Nightwing is Dummy Thicc
Roleplaying Log: Nightwing is Dummy Thicc
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The internet has spoken.

Other Characters Referenced: Barbara Gordon, Bruce Wayne, Starfire, Zatanna Zatara
IC Date: October 09, 2019
IC Location: The Batcave
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Posted On: 11 Oct 2019 00:26
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Well, Dick had decided to finally return home. Though when he noticed that Bruce wasn't home, because he's never home: too busy being Batman, Dick decided to go down into the Batcave anyway. He wore the lower half of his Nightwing gear, with just a black tanktop on the upper half of his body. His hair was perhaps getting a -tad- too long, but they are just barely starting to curtain over his face at rest.

Now, what could Dick possibly be doing?

Well, he's putting the old training areas to good use, apparently balancing on a tall pole with his palm and being completely inverted. "Hnnh…wonder where Alfred is right now…probably getting tea ready for Bruce's homecoming." Dick shrugs just a tad. He didn't ant to admit it, but he really missed this place.

Fortunately, it's a sure thing that Bruce has instilled all sorts of positive behaviours in his various sons (adopted or otherwise) thanks to all that time he spends too busy being Batman. Or indeed, too busy being the more public facade of Bruce Wayne.

Right? I mean he's definitely taught them all sorts of healthy things over the years. That's just obvious fact.

So anyway: Another former Boy Wonder is in fact… Creeping down the stairs from the Manor above, generally trying to avoid drawing any undue attention his way as he sneaks into the very Batcave he spent probably way too much of his teenage years in. He does this after having moved subtly through Stately Wayne Manor, which is ridiculous because he still has a key. And a bedroom! But no, he didn't want anybody to know he was there.

And he certainly didn't want anyone to know he was down in the Batcave, heading towards the Batcomputer. Because while his own super cool secret superhero hideout has its own extremely powerful computer (that Tim, of course, built himself) its connection with the original isn't a complete one. Maybe that's a sensible security precaution. Maybe that's because Tim and Bruce are both a tiny bit paranoid.

The important thing is: There's something on the Batcomputer he wants, and for whatever reason he doesn't seem to want anyone else to know.

Dick looks over at the newly arrived third Boy Wonder. Curious and curioser. Dick hopes he didn't finally get rid of Tim to put a new Robin under his wing. at least give the spot a new codename. There's been like…three or four Robins, but only -one- Batman. Gotta give it some kind of variety!

But he notices that its Tim Drake. Red Robin. But, Dick dismounts from his acrobatic set up with a triple front flip twist and lands on his feet -without a sound-. He had long since mastered ninjutsu and the very useful art of having the soles of his feet absorb the impact, with his muscles softening the blow of the landing itself.

So, with all that said, he approaches Tim from a distance away and waits until he's close enough…

"You know, I thought I made it so the Titans computer could kind of match this one. But I guess my computer know-how is still shit." Dick was of course, just being a little bit quippy and not actually serious.

For his part, Tim is thoroughly in civilian garb at the moment. Costumes are all well and good, but the fact is that he drove over, in a regular car and not his multi-million dollar custom built supercar (again, nothing but responsible and safe lessons learned from Bruce) which is now of course parked in the regular garage alongside all the other expensive, fancy cars that don't have jet engines in them. That's not really a situation that lends itself to capes and cowls.

Instead: Jeans and sneakers, a red and white patterned button-down shirt with a darker red plaid waistcoat over it. Slightly nerdy university kid chic, and also warm enough to suit the crisp early autumn weather.

You know—

"Gaaaah!" Tim exclaims, though he at least manages to tamp down on it right away rather than actually shouting, feeling a pang of annoyance as he loses the traditional Wayne family pastime, 'sneaking up on each other'. "I should've supported Barbara when she said we should put a bell on you," the younger vigilante complains, settling down in the Batcomputer's Bat-ergonomic Batcomputer Chair with what is unmistakably a mild sulk. "Bruce has files that can't be accessed from outside," he explains after a moment. "I can't even get to them from my computer. Although you know, we had to disassemble the Titans ones when ditched the Tower. They were pretty old, all vacuum tubes and those old punch card programs…"

Dick might be the most stealthy out of all the Robins. This guy could sneak up on Sup-No, no he probably couldn't. But it'd be fun to watch! Either way, Dick watches as Tim seems to quite literally jump out of his seat in the startle, which makes Dick just start laughing like a schoolboy.

"Oh man, that never gets old. Put a bell on me? Yeah, I remember when Barb said that. I had managed to startle her several times that day…I think she was just reaaalllyyy annoyed."

But as he looks at the Batcomputer after putting a hand on Tim's shoulder, Dick seems to smirk just for a little bit. But he frowns in the recollection. "Just let me be proud of something, dammit. I liked that Computer…speaking of which, what are -you- doin' here Tim? I thought you followed my lead and tried to get some independance?"

It's easier to start small, like sneaking up on Superboy. Then you just work you way up through the various Super-individuals until you can sneak up on the true pinnacle of Super-ness.

That's right: Krypto.

"You know, she never gets that mad at me," Tim points out on the subject of annoying Barbara Gordon. "Maybe you could stand to learn a thing or two…" Which isn't to say there aren't people out there who do get that mad at Tim, and certain aspects of his personality. But also, that he's Barbara's favourite.

The subject of the hopelessly out of date Titans computer (it wasn't, really, thanks in no small part to the hard work of Cyborg as well as Tim himself, but there's chops-busting to be done!) draws a wry grin from the younger man. Let Dick be proud of something…?

"Well, the internet has decided that Nightwing is 'dummy thicc', so you can be proud of that," he says, leaving Dick's self-image at the tender mercies of the online community. "Apparently they don't think you can sneak up on bad guys because of your cheeks clapping together."

But what is he doing here? Hadn't he asserted his own independence?

"Sure, that's why I independently used my key to the front door and came down here to look some stuff up. Besides, Zee's over at Shadowcrest and after I'll go see what she's…" Tim trails off and then suddenly jumps conversational tracks, because: "What about you? I mean, you came all the way here to work out." How can he tell? He's a detective, that's how.

"Thats because you're basically the baby of the family. Of course Barb is gonna love you the best. You're like her-" he goes into like this voice where it sounds like he's talking to a baby. "The wittlest cutest wittle baby brother." Dick then grins almost sadistically at Tim, apparently liking teasing the younger fellow.

"Heh, you're just jealous because I'm more noticed. Though I don't really understand these fanclubs and their addiction to my ass. Its just an ass. Doesn't do anything exceedingly awesome." He shrugs. Yeah, he really just doesn't get it that much.

Either way, Dick shrugs just a tad. "….are you two a thing?' He asks about Tim and Zatanna. Hey, its been awhile. He can be that crappy brother figure, right? Either way, he shrugs. "Well, I was gonna see if Bruce was around. Was planning on updating him about something, but it looks like I'll have to save it for later. So you better clear your search history like yesterday unless you want him finding your porn websites." he teases.

Teasing is, of course, only natural between family members, even when that family isn't related by blood.

Especially between brothers. What's a big brother for, after all, if not to help keep his younger brother from getting a big head?

"I'm definitely the most loveable," Tim offers by way of self-defense. As though he were totally unfazed by the baby talk! Though that's a good reminder that some things never change, and some people are always going to look at you and see the fourteen year old in green tights.

Especially the people who watched you grow up in those tights.

….are you two a thing? is a potentially dangerous question, but at least it proves that Dick doesn't pay much attention to the gossip columns around Gotham City. Which is probably an outgrowth of having been in them often enough.

"Yeah," Tim admits. "It's, uh, kind of a secret from most of the rest of the Titans? The ones who don't know my secret identity, anyway." How effective of a secret is it from a bunch of people that all live at least part time in the same abandoned mall? That's a good question. Tim has a lot of experience in keeping his two lives separate, but it's not like his teammates are that oblivious. Well, maybe Impulse, but he already knows.

"Wait, are you the reason Bruce put parental control locks on the Batcomputer?" he asks, off of that last teasing remark.

Hey, Big bros are MEANT to brutally tease their younger bros at the expense of the younger bros dignity and often times street cred. Because a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do. Either way, Dick keeps his eyes on Tim as he finally answers honestly. Now, how would Dick make such a guess? Because, well, he was practically raised the majority of his life by the World's Greatest Detective. He can read body language like a book and Tim is no exception.

But he stands there with a smirk. "Atta boy." He pats Tim on the back. "She's a pretty cool. Looks real nice when she's doing stuff for people. Kind stage magician." he shrugs lightly. "But uh…why keep it a secret? I mean, when I was with the Titans, pretty much everybody knew Kory and I were a thing. Given, Kory and I arn't anymore and she had a thing about telling everyone everything…."

Dick smirks.

"I looked up Eminem ONE TIME and he didn't like it. I tried setting the home screen to that one horrible hair due he had."

Why keep it a secret?

"So I don't have to hide it," Tim explains, as though that response made any sense whatsoever to anyone outside of his own head. Which is a problem for him, sometimes: That big juicy brain of his has a tendency to wander off in all sorts of unexpected directions. "I mean, like… If Zee is dating her teammate, Red Robin, because it's cool and sexy to be outlaw superheroes defying the oppressive metahuman registration laws," which, admittedly, don't apply to him, since he's not a metahuman. "Then she can't be seen going out with Tim Drake, adopted son of Bruce Wayne. You know Vicki Vale or somebody is going to write about that. Maybe we wind up on TMZ or something. Suddenly, all my teammates who don't know who's behind the Red Robin identity get a big clue."

There's another alternative, though of course he's considered and dismissed it on more than one occasion: He could just let the other Titans, all of them, in on his secret. After all, it's not like Dick and the other original Titans hid their identities from each other, right?

"And it's been about a million years since something good happened to Tim Drake. This way I can take her to dinner, we can go to fancy shindigs. Normal young people with too much money stuff."

Characteristically, Tim's put a lot of thought into this.

Some might say too much thought.

"I'd be amazed if Bruce even knew who Eminem was," the younger vigilante says, wonderingly. "Does he even listen to music?"

There's a slow pause, and then: "We could definitely change the Batcomputer wallpaper, though."

Dick seems to open his mouth for the briefest of moments before Tim appropriately shuts down any kind of reasonable denial to such a…straightforward and well-planned train of thought! "Wow…I'm actually kinda proud of you. Are you going to make me cry?" Dick mockingly rubs at just underneath his eye and he audibly sniffs.

Put that acting to WORK.

"But you could just tell people the secret. I mean, do you trust them?" Dick asks Tim as he pulls up one of the boxes thats around the place and he pops a squat on it. Gotta give the ol' glutes a rest.

"He listens to a lot of classical and my personal favorite: 'intense silence'. Five star albums, I'm tellin' you."

"…..Make it Justin Bieber."

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