Tricorner Shipment
Roleplaying Log: Tricorner Shipment
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A bloodbath threatens to break out. Interlopers intervene.

Other Characters Referenced: Afted Pennyworth, Batman
IC Date: October 24, 2019
IC Location: Tricorner - Gotham
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Posted On: 23 Oct 2019 20:59
Rating & Warnings: PG-13 (Violence)
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<SET (Also BB)>
Lovely clear chill night, and something is going down on Tricorner island. Valuable shipment, kept secret mostly so that it could be moved without disturbance from rivals. Security detail is not overtly armed better than usual to prevent their operation from drawing attention from watchful informants.
The only trouble being, someone leaked information who knew just enough to get the interest of someone with enough clout to send some well-armed and experienced enforcers to eliminate the security detail and walk away with the shipment. Rumors have spread and combined from the two sides of this particular coin, it will probably end up with a lot of bodies when the smoke clears, and last few standing win it all.

For one young woman, a wanderer, an observer, is alerted by the approach of the vehicles. They drive in unison. No matter what part of the world one is from, cars driving in unison is never a good sign. The wanderer hides to watch them from one of many places. The cars come to a stop, and many armed men emerge carrying some advanced hardware. Deadly and precise. Recoil compensation. Night scope. Comfortable to shoot with, easy to correct aim. Too many to attack head on. Their targets are obvious.

A split second decision later, and the wanderer begins the much less difficult task, grabbing one of the ten security guards to pull them into the shelter of a deep shadow and perform a knockout strike. One down. Nine to go. Not enough time. Move anyway.

Dick Grayson had snuck into the Clock Tower-well, not really snuck more like 'slightly allowed'. He had managed to rope Barbara into a patrol like the good ole days. Thus, Nightwing and Batgirl ride again! Well, more like zip from rooftop to rooftop with the aid of a handy-dandy grappling hook. "So, you know when I said that we should totally go out like the good old days? This-" He notices the hodgepodge of vehicles pulling up to their destination and ten armed men coming out.

"Pretty much what I had in mind. See what I see?" He looks at Barbara and points out the situation. "Lets get moving. Hope you haven't been sitting in front of a computer so long that you forgot how to Batgirl!" Dick teases as he leaps off the building in a double front-flip and grapple-hooks to the building in question, zipping over to it. He arrives just in time to see one of the gunmen get yanked by an unseen force.

"Thats trippy." he whispers to himself.

Roping Barbara Gordon into patrols takes work these days — she has started to become more and more aloof on the streets, keeping to the computer consoles in the Clock Tower to monitor and watch over the vigilantes of Gotham city. So, it takes Dick more than a handful of needlings before she accepts, and goes to change.

Now in her new prototype suit, she follows behind Dick to land silently on the rooftop beside him. She glances to where he points, smirking a bit as she does. "Here I thought we'd get a coffee, perhaps see a movie… but no, you decided this was the best way to hang out?"

Now she frowns, taking in the sight below them just as the gunman is yanked out of sight. She edges forward, tapping the edge of her cowl so that her Bat-vision switches to infrared. "Has to be something." Note how she didn't say someone. Dating John Constantine had its advantages — particularly when it came to changing one's entire perception.

The disappearing man trick goes unnoticed by the others who carry pistols. At first. With the impending heavy weapons the wanderer picks up her game. Two isolated from the others, they see nothing more than a flash of motion before their brains can register what it is, and they are struck simultaenously, rendered unconscious, dragged into the shadows. The wanderer stopped thinking, now just moving. She isn't moving at a superhuman pace. From afar it's much easier to spot her. She looks homeless, of some asian country descent. Another isolated guard is removed from the situation. The big guns are almost there.

The big guns are taking their time, getting organized before moving in. Teams of three, five teams, experienced with corner spotting. They are well-paid because they know what they're doing. It might even be a mercenary group.

"Well tell you what, how about after this, I take you out to a movie, feed you afterwards, and have a romantic night about it all?" Dick offers to Barbara with a grin on his face, but then its to work! He nods lightly to Barbara. "Oh, always. Otherwise, it'd be nothing and life would be boring." He teases as he enter sthe facility proper.

He notices multiple big guns going, looking like they're about to handle some work. Looks like a few more are gone. So, Nightwing gets in on the action. He moves in the shadows. Then he sneaks behind one of the gunmen, striking him in the head so quickly that he won't even remember what happened, but he's out cold. Another is pulled into the shadows, then choked out in quick fashion.

These guys may be good - but they don't stand a chance.

"There's someone down there." Someone else down there. She is slipping forward a few steps before she gives a slight nod to Nightwing. In one smooth motion, she slips down off the bit of rooftop she's occupying. She drops fast and swift, landing just behind one of the gunmen about the same time that Dick does. She snags his gun-hands elbow, wrenching him back just as she throws a hard punch at his jaw. She puts enough of her force behind it to drive him back two steps, and there's another swift kick out to send him to his knees. With Nightwing playing the shadow tricks, Batgirl is left out in the opened.

The redhead casts a warm smile toward the next gunmen to turn on her, and then she steps forward quickly to engage with a second. "You got this, Nightwing?" She calls to the shadows, which distracts one of the other gunmen who glances toward the shadows.

Just a few left now, and the wanderer is moving fast to get them down and get them out of there. One left, he's terrified because of what he saw. Two of his co-workers silently removed from the situation. As two more interlopers arrive to begin working on the oncoming gunners, the wanderer pauses. She knows those sounds. Her last target sees her finally, and his paranoia paints her as a significant threat, which is accurate but not typical to think when seeing someone who looks like she does. His pistol leaving its holster, the click of the trigger, they alert the wanderer. She moves, and the shot that follows goes where she was. The gun goes flying away from the shooter's hand, and she does to him what she had done to the other nine. Unconscious, shadows. Work done.

Hearing a shot fired, the gunners ready their weapons and start taking tactical positions. They aren't watching above, even though they should be. This is Gotham. They chatter over their radios. Some notice no response from several of their comrades. That's when they start looking up and covering more area with their sights.

The wanderer strikes in a similar manner to Nightwing. Grab into the shadows just as he turns away, knock him out. Catch his gun. Set it down gently. She does this in sight of the costumed pair, moving at a pace that is not hard to follow. She's watching them, too.

Nightwing suddenly leaps out of the shadows as Batgirl comes out to him. He leaps out of the shadows now, Escrima sticks wielded in both hands as he kicks another rifleman in the face. Because once the first shot is off, its game time. So, with another rifleman laid out, he works with Batgirl like together they were a well-oiled machine.

Well, work together for most of your life and well, this is the result: Bat-shaped Badassery.

He feels a bullet ping off of his armor. Thank god for resistance and Lucius Fox. He throws one of his Escrima Sticks right at his temple when he's about to get off another shot, shooting his teammate in the knee instead!

This Bat-shaped badassery continues as Batgirl slams her heel right into the soft spot between the last rib and the arch of the hipbone. The force of the kick sends him sprawled with a rattle of the gun. Batgirl twists hard in her steps only to kick out to a second that Nightwing has softened for her.

Her eyes cut toward the shadow just as she spots the wanderer. Her eyes narrow slightly at the woman — presumed woman — and then she turns back toward Nightwing. This is just in time to sweep a kick down low to trip up a third, and this time she plants her boot hard onto the fallen man's chest, and she stares down at him. "You should really run," she suggestions before she kicks her foot off his chest, giving him a chance.

The whole gunning merc squad is starting to realize the situation is, as they chat over radio, FUBAR. Technical term, no doubt. The outliers, the ones that haven't joined the fray, they take a retreat option. Only a couple left in the fray, and one of them was kicked to the ground, bracing impact by habitual training, breakfall. Slap the ground with both hands, get less hurt. The only thing about that rote training habit is the hands are usually free when one is practicing how to do that. His rifle fires off a burst to the side. It's very loud. He just nods, scrambling to get to his feet and take the chance to leave since it was nice and given out. The others are starting to follow suit. Not firing guns off accidentally, but just leaving. The day is won! No casualties, right?

Of the burst, only one bullet seemed to have hit anything worth mentioning. The others flew off to be free into the night, though stopped abruptly in some metal and concrete walls. That one though, seems to have found a home in the wanderer's abdomen, judging by the crimson flow that shows on her drab sweatshirt when she emerges from the dark place, finding everything has more or less calmed down. She looks surprised, noticing blood on the hand that touched the spot where the pain happened, still standing though.

Nightwing had twisted his body suddenly, kicking a rifleman across the face to knock him out before he looks at Barbara when she gives hers one last chance to walk away. They start running for their lives, which is good. Best to not fight off against not one, not two, but THREE freaking super martial artists.

Nightwing looks at Barbara as the battle is won! "Well, that was easy. So, dinner or movie date?" He asks Barbara before he remembers the third. He looks at the woman. He notices she was shot and he approaches her. "Hey…" He approaches, and knows the whole fight or flight thing that can happen when you get SHOT.

Batgirl turns slightly to watch the wise gunman rabbit, and she starts to turn away from the fleeing back, saying offhandedly, "You keep pushing for a date, Nightwing, I'm going to forget how much you flirt with Black Cana — " The words die on her lips as she realizes that blood has actually been spilt.

She widens her eyes briefly before she steps forward after Nightwing one step, then another, and then she's holding up her hands in the same cautious approach as if the woman might be a frightened animal. "You're alright," she promises. "We can help."

To her credit, the wanderer does not seem to react to being shot the way most people do. Partly psychological, they think being shot is more deadly than it is, which can lead to tragic situations of succumbing to the injury more readily. It's certainly a danger. It's just not even slightly scary to the now bleeding girl. Without a word, she lifts the sweatshirt to show the injury, or what can be seen of it, going through her abdominal region at the side, and with the force behind those shots, probably exited. A dozen other scars can be seen at a glance. They're very big, like she was hit by shotgun slugs and survived. But their shape is strange. Distorted. Like … she was shot a lot when she was younger and healed. She stands there, calm as though she were in some every day situation.

Nightwing looks at Batgirl. "Sooo gotta talk to you about that by the way." But right now, they're worrying about this mystery woman. She didn't appear to be in pain. "Do you want or need medical attention?" Nightwing asks her calmly, but then he notices the wound. "Doesn't look like it hit any major arteries or it would be spurting…but we still have to get the bullet out somehow." But more than likely the cops were on their way already at the sound of gunfire.

"Whats your name?" He asks Cassandra in his best charming voice.

"You think I don't already know what you want to talk to me about, Nightwing?" Babs angles a look at him.

But then — Nightwing charms, but Batgirl is far more worried about the blood. She is taking a pint-sized medical kit from her belt which is tightly compact vitals and the means to turn those vials into a spray. Batgirl steps to the wanderer's side just in the wake of Nightwing's words. "Exit wound," she tells him. "We just need to stop the bleeding." She reaches out toward the wound, hesitantly. "I'm going to help you." Apparently want or need isn't exactly part of Batgirl's agenda right now.

Standing, the wanderer only lifts the shirt higher as Batgirl gets close. There's no fear in her eyes, but she is moving like she feels the pain. Compensating, not at all trembling or wincing, no flinching. Like a particularly unpleasant routine medical examination is happening. That is until she loses consciousness and gravity takes hold to show that she does not sleep standing upright. Not all too surprising considering how thin she seems, and the blood loss on top of that probably isn't helping.

Nightwing looks at Barbara "Well, you are pretty smart." Nightwing comments to Batgirl offhandedly, but Cassandra passes out! Nightwing is quick on his feet, catching Cassandra and cradling her gently in his arms. "Bullet went straight through." He tells Barbara after examining the wound closely. "We can put her at the local hospital or-" Dick narrows his eyes.

Barbara knows that look. Its the 'or we can get Alfred' kind of look. Because Dick was a maestro with a sewing needle and stitches, but this is gonna take a bit more than that.

Batgirl darts a look to Nightwing that might just be withering. Before she can say anything else, though, Cassandra tumbles into Dick Grayson's arms, and Babs is left rolling her eyes. "Good thing you were near by," she says dryly to Dick. Then she is looking back at the wound. She glances up to Cassandra once before she sprays the wound with that potent combo of antibacterial and liquid sutures that will help close up the wound. It stings. She doesn't have to look up at Nightwing to know the look. "We can take her back to the cave, but you know Batman is going to get grumpy, so I'm going to say that this is your idea."

"Great thing I was nearby." Nightwing catches Batgirl rolling her eyes and he deadpans at her. "Oh come on, don't give me that. I didn't know she was gonna passout." Dick then picks up Cassandra in his arms. "Alfred, come in…"

"Yes, Master Dick?"

"…be ready for a plus one."


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