Hero Lessons 1
Roleplaying Log: Hero Lessons 1
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Magni crash lands. Thor finds out he has yet more children.

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IC Date: October 17, 2019
IC Location: New York
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It was just an average day. No cities were on the verge of collapse, the planet was not in any sense of any real danger…the only real threat might be the occasional mugger on the street, the pick pocket around the corner, or gunmen who plan on doing something extremely stupid.

But then, something appears in the sky.

It is like that of a beam of light, the streak so fast that it seems to literally flash with such intensity that its blinding, before its point of contact is left with only a deafening explosion That shocks quite a few people, like that of a Thunderbolt.

Was it the Bifrost? No…the Bifrost possesses qualities that what just occured simply does not have.


[Rooftop - Swanky Mid-Town Apartment, Manhattan]

o/~ You're no son, you're no son of mine. o/~

An FM radio blasts progressive rock across the private rooftop of a multi-million-dollar penthouse that overlooks central park. It's certainly the sort-of place that if one might expect to be owned by the heir to the immortal realm. Except that the penthouse used to belong to famed industrialist Howard Stark but was bequeathed to Peggy Carter - the one from the past - who agreed to let an asgard-displaced Thor crash in her guest room for a few days. That was more than a year ago.

The chill of the mid-morning air possesses a subtle bite. The sun warms Thor's back as he stands barefoot upon the rooftop spritzing twelve large plants which have been arranged to capture sun throughout most of the day. Caring for the plants through the approaching winter will be a challenge worthy of his mother, Gaia, but Thor has never backed down from a challenge.

Nearby, the Goatlords, Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder mill about in their canopied paddock feasting upon bags of recycled goods.

"Tis good the climate is changing," Thor says to the plants as he sprays their leaves, "A tepid winter will leave you stronger when spring arrives. I intend to travel to Hobby Lobby in order to procure blankets that will keep you warm during the nights. I—"

He stops mid-spritz as the flesh upon the back of his neck goose-pimples and the tiny hairs stand on end. He looks to the goats who have stopped eating and seem also disturbed.

A blinding flash. A distant explosion.

Thor sets the spray-bottle on the ground and reaches towards the stones that ring the fire-pit. Metal sings. Mjolnir leaps from its place reclining in an adirondack chair into his grasp and he spins it thrice before heaving it into the air.


Thor travels the distance in moments. Coils of electricity having replaced his early-morning attire with hauberk, chain, and tall boots. When he nears the site his flight-path dips sharply and he impacts the ground with a whump. The spinning hammer slows and he affixes it to his belt surveying the point of impact for a moment but then turning to regard the mortals who have moved to cover.

Then he turns back to the point of impact ..

* * *

Perhaps it is the most true in this instance…lightning must answer Thunder's call. Thor lands on the scene, which seems to be covered for some observable distance in thick black smoke. There seems to be something almost….


A blue hue. upon inspection, this is not done Strange Metal. It is weapon befitting of a Prince, of a Future King of Asgard. It looked as if it were a large battle maul, large enough that it could be easily wielded with two hands. one side of the weapon has the blade of an axe, the other with the blunt of a hammer.

But suddenly, that weapon is gone, tugged away by an unknown force who soon reveals himself. His suit was black, with golden plate armor of the Asgardian fashion and make. Beautifully long red hair flow just past the shoulders. But strangely enough…the face of this individual is noticeably similar to Thor. Like they were siblings or…

"You." Magni grips Stormbreaker tightly in his hand, Lightning arching around his body as his eyes glow a brighter blue.

"To what realm have I been delivered to!?"

* * *

The Son of Odin squints through the particulate. Acrid smoke covers the area obscuring what lies within except that his eyes - which must oftentimes peer through boiling storm clouds - can discern shapes within. The soft blue glow cause him to look upon the scene with unspoken question. After only a moment he starts forward intent on taking possession of a weapon but just as he reaches for it the instrument slides away and deeper into the cloud.

Mjolnir moves to his hand then. A stiff wind suddenly moves through the area dispersing the smoke at Thor's whim. It is there that the stranger is revealed.

Several of the mortals nearby begin recording on their cell-phones. Shaky-cam videos with the words #twothors will trend in an hours time.

To the stranger's declaration Thor gives an almost derisive smirk, "Me," he repeats and then visibly sizes up the fellow who crackles with electricity and seems annoyed, "Have I at some point defeated you or perhaps your father?" Thor asks, shrugging as if the that battle was of so little consequence that he cannot remember, "Perhaps if you explain yourself I will be able to recall."

Where is he? Thor's brow furrows slightly, "Midgard."

* * *

Magni looks upon Thor as he lifts Stormbreaker and clearly he looks quite ready for battle. But…for some reaosn, Thor doesn't recognize him. Wouldn't a father know his own son? A king the prince who would eventually succeed him? He doesn't understand…it doesn't make sense. He notices people with cellular devices-wait.


Midgard is supposed to be a wasteland. How could he be in midgard. "That is impossible. You turned Midgard in a wasteland when you decided that it should be under an Asgardian's firm protection." Magni spoke only loud enough for only Magni and Thor to hear.

"….When am I?" He eventually asks himself. But then those eyes lift to look upon Thor. "You have defeated yourself in the past. I'm your son." With that Magni narrows his eyes. Its clear he currently sees Thor as an enemy. But why?

* * *

'You turned Midgard into a wasteland'

Thor takes a step backward at that and idly smacks the head of Mjolnir into the palm of his hand before opening his arms and grandly gesturing to the area around them, "It's certainly not the endless gardens of my father's palace," arms fall slowly, "but I do not believe it is a /wasteland/." Thor is not whispering though he lifts his chin at Magni here, "Besides, /you/ are the one who has left a smoking hole in the earth — not I."

"Asgard has always protected Midgard," the Son of Odin explains as if this should all be common knowledge, "My great grandfather decided that like a billion years ago." Pressing his lips together here he gives a great sigh as if pitying the poor confused man before him.

'I am your son'

/your son/

Thor is silent for a moment carefully considering this information. Slowly Thor raises the arm which bears Mjolnir. With an arm parallel to the ground he points the top of Mjolnir's head at Magni and holds it there for a long moment.

Were Magni actually an illusion or some sort of elaborate disguise the mighty hammer would surely unravel the foul magic. Except that it does nothing. Thor looks out at it, then to Magni once more, and his arm drops.

"Hrm," Thor says aloud, "I thought that you seemed quite handsome," reaching to mime stroking his own handsome chin with his free hand. Then he freezes, as if struck by some unseen bolt, and with slowly widening eyes his boisterous voice lowers and he asks, "Woden?" Is this Atli's father?

* * *

Twisting Stormbreaker in his hand, Magni stands tall, looking at Thor as he speaks of the present and…new situation. Magni looks at him. "I do not understand….just moments ago, we were fighting for the fate of both Midgard and Asgard. Not side by side, but head to head." Magni looks like he has no idea what the situation is anymore, even if Thor is explaining to him.

Mjolnir is correct…it is no foul illusion or trick of Thor's brother, Loki. Instead, it is real. Even if everyone else might believe it to be fiction.

The whispered name does get his attention, but he shakes his head. "I am not Woden. I am not my brother. I am Magni."

He looks upon Thor and his eyes seem to relax. "….are you my enemy, father?"

* * *

Thor straightens when Magni professes to be himself and not his brother. This puts a great number of questions in Thor's mind and slowly he comes to realize that this man, his son, might be able to answer a great many questions he has had about his own future.

Except that given Magni's brief summary of recent events these may not be answers he is eager to hear.

"Ah," Thor replies as he thinks all of this through, "Well, it is good that future me sent you here before you could destroy Midgard." The Thunderer replies, "Perhaps I think that I will be a better companion for you in the past than I was a father to you in the future." His voice is touched by a mote of sadness, "It is a shame that I failed you and turned you to villainy."

Great sigh, "And Beta Ray Bill?" Thor asks, "You killed him in your crusade to destroy the nine realms and stole his hammer? We should, perhaps, keep that a secret for now."

"Magni Thorson," Thor then says and begins a call-to-action, "I am not your enemy. Nor am I your father. I am here to teach you how to abandon the ways of villainy and show you what it is that heroes do." He quarter turns there and gestures to the people, "The first lesson is one of humility. You should apologize to the people of Midgard for destroying their park and deeming their realm to be a wasteland."

The first lesson is humility? Thor's heart begins to pound. A wave of momentary terror overtakes him. Is he … becoming his father?

* * *

Magni tilts his head as Thor just assumes that Magni was the one who destroyed, or was going to destroy, Midgard. "What are these words you say?" Magni looks almost irritated as he puts a hand on his forehead. Clearly he's getting annoyed. "-you- are the one who destroyed midgard. You gave your brother, Loki, dominion over the surviving humans after you slaughtered their defenders."

Ooohhh Thor's the villain.

"I was the one trying to save everything that moved from -you-."

Well then.

"As for Beta Ray Bill…I don't know who that is. I needed a weapon to challenge you, so I went to Nidavellir. The Dwarves felt the same of me, reinforced with your forged royal emblem. Our battle for the future was interrupted when Loki awoke the Destroyer. Whatever being was trapped inside of it struck me with such a blow that the next thing I knew, I was here." He lifts Stormbreaker. "This weapon is mine. I am the original holder." at least from his timeline.

"Lastly…I didn't choose where I land. I am no villain. If you believe me as such, then I will just have to fight two Thors."

* * *

Thor's features slowly darken at Magni's annoyance. The lackadaisical way he was holding Mjolnir shifts as it becomes less of an instrument to be waved about in dramatic emphasis and more a tool for striking things repeatedly.

The clear New York sky begins to cloud. The warm light of the sun rapidly obscured as gray clouds materialize overhead.

"Stay thy tongue, Magni," Thor replies the conversational tone of his voice rapidly draining until he speaks with absolute authority over this situation, "Look at thy deeds since thou landed here: A great smoking crater upon the ground. An insult leveled blindly at Midgard. A threat leveled against a man you claim to be your father who was willing to overlook your past treachery to teach you how to be a hero.."

"Fight two Thors," the Son of Odin's repeats with grim amusement his lips curling into a taunting smirk, "And lose to me for a /second time/, certainly. I should think you would grow tired of being struck so hard that you travel backwards in time: I do not think Odin, Bor, or Buri will prove as forgiving as I."

"Magni, Son of Thor, what path do you choose? Will you learn to become the hero Midgard needs or will you choose the path of villainy and be driven from this world before you can destroy it again?"

* * *

Magni starts to suddenly ignite with electricity, namely with Stormbreaker as the source. Thor may find that he has some competition over the heavens, but its one that he's still barely winning."My deeds upon my accidental arrival are nothing compared to the deeds you have done…or will do. As far as I am concerned, you are the only villain. You are the betrayer of my time. My reality. My home. You murdered the people you were sworn to protect and you held the weapons of the heroes of Midgard in your halls like the slain enemies of old."

Magni grips his weapon a little tighter. He knows he's fighting his father in his prime. He notices that Thor is still worthy of Mjolnir at this point.

"I already know the path of a hero. I will protect Midgard with my life. But if I can stop the catastrophe before it happens…" His eyes glow blue now as he starts walking foward. "Then I gladly stop the Destroyer before he Destroys."

* * *

Thor shifts comfortably into a ready stance. The gray skies above grow every darker as they become engorged with the power of the waiting storm. A light breeze quickly grows to an ever-present gust. No lightning coils about Thor's form but as his square jaw tightens in anticipation for the melee to come he listens as Magni explains his plight, once again.

Thor finds himself named as a murderer. A conqueror. Two titles which are not exactly a stretch for the would-be heir to Asgard. His family has conquered and asserted their authority as the divine protectors of the nine realms since the universe was forged. He is certain that if he goes on to do the things which Magni claims that he would have had a good - worthy — reason.

It is then Magni notes that Mjolnir seems to echo this. Were this Thor the villain Magni claimed then the mystic hammer would be little more than the universe's most powerful paperweight.

"I would expect no less from a man who claims to be my son," Thor replies when Magni declares his heroic call-to-action, "but this is /not your world/ and so you have much to learn. Luckily, I have been here for sometime and can guide you on what it means to be a hero," pause, "here."

Reaching outward then he clasps Magni on the arm, "First! We must find you a place to stay. The inns in this realm do not accept the coins from other realms - or times. It is lucky that I sent you to find me because the wise barrister Foggy, Son of Nel, knows how to transmute the gold of asgard to the dollars of Midgard."

"Come, I shall take you to the Inn with the Red Roof."

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