A Gracious Host
Roleplaying Log: A Gracious Host
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The morning after Frost International's front row seat to near-catastrophe, Lex Luthor and Emma Frost reconvene.

Other Characters Referenced: Akari Takahashi
IC Date: September 28, 2019
IC Location: Metropolis
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Posted On: 28 Sep 2019 22:36
Rating & Warnings: G
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NPC & GM Credits: Mercy & Hope by Lex Luthor
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It's the morning after narrowly averted disaster. That means, of course, Emma Frost is right to business.

If she were a more generous person, she might perhaps allow Akari Takahashi to tag along on said business and help the woman make stronger leadership ties in Metropolis. She could help bolster the marginally older woman's lackluster reputation within the city and work her own particular magic. After all, wouldn't that help the bottom line for Frost International with Takahashi set in place now to be the company's representative in Metropolis?

But Emma isn't particularly generous. Not in the ways that would matter for today's agenda. Takahashi must earn her trust in these matters and, until then, control will rest squarely in the telepath's soft and manicured hands.

The venue for today is an upscale hotel restaurant, known for the luxurious and costly brunches that it serves. An invitation was made last night, somewhere after the confusion, to continue a conversation and that leaves Emma sitting here under one of the many decadent crystal chandeliers of a sumptuous dining room that has been decorated in shades of tan and dusty rose, sipping on her apple cider mimosa with it's delightful cinnamon-sugar rim and shaved apple garnish.

Her white knit caftan dress, with its plunging neckline and flattering shirring at the waist and shoulders, clings to her form with an artful eye for fit, and makes her look like a queen as she regally occupies the round-backed chair that might as well be her throne and waits for her dining companion.

Invitations from Emma Frost are not exactly taken lightly. Even by someone as in control of Metropolis as Lex Luthor. His arrival to the hotel is met with the usual splendor that happens whenever he comes here. He has often set foot upon these grounds for all sorts of events.

Then again, what doesn't he have his hands in when it comes to Metropolis? Oh, there are quite a few things that have been invading his personal space recently. Things that are going to have to change. Or taken care of in one way or another.

Perhaps that is why he's agreed to this brunch in the first place.

One of this gray suits has been chosen for this meeting. No need to wear black when he's not planning on doing anything more than just talking. A nod to both Hope and Mercy leaves them near the door, they refused to let him come alone but willing to give up enough space for him to talk to Emma privately.

Lex adjusts his cufflinks as he makes his way through the room and towards Emma and her throne. "I don't know if I can get used to seeing you in Metropolis. It's unsettling." Lex remarks with a grin as he takes it upon himself to sit down across from her at the table. "Especially, since you aren't making deals with me." Jealousy? Maybe? Something like it?

Emma does do Lex Luthor the honor of rising out of her seat as he approaches, the movement one of imminent grace as she extends one of those seemingly delicate hands in his direction. "Mister Luthor," she coos in that particular lilt of hers. "So lovely to see you again so soon."

Her head tilts as she smiles, the curve of her lips politely shark-like.

"I should hope that you never get used to the sight of me! I think that would rather imply that I've grown boring and predictable. Two things which I never want associated with my name." She leans in when he grows close, her lips uttering a seductive murmur as she tilts her chin down and looks up at him with those lips turning into a lascivious sort of smirk. "Also, I've never fallen into the habit of asking for permission."


"I'd have you committed for mental instability if you ever did."

Lex assumes the most comfortable business minded position in his seat as possible, arms resting somewhat on the table and fingers almost laced in front of him. He's not sure how this whole thing is going to fare so he's playing defense right now.

He makes no moves to order anything. Instead, he just sits. As if waiting a chess table to be set up in front of them.

"Last night was, I'm at a loss for what word to use. Eventful. Let's go with that for the moment." Lex lets a green eye sparkle. Because he doesn't have a shark grin. He'll leave that ball in her court if she'd like to elaborate on such eventful shenanigans. It is not exactly his place to say much more than what he observed.

"That's a word for it, I suppose," Frost agrees as she resettles into her chair, draping an arm over the padded arm of her chair. Her legs cross, and she takes back up her autumnal morning cocktail.

"I was just so terribly disappointed that our conversation got cut short. Particularly after you made so much effort to come and see my little endeavor start on the right foot."

Sipping, she hums a note, and then continues. "Of course, that was very nearly undone by the… event, but what are we—you and I—if not creatures of immeasurable resilience."

"Quite so."

Lex Luthor sits back in his seat now that the opening shots have been tossed. He's able to relax a bit at this moment. Guard still up but at least there can be a more colleague-flavored conversation now. He's not about to worry too much about saying the wrong thing since they both feel somewhat similar about the eventful event.

"I am not usually one for effort when competition is involved but since it was an endeavor of yours, I thought a little professional courtesy was in order." Yes, he did her a favor by showing up! "As it were, though, we can continue our chat now. Unimpeded. I've taken a few precautions to ensure such."

Hope? Mercy? Superman on Standby?

"Very thoughtful," Emma says, pleased with the turn. It means he's taking her seriously, after all, and that's a good thing. It doesn't scare her in the least to be cut off from the rest of the world and left secluded with Lex Luthor or his like. "But do at least drink something?"

"Because is it really competition?" Emma asks, dismissive of the thought. "Is it really now? You are the golden son of Metropolis, and I think it's really an open secret that I'd rather be in New York. And you have much more important irons in the fire than fancy boats, planes, trains, and automobiles for people of sufficient discretionary income. Furthermore, you see, I had no choice but to come here. Einosuke Takahashi needed to be taught a valuable lesson: no one tells me 'no' unless 'no' is what I want to hear." Her hand lifts briefly from its resting place to flit at her shoulder dismissively as she lifts her eyes towards the medallion on the ceiling. "That doesn't mean that you and I" And now her eyes come back down to settle on Luthor once more. "can't be friends." A sculpted eyebrow pricks upwards. "Does it?"

Luthor takes a moment to order Scotch before listening with an attentive ear to Emma's words. Which all sound fair. "I can't say that you're wrong. I suppose just a head's up is all I was after. You could've given me a couple days to roll out the red carpet for you. I feel embarrassed that I didn't get the opportunity to be a gracious host."

There's a spin he can make on it. That'll work.

"I would enjoy nothing more than to create a mutually beneficial relationship between us. So if there is anything I can do to help you teach your lessons…" Services are being offered! Friendship services, of course!

Emma's smile dissipates, resolving into a line more serious. "Actually, I do have something if you're game for it." The woman lifts her half-empty glass and considers it carefully. "Clearly, with me being in New York most of the time, and not here… My little corporate hostage - I won't bore you with the wherefores of it all - needs someone outside of the company to draw her out of her shell. Be a friend. Of course, what sort of business woman would I be if I trusted my new little vice president to choose her own confidantes?"

Her gaze turns back to Luthor, and she shrugs her slender shoulders. "And if you prove to be the best of friends, I'm certain that there are benefits about it that can be discussed. I'm very good at returning favors, you see."

When it suits her.

"And I wouldn't be me if I didn't ask what benefits shall I receive up front? I'd have to spend hours away from my own company in order to babysit." Lex grins as his drink arrives and he takes a moment to sip from it. Just to let that babysitter comment hang in the air for a moment or two.

"After all, since we're not in competition, I feel like maybe a little something up front can help me and LexCorp stay afloat." Ah, corporate jesting.

Emma's eyebrows arch upwards, and there's an amused laugh. "Oh, yes. Because you're definitely in danger of losing LexCorp." She leans in across the table's edge, setting her flute of mimosa aside as she folds both of her arms and sets them down. "What would make it worth it?"

"Well, since you hardly want to slum it in Metropolis, why don't you let me help take care of most, if not all, of your Metropolis affairs. I'll make sure to handle them in a manner as close as to how you would. I couldn't ever replace you but I feel as though we share the same keen business sense that you could trust my objective judgement."

Time to take another sip of the Scotch to let the Frost think that over.

Emma's expression flattens and she pulls back. "I have no interest in making Frost International a LexCorp subsidiary, thank you very much." Her head tilts one way, and then another, fingers coming up to play along the line of her collarbone as she thinks. "Perhaps we can discuss a joint endeavor, however. We could see where a partnership could take us. And, of course, I would let you take the lead."

"A partnership? Well. That's certainly an offer that I'd consider." Lex sets his glass down. "A LexCorp and Frost International joint venture would surely put our collective competition on notice. Between New York and Metropolis, there wouldn't be much room for anyone else." Lex grins at that idea. He never really much cared for some of the other businesses that have been lingering around or popping up. Just the thought of a Frost/Luthor collaboration could cause them to fold. "Shall I have people draw up some paperwork?"

"Have your people draw up the paperwork, and I'll have my people review it." Emma laughs, the sound mirthless and dark as she reaches up and brushes her blonde curls back from her shoulder. "You never know. It could be a match born in Hell."

Club humor. It never really gets old, does it?

Lex grins and pushes up and away from the table. "I'll have them sent over before you leave. I'd like to get this handled before you travel back to New York. We wouldn't want to miss out on any potential photo ops, would we?"

Lex buttons his suit jacket and offers a hand to Ms. Frost. "Don't trouble yourself with the bill, Ms. Frost. I bought this hotel on the way over." Okay, so there had to be a little bit of money and power flaunting. He is on his home turf.

"How very considerate," Emma replies, taking the hand that's offered to her once she's finished the last of her drink so that he can help her to her feet. "Well, if you want a proper photo op, then I suppose we'd best leave this hotel together. Since you went to the trouble of buying it and all."

"Mercy? The car. Hope? The door."

Lex Luthor seeks to lock his arm with Emma's as both of his bodyguards do that thing they do where they listen to him. With that, he offers an explanation of his antics.

"I was bored. I hadn't bought anything in a week. I had to ensure I made the news for a sixth time this week." Now it's time for just silly rich people banter.

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