A Good Friend
Roleplaying Log: A Good Friend
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Moonstar finds Domino and the two discuss how to be a good friend.

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IC Date: October 02, 2019
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It's one of those constants in life if you happen to know Neena Thurman. Sooner or later it stands to reason that there will be a random encounter involving her sitting somewhere with enough drinks to easily surpass the 'healthy' mark.

Such is the case for Danielle Moonstar today as their paths cross once again, this time at the Xavier Institute. Domino had avoided sitting out in the open where it would be -too- obvious what she's up to (or how many drinks she may have already downed) but with Dani having so much to take care of around the place their meeting is all but inevitable.

Whether Dani notices her first or not doesn't matter, the albino still notices the Cheyenne. With all of the nervous energy she's putting out trying to run this circus Neena probably wouldn't have had to open her eyes to know that Dani was passing on by.

It starts with a lax smirk and a beer being held up in greeting, though the words offered alongside the gesture may not be the best match for the motions.

"Hey. Want a drink? I'm celebrating being a lousy friend."

There are many things that are constants in Danielle Moonstar's life.

Like this instance, her cellphone glued to her ear is her current constant. She made a promise to Alison and Warren (okay mostly Alison) that she would handle everything at the Institute, and she will die trying.


Right this moment she walks down a random hallway at the Institute and with each footfall her voice rises in some form of anger, or perhaps ire, "What? No. You said -" There's a pause and then, "Listen, I have been on this damn phone call for forty-five minutes -" Another pause, "No. No I really don't want to be given another number to call. This is the fifth one -"

Administration really does suck. IT. Really. Does.

With those last words of hers, Moonstar's eyes stray off to the side and while she doesn't necessarily see Domino at first, something in Moonstar's hindbrain causes her to look back toward the spot the woman sits in.

With that second look the Cheyenne woman finally spies the Merc and when Neena raises her beer upward in that salute, Moonstar frowns.

"I'll call back later."

She drops her cellphone from her ear and disconnects the call before she slides the phone into the pocket of her jeans. Now the black-haired woman approaches Domino, "Domino." She begins, though her words pause when the other woman speaks up.

Those words of Neena's prompts a quiet inhale and exhale from Moonstar, but that doesn't stop her from stepping over.

The offer of beer is ignored for the moment, as Dani says, "Well, then I would suggest trying to be a better one."

"If it wouldn't interrupt your call, of course," Neena continues with that somewhat sly smirk remaining. "If you're about to tear someone a new one then by all means, don't let me stop you."

It looks like Dani is ready for a break, regardless. This seems to be a timing win for them both! As the Cheyenne approaches and gives the one word of greeting Neena simply dips her head a little, then seems to forget to lift it back up.

'Try to be a better one.' "That might have been more helpful two weeks ago. Warren seems to view it as a sign of weakness and Ali's long since given up on me. So."

A hand momentarily rubs at the bridge of her nose before she leans back to cross one leg over the other then motion with the bottle to a vacant chair nearby. A comfy looking chair. A comfy looking chair with ready and immediate access to beer. Coming from someone like her it may be the best attempt she's capable of making.

"I'm gonna try my luck once more. Third time's the charm, right? Besides, you sound like you need to decompress."

Oh, but she does have one wildcard that may make or break the moment…

"I iced Owen after you left."

That comfortable looking chair is considered for a silent moment, but eventually Moonstar sits down.

She really does look tired. There's a seemingly permanent crinkle between her eyebrows that started a few days back and has yet to smooth away.

Everything Domino says causes those lines between Moonstar's eyebrows to deepen. That expression on her face only worsens at the mention of Warren and Alison and then her face goes blank as the Cheyenne woman struggles to tuck her feelings behind a mask.

It's hard, but eventually she succeeds in smoothing out her features again.

It's, however, that last confession about icing Owen that Dani finally looks away. She focuses elsewhere and only after a few long seconds does Moonstar finally return her attention back to Domino.

"What are you looking for out of this conversation, Neena?" The Valkyrie asks, her tone holding heavy notes of weariness, "Are you looking to just bitch about things? Or for absolution? Bitching about bad choices isn't going to make those things better and I can't give you absolution."

"Neither, if you can believe it," Domino suggests before taking another drink from the bottle in her hand. "You've quite possibly given me more chances than anyone else here, Dani. Not that I've shown any appreciation for it."

She could sit here and ask for (yet) another chance but that's never been her way. Besides, it wouldn't seem right coming from a contract killer. Though it does further complicate any hope of having a meaningful talk with the Cheyenne. Unlike dealing with Warren and Alison she hadn't come prepared for this encounter.

"People are getting tired of dealing with me. I think it's best if I fade into the background for a while. Let everyone find their footing without having to worry about yet another problem."

The bottle is left to dangle between two fingers over the side of her knee as her focus shifts down toward the floor. Some things are easier to say when it feels like no one else is present.

"I've lost having somewhere to belong too many times already. So before I go and push -everyone- away…"

Her head rolls back against the chair, now staring vacantly up at the ceiling with a forced sigh. "And I still despise this emotional drama bullshit. Look, if you need a hand then you have my number. I'm there for you. Try not to burn yourself out in the meantime, okay?"

It may be too much for her to process as she's quickly rising from her seat in search of a swift retreat.

Again Moonstar listens to everything Domino has to say. Some of the things she says aren't that surprising to the Cheyenne and then some are.

It's only as Domino rises to try and swiftly retreat, that Moonstar likewise stands up.

"No." States the black-haired woman, "No, you don't get to just say 'call me' if we need your help and then just leave. We need your help now."

"Right now."

Those two words of 'right now' take on less of a tired sound and shift to something slightly heated, but only for a moment, "Being a friend, or family, is all about going through the shitty, the terrible and the happy times together."

"Which doesn't always mean easy times."

"So, it's up to you on whether you stay or go, and if you have to leave I get it. It's often the easiest answer out there, but that doesn't mean it's always the right answer."

At the insistent 'no' coming from behind her Domino stops dead in her tracks but she doesn't turn back around as Dani says her piece. It begins with some tension in the shoulders but ends up with her head hanging downward again. To be honest with herself everything that the Cheyenne has to say is what she had already worked out. She HAD decided to stay. And, in a sense, she's still planning on doing so even after what she had said to Moonstar.

There's a minor setback to it, however.

When Dani leaves the ultimate decision up to the albino she turns around and re-establishes eye contact. She's not angry. More..defeated.

"I tried that already, Dani. Warren told me, and I quote, to 'stop being a fucking cunt' and Ali told me that 'everything is taken care of.' They don't want my help. I see the looks on their faces whenever I'm around. It's the same look you've been giving me. Now I've tried to bridge the gaps that I've created. Either they're too busy dealing with the crisis of the moment or they don't care. The optimist in me says it's the former. Ergo, everyone needs some space."

"Maybe I saved Warren's life back there, or maybe I've ended it. Who knows? But if I stay -here- in the thick of things there's an inherent risk that I'm going to fuck things over for someone else I care about instead of simply pissing them off."

Her hands come out to either side a little then lifelessly return to the pale woman's sides. "Just..don't think that I'm tucking tail and running. I don't do that. There's still matters to deal with in the tri-city area so I'm gonna go be productive in the only way that I can be. Trying to be here for you all just gets everyone upset."

And Neena doesn't know what else she can do.

"Yeah, you messed up, Neena. We've all done that." Dani says quietly, "And sometimes that means bridging the gap doesn't work on the first time."

"Or the second time."

"Sometimes it takes multiple tries."

And while she could say more there's a moment where her words fail her, it's at the point where Domino questions whether she saved or ended Warren's life. Dani knows who's fault Warren's wingless state is and it's not Domino's. Her hands (in Dani's mind) are completely clean whereas Moonstar's own … but she pushes onward.

"Life is all about risk, so is family, and that will never change."

"The important part is how you handle risk and when you realize that something isn't working you learn from it."

"If you feel being productive in the tri-city is where you need to be right this moment, then I would go, but just remember the door here is always open."

Dani's explanation spares her from any more immediate counters. Instead Neena finally gives in to the same weight which everyone else had been feeling since the final demon bear encounter. She's fought it, resisted it, gone back to familiar old habits to try and defeat it, as a long-term strategy none of them would hold out for long.

"Ali's covering our C.O. and the business side. You're handling the Institute. Unless you've got a better idea then I may as well go back to doing what I'm good at. But like I said, if you need anything…"

She won't be far.

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