Set Game Match
Roleplaying Log: Set Game Match
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A group of cultists try to bring the god Set into the world. Khalid, Ulysses, and Coulson are there to stop them.

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IC Date: October 23, 2019
IC Location: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
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Posted On: 24 Oct 2019 00:34
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Several days ago Khalid Nassour got pulled off an assignment by one Phil Coulson. The woman he'd been tasked to watch made it out alive, but she returned to SHIELD with no memory of ever being undercover, missing all of her powers, and generally dazed and confused. Really, out of all the possible ways that could have gone that one was one of the mildest, and the agent is grateful.

So he might be surprised when he sees the older Agent here, at a public Halloween Party being held at the Metropolitain Museum of Art.

Anyone who has met Phil knows he blends, but all the same it's not like he's downright unrecognizable. Especially as his Halloween costume is a tongue-in-cheek Grim Reaper style affair, complete with scythe. The scythe looks like it may be a LARP weapon (at the very least, it has a cloth cover tied and bound over what would otherwise be the sharp part) and he's got a big black robe on (that could hide any number of weapons), but he didn't paint his face or go out of his way to disguise himself.

He also dragged one Ulysses Arngrim along, having advised him to dress up too.

They are here on official business. While Phil himself has never really worked the WAND contingent before, it's all-hands-on-deck down at the makeshift base with the agents that remain after the Triskelion's unfortunate demise. A rash of mysterious murders strongly connected to quite a few of the wealthier guests here, along with some purchasing activity and some underworld rumors have led them to believe the following things.

1) A dangerous cult devoted to the worship of the Egyptian god Set is operating here tonight.

2) They're planning some sort of grisly ritual which may or may not involve the murder of an awful lot of Halloween guests.

3) The purpose of the ritual is perhaps to summon and/or wake up (reports aren't clear) the Egyptian god Set. Set will probably do for murdering the rest of the guests…

4) Which will of course stir up anti-meta sentiment, because of course a rampaging crocodile-headed god is exactly the same thing as a superhero…

5) Which could stoke the fires of war over mutant rights…

6) Which in addition to just being bloody and awful will serve to power up Set all the more, thus allowing him to do all manner of truly awful things.

Khalid may have been brought here by similar rumors.

Or he could just be the world's unluckiest (luckiest?) dude.

Either way…it's definitely the job of the two SHIELD agents to try and stop this crap.

And it's probably Khalid's job too.


It may have been during one of the few times Khalid Nassour texted Agent Coulson about having a 10 AM lunch meeting. Or quite possibly after the last time they had a conversation like that. The days have blurred during the month-long process of staking out the night club in between turning in midterm papers and taking all of the exams the professors can throw out before a short break kicks in.

To be fair, he's kind of glad to be updated on the situation. He didn't expect it to go like that, but having no casualties is always a good thing. It's just baffling — horrifying, even - that something like that can happen to anyone.

But that's that. The med student isn't called in to try his hand at diagnosing the semi-amnesiac SHIELD agent. He's called in to hobnob among Halloween participants with Coulson and another agent he's brought along for the ride.

Enter Khalid…dressed as a doctor. A mad scientist doctor because someone packed the wrong costume in shipping. Cat-eared sunglasses replace the goggles it was supposed to come with, but his mother said they're cute. He makes sure to keep them nestled in his hair so that they don't stand out.

(Spoilers: they do. Just the tips.)

Tugging at his black gloves, he makes his way around the revelers, keeping his backpack close because he's never heard of theming everything to match his costume. As he mentally goes over the objective of this particular mission, he is taken aback by the black robe and covered scythe, only to breathe a chuckle of relief when he sees who it is. "Wow. You really know how to work a classic."


Parties…aren't really Ulysses' thing. Costume parties aren't really his thing either, especially of the Halloween sort, which he'd probably attribute to some terrible childhood experience that may or may not have involved being humiliated and embarrassed by his classmates because his adoring mother had insisted on making him have the cutest handmade costume either.

At least he's older and therefore gets to choose what to dress up as. Because apparently his supervising agent has so decreed he must.

It's a simple and maybe even commonplace costume for how much pop culture has made of it. Sure, he's got one of his regular button-up dress shirts on and his usual yellow, white and black-striped tie with black slacks and shoes, but he also has a dark sweater vest and a long black, hooded robe. The lining is goldenrod in color. A striped scarf of the same color with widely spaced pairs of thin black stripes is draped loosely around his neck and over his shoulders. He's even got a wand.

He's not sure what to expect of whatever they're on the watch for but he sure wishes that wand were full of real magic. But if all else fails, at least he has his ICER, formerly Phil's, snug in its holster under an arm beneath those voluminous robes.

"The signal in here's terrible," mutters the younger S.H.I.E.L.D. agent as he taps futilely at his phone, not very in-character with his costume, but techies will be techies. He lifts his head as someone seems to be addressing Coulson, peering around the grim reaper as he adjust his glasses with an arched brow, tucking his phone back into an inner pocket.


"That is because I am a classic," Coulson says to Khalid, with a spark of humor.

He makes a quick introduction: Ulysses, Khalid, Khalid, Ulysses.

And then he decides it is mission time, apparently. "We've still got stragglers coming in, so I think we've got just a little bit of time. But not much. I suspect they're going to try to lock everyone in and cut the power. I think I've identified a likely location beneath the museum that is probably a great place for doing horrific deeds, but it might be hard to get to without attracting notice."

He looks around at all the party-goers. "So I think our first job is going to be getting all these people to leave and then trying to deal with whatever cultists remain."

He passes a SHIELD plug-in signal booster to Ulysses. They still have some decent equipment, after all. "Think you can whip up a way to do that?"


A quick nod and a half-wave is offered Ulysses' way. "Hey." And just like that, he now knows a wizarding student. To which he adds, "The details, man. Wow."

He means it in a good way. Everything else seems thought out and he's here like this. It's okay, he'll deal.

"Yeah, I think some museums are still not up to speed on their wifi networks," Khalid agrees, pulling out his own phone to check if the bars are any different. He's listening, though, letting his gaze lift from the screen to make sure he's getting everything Coulson is putting out for them. There's a beat. "Getting in there isn't a problem if they don't expect you to use normal means."

The thing about horrific deeds, of course, draws his mouth into a thin line. Especially with the subject matter of Egyptian gods being summoned. "Why did it have to be that god again…?"


Coulson's rejoinder has Ulysses rolling his eyes behind him. Classic. Got it. As introductions are dispersed, the agent-hacker tips his head in Khalid's direction with a quick smile and a sympathetic look that might suggest 'so you've gotten roped in by him too, huh?' His smile increases at the comment. Okay, so he's a little proud of his costume. Never mind that half of it is his general work clothes.

Ulysses follows Coulson's glance as the man gives Khalid the rundown, his attention drifting upwards as he starts mentally noting security. Absently he palms the booster that the other agent hands him, nodding. He has that look. Coulson may have his trademark expressions. Ulysses definitely has a few of his own, and this happens to be his 'problem-solving' one. The gears can practically be imagined turning in his head.

All at once his attention snaps back to the other two, nose wrinkling at Khalid. "'Again'? This is a thing? That's happened?" He shakes his head, looking at Coulson. "I can clear out these party people. They probably have a standard emergency evacuation procedure for a fancy place like this. I'm just gonna…excuse myself to the little wizard's room…" Because it's easier to hack into the alarm system when you have some privacy.


"Because if you have to join a cult, the god has to be evil," Coulson tells Khalid. "It's in the handbook. Some kind of handbook."

Ulysses excuses himself to go work his code wizard magic, and he gives the Hufflepuff a quick nod of his head. "Be careful," he says quietly.

He looks at Khalid. "If you've got an alternative way in I'm all ears. Getting down there while our associate takes care of these individuals…"

He pauses to take up a wine glass which he only pretends to drink, and gives Khalid what looks like a casual party-goer's smile…

"That would be ideal. Otherwise we're going to have to get as close as possible and then improvise when the quote-unquote emergency hits."


Khalid's brow lifts, holding up a hand when Ulysses rattles off a necessary set of questions. "Let's just say I've had my fill of a god being at my throat," he explains, also shaking his head. "Which is kind of similar to being surrounded by a cult." A beat. "Yeah, that's not…any better."

But he also looks after the other agent as he goes off to do what he needs to do. Stuffing his phone back into a pocket, he glances back over at Coulson, noting the smile and the air the man seamlessly puts on as he helps himself to a glass of wine. "…Well," he starts, taking a moment to take an hors d'oeurve from a passing tray, "the helmet? I can phase through solid material with it. I dunno if that would still set off any alarms or whatever setup they have for evil cults, but it's worth a shot if people are distracted." He then shrugs, politely shoving the cracker into his mouth. "Other than that, I might need to know what else I'm doing as I go."


After fixing Khalid with an odd look, Ulysses gives Coulson a salute with his wand and then turns to weave his way through the throng of party guests. He only pauses briefly to dispense greetings in return to a few other uniformed wizards before scurrying off to the restrooms. At least the museum facilities are relatively clean, perhaps freshly so in preparation of the festivities.

Selecting a stall for his set up, Ulysses gets to work, shifting his bag around beneath his robes to sort through his equipment. He plugs the booster into his compact laptop and sets to work, fingers flying over the keys, tongue tucked pensively between his teeth as he accesses the museum's security system.

"…there we are…" he says under his breath, grinning as he finds the alarm controls. Let's see. Fire drill in 3….2….1.


"That'll work," Coulson says, of Khalid's plan to phase them through. "We're standing right on top of it, so if you just wanna take us through that way we'll skip a whole song and dance."

He drops his drink when the fire drill happens, not because he's startled, but because it's go-time. People start surging out of the building, heading towards the nearest exits, while museum security guards start yelling instructions. Coulson flips a switch on his scythe, and some sort of blue energy burns the cloth cover to ash, revealing some sort of scythe-shaped alien's weapon. Notably, ten people in the main museum are not running for the door, and some of them are going further into the museum in the hopes of figuring out who the Hell just did that.

On the comm: "Good work, Ulysses."


At Coulson's approval, Khalid nods. His mouth is still full when the fire alarm goes off, only forcing himself to swallow it down amid the confusion. He lets his eyes do the darting, checking to see where everyone is at as they move along…

And he trips a little.

"(Oh no!)"

Terrible execution, but it buys him the time to shuck off the sunglasses and open the backpack to switch headgear. Little ceremony goes into popping it on, but not much changes once he's ready. It's kind of neat to see that the scythe is radder than it should be, but he gets back to what he and Coulson are supposed to be doing.

"Right. Never Tried It Like This, But We'll See What Happens."

His voice is Mad Deep now. Weird.

What's even weirder is magic. Magic makes no sense, and somehow — somehow - it lends a hand in getting both of them through the floor without much hassle. Like an invisible elevator. Except Khalid!Fate now has to make sure Agent Phil has ground to stand on. Dropping him like a rock is not part of the plan.


Ulysses rolls his shoulders, grinning to himself as things start going according to plan. He taps into the security feeds, watching as people begin to filter towards the exits. Well, most people, anyway.

"Okay, I got eyes on nine- make that ten non-evacuating citizens," he reports. "-also wow, did you guys just seriously go through the floor?" He misses all the cool stuff. Pulling up a map, he looks over where the two should be headed before starting to pack up so he can duck out before security checks the restrooms for stragglers. Then it's just a matter of sneaking downstairs. And ideally avoiding the…cultists? Ahaha…hah.

…boy, a cloak of invisibility would have come in handy here.


And so it is that Khalid and Coulson float through the ceiling looking boss as Hell.

A circle of nine cultists stares up at them. They are surrounding this altar with a mummy laid out on it, a crocodile mask of gold upon its head. Symbols are painted all over the walls and the floor. They all hold ritual daggers in their hands.

"The sacrifice is spoiled," intones one, as the two hit the floor.

"From birth to life and life to death and death to rebirth, we serve," intone the rest, a bit like Presbyterians saying 'and also with you' after hearing 'peace be with you.'

Coulson starts forward like he's going to try to grab or tackle one, but…it's too late.

All nine of them plunge the daggers into their hearts. They hit the floor, collapsing to their knees, and then collapsing with their faces to the ground as if bowing to Set one last time.

The mummy on the center of the altar begins to glow with an unholy red light.

Meanwhile, Ulysses is trying to avoid the cultists. And it doesn't go too well. While the ones downstairs are all too happy to use knives on themselves, the ones upstairs are enforcers, not inner circle.

"There!" one shouts, a woman in an evening dress, holding a perfectly normal, not mystical Glock, which she turns and fires in Ulysses' direction as he darts out into the hall.


Moments like this are worthwhile. Khalid only hopes it stays limited, but he'll savor it all the same.

Too bad they get in late. Any words he may have had for the cultists die in his throat the very second they plunge their daggers into their chests. And unlike Coulson, who was trying to move in to stop them, he freezes up, eyes wide under the narrow gaze of the helm.

This much he knows: it's not fun being in the middle of the action. It's definitely not fun to see people die in front of you.

In the back of his mind, a disembodied voice stirs.

'The sacrifice cannot be undone. Do what must be done, Khalid.'

"Do What Must Be Done," he says under his breath. It would help if I knew how to handle that! he yells in his head. His arms rise, bringing forth light in the palms of his gloved hands. They stretch, turniing into long, thin strips, glowing, flying through the air to bind the altar that still has the mummy bathed in red. Time is fleeting, so this will have to do until he can come up with a better solution.


It's probably a good thing he couldn't see the ongoings downstairs. Ulysses still very much has an aversion to watching people die in front of him.

…he also has an aversion to dying, himself. Like a deer caught in headlights he freezes at the shout, staring almost dumbly at the woman who's called him out. 'But that's not a costume-' is the first thought, quickly aborted from being made a verbal comment as he sees the gun and with a gasp goes… Well, goes and near trips and falls right onto his face. Somehow his legs continue to propel him enough to keep upright even as he ducks, throwing his hands over his head as the shot rings out.

His shoes skid on the floor as he makes a sharp turn around the nearest corner, fingers grazing the floor as he scrambles from another near spill.


Khalid can experience good news and bad news here.

The good news: his work binds Set himself to the altar. He doesn't get to rise at full power.

The bad news happens when the stunned expression on Phil Coulson's face changes. It hardens, and his eyes flash scarlet. Something like scales move beneath his skin. "Such a fitting vessel. One who has walked to the edges of my realm only to escape."

He turns the scythe this way and that. "This will do, too."

It sounds so weird in his voice, but even that has a subtle quality of being Not-Phil.

And then Not-Phil flings out his hand to try to hit Khalid with a wave of telekinectic power. If it hits it will be hard enough to smack him into a wall.

Meanwhile, Ulysses hears footsteps pounding behind him. It's not just the loser of tonight's costume contest. He legit sees a giant Kermit the Frog raising a gun at him from the doorway of one of the galleries he passes.


Despite feeling like he's moving not of his own will, relief floods Khalid's body as soon as he sees the mummy isn't moving from its spot. "It Worked," he breathes, getting a minor confidence boost in the process.

All of that dies in less than a second in a twist he should have expected.

But he didn't.

One can swear the eyes of Fate's golden helmet widen when he's sent flying back by an invisible force, a blur of black and white ultimately slamming against the nearest wall before sliding down its smooth, stony face. Looking crumpled and feeling like he's been hit by a semitruck, he sputters, groaning as he tries to bodily unfold.

"Crap." He has to hurry. A possessed Coulson isn't playing. The voice of Nabu also adds on the fact that he's not going to give Khalid time to recover and that he should do something soon. "Crap Crap Crap."

His hands flinch, summoning light as fast as he can. He throws some projectiles in Coulson's direction, but he tries to do this without injuring the man. He wants to keep that distance, thank you!


"THAT IS SO WRONG!" Ulysses wails as he sees Kermit packing heat. It doesn't make him stop running. Seeing people with guns aimed in your direction is an excellent incentive to keep moving. At the same time he wrestles with his own weapon (not the wand), tugging at the ICER. "Stupid snaps..!"

He finally manages to jerk it free, whirling around almost drunkenly with the motion as he spins to fire off a few shots in the gun-toting Muppet's direction, "I'm so sorry Mister Henson and J.K. Rowling!" being a strange battle cry.

And then he hears a weird voice in his earpiece. "Uuuuh….sir? Everything okay there?" Not okay, that definitely does not sound okay.


Set rips the earpiece out of Coulson's ear as if it's an annoyance, and drops it, crushing it under the heel of one perfectly polished shoe. Then Khalid is retaliating. He raises his scythe, red energy flaring around the whole thing to form a sort of shield against it. It renders the crackling blue light into an eerie purple which plays across his face.

He takes a step forward.

Then another.

Pushing against the energy. Getting closer.

The muppet falls in a heap, and Uly hears Coulson go offline in a burst of static. Everything is not okay there. Fortunately, Uly doesn't see any more demented attackers for the moment.


"It's Not Him," another voice responds in Agent Arngrim's earpiece, simultaneously harried yet controlled as outside noise mutes its resonance. "We Were Too Late, Set— "

Khalid cuts off, immediately aware that the blasts are ricocheting off of whatever shield Set!Coulson has up.

The lighting, while cool, doesn't make it any better.

On the mend, the med student gets up and off of his feet, hovering in the air as he gets a better vantage point. More light shines, leaving long trails behind them as he sends the lines to bind the man possessed.


He's so glad no kids are present as he watches the muppet collapse, his own shoulders sagging forward with a sigh. Blinking as another voice speaks up in his ear. "Wait who—" Ulysses winces as it ends in an abrupt hiss of static. "…aw no." Not good at all.

He looks around and then rushes for the stairs. Something's gone wrong, horribly wrong. The Egyptian god- oh gosh, is there really an actual Egyptian god on the loose? The very thought is difficult to wrap his head around as he turns and hurries down another flight, robes trailing in his wake, the grip of his ICER sweaty against his palm. Thankfully it's just a floor below, and the hall should be straight ahead from there.

The S.H.I.E.L.D. agent bursts into the room near breathless and just freezes as he takes everything in, the altar, the bodies on the floor, blood pooling around them. He sees the helmeted doctor (that Khalid-guy) flying, and light glowing, and the grim reaper himself but not really…

"Oh no. Oh no no no…" This wasn't supposed to happen. Mentally he has to kick himself. Don't just stand there, do something! And so the wizard pulls up the ICER and takes aim, so glad that he's not armed with real bullets, but reluctant all the same as he starts squeezing the trigger.


At first, when Khalid sends those binding lines at Set!Coulson, he just starts scything them away hard enough to snap them back towards Khalid himself…which might force him to adjust. He starts pushing forward, closing the distance between them.

At the moment Ulysses arrives on the scene, he has gotten close enough to raise his scythe with an absolutely murderous expression on his face. Khalid can all but feel him drawing on power to repel whatever he tries. He goes to swing…

When the heroic Hufflepuff for the evening honey badgers the crap out of his back with an ICER.

It's not that the ICER is a thing that is going to particularly harm a God. It's more that he's in this human body, and he has to stop and expend power to flush that stuff back out of his system, to resist the dendrotoxin well enough to do so. It staggers him, halts his swing, and forces him to turn around to see the new threat. He meets the young agent's eyes with an absolutely chilling gaze. Phil's eyes, if Phil were devoid of all compassion. If he were consumed with anger and thrived on pain.

Like he's about to thrive on Ulysses'. He raises his hand to execute another telekinetic fling, this time towards the young Agent.

Nevertheless, Uly has bought Khalid a moment, has divided his attention, has forced him to expend power. Now there is but one question.

Will the effort be enough?


"Ugh What Is This Dude Running On!?" Fate asks the rhetorical question Khalid voices so openly, flailing his arms uselessly the more Coulson cuts and slashes away at his attempts to keep him still. Every step taken is a threat, and considering how little the med student knows how to use his magic, his options are pretty slim.

He's surprised when Ulysses comes to join the 'party' — even moreso once the Hufflepuff pulls an ICER out like a pro. But even that isn't enough to slow Coulson down. The slits of his mask catch the movement of the man's hand, knowing what is to come next "Look Out, Ulysses!"

Will the effort be enough? The wishful thinking Khalid holds onto hopes so.

In the back of his mind, he's not sure if he's qualified to try doing anything more than bind the senior agent down. "What if it doesn't work? What if we can't get him unpossessed?"

All he receives is a simple (typical) Nabu reply: 'You are Fate. You wield the power to do so.'

Khalid's arms rise again, gathering the light with a swift gesture. He then flies at Set!Coulson, pitching the light beams directly at him in passing. Circling around, he makes sure that each beam holds fast, throwing out another if any interference happens.


Ulysses Stephen Arngrim has seen Death and it's wearing his boss's face. He is so not sleeping tonight.

Still feeling breathless, the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent-wizard in training remains standing with his weapon raised, staring in disbelief, mostly as his mind still wrestles with the fact that he's just shot at his fellow agent. But it's the fact that the man-possessed-by-an-Egyptian-god is still moving that stuns him, not so much out of disappointment because after all, they're dealing with a god (?!?), but for lack of knowing what the heck is even left to do when that fails! On his end, anyway. Most of his reasoning places the most responsibility on actually being effective upon the helmeted Khalid. He's bought him time. Hopefully it's well spent.

That terrible gaze is upon him and he can hear that weirdly deep voice shouting in warning. But what's Ulysses supposed to do? He can't exactly block something he can't see. This is so unfair.

He's flying. Again. Ulysses has never been fond of it, not by plane, and most definitely not by force of intangible energies he can only barely comprehend. Except this time it isn't in desperate distracton, and he's in an enclosed space instead of amongst the rubble of the Triskelion. The air is knocked out of him, and he sees both black and flashes of stars overtake his vision upon his impacting with the wall. He drops to the ground, his head swimming between consciousness as the darkness drags at him, his ICER having fallen from his grasp and skittered some several feet from him, its lazy spin slowing to a halt.


Khalid's redoubled efforts bear some fruit. Abruptly the god is bound. He snarls in fury as he looks up at Khalid, even as the light starts pushing at the parts of his spirit that have flowed into Coulson.

Deep in the recesses of his own mind, an infuriated Phil Coulson is pushing too. It's just that it's like pushing against a brick wall expecting a house to move. Until suddenly, it does. Just a little, but it does…

And abruptly a third player is in the game, albiet one who is a bit invisible for a moment. Ironically though, it's one who knows how possession works. Having done it at least once, as the possessor. It gives him an understanding of what's happening to him that many would lack.

"I will remember you," Set says to Khalid, looking him right in the eye. "And I will be repaid. At length."

Then red light is flying out of Coulson's back. It briefly swirls to form a crocodile that seems dragged to the very earth and through it before disappating altogether. The red light flows out of the mummy on the altar at the same time, leaving them in a wholly Set-less room.

Coulson sags in those ribbons of light, panting and sweating like he's just run a marathon.


Whatever it is Khalid is doing, and whatever other help is added into the mix to exorcise an ancient Egyptian god, it's good. It's working. He just has to hold on and concentrate.

There's something satisfying about seeing Set leave Coulson's body the way he does. What's not as wonderful is the warning he leaves with the golden-helmed med student before vanishing from sight.

He stares off at the far wall for a good minute, heaving a sigh as his head drops forward. "…Aaaaaaw, Great."

Feeling the slack in the light ribbons, Khalid notices that Coulson is Coulson again. Shaking out his hands, he lets the bindings go, watching them disperse into thin air as he drops down to the floor. "Agent Coulson? Are You Okay?" he asks before looking over to where the Hufflepuff agent is. Once that's covered, he's going to move that way to check on the poor guy. "I Think Agent Angrim Needs Attention As Well."


He would have made an excellent cheerleader. Doing things from the sidelines, that's his jam. Maybe it's better that Ulysses is saved the trouble of processing whatever's just happened because merely watching would have really revealed nothing to him. A nap. A nap sounds like a great idea because his everything hurts and he's exhausted, and maybe if he falls asleep he can forget the pain.

The last thing he sees is the flashy light show in overdrive, his fading thoughts so deceptively calm in spite of things.

It would really suck if we didn't win…


Coulson gets moving without answering whether he's okay. He goes to check Ulysses' pulse, and then looks up at Khalid. "Can you get us out of here? I heard gunshots over the comm just before Set took me. I don't think we're in any shape to get into it with them and they'll be down here any minute. And then we can get Ulysses straight to the ER."

Head injuries are nothing to screw around with, Coulson knows that for a fact. And so he chooses "Don't Screw Around, for $1000, Alex, and make that a Daily Double."


Khalid nods, making sure to hover and give space for Coulson to check on Ulysses. "Yeah, My Thoughts Exactly. He's Not Looking So Hot."

He knows any kind of bodily trauma can become fatal if not properly attended to and Set didn't do them any favors in that department. Without saying much of anything else, he somehow manages to get them both out in record time. The same way they came through the first time, maybe, but things just go along too quickly to be sure of that. Coulson wants it done and he couldn't agree more.

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