Residue as Residoes
Roleplaying Log: Residue as Residoes
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Lex Luthor checks in on his investment.

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IC Date: October 18, 2019
IC Location: LexCorp
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Posted On: 26 Oct 2019 14:22
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It's been several weeks since the meteors came out of the preliminary quarantines and the scientists were able to start picking at the remains that had been plucked out of the water and from around the city.

News out of the laboratories has been very slow in coming. Eventually, though, Mister Luthor will receive a phone call that informs him that the project lead has some exciting preliminary results to share. Dr. Arlo has been at this a long time and he wants his boss to come and see, rather than setting anything down in writing.

And once they had confirmation that Lex Luthor was indeed coming, the lab was an even busier flurry of activity.

Lex Luthor has been waiting somewhat impatiently for the results of what was discovered. His inner obsession with all things 'not of this Earth' has been almost boiling over. Yet, he's definitely someone that can keep his wits and excitement about him.

No one on his staff needs to know that he cleared his schedule for this visit to the labs. It was a rare unbusy day.

Arrival at the labs sees Lex Luthor in one of his more gray-toned suits, red tie and looking ever the part of You Better Have Something Good For Me with the expression that's on his face.

Hope and Mercy are left outside to keep an eye on things and be nearby just in case. Never know what could happen when dealing with strange meteorites.

"Mister Luthor!" The older man in his pristine white coat extricates himself from a conversation with a younger woman and makes his way over to the prominent CEO as soon as his funder makes his way into the lab, one of his age-spot riddled hands stretching out to shake in greeting to the other man. His still-thick hair went salt-and-pepper years ago, and his glasses are thick after putting his eyes through decades of abuse, squinting through lenses and monitors for hours on end.
"We're so glad you could make it. I think you're going to be very pleased."

Even Lex Luthor is not above shaking the hands of the scientists that he pays enormous amounts of money to keep LexCorp at the top of every food chain humanly possible. So the shaking of the doctor's hand is done with ease and without missing a step. Not even a moment of hesitation!

"Well, Dr. Arlo…" Lex looks past the scientist a bit in just a slight showing of his potential excitement, though, his tone continues to remain as neutral as possible. This is, of course, an effort to make sure his expectations are as even-keeled as possible. "Wow me." This is a much better phrase to use than the seventeen more threatening ones he had just thought of a moment before.

A hand claps on the taller Luthor's shoulder as he unlocks his hand and indicates the first stop on the tour. "So, the first thing is that we've got a number of new minerals and isotopes to analyze. It looks like wherever this came from, it was all from roughly the same system. There's a pair of them that look like they may be prospects for industrial application. Unfortunately, there's not much of either, so if you find any more of that rock lying around…"

There's a helpless shrug, but then he clears the way for where the mineral samples have been set up for demonstration. Slides for microscopic analysis. One of them presently heated to ungodly temperatures—fluctuating hot and cold—and not breaking apart inside a demonstration box. The other scraping across a number of surfaces.

"I'll put people on it."

Lex Luthor has endless people across the globe that he can make dedicate every waking hour to searching and finding every single scrap of this rock. Metropolis can't be the only place it landed. The order is mentally locked in so it shall be given the moment he leaves this room.

As Lex arrives at the demonstration boxes he leans in closer to get a better view. "Interesting." Lex decides to play the role of 'dumb billionaire brat' for a moment. Perhaps to test the scientist's own theorizing before he does some of his own. "What exactly am I looking at here?" Lex doesn't take a single eye off what's happening with these samples.

"That one…" Arlo looks up and then smiles at the young woman he'd been speaking to earlier. "Lise, would you like to explain?"

Lise wastes no time to seize the opportunity when it comes, and her face is nothing but giddy excitement as she comes over. Pushing her own thinner eyeglasses up onto her nose, she smiles brightly. "Well, Mister Luthor," she offers with a mousy sort of tone, "We began by testing this mineral melting point. We couldn't find it in the lab. But, more interestingly, it doesn't get brittle when flash-frozen from that point. You can flux the temperature, hot and low, and it tolerates it. Imagine what that could mean for orbital operations. For rockets. For dealing with certain…"

Her eyes grow wide as she smiles with a wicked sort of knowing. Unsaid is the finishing of the thought, 'For dealing with certain creatures known to freeze and melt things.'

"Fascinating." The word doesn't have the same excitement behind it as it normally would, but Lex is playing it cool, outwardly. A businessman has to learn to keep his composure around his underlings. It makes for better business and strategic placement of loyalty. "Something like this could truly launch us into a very impressive feature. Good work." Compliment and eye contact are both given to Lise to further ensure that she understands just how much of an impact she's made on Lex Luthor.

"And the other?"

Seems like Lex Luthor is intent on locking down as much information as possible before he starts making any specific plans for these newfound rocks.

"The other," Lise continues even as she blushes under the praise, pushing her glasses up again more out of a need to do something with her hands than their actual slide out of place, "We're testing it, but so far it seems to be exceeding diamond's performance in regards to its pressure resistance and conductivity. Commercial applications could be extraordinary. The problem, again, is the quantity."

"I see."

Lex Luthor takes another few ganders before stepping back and looking as though he's gotten himself into the process of thinking. He's thinking quickly, formulating more plans. "You two keep working. Use whatever means you have to. I want to be notified immediately if anything changes or if there are any new developments. We're on the verge of changing the future." Lex finally offers a grin towards both of the scientists. "I'll take care of the quantity issue." Before he starts trying to figure out how to replicate these things.

"Uh, you have no idea, sir." Arlo arches his brows and then gestures over to another containment box. "I think we have something far more in line with what you were looking for." Without waiting, he goes to stand next to the transparent case. And inside, broken but with some components still intact, is a piece of technology. And it's definitely not Terran.

Lex Luthor wasn't expecting there to be more. Even he can't hold back his brief moment of surprise when there's more apparent on the horizon. He looks at Dr. Arlo and then follows with a more inquisitive expression on his face.

"What is it?" Lex may or may not actually be expecting an answer but he's definitely focusing all of his attention on the tech-in-a-box that's now in front of him. Alien technology is always the most fascinating of his obsessions.

"Don't know," Arlo replies, smiling and shrugging. "It may have been part of what collided with the meteors to send them this side of the atmosphere. Because they definitely hadn't been predicting impact."

"But it's embedded pretty deeply in the rock, so we're trying to figure out the best way to get it out without breaking it apart any more than it has been already."


Lex Luthor stares through the transparent box to try and get a better look at the tech. "Do what you can. If you can't get it out, though, do not let that stop you from finding out what it is. If we have to build around it, we will. That right there could hold the key to the future of mankind. And we're not going to let some rocks stop us, are we?"

Lex is working through his own mind to see if he can come up with a few options. "I will clear some time to come and work with you all. With my brilliance, I'm sure we can solve this particular mystery."

"Yes, Mister Luthor."

As Lex is observing the box, he might see an orange residue that lines a broken cylinder. And as he's observing, it may seem, for just a brief moment, as though it moves on its own.

Maybe. Maybe it's just a trick of the light.


Lex Luthor narrows his eyes at the box. He doesn't believe in tricks of light. Or coincidence. Or anything like that. Not when it comes to science. Everything happens for a reason and Lex Luthor narrows his eyes at the box again. And now it's time to tap on the box. "Something happened. Inside." is said to Arlo. Let the scientists do their job while he observes with a critical eye.

"Hm?" The sound of tapping on the box, in particular, draws Dr. Arlo's attention to where Lex is squinting at the box. The residue bubbles once anticlimactically.

"Oh, we have other samples of that, too. It was a film that was over the water where we brought things in. Haven't run a full workup yet. When we ran the preliminaries, it looked like it was some kind of biologic residue."

"I want full reports. Turn the surveillance up on everything. I don't want to miss anything. I'll dedicate a private feed if I have to." Lex will handle all that stuff to make sure that he can watch everything happen in this lab without missing a beat. He doesn't want to have to take control of this project, there's so much more he has to be in control of, so he's just going to watch. From afar.

Lex takes his eyes away from the box just a bit. "Anything else?"

I want the full reports, Luthor demands. Lise is the one who jumps to obey, with a brisk, "Yes, Mister Luthor," before scurrying to the bank of computers on the far wall to begin compiling them.

Dr. Arlo continues, plunging his hands into his lab coat pockets. "No sir," he replies to the second question, shaking his head. "That's all we have for now."

"You've both done excellent work." Lex Luthor says as he turns to make sure that he's headed towards the exit with a bit of a driven step. "Do better and we might just save the world." Lex Luthor leaves all the pressure in the world on the shoulders of his scientists as he makes with his dramatic exiting! Because that's how Lex Luthor does things. Besides, he has a whole lot of cameras to get set up and servers to dedicate. Time to oversee the next phase of this investigation!

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