Checking In
Roleplaying Log: Checking In
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Dani goes to check in on Rogue

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After all that trouble in Warren Towers, you'd best believe Rogue is gonna put her new parts into her 1969 Shelby Mustang, which, after months of loving, painstaking work in the Institute's garage is looking more like a Mustang and less like a rust held together by tenacious bolting.

She's got a little Garth Brooks on the bluetooth speaker, she's under the hood in her coveralls and work gloves, she's got her hair pulled up. She's even singing along, declaring to the world that she does indeed have friends in low places (everyone knew this).

It's not a leap to say this is probably the place where she's happiest these days. And it's not a leap for anyone who asks 'where's Rogue' to answer 'in the garage.' The other likely spots are the flight sim…she's getting more and more interested in becoming a good pilot…or occasionally in the gym. Sometimes she goes into the kitchen, bakes a cobbler at 3 in the morning, leaves it out for everyone and takes no credit for it. But right this very second? Garage.

Dani intended to visit Rogue long before this particular evening.

She had intended to see her the day after the Worthington Tower incident, but, well, life got in the way. Or maybe that's the administration of the Institute got in the way.

And drinking. There was likely some drinking going on too.

Thankfully, for today, Moonstar has stayed quite sober. There were too many things to do, too many meetings to attend, and honestly she still had a headache from two nights ago.

As such, when she found herself at a loss for something to do Moonstar's other non-Institute tasks come to mind. Specifically locate Rogue and while she can't necessarily say she always know where Rogue is, she does know to check the garage and that's how Moonstar finds the woman.

The Garth Brooks song earns the slightest of smiles from the Cheyenne woman as she enters the garage, and when Moonstar spies Rogue working under the hood on that Mustang, Dani heads right on over. "Evening, Rogue."

"Evenin', Dani," Rogue greets, warmly enough. Though with her it's hard to tell whether warmth is genuine unless she is deliberately doing the Southern thing of offering words of poisonous plausible deniability while smiling all the while. She sounds warm with just about everybody for the most part, unless there's some sort of conflict.

"What's up?"

She comes out from beneath the hood of the car so she can turn to face the woman, telling the speaker to stop playing for the moment. She pulls off her dirtier gloves, laying them on the open hood, and steps well back from her as she does, going for a bottle of water that she has instead.

The other woman's greeting prompts a whisp of a smile to briefly upturn Moonstar's lips, then her expression turns back to something that's equal parts seriousness and exhaustion.

"I wanted to see how you were doing after the whole plant trying to eat Worthington Towers."

"You did a good job." Moonstar continues as she slides her hands idly into the pocket of her jeans, "Helping to get people out of the Towers and supporting the rest of the team too."

"I also never got to talk to you about the whole -" And here Dani does hesitate, the pain clear in her voice for a few seconds, "- Demon Bear incident. I know you touched the shadows and I'm sorry I didn't seek you out sooner. To make sure you were okay."

Rogue's careful facade of neverending cheer slips a little with surprise and gratitude alike. She supposes by now she shouldn't be surprised, but she is, nevertheless, every time someone comes to her reacting with concern of any kind. "Oh, sugar, I'm okay," she says softly. "Thank you for askin' though. I'm glad I could help out with the weird day, and as for the other…"

She hesitates. She really hesitates. And then she goes for honesty. "'Cept for the voices, I'm fine. I never knew dadgum shadows had so much to say. How are you? How's Fea— how's Warren doin'?"

Reasoning that she is somewhere behind 'Vladimir Putin' on the list of people Warren Worthington wants to deal with right now, she certainly hasn't gone anywhere near him.

The hesitation from Rogue has Dani carefully watching her and at that honest answer the Cheyenne woman momentarily drops her gaze.

She battles inwardly for a moment at the churn of guilt, but eventually Dani finds her voice.

"Those shadows do." She admits, tone dark for a moment, "Among other things."

That expression on her face only worsens, however, at the mention of Warren. Especially at that abbreviated 'feathers'. Or what sounded like would be 'feathers'.

"He's -" She should say okay. She should. She tries to push that word past her lips, but she just can't. He's not okay. Neither is Ali.

None of them are okay.

"- alive." She finally finishes with.

And for a moment Moonstar can't find any other words. Not for a handful of seconds to say the least. Then finally her brain kicks back into gear. "At Worthington Towers you were doing something with the shadows, weren't you? I could feel the pull of them. What did you absorb from them? I can tell you the Bear was pretty pissed after you touched them."

"At first I absorbed a whole lot. Hell, sugar, I got some of you. I was actin' like you and everything. Which of course…"

Here she grins.

"Nobody took any serious. Not from me."

But she gets around to answering the actual question. She says: "At first I could move shadows around and do stuff with 'em and all kinds of crazy things. I was dreaming about the bear and everything. Only thing that's left over is that shadow-walking ability. It hasn't gone away yet. I sort of absorbed a lot? So I don't know how long it will take. I know it kind of…wigs people out. But it's also right useful, you know? Without it I don't even know how I'd have gotten them folks moved."

She absorbed a whole lot of the shadows.

That brings a wince from Dani.

And of Dani herself too.

Which causes another slight face scrunch from Moonstar.

"While you definitely survived the touch of the shadows I'd recommend not doing that for future situations. Demonic creatures in general are not something you typically want to absorb."

And while there's a return of a smile to Rogue's grin, Moonstar doesn't necessarily say anything to the remark about nobody taking her seriously. That's just tucked away to be pondered over later.

"Dreaming about the Bear." Moonstar says, her tone soft, pained, and only after Rogue has said her full piece on it does Moonstar speak up again. "Well, I can tell you when I had that ability I found it useful too. It made travelling pretty easy." Her head cants to the side as she considers Rogue, "How long do you typically keep absorbed powers?"

"And you'll need to be careful for however long you have them. You're going to give off a sense to other magical beings and creatures that you're different."

"Yeah, I think I learned 'don't touch' when it resulted in it the thing swallowing Alison and Warren," Rogue says with a guilty sigh. If that had been the actual event that had taken Warren's wings she really wouldn't have been able to live with herself, but at least as she understands it the wing thing came later.

As for how long…

"It depends on how much I take," she admits. "And I mean…until then I'd only ever touched humans and mutants. They have a capacity, you know? They pass out. The more power they have the bigger the power source of course, and there were some I got for years. But even they was like…real powerful batteries. This thing was like touchin' a nuclear power plant for awhile. But it also usually takes their powers away, and I get to keep whatever portion of 'em that I get for as long as I got 'em. That bear kept all his powers, best I could tell."

She frowns thoughtfully.

"Are wizards gonna start throwin' fire at my face the moment I walk into a room?"

Rogue isn't the only one that feels guilt over the shadows grabbing so many of the team.

There's understanding there for the woman at that particular emotion.

The explanation that Rogue offers about her powers actually pulls Moonstar out of her own very sad thoughts as she considers everything Rogue just said. "I didn't realize you could keep powers for years after the fact." A thoughtful frown twists her mouth slightly as she ponders that statement.

"And you're right. You definitely snagged some of its power, but it kept the majority of it. I wonder if that has to do with magicc? Magic is such a wild card. It never acts in the logical manner you expect."

That last question, however, pulls Moonstar out of her meandering thoughts, "They shouldn't." She answers immediately, "Not like they would if it were the Bear. You don't come across as demonic to my limited senses, so I think you'll be mostly safe. You may have to explain what's gong on, but I don't think they'll be throwing holy water on you."

Her head tilts slightly, "You could always ask Illyana to give you the once over. She'd surely be able to tell out of all of us."

"I try not to hold on to anyone long enough to do that these days," Rogue says with a shrug. "It don't tend to be real good for the…the victim. Problem is, sugar, when your power is 'potential death touch' you don't exactly got a lot of opportunities ta practice control. You know? It ain't like I can dial up a practice dummy. Jean gave me some mental exercises which have helped, but it's right unpredictable at the best of times, and I ain't really stretched the limits of what it can do. If anything, these days, I been tryin' to tone it the heck down, you know? So it could be magic, and it could be my powers, and it could be a lil' from column A and a lil' from colum B."

She laughs though, about holy water. "I reckon I'd rather 'em throw blessed water than fire, so that's a plus. And…that's a good idea. I'll ask her. Probably should anyway. I don't wanna be like oh this is fine only for me to start…I dunno. Goin' all Poltergiest on all y'all."

"It could be." Agrees Dani, when Rogue mentions it could be a mishmash of her powers and the magic causing all of this.

And while Moonstar frowns at the mention of control of her death touch, there's not much she can say to that. Not yet. Though she does make the mental note to seek Jean out to find out what sorts of exercises she's prescibed the woman.

"I may not be able to help you control your absorption." She is not calling it a death touch, thanks, "I might be able to help you control your shadow stepping. At least allow you to get to point A and B ninety-nine percent of the time."

"Also give you some things to look out for when you're traversing the shadow planes. It's not always a safe place to be."

Of course at the mention of going Poltergiest, Dani looks pained, "You shouldn't do that. The Bear is dead, so whatever influences it had on this world are gone." She closes her eyes for a moment to stretch out her Valkyrie senses toward Rogue, "If a true part of the demon lingered in you I'd feel it."

"I'd like that," Rogue says. "Me an' Kitty ended up in Egypt. And legitimately some place with dinosaurs? It was kind of a mess, and I definitely still am having some trouble. And I'd definitely like to know what to watch out for."

The whispers do creep her out.

As for Valkyrie senses, it's hard to tell. Rogue absorbs some portion of the psyche of anything she touches, some part of their memory and temperament. How much lingers or remains is always in question. If it's there, it's latent, difficult to detect, a shadow of a shadow's shadow. It could be a dormant seed. It could be trouble waiting to happen.

It could be a dormant seed, but with nothing pinging her senses actively, Moonstar feels some sense of relief.

Her eyes open again, "Egypt?" She says, her expression surprised, "That's a pretty hefty shadow step."

"Have you been able to make that long of a jump since then?" Comes her question, even as her eyebrows furrow at the mention of a dinosaur place. "Dinosaurs? Did you travel in time? Or perhaps another dimension. The Bear did have that ability to travel between realms."

"It's clear this just means we have to get you comfortable with knowing your limits on what you can do with the shadows in case it lasts longer than just a few months. If you're good with me setting up some Danger Room sessions I can get those going for us to practice."

Rogue shakes her head at that. "Just that first day after. After that the distances got shorter and shorter. So it's fadin' a bit. But right after I looked all creepy too. Physical changes happen sometimes, but when they do it's usually because I'm holding a whole heckin' lot of power."

But she nods and says, "I'd like that. The danger room sessions. I wanna get better, Dani. I wanna be able to do more when I'm needed."

She closes her fist, so uncharacteristically bare (no pun intended); studies it a little bit as if it's a stranger's hand.

"Whatever I got, I wanna make the most of it for however long I got it. It's right nice of you to offer. I know we didn't get off on the best foot when we first met."

"Well, I'm glad you don't have that much power from the Bear." She admits, "No one should have that same level of power."

Unspoken there is 'it would corrupt'.

"And I'll definitely set up some time for us to practice. Honestly we should just hold it outside so we can actually travel distances, versus imaginary distance within the Danger Room."

When Rogue closes her first, Dani automatically looks down at that bare hand of Rogue's, then back up when she speaks.

A flash of something crosses Moonstar's face at the mention of not getting off on the best foot. "That wasn't wholly your fault. I had some preconceived notions."

"You're a part of this team. Friend. Family. You've proved that to us."

Well that last bit has Rogue blushing, staring down at her feet with a pleased smile. "Well, shucks, sugar," is what she says, but…

She's been waiting a real long time to hear that. To feel accepted, really accepted. She looks up, emerald eyes sparkling, and says softly, "I reckon I've got some patches to sew back on that old jacket I found then. I should look the part when we go out to save folks."

That is real warmth. Here, she can't and does not provide any artifice at all.

Rogue's reaction to the mention of being family brings a small genuine smile to Moonstar's lips.

She's glad it made the other woman happy. Especially with it being the truth.

"You should get some patches." Agrees the woman, "And create a costume if you like. We've enough spare uniforms that you could definitely make something your own."

"I should get back to the myriad of e-mails I have to weed through for the school. What say I toss you something later in the week to start showing you the ropes of the shadow stepping? The faster we can get you fully acclimated to that the better it'll be."

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