then downward, to the alleyway where people seemingly randomly appear.

Still, that feeling of coldness is pushed off to the side once Brightwind lands and only after the passengers have been set upon the ground, does the winged horse and his rider rise up again.

« Can't say you're the only one - though I have to admit I was thinking of a different one. » Is Dani's reponse, « But, let's just hope we don't hear any drum beats. »

* * *

« "It's trying to eat anything that gets close to its snappy bits and it's the size of an office building, I think we're good on the murder part." » Atlas chimes in, dully. He wouldn't put it past some of the weirdos out there to engineer a philosophical zombie plant just to make it /look/ like something was alive enough to give the people attacking it pause. But at this threshold of open assault, there wasn't much use in thinking about it too much either way.

He winds up smashing a window a couple of floors down from Brightwing's rescue, pulling a pair of men in suits out and maneuvering awkwardly down towards an adjacent rooftop to deposit them before returning and continue his circling.

« "I wouldn't be all that surprised if we did." » If he wasn't misremembering the memos and notes, some sort of ritual magic was involved in the incident that lead to the loss of Warren's wings. A murderous board game hardly seems all that out of touch for an organization like Hydra.

* * *

« I like where your head's at, person I don't yet know. » Atlas, that is.

Duck, jump, sidestep, roll, it's all a lovely acrobatic exercise surrounded by screams of terror and very large thorns. It's incredibly helpful that the now headless plant doesn't move very quickly but there's still a limited amount of space left to move around in the building and who knows how much longer that will last?

Then comes the pulsing purple heart things.

And Domino doesn't have the slightest idea what to make of them.

"Wait—what's that? Can I -shoot- that? I'm gonna shoot that."

(Good talk.)

« Hang tight, kids! I'm gonna try a thing! »

Who knew that ice rounds would be so useful? Unlike with incendiary munitions there's like zero risk to herself! The clear gunk oozing out of them should make them freeze up real nice, too. Just like she's practicing at the range the albino squares up and fires at one purple heart thing after another in rapid succession. For someone like her it doesn't get any easier than this!

"And here I was gonna try to rush in at the nick of time and help save some people instead of do what I always do and shoot everything in sight," she openly laments to herself while hammering through ICER rounds. "What can I say? When you're good at a thing you get to keep doing the thing. -Damn- I love my life."

* * *

"So," There is a voice from the street. It is a familiar voice. A welcome? voice. "This is new." The observation from the sidewalk behind Domino and Dani. It's a voice that belongs to one Tony Stark. The man, not even in armor, stands behind the unfolding chaos. Well back from the dragon and the fight itself. His head tilted up towards the giant plant.

He squints up at it.

"Has anyone tried singing at it?"

A longer pause.

"And is that /Vange/?"

A longer pause.

"Warren isn't in there is he?"

A longer pause.

"Cause. You know. I was going to see if Ali and him were there. I had something for her. Its cool." A pause as he watches someone scream for help in the building. "I mean I suppose I'm going to have to do something to help." A longer pause. "I mean. Unless you all got this."

* * *

As Domino shoots the first purple heart thing she will notice bits of the plant start to immediately blacken and wither. Not all of the plant. There are floors and floors of the thing and so probably a considerably large stash of purple heart things that support this thing.

But it's a vital system to this entire exercise. And certainly as Atlas slices and dices he'll start to notice them too. Some clusters of vines don't have them…they've got plant mouths instead…but here and there they become visible, easy to spot.

AMeanwhile: Rogue, who has, now that she's gotten those people clear, popped the hood on some random person's car. She is under the hood doing stuff to the car. IE, she's not making a molotov cocktail.

She's making a molotov cartail.

Even so, the Southern Belle has Opinions on whether Tony can help. "I dunno, sugar," she says, popping her head out from under that hood. "Ain't you the guy that sets things on fire really fast? Cause it's gonna take me another five minutes to set this here car on fire so I can set them there roots on fire, and if you can just blow up that there root mass really fast, it'll probably make everyone a lot happier."

* * *

« Shoot the plant. » Agrees Moonstar as Domino speaks over the X-Comm, « And get people out. »

Then there's another familiar voice as Tony speaks up. "No, we are not singing to it." She says quickly enough, "I think we've all had a weird enough day."

Of course that question on whether Warren is there and/or Ali brings a much more serious response. "He's not and she is. She's okay though. She's helping bring down some people via the western wing."

"And I don't think any of us would mind the help."

See?! Everyone is helpful.

Wait, did she just hear Rogue right? She heard enough that Dani nudges Brightwind to turn right on around. The winged horse descends again towards the sidewalk, "Let's make sure the fire is contained to the roots. We cannot have the Tower burning completely down."

And with that warning given, Moonstar calls over X-Comm, « Atlas, Domino, you two doing okay? »

* * *

« Getting a slight headache from shooting inside of an office building, fine otherwise. The acoustics in here are just—hey, is that you Tony? Damn, man. Haven't heard from you in a hot minute. Come join the party, plenty to harvest. »

..Holy crap. Neena's found it. The giant plant monster has critical zones. Many, many critical zones. They're working VERY well. It's..also really making her feel more like this is some demented game brought to life. The plant itself looked like it belonged in a game, it was SINGING, and now..this? Like it's straight-up telling her 'hey, these are the weak spots, shoot here!'

And wherever she finds one, that's exactly what she'll do.

As far as determining the origins of the organic construct, that will be within someone else's department. She's just here to cause some trouble.

« Got a confirmed weakness! Aim for anything looking like a purple heart, they do some damage! Stark, don't you have some way of scanning for specific targets? Why don't you do us all a solid and get your metal-clad ass on that. »


« Ah—y'know what, hold that thought. Now that half of this -very tall building- is made up of plant, what happens when the plant half is no longer supporting the building half? »

* * *

« "Atlas. I'm sorry, you're going to try a thing? What thing?" » Atlas replies, suddenly more than a little alarmed. He's pretty much on the opposite side of the plant monster from Domino, so he doesn't get a look at the purple heart /she's/ dealing with, or the results of actually doing anything with it. But as he clears a few more upper floors, he breaches another window and begins to cut through towards the center just to be on the safe side.

He takes a few bites along the way, and one paralytic dart that lodges itself in his hip with a start. It's like somebody jabbed him with a needle full of novocaine, and the only reason he doesn't drop is because he needs a bigger dose to get downed that quickly. Even as he turns and dispatches the dart-thrower blossom that got him though, he knows that he can't take many of those before they bring him down.

A few mumbled swear words later and he pulls the dart out, more concerned about lingering toxins than he is about potential infection.

Just when he's about to give up on the floor he's on, one final half-baked swing exposes one of the purple heart… things. Atlas pauses to stare at the organ, tilting his head to one side. He takes a moment to take a photograph of it on the off chance that this style of /monster plant engineering/ becomes useful to reference later.

Then he cuts it apart with his fire axe, unceremoniously ending the problem in his immediate vicinity.

« "Bit chewed up. Mildly drugged up. Just crushed some sort of core. Probably going to be numb half the day. I don't think there are many people left in the upper floors, if any. Why would a plant have… for lack of a better term… /meat/ organs?" » He replies to Moonstar, bemusedly.

* * *

At some point, Warren finally notices something.

It's the Alison-specific ringtone that finally makes him take note, at which point he picks up his phone and realizes something interesting.

A few seconds later, a call patches through onto the X-Men comms. He probably only really meant to call Dani, but got the Routing of Shame by an extremely annoyed Kiff.

« Uh. » Warren sounds as messed-up as he is. « Dani? I have… » A long few moments, presumably spent counting. « …forty messages? What's going on? »

* * *

"Are you sure? I mean singing to it could be the key. I mean. Its not the strangest thing I've seen." Stark replies with a flash of a grin aimed towards Moonstar. He reaches up to touch the reactor on the middle of his chest and seconds later the armor spreads across the man's body to encase it in metal and supertech.

The helmet stays up though as he squints again at the plant. Then the building. Then the plant. Then he sighs slowly. "Ok, so it'll collapse I'm thinking. I can fix that. And I can handle blowing things up. I'm pretty good at that. Also good at ribbing Warren and Ali. So I might call them."

The helment snaps shut then as targeting systems snap into being in front of Stark's eyes. "Purple is bad you say. I can do that." He adds as crosshairs begin to snap to purple targets. "Any idea what caused this."

A text is indeed sent to Warren too.

This was totally not my turn to save your stuff! You owe me double.

Micro-missile systems snap into place, corckscrewing out towards purple and roots in response to Domino and Rogue's requests.

"Also Dom, you know you love my metal clad ass."

He can't help it.

Commands go out though to the Avenger's Mansion then as hidden shutters slide open and a small-to-medium sized army of Stark drones shoot out headed to the site. Ready to use structural foam and metal bodies to keep the building from just collapsing into itself.

Most of his attention goes to getting ready to catch the building of course. And sassing Warren. And Domino.

"I'm not /bad/ at setting things on fire." He adds towards Rogue. "But I'm going to more make sure we all don't get crushed."

And sassing Rogue. And Dani. I mean sass is important.

* * *

There is a conspicuous silence over the comm from the Dazzler's end of things.

Mostly because her phone was bisected a handful of minutes ago, when she covered for Cameron Hodge and the other employees and took a swipe from a vine, yelling at them to keep going as she was dragged away.

Somewhere in all that mess, Alison hangs upside-down, braided up in those thrashing vines, brimming with stuttery pulses of her light as she barely holds back tendril from closing around her throat. "This is gross," she complains in a constant mantra, over and over to whatever higher power might be listening. "This is gross, this is gross…!"

* * *

"Sure, sugar, that works too," Rogue says easily, to one Tony Stark. "I mean. I like not dyin'…"

She hears Ali on the comm. And for half a second considers going to get her. And then weighs the trauma of being yoinked through shadows by her with the trauma of gross plant stuff and concludes that Ali would rather deal with the gross plant stuff, and so goes to swing a huge wrench she was carrying at some of the hearts now that they're outlined (or just shot) by Tony's stuff.

In the grand calculus of things this may not be the right decision…but it turns out not to matter very much.

Because various X-men start using Tony's targeting help to trash hearts, and Tony makes sure the building doesn't collapse, and the Dragon makes sure the plant doesn't get any damned big ideas, and the upshot of all of this is…

That the building stands, and what remains is this withered brown stalk at the end of some withered ugly roots. It's all thin and it sort of collapses, which may mean Alison sort of gets dumped on the floor. But only on the floor. The main bulk of it falls down like Jack's severed beanstalk to finally just sort of loop around and around on the floor.

The people who were in the mouths do in fact fall out, because those things take days to digest. They're covered in goop and thoroughly grossed out. One is freezing but not dead.

And drifting down from the sky like the world's most damning piece of evidence. A blue ribbon.

"Awarded to Billy Sinclair, 1st Place, PS 79 5th Grade Science Fair."

* * *

« Jeezus, Warren, -everything- is going on. Furthermore, you sound like shit. » Not to sugar-coat it or anything.

Here come the missiles! Domino leaps like a rabbit right as one comes sailing into the building in its search for one of the squishy quadruple damage targets. This may result in a shower of icky plant goo upon the miniature warhead making contact.

Back to Tony, « I have a thing for metal, okay? »

Also..why the heck is she burning through the special ammo when regular old hollow-points would work just as well? Silly albino. Time to go Akimbo!

Dom's still fighting her way through until she finally catches up with Dazzler. It still takes her a moment to recognize the other mutant who is currently dangling from the ceiling and covered in vines and goo. Neena tries to turn her own head upside down to peer at the other woman, puzzlement and concern giving way to an amused smirk. "Some people just have all the fun."

Before she can start chewing the base of the vines apart with bullets everything withers and collapses on its own. In case Alison's situation isn't rough enough there's no time for Neena to help break her fall, leaving the albino to stand there with guns in hand and a wince upon her face. "So… I think this means we win."

* * *

« What's your position Atlas? » Because in Dani's mind hearing a team member is drugged up is never a good thing.


As to Domino's question about the plant versus the building, « Tony's got us covered. »

Of course, by this time Carolus has asked that last question of his and Moonstar can't help but offer a grimace, cause meat organs. « Well, I'm going to hazard a guess and say whatever caused this plant to mutate gave it some extra additions. »

And that's when Warren finds himself spliced into the X-Comm, which stops any further explanations from Dani.

There's a moment of indecision within Dani on whether to tell Warren the truth or not and while she doesn't lie to Warren, she does describe it in such a way to seem less threatening than what it possibly is or was. « We've a situation in the city, but we have it under control. »

Of course, when Domino speaks to Warren the Cheyenne can't help but stifle a sigh, though that frown that tugs her lips downward isn't masked.

* * *

How did Stark get onto the X-Comm. Its Stark. Who knows. They might have done it.

«I fixed it! Half of your building is gone though. How do you feel about salad?»

* * *

Furthermore, you sound like shit.

« And you sound like a cunt, » is Warren's sandpapery, brittle reply.

The direction of his attention shifts palpably towards Dani afterwards. And Tony's addition.

Especially Tony's addition.

There's a long silence. « I see. We'll talk later. »

That's about when Warren hangs up!

* * *

Atlas sways on the spot as plant life withers around him. He walks, rather than flies, back towards the busted out window he emerged from. He feels well enough to fly, but he's not going to do it more than he has to. Which is about the opposite of how he'd normally handle it. He's just a quicker flyer than he is a walker.

« "Looks like… 71st floor? You think the elevators are structurally sound?" » He wonders, glancing down towards the descent below him.

He decides to just ignore most of the exchanges on X-Comm that Warren was involved in.

« "Dazzler's been radio silent for a while. Anybody got eyes on her?" » He asks, worriedly.


With her sound charge near empty, her strength never an enduring sort of thing, and all the blood rushing to her head — it's a perilously slow, losing battle for Alison to keep that vine from wringing her throat. She doesn't even have the breath to spare Domino's way when she hears the woman's entrance, holding everything sufferingly back —

Until the plant things, and gives out, and just like that, Alison drops like a bag of potatoes. She hits the cement stairwell spine-first, and inhales sharply, seeing stars.

The pain fades to a labourous ache, and she just sprawls there, covered in god-knows-what, and whatever mess is in here — she's sure what awaits her is even worse.

Domino's comment on 'winning' earns a look, Alison looking about two weeks' too sleepless to give it the reply it deserves.

Instead, she just pushes up, half-limping to — get back to work. "Just look for casualties," she says as she leaves out through the door, without a look back.

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