God of PC Problems
Roleplaying Log: God of PC Problems
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Thor has computer problems. Thankfully, Superman is there to save the day!

Other Characters Referenced: Odin, Batman, Atli, Rocket, Jane Foster
IC Date: October 11, 2019
IC Location: Metropolis - New Troy - City Center
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Posted On: 11 Oct 2019 22:38
Rating & Warnings: PG
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* OOC Time: Fri Oct 11 14:22:38 2019 *

* * *


Kevin Whitson, 17, sits at a small desk in a swanky Manhattan apartment. The young man sits staring at the screen of an old desktop computer which is locked in a cycle of boot-blue screen-boot. He has no idea how to fix the computer because its user has no idea how to work a computer — his frustration builds.

"You must hurry," says Thor Odinson as he lays his heavy hands upon the shoulders of his ally and begins to squeeze them in a fraternal massage, "The offer I am expecting is only valid for a limited time. You must fix my computer, Son of Whit, or else I will miss out on many great offers to come."

Kevin squirms out of Thor's grasp, "Thor, I just — I'm sorry. Without your password I can't get to your e-mail on my phone and without your computer /or your phone/ we can't recover your password. Maybe you can call Stark Industries tech support and see if they can help you—"

Thor steps backward, "Nay, there is but one man who can help me. Unfetter my computer from the wall Kevin."


Thor; the Son of Odin. Dressed in full heroic regalia his mystic hammer hanging from his belt he walks through Centennial Park with a computer-tower under one arm, "Excuse me," he says stopping joggers, "I am looking for Lord Stark. Do you know which keep he was granted in this city?"

Understandable confusion. More pictures than assistance. Finally one fellow does have an idea and begins rattling off which public transit stops he needs to take. Which put him on a bus, in full reglia, a desktop next to him. Forty-five minutes later he's somehow back in the park again.

"I have already tried that," he says sitting with a family of four at a picnic table and eating a hotdog as he explains his adventure thus far, "I think that it is best that /I fly/. Do you know which /direction/ it is?" They begin pulling out their phones to look at maps.

* * *

In Thor's defense, Stark Unlimited isn't THAT far away, buuuut the people of Metropolis are not going to be helpful because of that whole 'WOW, A NORSE GOD' thing going on for him in the eyes of the people. Plus the ladies still find him very attractive, so they DEFINITELY don't help outside of feeding Thor's ego.


Superman approaches a psychopath who had been terrorising the southside of Metropolis by opening fire with a Gatling gun. Superman had managed to get here just in time to stop the man from gunning down a crippled old man. The bullets ping off of the Man of Steel's chest as he walks towards the man and with a grip that no human could break (unless they had Kryptonite) easily, Superman shatters the man's gun and proceeds to -flick- him to the ground into unconsciousness.

That done, the crowds had just begun to swarm Superman when his hearing picked up the name of Thor Odinson. An Avenger. What's he doing in Metropolis?

Superman thus flights high into the sky to get a read on the situation. Doesn't look like he's fighting crime, rather just trying to ask people for directions. So, Superman descends into the park in all of his paragonic virtue and glory. "I believe the direction is that way, your highness." Superman says with a friendly smile as he points in such a direction.

* * *

'Superman' the name burbles as people begin to collect nearby. Phones. Pictures. The family who was assisting Thor even look up from their phones.

Turning to the sound of authoritative direction the god of thunder's looks first to Superman and then to the direction that he indicates. Thor also gives a friendly smile and then his tongue over the front of his teeth to dislodge the bit of hotdog bun which had pasted itself there. Dislodging himself from the picnic table he is sure to wave at the family, "My adventure continues. Good luck in your quest for the perfect puppy," he says to the little girl.

Grabbing the desk top, its power cord dangling at the ground, he puts it under his left arm and approaches Superman. Thor's blonde brow furrows and he looks the man up-and-down from boots to spit-curl before giving a firm appreciative nod, "Thank you," looking at the -=S=- crest, "Sss," he hisses the sound before adding, "tranger?"

* * *

Superman didn't seem to actually judge Thor at his pronunciation of his name from the crest. Really, he just finds it amusing and Superman doesn't meet many people who seem to be this…literal. Except Batman.

Nonetheless, there's a few things about Thor that get a curious look from Superman, namely the desk top he danges under his arm which….kinda defeats the purpose of a desktop. Laptops are for mobile computing, not….ugh.

"You're welcome. The name is Superman." of course, Superman doesn't explain that it isn't his actual name, but his interactions with Thor has been pretty much non-existent. He only knows Thor from the news.

* * *

"Superman," Thor's face brightens a bit and the Thunderer gives the Man of Tomorrow a broad grin. Reaching upward with his right hand he grips the man's shoulder for a moment nodding, "S-uperman," then releasing and drawing his finger down to trace crest with understanding, "Of course."

"I am Thor," he announces because it is polite to do so even if Superman has already revealed he is aware, "Son of Odin. Protector of the nine realms."

The Son of Odin then pushes him gently in his 'S' emblazoned chest, "You have earned your name this day, Superman." he declares, "For you see, I have spent most of the day searching for Stark Keep." Shifting his burden there he puts the desk top into both of his hands and thrusts it into the space between them, "Once more my computer has become sickly. I journeyed to Lord Stark's tower in Manhattan - which I well know — but found the 'pent-house' quite empty. The voice of Lord Stark's electronic servant in told me that he had been granted new lands in Metropolis and that I could find him here, but .."

"I could not find him." Thor laments, "I traveled to the greatest tower in the city which bore not the word 'Stark' but a mighty 'L' where I was told it is 'Lord Luthor' who rules these lands and that Stark's kingdom is but a small fiefdom on the 'other side of town'. So, I traveled to the building of worlds and stood upon the great spinning globe so that I might survey the city but could not find Lord Stark's keep."

"But," pregnant pause, "I did see a great park. Knowing that a piece of all great adventures within a city shall at some point take place in a park I traveled here to seek directions — twice."

With his palms on either side of the desktop he turns it slightly and looks down, "/Super/man," he contemplates the name with reverent introspection, "If you are truly the greatest of all men then, perhaps, it is you I sought all along." He thrusts the desktop outward into the Man of Steel's possession, "I pray thee, /Superman/, can you cure my computer?"

* * *

"Nice to meet you, Thor." Superman is then pushed right on the insignia, though it may surprise Thor that unlike others, who would probably outright fall over or suffer an injury, Superman both doesn't move and looks completely fine. After all, he's the man of STEEL. "I'm sorry that you didn't find Tony, but-"

Oh, he's still talking.

"Lex could fix your computer in impressive fashion, but he'd probably only prioritize it if I asked him nicely. He's a very busy man, you know." Seems Superman and Lex might be….*long pause*. -Friends-.

What surprises Superman more is when Thor just thrusts the computer into his hands, and he reacts with plenty of time to catch it. "Uhm….okay. Why don't you tell me whats wrong with it and I'll see what I can do?" Watching Batman play on his computer when you have an eidectic memory…DON'T FAIL ME NOW.

* * *

It's customary for Thor to clap someone upon the arm or the chest when he's fond of them. It's not usually customary for them to have no reaction whatsoever. That Superman seems unphased demonstrates that he is truly the superlative of men. Thor might test his mettle again were he not explaining his journey and thrusting a computer into the Man of Steel's hands.

When Superman asks what's wrong with it Thor's gaze drops to the dangling cord for a moment and then seems mildly skeptical but begins explaining anyway, "When I press the button to turn the computer on it greets me with its electronic sound, as is customary, and scribes the language of computers upon its screen — which I do not understand. However, once finished, it presents me not with an electronic window and portal to the great oracle of the internet but instead with a blue screen and then counts down before turning itself off."

"You will …," pointing to the cord he thor-splains, "..need to fetter it to the wall in order to see."

An astute observer would also note that Thor has not brought a monitor.

* * *

Superman wouldn't mind Thor wanting to test his mettle against him, though to both of their wisdom it would be better if they were not in a city filled with people. A desert or even one of the other realms would probably be better so they could truly challenge one another.

Nevertheless, as Thor is talking Superman is using his X-Ray vision to see if any wires or cords are out of place. With Thor lumbering that thing around and probably not being very gentle with it, its possible that there's an internal systems issue. But then he looks up at Thor.

"…a screen which I see you don't have. It could be a moniter issue -or- your system somehow got a bit jumbled up with old updates. But uhm…" he turns his head to listen for any catastrophe's.

Nope, Metropolis is quiet!

"I should have time to help you in a more in-depth way."

* * *

The inside of the computer is caked with dust. The budget computer was new almost a decade ago where it was first owned by a little white-haired lady who used it to check e-mails. When she passed it sat in two different closets before finally being donated to a local charity who put it in their second-hand store for ten-bucks.

It was then purchased by the Son of Jacob, doorman at the building where Howard Stark once owned a penthouse where Thor now dwells. You see, Thor had come downstairs the previous day and asked to use the lobby computer explaining his had stopped working yet again and 'Jane had already told him that the previous computer was the last one she would repair for him'. Knowing that Thor would be the end of the lobby computer he purchased the god of thunder this new PC setup. It has performed admirably for the past six months.

Until yesterday..

"The Monitor?" Thor's visage darkens and he leans forward slowly, "No," he seems to then immediately dismiss that with a shake of his head, "That cannot be right. The Monitor has never meddled in the affairs of Asgard." Odinson seems again skeptical of Superman's technical prowess.

"Very well, Superman." Thor says and reaches towards the table where the family still sits. Metal sings. Mjolnir leaps from atop the table into his hand, "Let us journey to find a screen."

He looks around then but sees no screen so he just begins walking down the path that leads out of the park and beckons Superman to join him, "Tell me a story of thy recent glory as we walk to pass the time."

* * *

Geez, this machine was OLD. Its a surprise to Superman that this thing is even still alive. Though if Thor is the God of Thunder, he wonders if Thor had accidentally short-circuited it in a moment of emotional weakness. Either way, Superman just smiles at Thor with a look that would suggest that something about the God of Thunder's innocence in this unknowing kind of way was somehow endearing and admired at the same time.

He notices Mjolnir leap to his hand at its master's bidding and his smile is just ever present.

"Cool hammer." Superman compliments Thor before he shrugs. "Uhm, well, how recent are we talking about? Within the year? Before I came here I stopped a mentally ill individual who tried to mow down civilians with a gatling gun. His attempt failed miserably. Yesterday I caught a plane that was going down and this morning I stopped someone from committing suicide. The willing way, not by force."

* * *

Thor hefts the hammer at the compliment, "Mjolnir," the Thunderer says naming the instrument though to the unaccustomed the word might sound strange.

The heir to the nine realms listens to Superman matter-of-factly recount a list of deeds which not only sound worthy but also seem to have happened in the last twenty-four hours. He looks at his hammer then and sloooowly moves to hook it back to his belt.

"Oh yes? Those are fine tales," he says clearing his throat, "Me? Well, I suppose all that I've done is save the sacred washing pond of Midgard from a demon-bear." Pause, "You know the washing pond? The one that heals all wounds and will someday bring Galactus to this world when he is old and wishes to be rejuvenated when near the end of time?"

"You see," Thor begins, "The demon-bear had long eluded both my granddaughter and the X-Men who guard the washing pond. The beast sought to lap at its waters and gain its power but it was /my wisdom/ which revealed to them all that bears cannot resist honey nor murdering small creatures and that we should coat our friend Rocket, who is a rabbit, in honey to lure the bear out."

Thor nudges Superman with his elbow, "Except that when the time came Rocket was too frightened and so instead I coated /myself/ in honey to lure the bear out. When the bear came to feast upon me I struck it with my hammer," he mimes a slow swinging motion with his hand, "and with lightning saving this realm and the washing pond."

"You may wonder to yourself: Is it difficult for Thor to save us all and for us to never know?" Thor stops, looking at Superman with great empathy and slowly smiling, "No, Superman. That's what heroes do."

* * *

Odin is probably sweating somewhere that another besides Thor MIGHT be able to lift the hammer. Guess they won't know until they try, but Superman isn't sure that he wants to steal Thor's thunder in perhaps a more literal sense of the word. Not that he knows that Mjolnir is a source of Thor's incredible abilities.

Nor does Superman know that the Hammer has a worthiness enchantment placed upon it. Is Superman worthy? The world may never know…

But as Thor declares his story of glory, Superman is still just casually walking, the desktop still in his hand with no difficulty as they walk.

"You killed a demonic bear? Well done, my friend. You likely stopped it from hurting anybody else. I applaud you, Thor." Superman compliments, but his comment on what heroes do, Superman smiles. "Not every action will get us praise, but we don't do it for praise. Well done."

* * *

Thor nods heavily at the praise and the idea that heroes don't do it for the praise. Not the praise nor the women. Yes, not for praise nor for women nor for feasts. Just because they are worthy.

"Well said, Superman," Thor lifts his fist and hits him in the side of the arm, slightly harder this time.

* * *

Superman has no clue how Asgardians live their lives. None whatsoever, but right now he's not going to do it. But as he walks, he turns his head sharply at a sound some long distance away. "Duty calls, Thor." And so, Superman puts the computer on a hard surface and he looks at it. "This will probably only be a temporary fix but…" He seems to actually unplug a few things, re-plug them in, and use his heat vision for a more surgical process.

He then hands the device to Thor. "I gave it a simple system restore. It probably won't fix the problem completely, but when I have time I'll see what I can do further. Thank you for the time Thor, and it was pleasant to meet you." He pats Thor on the shoulder before he launches so far into the air that he went from life-sized to microscopic in view.

…then there's a 'boom' kind of sound like he broke the sound barrier. Seems like he's got to get somewhere QUICK.

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