Far From Home
Roleplaying Log: Far From Home
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Starfire meets another dimensional castaway in the form of Magni.

Other Characters Referenced: Thor
IC Date: October 17, 2019
IC Location: New York City - Midtown Manhattan
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Posted On: 18 Oct 2019 05:38
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* * *

Magni had just arrived in this reality..this world, just a day ago. He has since gotten in touch with Thor, his father, and has started to learn how to maneuver and learn in this unfamiliar world. He wore his Asgardian armor, a brilliant red cape flowing from his shoulders to the point that it almost wraps around him like a cloak.

He stood at the edge of a rooftop, his red hair glorious blowing with the wind. His two-handed maul, Stormbreaker, rests on its head on the rooftop's gravel. He crosses his arms over his burly chest and his blue eyes look out into the city.

He's alone.

"…I'm not sure I can get used to this world…" he sighs.

* * *

Earth can be a strange place for visitors, something that the alien Koriand'r of Tamaran has experienced herself. Yet she has the advantage of having lived on the adopted world for years. Her routine these days approximates human life well enough, albeit with a few perks: she strolls along 7th avenue with the rest of the pedestrian traffic, standing out mostly for her height, but occasionally for her celebrity, despite her effort to hide it behind large, dark, movie star-esque sunglasses. Once, she gets stopped and asked for an autograph, and gives it happily.

Mostly, she goes about life like any other busy New Yorker. She even stops at a food cart for lunch. Hotdog, lots of extra mustard.

Yet normal quickly runs out. Down the street in the direction she is headed, in front of a large office building, a crowd of people have gathered in front of the entrance. Some of them are from the news media, from a variety of outlets. Others are protesters. Some, maybe, are supporters. But she realizes, even at a distance, that they're there for her. There's a decision to be made there: she could simply brave her way through. But is it wise?

So a few moments later, she's working on a shortcut. It happens to involve ducking into a side-street and taking to flight, perhaps with the hope of going in through a window. At least, she avoids the crowd, but a flying orange woman with blazing hair might attract other sorts of attention, especially from those others who make rooftop brooding their hobby.

* * *

Magni was just standing there. Not necessarily brooding, but moreso thinking. Trying to rationalize how he got stuck in this world. But then he notices something that is quite strange even in his manner of thought: A woman with orange skin and blazing hair. Talk about being a very open metahuman!

Not that Magni knows or understands the politics of this place quite yet. Not to mention, SHE'S FLYING. Without a hammer or weapon or weird magical goat. Thats crazy to him.

So, he summons Stormbreaker to his hand and launches off of the roof, making a direct approach to Starfire. "Hail and well met!"

* * *

Starfire does make the whole flying business look very natural. Maybe it would look a little unusual in the eyes of the experienced superhero connoisseur because she's doing it in her (albeit designer) street clothes, but that hardly seems a hinderance to her. If there's any hint to her power source, maybe the way her hair seems to lengthen out behind her into some kind of fiery contrail… but then again, it gives the impression of of being a sign of her passing more than a manner of thrust.

If Asgardians even think about things like thrust when they just have their weapons drag them around!

Whatever the case, she's flying around behind the building looking for a particular window when Magni comes up behind her, and halts, straightening into a more upright hovering pose and twirling about in the air. "Oh. Hello," she answers, sounding a bit surprised, but not excessively so. Presumably, she meets a lot of flying people in her line of work. "… you are not here for villainous mischief, are you? I am already having a bad day, so it would be displeasing to have to deal with such nonsense at this time."

* * *

The clothes that Starfire wears are noticed, not that Magni understands Midgardian fashion all that well, but he gives her a once over. WOW she was beautiful. The look he kinda gives is an impressed look that Kory probably gets a great deal of the time.

"Might I say you are a very fair maiden. How can you fly like you do?" He gestures to her with his free hand, coming to a hover. He requires Stormbreaker in order to fly. When asked if he's here for villainous mischief, he shakes his head. "I assure you, I am no villain. I am Magni of Asgard. Who might you be?"

* * *

Although simply asking villains if they're up to villainy - and taking them on their word if they say no - may seem a little simplistic of an approach, Magni's answer seems to satisfy Starfire. She is, after all, naturally a very bright and friendly sort, it just really is a -bad- day.

"Hmm? Oh. Tamaraneans fly naturally," she answers the man's inquiry, quite honestly as it happens. There's probably not a lot of reason for secret-identity nonsense when you're already flying. Plus she dislikes it. "Or do you mean the actual method of propulsion? The answer to that is complicated if you are not well versed in astrophysics, but it has to do with particle-wave emissions from extremely massive bodies." And having given this answer, she glances toward where he is still visibly hanging from the flying weapon. So she asks, a little cheekily in the distinction she draws, "How does it fly?"

However, with a more proper introduction given, she adopts a more formal tone. "I am Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran, second daughter of the first house of Tamarus." And then she quickly adds, "I use the name Kory Anders for human business. But you are Asgardian, I see. I am familiar with your people, if mostly by reptuation."

* * *

Of course, Magni has no idea that Kory is having a horrible day until she told him a few moments ago. But now she's exlpaining just a little bit of how Tamaraneans fly..to an extent. "Naturally? Strange. So this is not by some kind of magic?" He tilts his head just a little bit when she starts talking science. "This seems like things that a scholar would be more invested in. I'm afraid my talent of choice is with my strength, not so much my mind."

Yeah, he admitted he's a little book-dumb, but he's very everything else smart! Least he has that going for him right now.

His eyes widen at the word 'princess'. "Your highness." He bows a head. "In my world, I was a prince of Asgard. Though I do not believe I hold such a title anymore. Am I the first Asgardian you've met?"

* * *

"It is not magic. My people absorb energy as part of our natural metabolism, and we can regulate those energies to interact with those in the environment and thus maneuver…" Starfire… seemingly can't completely help the overly science-y explanations, it seems like! The woman tilts her head, regarding him a moment, as it becomes clear this is going waaaay over his head. However, it soon dawns on her that a comparison might be more helpful: "It is somewhat like a sailing vessel, but riding cosmic waves instead of wind and water?"

What does make her smile is the return of formality and acknowledgment of her title, although his reflection on his own causes her to frown slightly. "I should admit, that I am living here because war and betrayal upon my homeworld has forced me into exile. But I do not relinquish what is mine, and shall one day soon vanquish those foul usurpers." That's probably language he can understand a bit better! "Mm. I have seen the one called Thor in battle once or twice, and perhaps others on the news. But we have never had the occasion to speak."

* * *

Magni blinks for just a minute as she speaks of regulating energies and natural metabolism. At least these things he can pretty much understand in a sense. Then she explains it like a vessel. "Ah..I see. It is much like how certain Asgardian transportation is done, but with living tissue? Strange. Yet all the more impressive!"

Then she mentions the name of his father.

"…I am the son of Thor. But I am not from this world. I don't know where I am, verily. But I also know that I have no way of getting home." He shakes his head very softly. "So in a way…we are both in exile from our homes."

* * *

"Well, the planet is called Earth, at least in the language native to the region in which we are currently located," Starfire supplies, although she doesn't seem quite sure what to make of his confusion. "Which, in turn, is the third planet orbitting a yellow dwarf star roughly twenty-seven thousand light years from the galactic core." This may, again, be a bit of oversharing, but he did say he didn't know where he was! "This is a human city called New York, one of the largest population centers of a nation-state called the United States of America." She pauses, and adds: "I admit their political system is somewhat complex." Where she comes from people rule whole planets and things!

All the info-dumping aside, her expression softens somewhat. "I came here many years ago, when I was barely more than a girl. I felt very alone, at that time. But I soon made friends here, people who were only too willing to offer me refuge despite the enemies that followed me. Do you not have your family to call on?" This causes her to again tilt her head with outward curiousity, an almost cat-like sort of gesture. "I believe your father is associated with a team of warriors, much like those who took me in. They would surely help you, would they not?"

* * *

That is certainly an info dump. "I know of the realm and its composition." Magni eventually states clearly. "Its just…not -mine-, if that makes sense. I come from a place similar, but not quite. But everything else is news to me, so thank you kindly for your information in this way."

Then his father comes up again.

"The Midgard of my origin…he was a dictator, a villain amongst villains. I am uncertain I am ready to trust the face that he wears." he looks then toKoriandr. "I am glad that you were able to fit in here in such a way. I hope that I will be able to do that the same." Magni clearly feels like he relates to Starfire in some way.

"That being said…perhaps I will find and make friends of my own."

* * *

"Oh! I understand. You are from a parallel dimension!" Well… that was easy?

Again, as when they first met, shock does not exactly seem to inform Starfire's reaction. But when you're friends with not one but /two/ Flashes, this kind of stuff does tend to come up. In any event, with this detail clarified, the woman's prior confusion melts away, and she seems a little more confident of the situation - and of advice to offer.

"This must be even more difficult, but I believe things will be alright. At the very least, I can say with some certainty that your father is not a famous dictator here, nor any sort of villain, even without knowing him well. He and his comrades are well-regarded heroes." Even with this reassurance, she offers, "But I understand you might not trust him easily. I also know another young woman who is in… a similar predicament as yourself? I am not certain if the universe she hails from is the same as yours or yet another, but your two arrivals in such a short time period do seem a little unusual. In any case, I would be happy to introduce you to her, or to some of my other friends, so you will not be without company while you sort out your situation."

* * *

"Y-Yes, that." Magni didn't really know how to put it into words that Midgardians (or an alien like Koriandr) would be able to understand. "I know my father is seen as a hero in this dimension but….I can't rule out that he won't turn into the villain I knew him as in the future or if its been his true nature all along. I more than anyone want to believe that Thor is the hero the world needs but…I'm not sure. I know its not fair to him to think like this."

Magni shakes his head, before he looks at Starfire. "I think I'd be honored to meet your friends, Kory Anders. I find that company is…appreciated in times such as this."

* * *

"Such caution is prudent- it is impossible to rule out what could yet come to pass." Although Starfire hardly seems to frame it as a likely, her tone is far from dismissive. She only knows his father by his most general reputation, after all, and there's never any telling who is the evil version of who in this crazy multiverse! "Although it stands to reason that you will not be able to ascertain such a thing without coming to know him better?"

Yet with a slight shrug, she seems to dismiss that necessity as something that can wait. "Perhaps you would like to meet the other traveler first? I will tell my own team's leader about your arrival, and perhaps he will have some ideas - we have several members who are familiar with travel between alternate worlds, and one of them might be better suited to aiding you, be it in returning home or simply understanding what has happened." Then she pauses, looking him up and down.

"You will also need to figure out… well, some basic living details. Someplace to stay. Perhaps clothes. Capes tend to attract a lot of attention, even if some of my favorite people are quite fond of them. But for now, follow me- it is better I not be here anyway, for a little while." The last is said with a glance back down toward the street, before she turns and promptly blazes another fiery path through the sky.

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