A Good Balance
Roleplaying Log: A Good Balance
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Domino asks Rogue to back her up on an upcoming mission.

Other Characters Referenced: Dani Moonstar, Ilyana Rasputin, Alison Blair
IC Date: October 12, 2019
IC Location: X-Men Base
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Posted On: 12 Oct 2019 22:19
Rating & Warnings: PG
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A few days away from the commotion seemed to have been the right plan. Taking the place of such commotion had been -other- varieties of commotion, but ones which Domino was more familiar with.

Sort of.

One problem was born out of trying to do the right thing. Another problem was due to a friggin' rabbit. It's entirely debatable if her luck had run out or if the rodent's intervention was somehow a part of the grand plan all along. Whether true or not it still left her motorcycle out of commission, and a car in dire need of some proper care after an encounter with another mercenary who shall not be—

Yeah, it was totally Deadpool.

A couple of texts later and Neena's waiting down at the garage for one Southern Grease Monkey, flanked by a really fancy sport bike that looks like it had tried to mimic the Titanic's first encounter with an iceberg and a bright red convertible Ferrari with a pair of lines running at an angle across the hood which clearly do not belong there.

The owner's got her attention at a datapad while waiting, probably doing that whole 'intel gathering' thing she tends to go on about when given the opportunity.

* * *

Rogue lets out a low whistle when she sees the damage. "Lord have mercy, sugar, you weren't sure weren't kidding about the damage."

She's already in her coveralls, along with gloves that are a little tighter than the ones many mechanics wear. She goes to the sport bike first, kneeling beside it to get a really good look. "I sure hope you weren't lookin' for me to get these done fast. I'mma have to get the frame straightened out, and I can already see five or six parts that need to be replaced."

This by way of greeting, but anyone who has known Rogue long enough knows that she is always going to all but greet the fast vehicles first, before really even looking at the person who would be behind the wheels.

* * *

Domino understands well enough. Put her in a room with a person and some high end ordnance and she'll all but forget that there's someone else standing around. Thus when Rogue steps in and starts assessing the damage the pale lady smirks and glances over the top of the pad then goes right back to her reading. Rogue can have her moment alone with the wounded.

"Take whatever time you need," she assures the mechanically inclined mutant. "I'm just glad to know that someone around here knows their trade well enough to get them back into the fight."

Because high end bikes and Italian exotics are proper fighting material.

Hearing about the extend of the bike's troubles leaves her breathing out a distant sigh while turning off the pad's screen and lightly tossing it aside onto a bag. "The cost of parts will be covered, of course. Get whatever you need then send me the bill."

Arms loosely fold together as she watches Rogue for a few seconds before adding "How've you been?"

* * *

The Southerner grabs a diagnostic pad and starts making marks all over it, nodding; she hadn't been too concerned about the cost of parts, but it's good to know she won't have to fight for the right parts to make it happen either. This isn't a 'head to the scrap yard' kind of job. Not for vehicles like these. Not for the kind of punishment Domino puts them through.

"Me? I'm right as rain, sugar. Startin' to hit my stride around here, I think. How about yourself?"

She pauses to shoot Domino an easygoing smile, one tinged with genuine interest.

* * *

It's a weird sight these days, finding someone around the Institute who seems to be doing well despite the piles of problems and individual losses which seem to be plaguing the rest of the team. For a time Neena wasn't sure who she was anymore, let alone how to act around the others. Maybe all that was missing was having the right people to hang around.

"Gettin' along," she replies with a subtle lopsided smile of her own. "Staying mobile. As best I'm able," her head dips toward the trashed bike. "Hunting down a band of metahuman assassins, dipping in and out of Limbo, ticking people off on the home front. It's weird to find all of this so mundane."

* * *

It helps that Rogue is not exactly close to anyone here. She's slowly forging friendships and creating bonds, but she hasn't formed the kinds of deep connections that might, say, leave her agonizing over Warren's issues or obsessing over various problems. Indeed, she's weirdly doing better than she has for some time.

"Metahuman assassins sounds intense," she comments. "Well, I reckon all of it sounds intense. Limbo? And yeah, it pretty much seems par for the course. For here, but also for everywhere. Things are just weird now."

* * *

When Rogue mentions things being weird Domino forces a short laugh. "But we're all getting a break from the Sentinel attacks, right? Take a spin on the Wheel of Crisis, what's the disaster of the week."

"There's some group out there, mercenaries as far as I can tell, who have been targeting 'problem metas' for termination. Been nipping at their heels for a little while. And yeah. Limbo. Turns out our own Illyana has quite the dimensional ace up her sleeve. Just a few days back we got to play tag with a couple of actual, genuine demons. Before I met up with this crew I didn't know they existed!" she exclaims with arms held out to the sides.

"There's always something around here but at least it isn't boring. If you ever need a break from poking at other people's cars…"

* * *

"I'm always happy to go with on whatever you're working on," Rogue says, with a tip of her finger towards Domino, and another easy grin. "I don't just do cars, after all."

Her smile had turned a bit rueful at the mention of demons. She wouldn't have given much credence to them either, but she's certainly got the truth of the matter now. "I wouldn't push myself in where I wasn't wanted, but if you need or want me there I'm happy to go, you know? You oughta be able to tap your own teammates, after all."

* * *

"-Always- happy?" Neena challenges with an arched brow and a look of amusement. "You might regret saying that."

The intended message isn't something to overlook. As it is she might be down a teammate due to extenuating circumstances and Rogue's proven to be no stranger to rough situations.

"Though about that…" she starts back in while idly making her way a bit closer to where the Southern Belle is situated. "You don't mind exploring more…unorthodox solutions…do you?"

She has a pretty good feeling with Rogue but there are some moments where some verification goes a long way.

* * *

"It depends on what the solution is," Rogue says, far more interested in qualifying this than in whether or not she'd give help. "I walked away from my entire family because of some of the solutions they wanted to present. I'm maybe a little more flexible than, say, Alison, but that don't mean anything goes with me neither."

There's no judgement or hardness in her tone. It's still laid back, easygoing, if a touch more serious than usual. It just lays it out there.

"How about you tell me outright what you mean and I'll tell you if it's stuff I'm willing to do?"

* * *

It isn't like Domino to spell out her plans before they've come to fruition. Not the entire plan. Heck, not even -most- of the plan. For whatever reason she likes to play her cards close to the chest and surprise -everyone- when the action starts to kick off.

There's only one problem with that route. When it happens to involve people that you -might- actually -kinda- sorta care about maybe a -little- tiny bit..? People tend to get really ornery really fast. As it turns out the people around Xavier's also have pretty strong memories and for whatever reason they seem to not like her typical problem-solving methods.

Dom's about to reach an arm around Rogue's shoulders to lead her somewhere perhaps a little more secluded but stops short of actually making physical contact. The motion of her arm suddenly aborts then nonchalantly returns home to glide painted fingertips through familiar black hair.

"Right. Word is that this team specifically targets metas which the DPS deem too troublesome to subdue. Soooo..if I'm going to ferret these boys out I need a meta who is already a known pain in the ass but is durable enough to stir up some beef without putting themselves in harm's way—I don't mean you," she quickly intervenes with an open palm held in Rogue's direction.

"I know a person who should fit the bill. Just gotta make contact and see if they'd be up for playing some ball. Then we get to hunt the hunters and hope for the best."

* * *

"Oh, that's fine then," Rogue says, with a flash of a grin. And maybe a little bit of relief.

She'd seen the aborted gesture, but it's less of a big deal than Domino might think. Even given what she knows about how their powers tend to even out the response, even covered head to toe, she's still habitually wary of someone accidentally touching her skin. In a spar it can't be helped, but when it can be helped, she does her part to make sure it doesn't happen whenever she can.

She covers it by virtue of reaching for a wrench, frowning. "Guess I shouldn't be too surprised them jerks over at the DPS are willin' to shoot people in the head if they can't throw 'em in the dadgum Raft."

* * *

"Yeah, somethin's not so right with this," Neena agrees while re-folding arms and leaning back against the side of her car. "It's all rumors at this point but there's been some slivers of evidence to suggest a connection. I don't know if all of the DPS are behind this or if it's one particularly bad actor higher up in the food chain. Whatever the situation they seem to be armed with some bleeding edge tech so I'm not going to call this one easy by any stretch. If we get around to hunting this pack we're going to be up against some hard-trained and hate-fueled warmongers."

Dom pauses to give Rogue another meaningful look.

"How well can you handle being shot?"

* * *

Rogue snorts softly. "About as well as anyone else, I reckon, unless I happen to have borrowed from the right person that day. Which is why I do my best to not get shot? Truth be told I ain't never had a bullet in me. So I'll probably cry like a little old baby and cuss up a storm if it ever does happen to me."

Blatant honesty here. "I sure as Hell ain't gonna be like…It's fine, lemme walk it off."

* * *

Already the gears are turning in Domino's head, right back to playing a close hand while silently filing various ideas away for later. She's -real- good about it all being a subtle process. Nothing more than idle backburner action.

Rogue can 'borrow' powers.

Dom's going to be bringing in a mutant who can take some abuse.

This might be a self-solving problem.

"Then you should know that all signs are pointing to these guys having some -really- heavy firepower. You know..'mutant-killing' firepower," she sort of akwardly clarifies with random motions of her hands.

"It'll be different than going up against mobsters or Purifiers or gang-bangers or whatever the hell. Just..so you know before committing to this. It's probably gonna suck. We're all going to be in a high risk situation. If we can lure these idiots out in the first place. Though I would appreciate the backup."

* * *

Rogue shrugs her shoulders. "Look, all of it's high risk. I get that it's more high risk, but you're not the type who would be asking me if you ain't already identified that I'm someone you want on your team. I trust you to create a plan that has a reasonable chance of success. If it don't, and I get killed, well…I coulda done that choking on my cheese grits just this morning. I've been in hairy situations before. I'm in. You gonna tell the rest of the X-men or is this somethin' we're handlin' on our own cause Fearless Leader's not quite back in the saddle yet, in a sort of 'better to beg pardon than to ask permission' kind of a move?"

* * *

With Rogue's response comes another thin smile from the albino. She doesn't quite reach as far as saying it out loud but it's great to be dealing with someone a bit more 'real' again. Where others would get upset the Southern Belle shrugs and marches onward.

Although what throws her the most is hearing that someone else -trusts- her. It's one of the more rare events to occur in Neena's life. With this one admission from Rogue there's suddenly a much more tangible feeling of weight upon the pale lady's shoulders.

"More the latter. Dani already knows that I'll be doing more work out in the field while the dust settles and she already knows everything that there is to know about this operation." So far. "We're being careful, we're making good use of available resources, and it's all wrapped up in a tidy 'no killing' bow. All of the criteria is met. All that's left is to bring home some bacon."

* * *

"If Dani knows, then it's fine," Rogue says with a nod of her head. She trusts Dani too, it seems. "I kind of learned my lesson about goin' off half-cocked with the whole demon bear thing. So it's good to hear that we've struck a good balance between 'unconventional solutions' and 'we're just kind of not telling the rest of the team.'"

And if she has a moment where she shakes her head in wonder at herself to be advocating any such stance, especially considering her very code name…

Well, it is what it is. Maybe she's still got shreds of Dani in her head, or maybe she herself is just evolving. Either way.

"When are we doin' this?"

* * *

Yeeeeaaahhh… 'A good balance.' Neena's gonna go with that. While Moonstar does have all of the current intel she doesn't know what Domino's next move is going to be. Dani's far too busy dealing with the Institute! Dom's got this. She'd press forward solo if she had to. Having allies only further skews the odds in her favor! It'll all work out.

"I don't have a date picked out but I'll keep you in the loop. Still need to track down my pal and tap 'em on the shoulder to be our negative attention sponge. In the meantime if you don't have some decent body armor I would suggest talking to the R and D goons to get you suited up. It's never a bad idea."

* * *

"Yeah, I'm workin' on that anyway," Rogue assures her. "The body armor, I mean. It should be ready pretty soon. Who is your pal, anyway?"

Not that she thinks she's just likely to have randomly heard of the guy; she's mostly just curious. "What are they like, besides being right durable?"

With the bigger questions out of the way, she starts doing stuff with the wrench she grabbed earlier, namely removing a part of the bike that is just going to have to go. Go, and then be given some sort of honorable burial, because it is never functioning ever again.

* * *

-— New Activity ---
Neena nods once then lets the matter of armor lie. Though almost immediately after brushing the subject aside she's wishing there had been more to pick at because the very next question coming from Rogue isn't one which she is interested in answering.

'Who is your pal?'

"A brick shithouse who happens to be very passionate about mutant rights."

This albino is not at all interested in going into further detail. Not around here, anyway. The X-Men are already working on a crumbling foundation of late, they don't need any more potential bombshells being dropped.

With the first piece of the bike removed the surgery is officially underway. Dom's no expert but it kinda sorta looks like she had come pretty close to shearing the fuel line during her wipeout. That might have been bad. Fortunately she has a good mechanic.

"Appreciate the help, Blackthumb. You'll be hearing from me when I have something we can move on."

* * *

Rogue frowns and sits back on her heels. There are a lot of people who meet that description. She knows some of them and some aren't ones they could easily work with. Then again, given the mission, does she care?

Domino's evasiveness is clearly noticed and worried about. But rather than calling Domino on it, she tilts her chin down. "Sounds good, sugar. Now get on outta here. I got work to do. Family ain't supposed to stick around to watch the surgery."

That much, at least, seems like real policy on her part. She's wrinkling her nose at what she's seeing and one might guess that 'surgery' is about what it's going to be.

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