The Old Sentry
Roleplaying Log: The Old Sentry
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Captain Marvel and Deadpool go on an expedition to an ancient Kree outpost in the Himalayas.

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IC Date: September 30, 2019
IC Location: Himalayas, Nepal
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This may go down in history as the single most awkward multi-hour quinjet flight in history.

Captain Marvel, in full bright costumed regalia, is sitting in the pilot seat with her gloved hands gripped firmly on the steering. Steel, half-lidded eyes grimly staring straight ahead through the canopy as she clings to her diminishing resolve to not commit manslaughter on her co-pilot.

Circumstances have made for strange bedfellows. If it was up to Carol, she would have simply flown around the world on her own and just relayed information to a team of analysts just like the good old days in SHIELD.
Nowadays, she has a fraction of the resources she used to. Rather than a team of experts and the best communication systems and technical resources on the planet..

She has Deadpool.

Initially she wanted to just grab him by the head and fly around the planet anyway.. He could survive it after all. But then his suit would burn off and he'd be naked.

As horrid as chauffeuring the man to the otherside of the world in a Quinjet is, its the only option Carol Danvers was prepared to accept.

At least their journey is reaching its end. The GPS system overlaying the front canopy targets the landing sight ahead.

On the plus side, the land unfolding before the motley pair is breathtakingly beautiful. Mount Everest itself is not all that far away, standing like the highest jewel upon the crown of the Earth in peripheral view. The sprawling snowcaps and glaciers unfold endlessly in the region. Among the highest.. And most dangerous.. Places on Earth.
"Alright Deadpool." As they are on-mission, callsigns are more appropriate even if she has an urge to use a low-toned 'Wade' like an epithet, "We're five minutes from drop. Gear up. With luck you should be incredibly bored."

Deadpool has likely been talking this entire time. About everything from the view to The View to wardrobe malfunctions and Spaghetti Tacos. It has been a very talkative trip… at least from his side of the equation. He has to live up to the Marvelous Moniker of Merc with a Mouth, after all!

"… and /then/ I said, well if it's stuck in there, just reach up there and yank it out! But nobody in the Vet's Office thought it was a good idea! And now I'll never know if Mittens got her little friend out of her butt! A sad day. So sad."

Finally, Wade's attention is yanked towards the allegedly beautiful landscape that arrives when the Quinjet finally makes its presence known around these mountains. "Holy Wakanda. Are we in space yet? Is this in space?! DOES SPACE LOOK LIKE CLIFFHANGER II: HIGH HOPES?!" Wade unbuckles from his seat and reaches for his duffle bag, yanking on the zipper and reaching inside for some of his random wardrobe change options.

"Good thing I packed my Hoth gear. And don't worry. I'll put it on over this suit. I don't want you getting distracted by me bringing sexy back, Captain Space McHottieson. We're on a mission! To… to… uh, what're we doing again?"

It would not be realistic to say this is the worst day of Carol Danver's life. There has to have been worse but.. They do not come to mind.
By the time they're three minutes from landing, she deeply regrets not going with her initial plan. At least he wouldn't be able to talk in high atmosphere.

Wetting her mouth after a long time of silence, she finally gets around to telling Deadpool the plan. Oh she considered just debriefing him on the way.. Hell it would have been a lot more professional to actually debrief him before he fully committed to the mission. But he seemed just so gosh-darned happy to GO that.. Well.
Besides, after the first two hours of listening to glowing season reviews of the Golden Girls she had mentally checked out to her happy place.
"We are.." Captain Marvel reaches up to check instrumentation as the Quinjet expertly lands on an especially expansive snowdrift before a massive wall of himalayan granite trailing into vast frosted crags that lead into clouds far below, "..Investigating a site of activity. We know long ago the Kree had outposts on Earth but could never find more than a handful. Recently we caught communication chatter and triangulated to this spot."
The Quinjet's mighty engines slowly quiet, but never fully extinguish. Both to keep the cold from freezing the engine over and..
.. Never know if they need to make a quick get-away.

.. With Deadpool of course.
Of course.

"Since the Kree are not known to play nice with people sniffing around their toys.. That's where you come in. Watch my six." Unbuckling from her seat as she considers what she just said..
A frown and a correction, "Just watch for trouble."

"We're investigating Cree Summer?! This really is a different world."

Wade shrugs himself into his Hoth coat and smooths out some of the faux-fur that's on it. "Eighty Percent Wookiee, baby." He aims a pair of finger guns at Captain Marvel. Because that's what you do when you're trying to stay on someone's good side. He can't have her trying to leave him here to die or something.

Especially, since he can't die. That sentence would suck horribly.

"Watching For Trouble is my last name." Wade raises a hand in a horrible rendition of the 'salute' and then proceeds to reach down next to his seat and he pulls up a replica Star Wars lightsaber. Which he ignites. It's pink. "Let's do this, gurl!" Somebody's certainly happy to be dealing with any potential trouble on the horizon.

Captain Marvel is deeply suspicious of Wade's use of 'Kree' but she cannot dredge forth neither time nor inclination to correct him.
As long as he intercepts blaster fire she will tolerate his presence.
Rising from her seat a hand waves at the side of her neck, her Kree helm assembling in place with telemetry transferred from the Quinjet to her own HUD overlay.
"Alright Wookie. Don't shoot anything unless I tell you to." The stern warning interrupted as her eyes roll down to the pink saber. Slowly moving back up as she wordlessly steps past him to the lowering ramp and out onto the snow pack. She decides to stay on foot for now and stay in front. If the snowpack gives way beneath her she can simply hover in place and would give Deadpool warning.

No need to freeze him solid and leave him in the himalayas for the next hundred years. .. As tempting as that might be.

Here at the high altitudes the winds howl, whipping curls of mist from the snowpacks rising in the late sun. Its a good thing he brought the Hoth gear as it is incredibly cold with very thin air. This is the sort of terrain a normal human can only survive for so long unaided.
Thankfully, neither of them are terribly human anymore, which is another benefit for bringing Deadpool along. The chances of losing him in this beautiful frigid Hell are slim.

Captain Marvel marches forward, knee deep in snow. Staring up at what appears seems to be a sheer stone face hundreds of feet tall, a component of the greater mountain range that stretches on forever throughout these high heavens.
There doesn't seem to be much here although the stonework seems.. Strange. Less natural than other parts of the range nearby.

"If I had known about all this snow, I would've borrowed the Snow Dogs. It's not like Cuba Gooding, Jr. needs 'em any more. Next time, a little debriefing, huh Cappy Tanlines?"

Deadpool doesn't even know if the words are getting through his mask, past the Hoth gear and into the cold winds of all this cold stuff. There's certainly too much for him to try and scream into but he's here. He's even carrying his lightsaber which is probably going to ice over and get all brittle and shatter before this is over. Which won't be fun but at least he's also armed to the teeth with actual weapons.

"Does waiting for your orders count if we suddenly get ambushed by Tibetan Space Lizards or… what? I mean, not that I owe them a few hundred Euros or anything. Just curious. Asking for a friend, as they say!"

Deadpool dredges along after Captain Marvel because he's definitely not feeling this whole walking deal. "Can't you just like fly us? I promise I won't grab anything you don't want me to." He's likely waggling his non-eyebrows underneath that mask of his. Oh boy.

Unfortunately, Captain Marvel can still hear him. With absolute reluctance, Carol had supplied Deadpool with a comm unit. As it so happens this is a two-way street as she mumbles something in the wake of his commentary along the lines of 'Atlantic' and 'no parachute'.

Flying Wade would necessitate touching Wade, and that should be answer enough for anyone. She'd order him to clear comms but she knows how futile that would be, as is she endeavors to simply survive him.

As they approach the sheer face of the stone she stops suddenly in front of him. Her helmed head tilts slowly, crown of short blonde hair whipping about as her arms slowly lower.
Before she was merely focused and ignoring Deadpool. Now? She almost seems entranced.. But its difficult to tell in these terrible weather conditions. Then, over crackling comms, Wade can hear Captain Marvel speaking.
It isn't English. In fact it doesn't sound like any language Wade's ever heard of. But whatever gibberish she recants seems to do the trick..

.. The Himalayas groan.

The air fills with a deep rumbling sound as snow packs for half a mile around begin to shudder and pour down the mountains. The sheer granite wall hundreds of feet high begins to slowly split open.

"… Um. What?"

Deadpool is confused about everything that he's seeing in front of him. He's paying attention but things are happening that shouldn't be happening. Like, y'know, the mountains actually moving and responding to the fact that Captain Marvel has completely flipped her freaking lid. And now she's controlling the dang mountain.

"I swear to Prague, if you turn into Captain Planet right now I'm going to have kittens. Like a whole pile of them. Right here on this mountain. THAT YOU'RE CONTROLLING WITH YOUR TONGUE!"

Wade looks off to the side where nobody else really seems to look. "That's what she said."

Deadpool refocuses his attention on Captain Marvel and even more pressing the mountain and whatever the heck it is doing thanks to the weird unable to understand language barrier speech that Captain Marvel has sprinkled upon it. "I left my snowboard on the Quinjet! I'm gonna' go back and grab it. Could you tell the Avalanche to chill for a couple minutes?"

Captain Marvel just begins to turn, finally having had enough of Deadpool's prattle as she grouses, "Okay Deadpool, what are you EVEN talking ab-"
Her confusion is cut through by the sight of the mountain-side itself unfolding. The moving walls reveal a darker material within, clearly of alien manufacture. The superstructure spreads open with a mighty moan of ancient machinery grinding to life.
The snowpacks quickly form the dreaded avalanche of Deadpool's fears but before it can get close.. They crash against an invisible wall. Some sort of snow-plowing force field keeps the environment from tumbling into the opening and thankfully keeps tons of frozen water from crashing onto the pair. Unfortunately for them, the snowpacks they stand upon are equal targets as a wall of force pushes the snow away and towards them like a crackling, shattering tidal wave.

"Oh Hell."
Captain Marvel immediately whirls about and grabs Deadpool's shoulder. Launching straight into the air with him to avoid being swept away with the mass of ice. Sadly the Quinjet isn't so lucky as it's caught in the wave and pushed down the mountainside.

As the gigantic doors have finished opening it reveals what seems to be.. A hangar of some kind. Room enough to fit over a dozen Quinjets. Almost entirely empty save one feature within. A single pillar of technology nearly fifty feet tall and thirty wide. Green lights and symbols flow along its surface with growing speed.
Moments later the column splits open itself, pulling apart to reveal a massive humanoid robot over forty feet tall. Its limbs shift, going from a powered down static mode to something alarmingly mobile.

"Whoa! Keen Gear!"

Deadpool hangs from the grasp of Captain Marvel and even has his phone out now. His pink lightsaber is strapped onto his costume somehow and he's using both of his gloved hands to snap as many pictures as he can of the giant thing that looks like it's going to kill them. Or something.

"The mountain's having a baby! And it looks super weird. Like a giant Funko Pop!" Snapping some more pictures with that phone of his. Where he got a smart phone with cool enough camera to make sure that everything gets added to his personal collection of pics.

"I'm guessing this isn't what you came to see, right? Can I shoot it? Please tell me I can shoot it. I really want to shoot it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CAN I SHOOT IT?!" Deadpool realizes something. "Uh. With my guns. Not with this cheap camera phone! I also have grenades!"

To Be Continued

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