The Ghost and The Shade
Roleplaying Log: The Ghost and The Shade
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Dead Girl takes Ombra out for a little 'Work'

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IC Date: October 01, 2019
IC Location: Gotham, The Narrows
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Posted On: 12 Oct 2019 00:11
Rating & Warnings: R- Violence
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Dead Girl really doesn't rest. She doesn't need sleep, or food, or water. She has no need for a nice temperature to survive- still, the mausoleum she's claimed in Gotham Cemetery is properly hooked up to the grid, somehow has running water, and is generally a comfortable place to hide from the light of the day- but the real reason to stay in this place is the access to the underground and all the places it can lead.

"Hey, you wanna come with me to work?" Dead Girl wondered of Ombra this particular evening. "The ghosts let me know there's something going down in the Narrows that needs my attention. There's an old cemetery there, so I go and try to clean it up a bit and the ghosts give me little hints. Anyways, there's some people being trafficked through there and I'd like to give them the ole' Ghost of Gotham treatment." she says with a wicked grin.

* * *

Ombra has taken to making use of a ouija board for ease of communication, moving a glass sculpture around the board that is smoothly finished at the bottom to avoid damaging it. Lipreading has been a rocky affair for her but she is picking things up with more ease. Having someone who she can repeatedly watch speak without inciting fear is a big help. The glass sculpture is moved to the 'yes' spot the moment she is asked to accompany, not one hundred percent clear on all of the details but 'people' and 'give them the' both help her get a vague idea at least.
Ombra sets the sculpture aside, hopping up to readiness. Her shadowy companion that has taken the form of both rat and cats hops up onto her shoulder from wherever it comes from. It, like her, seems to not interact with sound and appears as a silhouette. Unlike her, touching it does not spread those to others.

* * *

"Cool." Dead Girl replies, double thumbs up. She's gotten used to using more hand gestures when speaking to Ombra. She very much so doesn't seem to mind the shadowy woman's form or features. She's also totally into the Oujia board.

"So…" Dead Girl actually writes the next bit down for Ombra- "We're going to the Narrows to beat up bad guys." the paper says, "STill cool?" she wonders, "I don't want you to get scared when they start to bleed."

* * *

Ombra has an uncertain look about her at first, reading the specifics, but has at least some understanding about her friend's desires and motivations, and just hurting people is not one of those desires. She hovers over her ouija board to answer, 'no fear'. 'guns hurt'. She then sets the sculpture on Dead Girl's page, over 'still cool', making a thumb-up with her left hand.

* * *

Dead Girl nods, "Yeah, let them shoot me- doesn't bother me much." she explains with a grin. "So," She speaks slowly and clearly. "The plan will be to leave them alive- you can hurt them, but try not to kill. If someone dies, they die- but we don't like to kill people." she explains, "You can, however, give them pant-shitting nightmares for the rest of their lives."

And then, Dead Girl walks down into the 'lower' sections of the catacombs, expecting Ombra to follow. She takes out a flash light and just guides the other to the Narrows.

Once in the Narrows? It's out through a manhole cover- Dead Girl does all the heavy lifting. It seems to be easy for her- she's much stronger than she looks.

"It's this way-" Dead Girl begins, pointing towards an alley, pausing as if listening to something or someone- "In the building with the green door." she says back to Ombra- making sure to turn completely and to speak slowly and carefully.

* * *

Without hesitation, Ombra follows. She's more enthused to help than she is out for justice, but the justice part is a nice bonus. The catacombs seem novel to her, as she has never really been in such a place before, at times going right up to examine what can be found there without touching, but never delaying for more than a few seconds before rushing to catch up.
It's easy to tell that despite her claimed lack of fear, she is nervous. Hunting people for any reason other than to try to greet them is completely foreign to her. Once her destination is determined Ombra goes to the alley, checking the green door's accessibility. Her touch turns it completely dark as it does with almost everything.

* * *

Dead Girl tries the door- locked. She then just walks right through it- as if it didn't exist at all, a sound of chains being snapped, and then the door opens- allowing Ombra easy access.

Inside is a warehouse, people- primarily women and girls- in cages. Men and women both prowl through the shadowed warehouse, most of them holding weapons. Guns and cattle prods seem the most popular choices- although one large man carries a machete.

Dead Girl keeps to the shadows- looking back towards Ombra. She doesn't add sound to her words, just mouthing the following: "Don't be afraid. We are the ones they need to be afraid of. Stay to shadows, and let me take the worst of it. I'm already dead."

Still, Dead Girl keeps to the shadows as she begins to stalk forward like a hunting animal- her eyes glowing in the darkness. Red pin-points of angry light that reach out from the lands of the dead into the lands of the living.

The first person to be grabbed- a man with a shotgun. One hand is over his mouth as he dragged into the darkness. No one seems to notice, not at first.

They notice, though when he's launched from the shadows, sans shotgun, shrieking in pain.

Dead Girl has totally removed his eyes. He will never again see- it should make the job of trafficking human beings much more difficult.

"What the fuck?!" the man with the machete calls- "Fucking tights, everyone bring it together- shoot anything that moves, but don't shoot the product!" he calls out.

The people in cages are quick to hit the floor- trying to make as small a target as possible.

* * *

The sight of the people in cages has Ombra's attention. She stands, staring at the awful sight, something she doubts even informing her would provide help in being prepared for seeing this. This awful thing. She's staring at them even as Dead Girl begins the assault, as the men start to react. Ombra goes mostly unnoticed, a dark shape among dark shadows.
Not having access to the world of sound provides some small help for Ombra. The chaos is easier to overcome when shouting and shooting are unheard. The shadow-girl rushes and tackles one of the men with the big guns. which makes her less of a target for the other men with guns than one might expect. She and her victim become a single mass of sihouette, chaotically moving and making for a very difficult clean shot for those who notice it happening. Even as the gun being wrestled between the two goes off, no sound emits from them. Ombra is not very strong, but she can occupy this man for a while since he's panicked, trying to get his weapon out of this shadow thing's grasp and the fact that he's just gone deaf does not help him be calm at all.

* * *

And while Ombra works, Dead Girl keeps an eye on her- even as she's stepping out of the shadows- making herself an obvious target.

"FUCK!" One of the women shouts, "It's the Ghost! The Ghost of Gotham!" she says, "Look at what she did to Jared!"

"SHOOT HER!" The man with the machete shouts- and the bullets begin to fly. Dead Girl does *nothing* to stop them from shooting her. She's an easy target, standing where bullets would be more likely to hit a wall than any living flesh- or her friend Ombra. Bullets blast off bits of flesh- they impact into her skull, scattering brain and bone across the room.

And Dead Girl just stands there until they've emptied their magazines and guns. She's shot up into pieces, a large hole in her chest, arm barely hanging on…. and then she begins to heal- the flesh just rolling and in less than a second she's whole again.

"You've committed crimes against the living and the dead." Dead Girl growls, looking up at the gathered few as her glowing red eyes narrow. "The Ghost of Gotham does not forget the evil deeds of the living… You will be punished tonight for your actions and choices. Never again will you harm the living… or the dead."

The man in Ombra's clutches is trying his best to shriek and scream and get any kind of help he can- but he is silent. Silent in the shadows as she holds him. He shoots- but the bullets just hit the roof as he does whatever he can to escape her grasp. He drops the gun and tries to run.

* * *

Spurred on, Ombra does not want this man to get away. Even if she cannot really stop him from getting away per se, she wants to keep him nearby. He has been part of a horrifying thing, and if he gets away with it, that would be the most awful thing she can imagine. Instinct, or something like it, takes over. She chases him not as a human form, but as a cat. A very fast compared to humans cat, running on all fours, growing claws, leaping and latching on to his clothing, returning him to the world of silence again. Them Ombra changes back.
She has never been much of a fighter, but she knows there are certain things men need in order to run effectively. One being the use of their legs. Ombra's limbs wrap around both of his from behind, and his forward momentum takes a downward turn, where he collides by forehead to the cement floor, and he stops moving. Ombra is immediately feeling his neck, worried she might have killed him. Relief comes over her. Not dead. She looks up from her catch, marveling at the results of bullets meeting her friend and ending up doing nothing to even slow her down.

* * *

And Dead Girl moves now with truly inhuman grace- rushing forward to grab one person's cattle prod. Even as it shoots out a powerful bolt of electricity it barely slows DEad Girl down- she has a hitch in her gitty-up as muscles tense, but her hand is stronger than the others. It's pulled away, flips in the air and is used as a handy club into the side of the man's neck- he goes down like a sack of potatoes. The prod is then broken in half- letting out another SPARK before tossed to the side.

"That which is dead can not be killed." Dead Girl hisses softly as she turns to face the remaining three people in this warehouse. The woman with her pistol- now again reloaded, shaking in terror. The man with the Machete- and another person with a cattle prod.

Bullets didn't work so the man with the machete bellows as he runs forward and slashes downward at her neck. Trying to sever the head from her shoulders.

He manages to do just that with his blade getting stuck in her collarbone and upper ribs, imbedded in bone and flesh- her head falls forward into her own hands. Dead Girl just laughs- sound still coming from her mouth. "Did you really think that would work? Didn't you hear what I just said?" she asks before she just re-attaches her head as if it was nothing- the man staring in horror as he quickly withdraws his blade to again cut at Dead Girl.

He chops. And chops. And Chops… his blows growing reckless as he tries so hard to do *anything* to stop Dead Girl.

But they've gotten her anger up. It's obvious b y how the lights sputter and the room starts to grow cold around them- their breath seen as the barrier between life and death begins to weaken. Ghosts circle the Dead GIrl- terrifying apparitions that carry the same wounds and scars as many of the living prisoners. Dead Girl's hand rises and she catches the machete mid blow in her ribs, flesh growing around it as it's trapped in her body- her hands outstretched as she grabs the man by his skull.

"You are guilty. The Dead Will Have Their Due…"

The shrieking the man makes is blood curtling- whatever it is Dead Girl is doing, her eyes flaring bright as the ghosts converge and seem to 'pile in' to the man with the machete is surely traumatic.

His hands had started clawing at Dead Girl's hands- trying to get her to let go. Soon, they were clawing at his own face- at his own eyes. Shrieking and struggling as he's forced to feel and witness death again and again.

When she finally lets him go, he's curled into a ball, and Dead Girl is pulling the machete out of her body as she looks between the man and woman- "The Ghosts of Gotham will not rest easy until the Sins of the Living are spoken for."

* * *

Thinking quickly, Ombra decides to interfere in the escape of the awful men instead of in trying to beat them up, trying to figure out how she changed form again. Later! She bolts for the main exit, stepping bodily in the way of its means of opening and holding on to it. Those that try to escape reach out to a darkened door, touching Ombra instead, and recoil from the effect. They don't see the one in the way, but the touch gives a bit of understanding as to where the obstruction is, and already panicked, firing several shots into the general locaetion.
Those hurt. Ombra realizes the one part of her plan she had not considered. Unseen by most of the persons present because she is black against black door, she slides to sit down against it, and loses consciousness. More shots are fired as the door does not open, but only one of them goes into Ombra as a shooter gets a better visual of the dark mass that makes opening the door more difficult. Now they can reach the door handle!

* * *

Man and Woman escaping- Ombra apparently on the ground. Dead Girl frowns moves with truly frightening alacrity to the door, and the thugs. She grabs them both.

Snap. Snap. Crunch.. Crunch.. Joints are broken and the pair are bodily thrown across the room to slam into the ground. They'll survive- but they'll likely not find moving easy any time soon.

Dead Girl then scoots down to pick up Ombra and head out with her in hold. She only puts her down for a few moments to call some people to come and collect the baddies- a call to the cops.

Dead Girl then again hoists Ombra up and carries her carefully into the night, not minding the darkness or shadows as they soon return to the Gotham Cemetery.

* * *

It's hard to tell exactly how Ombra is doing. She is bleeding from the numerous wounds, but she is also breathing, shallow breathing, and there is her heart which is still going well and strong despite the blood loss. She should certainly be dead after that many bullets into some very necessary organs. She has also never been a very warm body in the best of health. The bleeding is less intense by the time Dead Girl reaches the cemetery, dripping blood rather than constant flow leaving a very clear trail.
Ten minutes, maybe fifteen after the cemetery is reached, Ombra comes back to consciousness, no longer leaving bloody marks wherever she is but certainly not in good shape. She tries to sit upright but decides against doing that as pain shoots through…everywhere.

* * *

Dead Girl is busy cooking of all things, humming to herself as she makes something to eat- for Ombra, no doubt. Grilled Cheese and Tomato soup! She looks over when the shadows start to move- "Hey, take it easy. You got shot back there." she says, "So I'm making you some comfort food! I don't know if you can eat or not any more, but maybe it'll help you feel better."

Sometimes it's the thought that counts.

"You did a great job back there!" she enthuses- always sure to be facing Ombra when she talks, so her lips are easily seen.

And then Dead Girl is there with tasty grilled cheese and tomato soup- placing it near Ombra. "Do I need to get a doctor?" She asks plainly.

* * *

Ombra watches when she realizes what is being done. Her eyes focus in and out, but the food being cooked does not require her eyes. With effort, and clearly not finding the movement pleasant, Ombra props herself up on her elbows, surrounded by concerned cats. She is sort of one of them after all, and friend. As chef nears with the prepared dish, Ombra manages to catch the question, or at least enough of it in context of the facial expression to understand. The smile she shows goes unseen, but the thumb going up might be more clear. She motions to pat one of her wounds without making contact, as that would serve no purpose other than to make more pain. Gingerly she picks up spoon to sample the soup. She hasn't really eaten anything for a while. She still likes food though. Another thumb-up, for the chef.

* * *

"Okay, great! The cats and I were worried!" Dead Girl says- she has a background in acting, luckily, and she manages to show a wipe of sweat and worry rather well- "If you need anything, let me know." Dead Girl says as she goes to sit on one of the reclaimed lounge chairs. She, too, is soon a bed for cats- petting them and generally enjoying the company of the animals. Even when at least one seems to want to take a nibble.

Dead Girl then turns on a television. IT's turned so Ombra can see it, closed captions on- Dead Girl just looking over every now and again to make sure the other young woman is okay…. and letting Ombra rest when she gets there.

* * *

As Ombra recouperates, at least as much as she can in one evening after some massive body trauma, despite the painful reminders that she had chosen very poorly in preventing the escapes, she feels pleased with herself. She saw the look of admiration, something she has not been subject to for many months. She takes the soup and sandwich offerings with care, not preventing any of the cats from sampling, losing the spoon provided as it becomes absorbed into her but feeling less dismayed about that than one might expect. Just another reminder to be more cautious around things.
Ombra falls asleep while gazing at the television.

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