The Once and Future Paperplate Girl
Roleplaying Log: The Once and Future Paperplate Girl
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Batgirl and Hellcat cross paths again, this time there are no paper plates involved.

Other Characters Referenced: Black Canary, Huntress, Hawkgirl, Frank Castle
IC Date: October 02, 2019
IC Location: Manhattan, NYC
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Posted On: 13 Oct 2019 03:31
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It's midafternoon in the Big Apple. Of course, it's a busy days, as is to be expected in a city this large. People are jaywalking, cars are honking, bicyclists are shouting and making weird hand motions that, frankly, nobody wants to see. And then there are the criminals. Many prefer to work under the cover of darkness, however there are still a fair few who like to work during the day.

Atop a roof of one of the many buildings, a woman in a yellow suit with a catlike mask, long black gloves with catlike fingers, a black sash around her waist, and black boots, sits and listens out for trouble. One ear listens to the streets while she also holds a police scanner. In a crouched, catlike position, she gazes about the neighbourhood for signs of trouble.

* * *

It's midafternoon in the Big Apple, and Batgirl must be vacationing. She has settled into the rooftops of a building just across a wide street from where Hellcat is perched. Since the fire that destroyed the Lance Family home, she's had to take out the prototype suit — more urban in colorings than her dark purple motorcycle leathers. The manufactured synthweave is dark gray with a mustard yellow bat silhouette across the chest; the cape is black with a lighter gray lining; she wears the traditional cowl with gloves and boots. It is the more grown-up Batgirl costume for sure.

She spots that yellow dot on the rooftop across from her, and she tilts her head slightly. She casts a glance around her before she tugs out the grappler. Aiming for a building taller than Hellcat's perch, there's a burst of sound and loud clunk. Then she swings across the street, giving Hellcat ample time to spot her before she alights on the same roof.

"Let me guess… you're here to see Cats?" You know, the Musical.

* * *

The sounds definitely catch the attention of the cat-suited lady. She watches as Batgirl swings over and makes up way up onto the roof. Hellcat slowly stands to proper height, instead of staying crouched. "Cats…nice…I've never heard that before." Which is actually the truth. She's only just starting out in the hero game in earnest. No longer is she Paper Plate Girl.

She gives Batgirl a look over and tilts her head. "Well now, it would seem you've strayed a bit far from home, haven't you? I figured the Bat-crew usually stuck around Gotham." Of course the bat silhouette is a good indicator of the group that this person across from her belongs to. "Don't bats also prefer brooding over crime during the night? I kind of figured that was part of your schtick. You know…fighting evil by moonlight? I imagine that y'all spend your days winning love by daylight. That being said, I've never heard of any of you ever running from a real fight." There's something about the way she speaks. It's almost as if her voice isn't quite her real voice.

Placing her hands on her hips, she gazes over at Batgirl with curiosity. "So, what brings one of the amazing Bat-crew here to New York City?"

* * *

"I've had a lot of experience making cat jokes." Sorry, Selina. "I'll try to keep it in check."

The Batling strides forward several steps to join Trish at the rooftop edge, and she glances down over Manhattan. "I figured that it was time for me to strike out on my own, find new territory, see if I can piss off Daredevil again." She flashes a quick grin before she sobers a bit. "I thought I'd just take a working vacation." She glances slightly over Hellcat, squinting a bit. "I see we've upgraded from a paper plate." The corner of her mouth twitches a bit before she looks back out over the city. "And I haven't brooded since high school. That's more Batman and Robin's thing." And Nightwing and Batwoman, but that goes without saying.

She crosses her arms, one boot up on the rooftop edge. She glances to Hellcat. "Just visiting. I usually like seeing if I can spark Daredevil's annoyance." Beat. "He is kind of New York's own brooder."

* * *

"There's no need to be sorry." Hellcat responds. "Not yet." She grins a little bit, glancing toward the skyline for a moment before looking back to Batgirl.

"Striking out on your own, are you? Well, well, well." She lets out a 'huh' sound. "You wanna deliberately piss off Daredevil?" She actually laughs. "That would be like pissing off…Jewel." Pause. "Although I guess she didn't go by that name long at all, so nevermind." She still sounds amused.

She looks as though she's about to say something else when the paper plate is mentioned. "Paper plate?" She makes an attempt to sound confused. "Oh! You must mean Paper Plate Girl." She nods. "Oh yeah, I heard some reports of her fighting in Hell's Kitchen, yeah? Brave soul. I really commend her work." She clears her throat, smirking ever so slightly. "This suit…definitely better than a paper plate, that's for sure."

She tilts her head slightly. "So, no brooding…and annoying Daredevil, yeah? Now, are you annoying him just for the sake of it, or because he actually deserves it? Because I've heard nothing but good things from my sources, but you've got me curious."

* * *

"I don't usually travel closely with the Bats. We're more like… a family of adults who still come over to Daddy Bat's place for dinner." Batgirl quirks a grin toward Hellcat. But then she shrugs a shoulder, and a little hint of mischief touches her smile. "I don't do it on purpose, but he still gets ruffled… horns?… when I'm skulking around on his rooftops."

She stretches her back slightly while keeping her arms crossed. Then she chuffs out a quick laughing breath. "Yes. That Paper Plate girl." She side-longs a look Hellcat. She takes in her suit briefly before she settles into an easy smile. "But it is a lot better… and a bit more serious. You ready for this kind of work?"

Then she shakes her head, a bit of amusement crossing her face again. "He's not all bad. It's a… mostly playful back and forth. He's helped me when I needed it."

* * *

"Daddy Bat." Hellcat repeats, seeming amused with that image. It's strange being on this side of it, talking so casually about them all. She's never had that chance before. Not really. She's had Jessica, who everyone knows can be a bit…rough around the edges when it comes to most people, even superheroes. Maybe especially superheroes. She's met some, but only through, again, Jessica. And now she's donned a suit of her own, maybe she'll earn herself a place among their ranks.

She rolls her eyes and grins. "That's funny to think of, considering ol' Double D." She almost cringes calling him that. Nobody calls him that. "I didn't think he could get ruffled. Not because of another…well, good guy."

She glances down at her suit through her mask, running her hands over it as if to smooth it out. "Well, how serious can a person be about all this when they're running around in a paper plate mask? I mean, really? If you're going to take this seriously, you need a proper outfit." She takes a deep breath in at the question, finally nodding after a moment. "I'm ready." She hopes. Certainly she still needs some training, but some things she can learn in the field, so to speak.

* * *

"Daddy Bat," Batgirl repeats with an amused look. Then she steps back from rooftop to look back at Hellcat. "You look good in it," Babs compliments easily. "It looks sold designed. You got an engineer?" It's a casual appreciation and inquiry.

Then Hellcat is calling Daredevil Double D and she chokes back a laugh. "Man, The Punisher just calls him 'hornhead.'" She hooks both hands on her hips, glancing down to the streetside below again. "The right answer is actually 'no way am I ready.'" She looks back to Trish now. "This job isn't easy, and it doesn't get easier as you go… it shows you the darkest part of people, and that will be the hardest part to get past, and you never really will."

* * *

"Thanks. I wasn't sure how it would work…but it does look good, doesn't it?" Hellcat seems happy, both with the compliment and the suit as a whole. "I uh…I had someone special whip it up. Well, not 'whip it up', but yeah…no. I had someone who knew what they were doing make it. I was lucky enough to find a person who knew a thing or two about a thing or two."

She chuckles. "You know…I've heard The Punisher has special nicknames for people. Hornhead…that's apt." How does she know he has special nicknames for people? Well, that's a story, perhaps, for another time.

"I guess I won't know how not ready I am until I really experience the breadth of it all." She explains. "What I do know? Sometimes it feels like the bad outweighs the good, and if I can help, even in a little way, to help change the scales, I will." A sly smile crosses her face. "Just call me Hellcat, 'cause this kitty's gonna rain hell down on some bad guys." She might be a bit overconfident, which is either a good thing or a bad thing, quite possibly a mixture of the two.

* * *

"I like the yellow," Babs says in the same casual way that a woman compliments an another woman. Of course, the two are admiring suits used to keep them from being cut with knives and riddled with bullets. It's just a different fashionable interest.

Now, her smile drifts a bit more easily as they talk about Frank. "Mmhmm. He favors nicknames. He'll give you one if you two cross paths enough." She of course does not mention what he calls her.

She pivots slightly toward Hellcat now, and she offers out a dark yellow gloved hand. "Batgirl. Officially." She flashes a quick grin. "You know, when you get settled in, you should let me know. I help organize a group of women vigilantes who work together to help with larger problems. We're called the Birds of Prey." Now an amusement flickers across her expression. "If you think a cat could play nice with a bunch of birds."

* * *

"Thanks. I wasn't sure at first, but it works. It really does." Hellcat smiles. "I've got to admit, I really like your outfit. For a while now, I've been lowkey been jealous of the outfits you all get to wear. Who knew I'd get one of my own someday?" Sure, the outfits are to keep them from getting stabbed and shot, but hey, they can still look nice!

"Well, maybe I'll have to make a point of running into him a few times. I'm curious about what he'd end up calling me." She says of Frank. Especially now that she knows Hornhead for Daredevil and Snow White for Jessica.

"It's nice to meet you, Batgirl. I'm Hellcat…which I guess I already said." She chuckles softly, reaching out her hand to meet Batgirl's, giving a good amount of strength as she shakes it. "Birds of Prey, huh?" She giggles. "I think I can forego the usual cat-bird rivalry to team up with you all."

* * *

"Thank you." There's genuine brightness there. Babs even gives the sides of her suit a bit of a tap and brush with fingers and palms. "It's a prototype, but my last one was… well, it didn't survive its last showdown." She glances back out at the city again.

"Oh. Frank will come up with something… you might like it, or you might hate it." Amusement continues to settle in easily when the two casually discuss Frank and his nicknames.

"Pretty sure Black Canary came up with the name, but we're all convinced it was a mutual idea." Now a bit more amusement slips into her words. "But if a Bat can work with a bunch of birds, so can a Cat."

* * *

"A prototype? Are you trying to get me more jealous? I've always wanted to wear something that was a prototype." Hellcat grins, glancing briefly toward the street as well before looking back to Batgirl.

"Nicknames are like that though, aren't they? We may not always like them, but somehow they usually stick." Like Patsy. That's one name she's determined to get away from if it's the last thing she does. "Maybe I'll just have to convince him to make it a nickname that I like. Somehow."

With an inquiring look, she asks, "So the Black Canary is…" She closes her eyes and scoffs at herself for a moment. "Of course. Birds of Prey. Bird. Canary." She opens her eyes again and rolls them. "Sorry. Forget I said anything."

* * *

"Maybe a little." Babs's smile remains light at easy.

Continued talk of nicknames has her smiling more or less to herself, head dropping with her arms crossed. "Most call me B.G., if that helps with your desire for nicknames."

Then she laughs as Trish catches up, and she nods. "Yes. Black Canary… she's quite a bird." Then she steps back to the edge of the roof, balancing on the balls of her feet at the edge. "Don't worry. I've heard nothing." She takes her grappler out of her belt. "Next time you're in Gotham, skulk around downtown. I'll look for you." Then she starts to fall backwards with a wave before she fires her grappler to the opposite building again so she can swing off .

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