Birds of a Feather
Roleplaying Log: Birds of a Feather
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Batgirl and Hawkgirl do some catching up.

Other Characters Referenced: Frank Castle, other Birds of Prey
IC Date: September 22, 2019
IC Location: The Clocktower, Gotham City
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Posted On: 02 Oct 2019 22:03
Rating & Warnings: PG
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Nights are no longer the same as they have always been. The vigilantes of Gotham City have lost allies and safety on the streets as GCPD turns their once-heroes into criminals and bounty hunters flood the city; it is hard to know when stopping a robbery or assault may be a trap.

So, Batgirl has taken to monitoring the city at the massive computer station in the Clocktower. She has her cowl pulled down from her head, revealing her face; her slicked-back red hair still trapped behind the reinforced synthweave. She has her arms crossed at her chest, looking over the various monitors that track the GCPD movements all around the city. Her lips are pressed into a hard line.

"ALTHENE, check on Black Canary… pin her on the map." The AI responds with a soft confirmation before a little pin appears on the map with Dinah's canary emblem on it.

* * *

While Hawkgirl is definitely a 'vigilante' of some kind in Gotham City, she's also one of the ones with the rare ability to fly.

That gives her a little bit of an edge when it comes to avoiding the bounty hunters and GCPD, though not always.

Tonight seems to be a middling definition of just how well she's avoided things, and she did good up until her last fly by. That last call she literally got pounced by two would-be bounty hunters and after she dispatched the two would-be 'heroes', the winged woman rose sharply into the air.

Now with quick wingbeats Kendra Saunders makes her way to the Clocktower. When she's close enough the comms flare to life, "What is it with kids thinking they're bounty hunters?" Not that she can say much .. she's not much older than some of these kids.

With a tuck of one wing Hawkgirl descends sharply towards whichever window is typically left open for the caped crusaders.

* * *

The window is left open, but it is ALTHENE who greets Kendra before she plunges in through the open portal. "Hello, Hawkgirl. Welcome back." ALTHENE's maternal voice carries no worries or concerns for what is happening beyond the tall tower where the Birds of Prey call home. Perhaps a bit more home than usual since Barbara, Helena, and Dinah are all homeless with only a meager lead on who is responsible for torching the florist shop and the Lance family home.

Babs looks up, shifting in her stance a bit until she settles into a warmer smile for Kendra. "Hey," she greets before she looks back at the ever-moving map. "Need to get better about tracking you when you're out there… you're so damn fast." She flashes a quick smile to Kendra before she looks back at the monitors.

* * *

"Thanks Althene." Comes the prompt response from the winged woman, "How's it hanging tonight?"

Only after she lands lightly upon the ground does Hawkgirl remove her hawkhelm. Once removed she tucks it beneath an arm as she surveys the interior of the Clocktower.

At the sight of Barbara the winged woman heads right on over, her gaze automatically moving to the ever-moving map.

Kendra offers Babs a smile of greeting in return. "I'd say I'd fly slower, but that would be a complete lie." Here she flashes a quick grin before her gaze turns back to the map, "How's it going tonight? Quiet? Relatively, at least?"

* * *

"I'm not sure I can answer that, Hawkgirl. I do not hang," ALTHENE replies, though there is a certain slyness in those words that suggest the AI is not taking her answer very seriously.

Batgirl turns slightly back to Hawkgirl as she approaches, and then she looks back to the screen. "Just trying to keep track of everyone out there, and try to make sure no one is walking headlong into a trap, but it isn't easy… Batman is better at this." Which is to say better at stalking people, not better at the computer interface. She casts a glance aside. "But it's quiet… mostly." She presses her lips together. "Everything was okay for you out there?"

* * *

Does Althene have eyes? Probably sensors, right? Whatever the case may be Kendra turns a grin towards the ceiling, since that's (in her mind) where Althene's voice comes from.

Then it's back to Batgirl when the other woman speaks, and her words are enough to cause Kendra's expression to sober slightly.

Now her eyes watch the map for a few silent moments up until Batgirl mentions Batman. With his name invoked Kendra snorts ever so softly, as she says, "Pretty sure you're good at it too. No point in comparing. We're all doing our best here, you doubly so, because that's the type of person you are. No kicking yourself for any perceived failures."

She gives the other woman a slight amount of side-eye for a second and then she answers that last question of Babs. "Oh, it could have gone better I suppose, but not terrible. Just some stupid kids who think just cause they've played video games depicting bounty hunting that they know what they're doing." Her eyes roll slightly, "The morons."

That last muttered words of hers brings the slightest wing rustle of irritation, "So, what's our next move? I know we're not about to act like sitting ducks, right?"

* * *

If ALTHENE had a smile, she would probably be shining with it, but for now, the AI remains quite non-corporeal. For Batgirl, she just hooks her arm around her seat to look up at Hawkgirl. "Better than what it could be. All we need is some serious hunters with some serious skill on the streets… it's making it hard to do anything without double-guessing."

For Batgirl, her new suit perhaps is a hallmark of what is changing around them. The dark synthweave with the muted mustard accents and longer, more protective cape are definite changes from the dark purple motorcycle leathers and brighter yellow pouches and belt. She looks drab, ready to fit into the shadows more readily.

She stretches slightly as she regards the monitors. "No… we're not going to do that. Dinah wants to go in total aggressive, as does Huntress… but I think we need to see if we can find more allies again. With Commissioner Gordon not expected back until the end of this month, we're still dealing with his interim replacement." Who has swiftly unraveled everything Jim spent decades to get in place. "I think we might want to give him a run for his money. I've thought about decoys out there so some of us can actually get work done… ALTHENE calling in false reports of Batman sightings, or something. Run them wild."

* * *

Batgirl's new suit coloration is given a bit of a curious look, but Hawkgirl doesn't yet remark upon it.

Not when there are more important things to discuss, like plans and next steps.

The mention of going full aggro on the city brings a somewhat subconscious gesture from Hawkgirl, as she drops her hands to where her mace hangs upon her belt. "I can get behind that. I feel like some heads definitely need to be knocked together to get people looking at things more clear-headed."

But clearly, slamming heads together is not quite here yet, and Kendra's expression turns thoughtful at the thought of decoys. "I like that idea. You could also take it one step further and act like someone looking to hire a few of the would-be bounty hunters? See what bites we might get and then tag them as needed. It might not catch all of them, but I bet we could get a few bites that'd help us stay safe."

* * *

"All I want is for GCPD to look this way, while we are doing what we need to do over there…" Something in Barbara's voice suggests how little of this she actually enjoys, embraces. She has friends in GCPD, those who have looked after her for years. She rubs slightly at the back of her neck with both hands. "It's all we can do."

She glances up to Kendra, and her smile takes on a wearied edge. "That's… not a bad idea. I don't think Barbara Gordon should be doing that, but… I bet I can think of someone to act as that front." She holds up both of her hands. "Not you. We need someone who is just as angered at these vigilantes as, well, everyone else."

* * *

"Yeah, Kendra Saunders shouldn't either. That might defintiely get some side-eye from the general underworld crowd." Agrees Kendra, even as she offers another smile to the woman, seeing how wearied Barbara really is.

It's, however, those last words of Babs that Kendra's brows dip toward the midle of her face as she considers who might fit that particular bill.

"Hmm. I can't say I have any friends who fit that particular bill. At least, not ones who'd go off hiring bounty hunters to take care of it." Her head tilts slightly to the side as she looks over at Babs again, "Who were you thinking of? And if there's a need for backup, I can definitely play the part. No one every looks up so usually I'm relatively safe in the sky."

* * *

Barbara rubs slightly at the center of her brow as she sinks back into her chair. "You mean, perhaps we are all mostly wholesome vigilantes who try not to interact with unsavory types?" Oh, the sarcasm in there is deep there. She casts Kendra a look before she returns her focus back on the monitor. "I don't know… Frank Castle?" She smirks slightly. "But I don't know how that will map either, but it at least is closer."

She starts to push up from the monitor, stretching achingly as she does. "We will have to think of something… someone. Maybe someone in the Defenders out of New York has ideas."

* * *

Frank Castle.

That brings a dip of Kendra's head in understanding and then a quick grin. "Well, Hawkgirl may know him, but Kendra Saunders definitely doesn't." And then more seriously, "But if he wants to run with it to see what fishes bite I can help. Whether it's eyes in the sky or here helping to watch everyone. Hawks can see things for miles."

At the mention of the Defenders, Kendra's expression is thoughtful again, "Maybe we should take a road trip out there one day and see what they can do for us."

Or in Kendra's case a wing-trip, "But speaking of trips, I better do one last sweep around the city before heading back to the Museum. If you three need some extra room come on over to the Stonechat. I've space and some extra beds if needed." She settles her helm over her features and with a flick of her wings the woman is airborne once again. "In the meantime call if you need anything and I'm sure we'll be talking soon!"

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