A Family That Drinks Together Stays Together
Roleplaying Log: A Family That Drinks Together Stays Together
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Dani enlists the aid of Berto to help ferret out some details on the conspiracy theories related to Worthington Industries and businesses

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IC Date: October 16, 2019
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Mistakes have been made recently on the part of Danielle Moonstar. Enough so that she actually pulled herself out of her spiral and re-focused herself.

That re-focus is what brought her attention back to something more than just the administration of the Institute. Back upon things that fell to the wayside and off everyone's radar.

Like a particular folder of information that Moonstar received from Kiff. In fact, he recently sent over some additions to that folder. It's a folder of fishy things, of things that don't necessarily make sense, or add up and it concerns Warren and the Worthington name.

Mid-way within her reading of all the documents Moonstar paused and pulled her cell phone out. A message was sent then to Roberto and stated quite simply -

'Hey, Berto. If you have a spare minute this evening can you swing by the Mansion? I could use your help with something.'

And then Moonstar went back to reading.

She read *everything*. Everything. Including the updated information which involved mention of Warren's wings.

Specifically the amputation and that's where it all went bad for Moonstar. Again.

Now later has come and Moonstar is still in her office with that folder of damning information. She currently sits (sprawls) in her computer chair with her booted feet planted upon the edge of her desk. There are several empty bottle of beers upon her desk and even more in her trash, and she might just be asleep.

The wall behind her is half covered by a whiteboard and upon is the beginning of something -

Something that has lots of names and/or incidents circled or x'd out upon it. Lines branch off and connected to other names and places, or sometimes just point towards a big question mark.

Is that a snore coming from the Cheyenne woman?


(It is).

DOES Roberto da Costa have a spare minute?

In fact, he does. As many as he wants, really, because he's fantastically rich and most of the actual work of running Da Costa International is wisely in the hands of people who got excellent educations in suitably business-related fields, and did not go to a high school where a bald guy in a wheelchair made them dodge lasers and robots.

Which isn't to say that the Institute didn't provide a fantastic education! It's just that there's a lot less chainsaw-armed robots in the high stakes world of international commerce than they were prepared for.


The dark-skinned Brazilian mutant stands in the midst of the terrible mess that is Danielle Moonstar's office, having let himself in when it was clear she wasn't responding quickly enough for his liking to him knocking on the door. He considers what he sees, with far more calculation than most people would assume he was capable of, given his general devil-may-care attitude. The start of a proper conspiracy board, though sadly Dani is using a whiteboard and not the traditional cork board and yarn. The excess of discarded beer bottles (not even a good brand, by his reckoning, but surely better than what Sam drinks). Moonstar herself, in respose, having fallen asleep (or passed out?) in the middle of what she was reading. He's curious, of course. He could, after all, try to take a look while she was still asleep.

But that would be rude, wouldn't it? After all, Dani was a sister to him, close in the way only the original New Mutants could be. No, this called for a more delicate approach.

So, Bobby briefly sticks his index finger in his mouth, before aiming to wriggle the warm, damp fingertip in the sleeping mutant's ear.

A closer look at the desk reveals some post-its with some scribbled notes upon them as well -

M-Tech. Purifiers. Guns.

The one with Purifiers written upon it has a second post-it next to it. There are several things written upon that one the first is wings, then beneath that comes injured and finally beneath that healed. The healed has several question marks after it.

Questions that definitely need answers, but not quite yet.

No, first, Moonstar has to deal with that vaguely squiggly feeling in her ear. It takes a few seconds but eventually even in her drunken and sleep induced hazed, that irritating feeling is felt and the woman's face scrunches up.

A moment later she wakes enough to bring her arm up and swat at that hand and arm of Roberto's, only her coordination isn't the best.

Not when she's asleep or when her sobriety is in question. Either way, that swat goes WIDE and all Moonstar hits is air.

It's enough to over balance herself and her chair, which causes the woman's eyes to finally pop open just as the chair begins to tip backwards.

One hopes Roberto saves her, after all this is TOTALLY his fault.

It is absolutely, five hundred percent Roberto's fault.

But if there's any constant about the impulsive and sometimes flighty Roberto da Costa, it's that he's never been the sort to leave a woman in peril. With the damnable agility of a person who is both sober and wide awake (and who, again, spent his adolescence dodging lasers) he swoops in to catch Dani and her chair. It helps that he was also right there beside it in the first place, the better to try waking her up with a wet willy.

Nobody ever said he was mature. And if they did, they'd be lying.

"Good morning!" Bobby says so very cheerfully, although it is in fact still evening. These days, he's strong enough even without actively using his powers that he can hold up that chair and the young woman sitting in it, at least enough to keep her from going completely over backwards. "You were sleeping so peacefully, I almost didn't want to wake you up, Dani." That's absolutely a lie, he thought it was hilarious.

Slowly, though, his expression turns a bit more serious, as he briefly glances away from Moonstar and to the curious mess of her office.

"So what's the deal with the beer and conspiracy theories?"

Thank god chilvary is not quite dead.

At least, in Roberto.

When he catches her chair the world stops spinning and settles itself back down. Which is good as she might have truly fallen out of her chair without it.

"Berto!" Exclaims the woman in a voice that's slightly louder than it needs to be. Along with that volume surprise can definitely be heard in her voice and seen upon her features, as the Cheyenne woman flicks her gaze between Roberto and the windows. Then back to Berto and finally back to those windows as they tell the truth of just what hour it is.

Definitely not morning.

After a few more looks the woman returns her attention to Berto, "*Berto*." She says again, "It's so not morning." And to make sure of that Moonstar reaches for her cellphone that lays upon her desk. She pulllllls the thing over to her and tries to carefully type her passcode in.

Then types it again.

And one more time.

Finally the screenlock disappears and the main screen appears. She looks at the clock (no matter that she could have just seen it on the locked screen) and declares, "Yes, *evening*."

With that knowledge now secure in her mind Moonstar abandons her phone back to the desktop. Roberto's last question prompts a purse of Moonstar's lips, as she strives to look and sound more sober than what she is.

With over-controlled movements Moonstar turns her chair to look at that whiteboard. She spends a few minutes reacquainting herself with the doodles and scrawls and lines, before she announces, "They are not theories, they're conspiracies."

Again there's a slight pause as Dani eyes that whiteboard and only after she's finished does she turn to Roberto, "And I *need* your help, Berto. To solve 'em."

Later when she recalls this conversation she's really going to hate herself.

With a slight swivel of her chair, Moonstar turns to her desk and picks up the folder of stuff. She thrusts it at Berto, "This has all of our information. Stuff that we need to figure out. Determie how it all fits together to get the answers we're looking for."

Being an international mutant of mystery, Roberto knows exactly what he's seeing. The slow, deliberate movements. The slur in her voice that she can't quite hide. The peculiar way her thoughts connect together. Oh yes, he's seen many people in exactly this sort of state before.

Those dark eyes of his widen a little both with the realisation and with the attempt to follow Moonstar's train of thought as she flits from subject to subject. The way she stares at the whiteboard in silence for a good three minutes, as though that time had ceased to exist from her perspective, shrinking away until to her it was just a moment, a bare heartbeat. And then she turns to him, and admits that she needs his help.

Foisting onto him a folder of 'information'.

He looks down at that, then looks over at Dani with a lightly furrowed brow, but also there's that light in his eyes that suggests he's never, ever going to forget any of this, and that the other New Mutant is never, ever going to live it down. That one day when they're old and wizened he'll show up and remind her about this. Because!

"Danielle Moonstar," he breathes, using her full name in a way he probably never has in the years they've known each other. "You're shitfaced!" With the folder in one hand, he lifts up one of the empty beer bottles with his other, as though scrutinising the label for the first time. "…On terrible beer!"

Honestly he makes it sound like that last part is the worst of all.

In normal circumstances Moonstar would realize that she will likely never live this down. In her current situation, however, she's protected by the loving embrace of alcohol.

So much of it.

As such, for now, that look in Berto's eyes is ignored. Though honestly it's likely not even seen as Moonstar just motions at the folder again. That folder of 'information'.

She's about to say something more, but Bobby beats her to talking. When he says her name the Cheyenne woman looks up at her friend and teammate, obviously expecting some kind of *serious* question. Only his question isn't one - it's more like a statement - and it's a statement that makes her frown, "I am not -" She can't even finish that sentence, because she so is.

"It's not terrible beer." Mutters the woman (more) to herself rather than Berto, though her voice is drunken-loud enough to easily be heard. "It's good beer. I like it."

And realizing that this conversation is possibly spiraling out of her control the woman attemps to pull the tattered remains of dignity and typical stoicism around herself. Only after she attempts to do just that does she finally stand up. It's probably luck that allows her to stay upright with that definite sway to her stance. "This is serious business, Berto. Serious."

As serious as that half finished text sitting on her phone, that thankfully sits behind many other windows on her phone.

"And I need your help figurin' it out."

Being a worldly kind of guy despite his unreasonable wealth and totally rad superpowers, Bobby knows that there are of course advantages to terrible booze. For one, you don't have to worry about wasting it if you're just trying to get yourself blitzed instead of taking your time to enjoy it. Plus, it's usually cheaper to get in large quantities, like say if you want to murder your liver and some braincells. Or, at the very least, rough them up a little.

"Of course you need my help. It's not like you even have to ask," the Brazilian states, when Dani concedes that she is in fact drunk, and then insists that the reason she called him over was serious. This does, at least, lead to him browsing through the folder the other New Mutant passed him, curious as to just what sort of information could be so dreadful that it finally cracked through Moonstar's reserve. After all, she'd held up - or at least seemed to - through who knows how many Demon Bear flare-ups, through becoming one of the Valkyrior, and losing the Professor, and Doug, and who knows how many others of their weird, dysfunctional family.


"What could be so bad that it's got you hiding in a bottle?" Roberto wonders in an elaborately innocent tone as he studies the information provided. "I mean, I know things are rough, but they usually are with us." Sure, Warren had been horrifically maimed, and there were murderbots pointed at them and everybody else they decided was a 'metahuman', but still! This kinda thing is the rule, not the exception.

It's not like life for the X-Men or their various ancillary groups is all barbecues and pool parties.

"Is it something else? Is it…" he looks at her over the top of the folder, because keeping it in the way hides his grin. "…Boy trouble?"

This is actually a shot in the dark, because if there's anybody around the Institute who doesn't seem like they'd ever have relationship woes, it's Danielle Moonstar. She'd probably feed them to her horse.

The folder has many things in there. Many many things. All of it has to deal with Worthington industries and the family itself. It runs the gambit of both fact and rumor. There's also a list of various companies that Worthington Industries bought in the last year and the issues concerning that.

Then of course there comes the less business-y type things and the more personal. The fight with the Purifiers, the various run ins with DPS and finally the fight with the Demon Bear and his subsequent loss of wings.

Those innocently said words from Berto brings a look from Dani. A side-long glare up until she turns her head enough to focus that look upon him. "I am not hiding in a bottle."

Which is a lie, she is.

And while she readies another refute to just how she really is hiding in a bottle he offers those last words.

It's a goad and while sober she could have easily ignored it, or slapped back with her own sarcastic response, her brain isn't necessarily firing on all cylindars here.

"*Boy trouble*. I hate you." She really doesn't, obviously.

She snorts now, as she continues with that slurred tone of hers, "*No*."

Which is kind of true, Owen isn't trouble, just a mistake. A terrible terrible mistake that she cannot repeat again.

Never ever.

Don't mind the tone hidden behind her drunkness.

Here now Moonstar takes a minute as she glances at that whiteboard full of scribble-scrabble. "Somethin isn't right, but I can't say exactly what." Maybe if she was SOBER she could articulate it more, "But there are three things we need to get eyes on.."

She holds up one finger, "The first - M-Tec. We were lookin into that company before everything exploded. Definitely need to finish that."

"Two: Warren's aunt. She seems to be rollin' into more of an activit participant lately. Seems suspicious." She's lucky she can say that work right now, "You, Berto, flit in their same social circles." She exclaims this like he might not already know he does, "I'm hoping you can hear something."

The third point doesn't seem to materalize and whether that's purposeful or not is hard to say.

"I don't be~lieve youuu," Bobby sing-songs in response to Dani's various and not terribly convincing denials.

And in fact, now he's just gonna run with it.

"Did he break your heart? Was he cheating? Should we go beat him up?" Admittedly, it's not like he's heard anything about Dani dating anyone up until now, and honestly he kind of assumed that she just didn't do that sort of thing? It, after all, takes all kinds to make up this crazy world of theirs, and somebody has to be the counterbalance to her comparatively horndog teammates.

"Does he have a car? Because I know a guy who can disassemble his car and then put it back together inside his apartment while he's out. Oh, or replace his shampoo with Nair…" Okay, Roberto, now this is just a bunch of immature pranks you're suggesting.

But, there's serious business afoot. More serious than Dani's boy troubles.

"M-Tec, right. And Warren's… Aunt. You think she's involved in this? That's pretty cold." He says, like he doesn't know full well the ways the non-mutant family members of mutants can, er, overreact. "But sure, I can go be Mr. Wealthy Playboy and see if I learn anything. Roberto da Costa, International Mutant of Mystery." Yes, of course he'd be all the way in on doing spy movie stuff. He even does a little James Bond action pose, but with the folder instead of a gun.

"What's the third thing, though?"

Is he actually sing-songing his response to her response?

He is.

There's a sense of deja-vu right about now. Deja-vu that pulls Dani back to their younger days. When the hardest thing in their reality was who liked who, who hated who, and by the way try not to kill people with your mutant powers.

Those first words of his cause Moonstar to shake her head. "*No*." But wait, what's she saying no to? It's hard to say, as she then stares at Berto for a silent moment as he lists all the stuff they could do to this 'boy' who's done her 'wrong'.

"What no. No disassembling cars. No Nair. It wasn't like that at all."

She said too much there, but even she can't quite keep up with it as he shifts to the more serious part. Well, serious-ish, as Berto drops that spy pose. Carefully Moonstar brings her hands to her face and just rubs. It's really a wonder how she's stayed so serious all her adult life.

Finally though, Dani says into her hands, "I'd appreciate if you'd help." Her hands drop with that last question of his.

Her expression shifts to something actually distraut, the alcohol taking away her ability to keep her expression neutral. Her words are ponderous and slow as she forces them out, "I want to ask the doctors who treated Warren some questions. Some of the pieces don't seem to fit. I want to go find those missing pieces."

Really if there's anything someone like Dani, who's known Roberto for years and years should know, it's that he's exactly the person who would do that. Time and events have dulled out a lot of the temperamental nature that used to define the Brazilian, making him less of an arrogant hothead, and more of… This. Playful, mischievous. Scheming. Though of course he is still temperamental and hotheaded, as evidenced by his offers to do various terrible things to the possibly imaginary guy who theoretically broke Moonstar's heart.

Which is entirely out of brotherly affection! If somebody messed with the other girls he'd surely offer likewise, although anybody who messed with Xi'an or Illyana would have much bigger things to worry about.


With the Cheyenne woman becoming obviously distraught as she talks about the physicians who dealt with Warren's recent maiming, Bobby abandons his initial response of asking which one of them is going to be the good cop and which the bad cop; instead, he steps up alongside the other New Mutant, giving her a… Oh no, he's going for a hug. It's just a one-armed side hug at least, he's not expecting her to abandon all sene of dignity.

"We'll find 'em. You and me and maybe we'll bring some backup. Some of the old gang is still around, or there's that spooky girl who acts kinda like Wolverine. Maybe she can smell guilt on people, then call them bub when they don't cooperate."


The bane to people who need three-feet of personal space existence.

Moonstar is not the most touchy feeling in any sense of the word, and when Roberto gives her a hug there is definitely resistence.

But with this being Roberto it's accepted a touch more easily than say someone else. As such, Moonstar accepts that one-armed-bro-hug for half a heart-beat, then she pulls away. Her expression is still not the best, but something has eased.

Enough that when Roberto offers Laura up with her Wolverine-inspired bubs, the Cheyenne woman cracks a smile. "We can bring back-up, yeah. Don't know if you remember Carolus, but he's been poking into some of this too. We can definitely drag him alongside anyone else that'll come too."

There's a moment of silence, then, "Thanks, Berto."

Implied there is for 'everything' including that hug.

Resistance is futile anyway when you're dealing with a Brazilian who barely has any concept of personal space to begin with.

Another thing Dani has surely learned by now.

But he does have enough respect for the young woman than when she pulls away he lets her go, even though the hug was entirely too brief for his liking.

Don't know if you remember Carolus,

"Carolus? Are you sure he's not just Captain Marvel in a mustache, waiting for us to make some kind of mistake?" That is, of course, a joke. Probably? You never know what those SHIELD types might get up to in their eternal quest to make sure everyone is properly categorised and put into their individual box.

And then, after a moment of silence, Moonstar thanks him. There are a lot of ways someone as historically irresponsible as Roberto da Costa could take this. He could claim he's finally got her saying that recorded for posterity for example. Or, he could take the high road.

"We're family, Dani," is all he says, his tone slightly exasperated.

And to him, that says everything.

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