Intergalactic Party Foul
Roleplaying Log: Intergalactic Party Foul
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Starfire stops by Nelson and Murdock and gets into an interesting conversation on the registration laws and intergalactic diplomacy with its resident Foggy Nelson.

Other Characters Referenced: Matt Murdock
IC Date: October 15, 2019
IC Location: Nelson and Murdock, NYC
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Posted On: 26 Oct 2019 02:26
Rating & Warnings: PG
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There is nothing particularly unusual about the appointment Miss Anders has made at Nelson and Murdock. Well, other than the fact that she *is* Kory Anders, famous supermodel. It's not so much that business with someone like her would be out of their league, but rather out of their wheelhouse: after all, the firm is better known for helping Hell's Kitchen's neediest citizens than superficial celebrities from the neighboring fashion district.

More than that, one assumes she works for an agency. And that said agency would have its own lawyers. So it's just a little odd.

On the day of her appointment, the woman arrives early. She's dressed as if she might have come from a power lunch on the far side of 8th avenue, in a smart skirt and jacket combination that suits the professional circumstances. It is no doubt a designer piece that she is doing a bit of double-duty advertising for. Plus the skirt shows off those long legs! She also wears large, vaguely stereotypical 'celebrity avoiding attention' dark sunglasses.

As she waits, the woman spends her time walking around admiring some of the articles framed on the walls with more than casual curiousity.

* * *

All it takes is not paying attention to one detail — just one — and suddenly there's Kory Anders in your office and you totally expected Miss Anders to be someone else entirely. Foggy is stepping out of his office just after one of the paralegals letting him know that Miss Anders is here for her appointment. He has no idea who he was imagining, but when he looks up to see Starfire, his brain temporarily short circuits. "I, uh. Hi." There's a long, brain-locked pause, and then Foggy goes on, "I fell asleep at my desk."

He casts a glance toward the assistant behind the desk, who very slowly and subtly shakes his head. That is the needed kick, and Foggy Nelson steps forward. "Hi. Welcome to Murdock and Nelson. I mean, Nelson and Murdock." He holds out his hand. "Franklin Nelson."

* * *

This is probably not the best foot to put forward when it comes to establishing reliability as a legal professional! Yet Kory's reaction to both the admission of an afternoon nap and Foggy's other mildly tongue-tied verbal stumblings is only a very understanding and friendly smile. Maybe she's used to blowing the occasional fuse. "Oh, that is quite alright. I also enjoy the occasional mid-day feline rest." Or she's just a little odd herself! In any case, she reaches for his hand, and while she has practiced restraint, hers is definitely not a 'delicate' grasp. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Nelson. Kory Anders."

With introductions out of he way, she waits to take his lead further inside, while offering some casual commentary on the material outside. "You and your partner do wonderful work here, it is most admirable. And I have been reading in he papers about some of the large cases you are taking on." This is all vague enough for the hallway, although by the time they reach his office she adds a slightly more enlightening detail. "I imagine you might be curious about the purpose of my visit. I was referred to your firm by Ms. Zatarra. She also spoke well of you."

There's still at least some ambiguity there, of course. The two women are both in show business, both have shown up in the society pages on the arms of Wayne-family wards, etc.

* * *

Friendly smiles are good. Foggy Nelson can handle friendly smiles. In fact, he's pretty good at them himself — his is wide and boyish, even challenging the Matt Murdock reputation of pleasantness. He is careful in his grip, and does not so much shake as he does simply squeeze. "Pleasure to meet you in person, Miss Anders. I'm a great fan of your work." He hesitates, and once again stumbles along, "Th-the Superhero work. I mean, your other work is great, too. Real…" And he loses momentum. So, he clears his throat.

"Come with me. We can discuss what brings you to Nelson and Murdock." He gestures her to his office before he starts that way, hand just hovering at the woman's shoulder. He leads her forward the first two steps and then falls in just behind her, hand at his side again. Once they are inside his office, door shut, he turns toward her. While she speaks, he's indicating a chair across from his desk and he settles behind it. "I'm a pretty curious guy, but I have some suspicions."

Then Kory confirms them, and he's taking a blue ballpoint pen from his pen cup and flips to a new page in his yellow legalpad. "I haven't seen Ms. Zatara in a while, but I hope that she's doing well." Then he just jumps on in. "You're here concerning the registration laws, Miss Anders?"

* * *

"Oh, wonderful. I am always happy to meet fans." Kory does not differentiate, in this first instance, which category of fans she refers to. It may well apply equally to both, as she has an over-abundance of friendliness to spread around. Yet, with the man's continued stumbling regarding her other work, her look turns mildly toward mischief. "If you happen to have one of my magazines around somewhere, I would be more than happy to sign it."

Leaving that offer hanging as she's ushered into the office, Kory strides ahead with a bit of an intentional sway to her hips, before taking up the offered seat and waiting for Foggy to take his place at the desk before she begins. "I admit, that my visit does have to do with your suspicions. I have never… Some of my associates are much better at the secret-identity keeping than I am. But such dishonesty is difficult for me, and there have been rumors for a while now. It is not officially 'public,' but between the paparazzi following my professional career and various footage of my other work, some have posted images for comparison or even run scandalous stories."

There was that one way back about a half-alien Wayne baby!

"But yes, my reason for coming regards your larger case, at least in principle. Although my personal situation may be a little different." Here she pauses. "I… I understand that the oaths of your profession bind you to secrecy, Mr. Nelson?"

* * *

Always happy to meet fans. Foggy feels a bit of heat gather under his collar, and he just coughs slightly as he settles in. He is thankful for the pen in his hand — it means that he doesn't really have anything to awkwardly fidget. "Oh no, um… honestly wouldn't be professional for that kind of ask." He rubs slightly at the sides of his mouth with forefinger and thumb.

"Now," he straightens up as Kory gives him the brief overview of why she is here. "You're right… your freedom of your identity makes it both easier and harder for you. To say that everyone doesn't know who you are and where you came from is perhaps a bit of a longshot." He taps his pen a bit on the thick pad of paper.

When he looks up to her again, his brows arch slightly. "Of course, Miss Anders. You sit down in that chair, you are now under attorney-client privilege. You let us work for you, that stays on… you decide against, I still won't say anything."

* * *

"Good. I will hold you to this, Franklin Nelson." Kory's tone isn't threatening, but spoken like she takes oaths and matters of honor more seriously than the average American. "There are many rumors, but if you will represent me, I should give you all of the details. And introduce myself properly." Here she reaches to remove her sunglasses. Often, she wears special contacts, but in anticipation of the meeting has forgone them, leaving her luminous, irisless green eyes visible. "I am Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran, second daughter of the first House of Tamarus and heir to the throne by proclamation of succession. My world was invaded, forcing my exile in favor of a puppet ruler. I believe, in the sense of your laws, I am… a refugee."

"My world, Tamaran is a planet in the Vega system, twenty five light years from Earth. The star is known to your astronomers, but not that the system is inhabited, given your primitive technologies." Always a bit of an 'ouch.' "I fled here, on a small ship, about a decade ago. It is still here, but concealed. I am also in occasional contact with a larger vessel that I once commanded, and its crew, who are themselves refugees of many worlds."

With this 'disclosure' finished, her mood has shifted, the mildly flirty confidence of earlier now more muted. "So I seek your advice, Mr. Nelson. I feel my life will soon unravel. The government has focused on the human 'mutants,' but when they decide to look for me, no, it will not be difficult. I do not fear my safety, but the loss of the life I've made here. Earth is my second home. I have friends here, family. I do not even object to the idea of cataloging my presence: you do this with visitors even among your world's own continents. Yet there are provisions in the law I cannot consent to, and this is why I joined with the other Titans in our protest."

Finally she spreads her hands, as if in supplication. "So I seek your advice and aid. I can pay to assist in the battle, of course. The money I earn… I do not care for or require most of it. But most of all, I wish to stay, and honor my debt to the world and people who have shelered me. To help protect it against the dangers I know lurk in the larger galaxy."

* * *

Once, Starfire holding Foggy Nelson to anything might have made his throat bobble. But that was before a lot of experiences such as the Bucky Barnes case, the bombing of Hell's Kitchen, the demon-infestation of New York City, and everything else that has come after that. So, she holds up to his word, and he nods his head slowly just before he scratches back his forelocks out of his eyes.

Then he listens, pen not moving against the paper while she unfolds her story — brief as it is. His brows lift just once, particularly when she mentions that she's in command of larger vessel. Then he starts to straighten up at her ask for advice.

"Miss Anders, you know that I cannot recommend you break the law… however, right now, I would question whether or not the law even applies to you. First, registration is specifically targeting what proponents of the law refer to as metahuman — human being the operative word. We're defining this right now as some kind of derivation from human. You are your own baseline; you are not a derivation of others of your homeworld. You aren't a metahuman; you are an alien from the Vega system. That in itself provides a great deal of leverage against registering. You're a visitor to this planet, you have made sure to abide by the law as best to your ability."

He holds up both hands. "Now, I'm sure that the argument will be that, that is not the spirit of the law. But, right now, you can bank on the fact you aren't an Earth human that has been either genetically mutated or changed through other means. You are… you, Miss Anders. Simple as that."

* * *

"Nor do I wish to," Kory - or is that Kori? - quickly emphasizes in regard to breaking the law. "Even when it was first announced, when we were discussing it as a team, I had considered going to register. I am, after all, a guest here, and it reflects poorly on my planet, my people, to disrespect the laws here." She sighs lightly. "I have options in the short term. It would not be difficult for me to live outside the city, but I have heard these laws might eventually spread further."

And while his speech about her identity draws a smile, she helpfully points out: "I am a Tamaranean. That is the proper demonym. And technically, I am actually above the baseline of my own species as well, although I imagine this distinction might not be important or even apparent to most people here. The law… I believe it does at least include a reference to aliens, does it not? Because surely they are concerned about more prominent aliens, such as Superman or the inhabitants of your system's fourth planet? I suppose I have not seen how that wording is defined, exactly."

Not really of the mentality to focus on the smaller legal details, she soon leaves the point and returns to her own obviously deeply-held feelings in the whole matter. "But you believe it is possible I could… be public about this, as part of your case? Speak out about who I am? I wish so much to… well, to speak to the people of Earth, to share with them the friendship of one of their neighboring species. And to help them prepare for those others who would *not* come with friendship in their hearts."

* * *

"Tamaranean." Foggy says that with a careful pronunciation. Then he starts to nod, only to end that nod in a grimace. "Yes, I know." There is something else there, just on the edges of his tone. So, he takes in a breath, and tries again. "I know, but here's the thing… it shouldn't. You are a visitor here; while you are bound by the laws of this planet, this law could cause severe impact on intergalactic politics."

Whoa there, Fogsters. But he continues on, "While the law includes mention of aliens, it was a throw-in to try to seize control of alien refugees — those without other homes to call their own, or perhaps the last of their species." Foggy sets down his pen. "Miss Anders, Mr. Murdock and I are beginning to press forward on a case that should challenge the registration law, but you're situation is different… we can challenge humans showing prejudice to other humans, but this planet is renowned for its ability to target what we think is different. But, you have more power in this situation than our client Mrs. Peterson — you aren't of this world, and Earth should start learning how to engage in positive relations with other worlds, and I think that gives you a different angle to pursue."

Now he sighs out a harder breath. He pauses then, frowning. "Wait, there're inhabitants on Mars?"

Stay on target, Foggy. He quickly shakes his head. "Um. Yes, to your question. I think speaking out against it with your perspective is important, because it is different than just humans being dicks to other humans."

* * *

There's something in Foggy's speech that makes her smile. "Do not be so hard on yourself. You say that you have a special propensity for mistreating those who are different, but truly, do you have much context for that claim? You have a sample size of, well, one. Xenophobia, tribalism, and other forms of dangerous identity politics exist throughout the galaxy- sometimes in truly horrific forms. Humans, on the grand scale, are really not so bad." And there's a true fondness in how she says this. "You have a truly strong spirit, and as much as there is the usual darkness, it also pushes some of you to nobler endeavors."

Kory does, however, do a bit of an 'oopsie' look at his reaction when Mars comes up. "Ah, well, there were some signs… but nevermind that." She shouldn't be outing others who aren't willing to put themselves forward, after all!

"But yes, you are right, my situation is different. And I think, if you are willing to take it forward as part of your effort, even if it must be a separate but related case… I do not mind being a spokesperson, of putting myself in that spotlight, even if there is risk to it." Here she seems to harden that resolve, expression hardened, despite the joyful way she seems to speak about Earth's qualities. "Because you are right. It does not matter only for me. It may cast another perspective on the general registration case, and it may help Earth… avoid making a great mistake as it enters the galactic community."

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