Mistakes Were Made
Roleplaying Log: Mistakes Were Made
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Dani finds herself needing to be bailed out and calls Owen.

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You know the bar fight really wasn't her fault. It. Really. Wasn't.

But if there's one thing that Dani does good is finishing a job at hand and so, she finished that bar fight.

Which is how she ended up in the drunk tank of one of the local precincts.

For a good hour Danielle Moonstar sat there considering her next steps. She gets a phone call, but her list of who to call is woefully short. Alison? No. Warren? God no. Domino? Nope. Her mind briefly turns to current and former coworkers at SHIELD, but that's a definite hell no.

Finally it comes to one name and one name only and with a terrible sense of finality Moonstar makes her decision.

The call is pretty short, pretty simple, and some of the hardest words she's ever had to say.

"Owen, I need your help."

Now the Cheyenne woman waits in that cell, her head bowed low and looking rather rough around the edges.

At least she's mostly sober now, right? Yup! Though the smell of alcohol is still quite heavy around her, though some of that is from the fight. There were many smashed beer bottles that were used in the fight.

While Dani might be sobering up, Owen is still in the middle of his night. And even though he's still at the regular bars, versus the after bar bars he's well on his way to hammered. The buzzing of his phone playing "I Want Your Cray-Cray" is eventually stopped by him answering it. And it takes a long while for realization to dawn on Owen of exactly what is happening right now. His first thought when Dani asks for help is that there's some demon wildlife on the loose eating souls and making dark covenants with the evil that is all avian life. But when it does there is a gasp of pure, unadulterated joy.

It takes him a moment to get his voice back before he clarifies, "You need me, to bail you, out of jail?"

Danielle Moonstar is a smart women and a great tactician. She knew exactly what this plan of escape was going to entail, but boy if Owen doesn't deliver on every ounce of it.

And while Owen may enjoy his latest mission, he's not going to take his time about it. He's just going to record the whole thing for posterity. Which is why he has his phone pointed at his face as he drunkenly walks into the precinct and waves at the cops who are 100% done with him before he's even said a word.

"And these are the lovely men and women of the precinct where Dani got popped. Say hi guys!"

They glare at him. One considers taking the phone.

"And this is holding cell. Hi Dani!"

He turns his back to her so that he can capture his face and hers in the same shot. His smile is broad and ridiculous. It probably doesn't match her expression.

Oh Dani for sure knew how this would play out when she called him. Knew exactly how this would go down.

And look, it for sure is happening the way she anticipated it would. One supposes it's almost comforting in its absurb familiarity.


When Owen turns around to make certain his goof-ball of a grin is in the fame alongside Dani's, the Cheyenne woman can only offer a long suffering side. Then she stands up and while she might sway a tinge, that doesn't stop her from stepping forward.

Normally she would say something to him, like stop it, or get serious, but she doesn't. Instead she just waits for the police officers to get her out.

Processing her out definitely takes a bit, but eventually the two find themselves (thrown) outside.

Moonstar takes a moment to tuck her personal items away; knife, cellphone, wallet. Only afterwards does she turn to face Owen. She has a puffy lip and an equally swollen eye, but overall she doesn't look terrible.

"Thanks. I gotta go."

And matching actions to words, Moonstar turns her back to Owen and begins to walk slowly away.

Owen tries not to deflate when there's a lack of protest from Dani. He was expecting at the very least a slap at his phone and was all primed up to dodge at speed if need be to keep filming. But as the checkout process wears on he gets less animated about the film project. He only asks for one photo with the officer who's getting all the paperwork signed.

He watches her personal effects get passed back and then when she tries to dismiss him he reels back as if she just slapped him. He puts a hand to his chest and says, "Excuse me?"

And then he's in front of her. Just like that. Because he's a cheating speedster.

"Oh hell no. First of all you have shit to work through and you're obviously picking the wrong method for that? I mean you got busted by the cops? In Gotham? Honey. You need to aim for at least a Robin, or like a Dove? Pigeon? I dunno some bird-like Bat offspring. And if you are really needing to work shit out, I highly recommend a good tumble or two with Batwoman."

Yes, he's telling her that getting popped by the cops isn't good enough. She needs to aim higher. It's a motivational speech. Of sorts.

"But, scratching all that at the very least, we are going fucking drinking. Because you apparently can't be left to yourself for even a minute."

He finishes that last part with a teasing grin.

There is a good chance that she is not in the mood for Owen's particular form of 'helping' but buried deep, deep, deep under all that nonsense is genuine concern. Just don't let him hear you say that.

Speedsters. Their powers are just plain annoying sometimes.

Especially when you are trying *so hard* to make a dramatic-but-not-quite exit. See her back? It's turned!

And then suddenly he's in front of her and she stops, because what else can she do? And that causes a light of irritation to brighten Dani's eyes, something that Owen should definitely be familiar with. "Get out -"

Get out of my way. That's what she was going to say, but he's already there and talking.

She has things to work through. That causes her to look briefly away, up until he continues with how she's picked the wrong method. That brings her eyes right on back to him and again there's another flare of that righteous Dani anger. There are words that she should say, something like 'right, cause you always pick the right ways to resolve your issues'.

But again those words remain silent and for Dani her expression turns toward the sullen.

"I can handle myself."

She almost follows it with a 'I don't need your help', but before those words are set free the Cheyenne woman pauses and then, once more in possibly something that is not necessarily a response she would typically give, Dani says, "Fine."

"Pick a place that has good whiskey. I'm tired of beer."

Now she looks at him, her expression seriousness - because this is Dani. She's always serious (unless drunk, but she's not there yet).

/A place that has good whiskey//

Owen's eyes narrow as if either trying to think of a place that qualifies or think if the place he had in mind would qualify before finally deciding. "Well, it has lots of it, which is basically the same thing." Owen's not exactly known for drinking high end scotch unless someone else is providing it. Like Warren.

He is pleased though that she's not waltzing off considering that would mean he would then have to stalk her and that would likely lead to him getting shot again. Or stabbed. Or arrow'ed.

"So I'm betting five." Owen doesn't elaborate on that right away, instead stopping outside the precinct to light up a cigarette and offer one to Dani. Hey, you never know.

"As in the number of drinks before you even consider telling me what is actually wrong. So! Let's start instead with what happened with the bear? I meant to stick around the fancy mansion digs, but some of those mutie kids really gave me the creeps." Leave it to Owen to casually throw in a bigotted term.

"Then let's go there." Comes her final decision when Owen mentions a place that has lots of it. "I'm paying."

Which might make his decision making even easier.

As to what would happen if he had to stalk her - probably all three would occur. Arrow'ed first, then shot, then stabbed. Priorities.

Her hand raises upward in a no thanks when he offers a cigarette, she may be indulging in liquor but definitely not in smokes. His remark about five brings a look of obvious confusion to her features, and she nearly asks the question, but thankfully Owen answers it for her.

Her expression turns mulish for half a second, up until she suddenly laughs a terrible sound. "Ten."

Then her words and that laugh stops, as he brings up the bear. That terrible creature. It's enough that she doesn't even respond to his mention about the creepy kids in the mansion - because there are definitely some there, yes.

She stands there momentarily frozen, then in a voice that's devoid of everything, "It's dead.", so clearly it has something to do with the Bear.

"Can you just speed us to wherever we need to go? Or I can call Brightwind. Your choice." Already her eyes rise upward toward the dark skyline, possibly searching for the winged horse.

Owen had no intention of actually paying for his drinks tonight. His other option was running up a tab and then disappearing before the card they swipe is found out to be crap. It's a surprisingly effective drinking game he plays. But he's just as happy to spend Dani's money as fake money.

He grins when she mentions it will take ten drinks. That helps him narrow in on when he should suggest the cocaine and strippers, somewhere between thirteen and fifteen he figures by that math. Can't go too hard too soon. Can't wait too long before she's too bombed. It's a delicate balance these things.

The news of the bears death cause his eyebrows to go up. She doesn't exactly sound like that's a thing to celebrate. And he has at least the good sense to not push on that, just yet. He does however not need to be asked twice to get them to the bar as next thing Dani realizes she's being set down near stool and Owen has two fingers up and is already asking the bartender for "Two double shots of whiskey. Quickly please. We have terrible decisions to make and only so many hours before dawn."

The world blurs and in that moment all Danielle Moonstar can feel is grateful.

Grateful that she didn't have to call Brightwind, grateful that he just acquiesces to her request.

When she finds herself set down near a bar stool, it only takes her seconds to settle herself upon the empty seat. Already her head turns and she searches for the bartender, but Owen is too fast.

He's already ordering.

For Moonstar's part, she pulls her wallet from the pocket of her pants and pulls out a card.

The little bit of plastic is tossed carelessly across the bartop, "Start a tab and use that to pay for it." A sidelook turns to Owen for a moment, "His too. Keep them coming."

Then with that last line of his, "No drugs, Owen."

Thankfully the bartender rustles up the shots in quick order and sets them down with a healthy *plunk* before the two. Immediately Moonstar reaches for one and downs it with a quick tip and gulp.

It burns, but so does everything else, so it's all good.

At least she doesn't cough and sputter like a novice. Thank god for that.

She should ask him something. She knows the rules of social niceties, but it's hard. So very hard. But politeness eventually kicks in, "Beyond fashioning those toys for my friend, what've you been up to?"

Owen's shot goes down nearly as quickly as the bartender gets it poured. It's not super speed, it's just Owen consuming alcohol speed which really should be studied more. He doesn't even have his glass back down when he's encouraging the bartender to keep going.

"You can just leave the bottle if you have other places to go mate."

It's not like Owen doesn't have plenty of practice pouring drinks for people.

No drugs Owen

The look of mock-offense on his face is quite intense, almost earnest. "What? First if you are talking about me: too late. And if we're talking about you: too early. We can decide that later."

As for what he's been up to, he laughs and says "Tending Luke's bar. Which is still in Harlem for some dumb reason." As if that should have been remedied by now somehow. "And vigorously ignoring the fact that Harley's back and running a shitty club under a shitty alias." Neither the club, nor the alias are that bad, but he's just a smidge biased in this case.

Decide later.

That earns another side-eye from the woman even as she downs the second shot.

The bartender leaves the bottle for the pair and finds himself helping other customers.

Moonstar, for her part, just slides one of the shot glasses toward Owen. He did say he'd pour.

When that third shot is poured for her, Dani is quite happy to pull it back over, though she doesn't quite down it yet. She waits to hear just what Owen has to say, and when he speaks about Harley and her alias and club, Moonstar takes that moment to down the drink.

One, because she just needs to stop the thoughts that parade in her head, and two, she's trying to find some way to respond to the mention of Harley.

She may not know *everything*, but Dani knows enough that this line of conversation can go south quick.

There's many things she could say, so many things, but none of them appeal to her. So, instead, Moonstar slams the shot glass down upon the bartop and sends it back to Owen for a refill.

"Here's for ignoring all the shit that sucks."

"And pretending it isn't killing us."

A brittle smile twists her lips upward, "And no, I still don't want to talk. I'm only on my -" She pauses to think, "Fourth drink. Still have six to go."

Not that she'll last that long. Not really. She has a tolerance to a point, but nothing like Owen with or without his speed powers.

Watching her down the shots Owen is relieved when at last she holds on to one. He's fast enough to dodge any vomit splatter but there's probably some ettiquette about helping if the person is paying for your drinks. Probably.

He raises his glass and says, "Running from your problems always works!" in a faux toast before downing his next double shot of whiskey. And yes, he's a prolific drinker (fiiiine, alcoholic) but that many shots that close together is still enough for him to start feeling a little warm. He peels off his jacket and tosses it effortlessly onto a hook nearby.

"You could just admit that something fucked up happened and that you don't want to get into details but you'd rather not be alone right now, even if that means spending time with me." He grins and needles her a little bit in the midst of prodding her.

"So can I at least ask what started the fight and how many did you send to the hospital?"

She too should feel some kind of warmth, but she doesn't.

Not thanks to the bit of her that's now part Bear. Not when her emotions are high enough to prompt that little bit of Bear to bring on the cold.

But there are other ways to see that the whiskey is definitely starting to take hold of her. Her expression loses some of that tightness and she brings one arm up and places her elbow upon the bartop. Then her chin settles into that upturned hand of hers as she looks over at Owen.

That fourth drink goes down super easy - cause it always gets easier the more you drink - and when Moonstar responds to that needling there's the slightest 'sh' to the end of her words.

Yeah it's really only going to take five probably.

"Fine. Yes. That's totally what it is." Which is perhaps too much honesty to be had on Dani's part, and it causes her to grasp that last question like a lifeline.

"I picked the wrong bar." Snorts the woman, "Some women thought I came in there to poach their 'clients'. I had to convince them that wasn't the case. Sent at least three to get stitches." She flashes a grin then, cause Dani isn't ashamed of her ability to kick ass, she just doesn't often gloat about it.

"And I heard you Gothamites were good at fighting. Ha."

She sotto-whispers, "Didn't even have to use my powers."

Owen keeps up a steady stream of drinks, though he does resort to sipping versus downing the entire shot occasionally. The whiskey tastes just fine to him from the first shot so there's not warm up needed. He takes in the relaxed posture and the slight slur and mentally starts keeping track of Dani's drinks, just as if he were actually working behind the bar.

"Their clients.." Owen looks at Dani and asks, "They thought you were a hooker? Like a really angry hooker?" Because let's face it Dani is not exactly in an overly friendly mode on a good day and it is not in fact anywhere near a good day. And then Owen has a thought, "Wait! They thought you were a dominatrix hooker." He gasps again, in pure joy. "Did you have a riding crop nearby?" Why would she? It doesn't matter. Owen is still going to ask.

"No, Gothamites aren't good at fighting? They're good at stealing things and being crazy." He thinks about it again and says, "Oh and making the same mistake over and over and over again." As if that thought prompts something he adds, "Have I mentioned that Harley is back in town? I did, didn't I?" What? Totally unrelated to prior statements.

She's on her fifth drink and where Owen sips, Dani just downs in a gulp (maybe two).

"I am not -" She can't even finish that, "I can't help it that I have resting bitch face." Admits Dani as she leans toward Owen, "It's just how I am." Though honestly her expression isn't that resting bitch face now. Perhaps she should just drink all the time?!

However, at the mention of dominatrix hooker Moonstar's eyes widen slightly, but before she can refute that Owen mentions the riding crop - that just does it in for Dani.

"No. I never use a crop. Ever. People who need to use that are weak. The control is all in the legs, that's all. If you can't manage them that way you should get out of the business."

Wait. There's something missing here. She realizes this, but her brain can't quite catch up with her mouth. She's actually talking about riding crops in the actual way one should be used, while riding a horse, but her brain can't quite make the connection that she should say that. Which is fine. It's fine. This is all fine.

And when he brings up Gothamites and Harley again, Dani's brain completely loses track that she REALLY needs to explain the bit about riding crops. Like really, but it's ok!

"Hate to tell you this." She starts, her eyes holding that glassy sheen of 'I've hit the point where the alcohol is flowing full force in my blood', "You guys don't have the monoply on repeating mistakes. We all do that."

A grimace then, but only a little one. Alcohol shields her from feeling those intense emotions that brought her out here at this point.

"And you did mention she's back. What's going on with you two anyway?"

Because that's the right question to ask, right?!

The talk of Dani's resting bitch face gets Owen to scrunch up his face and start to disagree loudly, "No! I just meant-.." okay, kind of that is what he meant but it sounds much meaner when she says it outloud. "You look friendly now!" It's not much of a defense, but at least it's true.

No I never use a crop

Owen blinks and looks at her, his eyes narrowed as he tries to figure out if she is screwing with him. She's not the biggest joker he knows but he can't keep a straight face when she talks about using the legs for control. His eyes widen and his jaw drops open. He looks a little afraid like now that she's told him something about her sex life she's now going to kill him. Yea, he has no concept of riding crops being for actual riding, despite being well aware of Brightwind at least. His mouth that so often just spews ridiculousness is for once quieted by the sheer shock of the seeming confession.

Thankfully for poor Owen's brain Dani moves on to another topic and spares him having to try and process all that. But sadly that topic is Harley and Owen blinks further at the question, as she just asked him about someone he's never met. "Harley? Us Two? There ain't no us two. Not for a long time. She attacked Stark with her butter plum Mr. J" Butter? Plum? "And that was that. She made her choice."

You look friendly now. Sober Dani would give Owen such a look at that, but not-so-sober Dani lets that fly right on over her head.

Just like the fact that Owen is currently struggling to figure out JUST what she meant about riding crops. His struggle is lost on the poor woman as she considers her shot glass and whether she should have a sixth shot. It's looking like a yes as she twirls the glass between her fingers.

Or tries to. Her coordination is losing its sharpness.

Finally she slides her shot glass over to Owen for another round just as he begins to answer about Harley. From that Moonstar raises her eyes back up to Owen and listens to what he has to say. "She attacked Tony?" Asks Moonstar slowly, as she tries to process all of what the man has said, "Why?"

Then her expression turns pinched as she asks, "What the hell is a butter plum?"

And she should leave it at that, but some kind of sense rattles around in her brain. Enough so that the black-haired woman reaches over to try and pat Owen's arm in both a clumsy and awkward move. "I'm sorry to hear that."

Owen doesn't even blink at the silent request for more and he pours her another. She's on a bender and he is just about the last person to ever say 'enough'.

She attacked Tony? Why?

"Who the fuck knows? It doesn't matter. She's in love with a psychopath who tortures and murders people for fun and giggles and she's his ride or die. Maybe he said to? Maybe she planned it? Maybe .. No, I don't care. Like I said, it doesn't matter."

What the hell is a butter plum?

Owen sputters and says, "I don't know, whatever shmoopy dumbass name she calls.." He tries and utterly fails not to sound bitter when discussing Harley. And he tries to front like he didn't enjoy her calling him those schmoopy names.

The pat on the arm gets a raised eyebrow as Owen looks down at his arm curiously. "Sorry enough to show me how you use legs to gain control?" Ah, there it is. His mind has finally caught up with the news from Dani and managed to integrate it.

Oh good another drink.

Before she can down that particular one Owen speaks up again and at the mention of psychopath and love, the Cheyenne woman just raises both of her eyebrows. And while he says it doesn't matter it's clear it does, even to Moonstar's dulled senses.

She should say something comforting, but Moonstar can't quite think of the appropriate words to say. Instead her face lightens as she understands what he meant by butter plum. A pet name. She gets it now and with that understanding Moonstar actually makes a face. The kind that personifies the saying 'gag me with a spoon'', as she says, "I hate pet names."

She sure does.

"They're just dumb."

She finally tosses the drink back and sets the shot glass back upon the bartop.

If she had to admit to it she'd have to say it really is a pleasent feeling to be disconnected from the majority of her thoughts in her brain. She's definitely very much in the moment thinking versus thinking twenty steps ahead. It's what causes her to swing her gaze back to Owen at his last line and what has her answering with confidence, "You couldn't keep up with me, Owen. Just saying."

Again, for RIDING, that's what she means.

Owen finishes his own glass and pours another, starting to feel warmer than usual and definitely dulled in his reactions. Which is why it takes so long for him to realize that pet names doesn't mean names of pets. He almost asks her what the hell she would call a dog without a name but then it dawns on him that she means the shmoopy names and he shrugs, "Eh. I love a good nickname, even the shmoopy ones."

He's not doing a good job of showing how angry and upset he is there. A little bit of honesty actually just popped out of Owen's mouth when he wasn't looking. Blame the booze.

You couldn't keep up with me

*Danielle Moonstar is flirting with me.*

Klaxons sound in Owen's brain as his limited ability to read women's tone and body language fires off the alarm. His eyes widen slightly at the challenge and he sits up just a touch straighter to smile at her. It's his flirty smile. A smile that someone, somewhere should have the kindness to tell him does nothing to endear him to the fairer sex, and it's only because some women can look past it that he has ever been successful.

"Really? Is that a challenge Moonie?" Because Owen, knowing nothing, thinks that by calling Danielle by a pet name he might change her mind.

To call Owen a disaster is an understatement.

If she were sober she would probably realize just what's going on here, but she is not.

She's just in the moment. As such, she slides her glass to him for the seventh.

Inwardly she knows she should stop. She's going to reach her limit in about two more shots, but all her straight-laced and always in control ways are mostly gone.

Though that doesn't stop her from hearing that terrible nickname. Moonie. Almost as bad as Moonpie. She narrows her eyes at the man and raises a finger and points at him, "You know I really hate that name." She admits, which is definitely something she'd never say out loud typically. Never let them know they're getting under your skin, but the booze has loosened her usual iron-clad control.

"And it's not a challenge either. Just the truth. I'm that good."

The next round is poured for both of them as Owen double checks his math. Angry Hookers + Riding Crop + Leg Control + Can't Keep Up == Dani's looking for some ginger flavored bad decisions. And yes, obviously Owen is in for that.

He looks shocked, shocked!, when Dani tells him she hates that name. It's all a little show where he pretends like he's not doing the adult equivalent of pulling pigtails on the playground. "I had no idea" His eyes narrow a bit though as he tries to think of more pet names to call her.

And then finally when she declares that she's just that good, Owen believes that his time has come. It hasn't.

He looks at her meaningfully for just a moment, doing the dance of his eyes on hers and then flicking to her lips before coming right back up and he's leaning in to kiss her. Surely there hasn't been any misunderstandings.

"Didn't you." She says in return, her tone definitely holding a note of mockery to it. Though not cruel mocking per se, just something more along the lines of drunken sarcasm.

Idly her brain thinks to itself 'you really should think of annoying names for him too', just to get under his skin. This thought is shelved for later, though in all honesty it's likely to be forgotten once Moonstar is sober. It's hard to say if she'll remember much of what they talked about tonight. There's just been too many shots tonight.

And speaking of shots, Dani reaches for her glass that Owen has so graciously re-filled for her, somewhat unaware that he's making doe-eyes at her.

Though her hindbrain is trying to frantically warn her of it, but Moonstar is deaf to those warnings. And to note, if Dani was sober this would definitely be a mistake. A very terrible mistake. Honestly, Owen would likely have been knife psychically for attempting such a thing, but his only saving grace is Dani isn't sober.

As such, with that reach of Dani's and Owen making his move at the same time, the two kiss.

And it's awkward as well. Dani was in no way positioning herself to receive a kiss and so there's an awkward slant to their kiss, but it's a kiss nonetheless.

It doesn't last long and Dani is the first to pull back. There's a gambit of emotions that parade across her face that kind of goes like this:

Disbelief - did he just kiss her?

Then - What the hell just happened here?

Also - Wait should I be mad? Which resolves into yes, she should, this definitely crossed a line - but her expression doesn't quite hit furious.

Instead Moonstar stares at Owen for those silent seconds that her brain processes everything, then a decision is made.

She moves then, as quick as she can, and grabs him by his shirt and WHILE he may possibly think she's about to headbutt him, she doesn't.

It's totally the opposite. She moves in for a kiss now.

There's going to be so many regrets when she's sober. So. Many.

The awkwardness of the kiss is to be expected and Owen doesn't seem to care much. There's not a lot of deep thought happening in his boozed up brain on a good day and at this point his mind is filled mostly with just Dani slapping a riding crop in her hands tbh.

When she pulls away he looks at her hesitantly, truly uncertain where she's going from here. While her eyes search him as she tries to decide, his own search her face as well trying to figure out what she's about to do. But as usual Owen has no idea what women are thinking or about to do and when she grabs his shirt he is sure she's about to judo toss him over the bar. And though he could still slip away, the possibility that he's wrong about that means he stays put.

And boy howdy is he rewarded.

When she kisses him, he doesn't just roll into it though, no he kisses her back hard and urgent. There's plenty of painful things that she started to stir up with her talk of Harley and the chance to escape from those things is lunged at with vigor.

There are many things for both of them to forget on this particular night.

All of it painful. All of it heavy. Nothing either of them really want to dwell too deeply upon. Or even talk about.

Owen's urgency is matched by Dani and there's only a moment when she breaks away and says, "You've ten seconds to get us out of here before I change my mind."

Thank god for speed powers, right?


But for now there's nothing more to be said between the two of them. It'll only be tomorrow when Dani, sober, will contemplate her sanity and the choices she's made.

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